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Browncoats and Geek musicians Marc Gunn and Mikey Mason rewatch episodes of Firefly to find themes and inspiration for crafting songs inspired by Joss Whedon's cult classic TV series.
The Black n Tan Show
With Aaron & Damien: Two 30something guys guiding you thru the perils and pitfalls of being 30...ish. Give us a listen... if you enjoy good stuff. New episodes every Wednesday.
This is the second season of the Music production team BEATZGONBANANAZ and TheIllStreetMusicGroup radio podcast, more content, interviews, live sets and album releases for the fans, hosted by StudeeO B. Come listen to nonstop music by the best creators from both worlds, be inspired and listen. Enjoy!Podcast powered by Spreaker. Go to
BGB & ISMG Radio
Created by StudeeO B The Man that brought you the first beat team called the "iMPC Greats" on Retronymns app called iMPC for iPhone and iPad, now deliveres creators from all over the world to give you the team now called "BeatzGon'Bananaz"(BGB) and partnered with producer KingMe@crown's very own world wide team called "TheiLLStreetMusicGroup"(ISMG) to delivery an all independent Radio/Podcast of Hip Hop/Electronic/soulful/R&B/Trap available in iTunes, Download or stream the show from your ap ...
Nedi & her 9 year old brother rant about all things Star Wars.
Welcome to Locker Room Talk with Jitim Young. Experience the feeling of being a player, and interacting with various conversations athletes have in the locker room. Enjoy the ride!!!🙂
Deezy and On-One, try and give a voice to the Hood, all while giving our opinion on things in a radio show format. We're not industry , we're just some guys from the hood that got a hold of some microphone's
Have questions? Each episode of this season of Life In Process Pastor Jason Stonehouse will address 1 question and process it through the lens of the Bible using his down-to-earth style and humor. Recorded live at Grace Church in Roseville, MN
Join Beth Schenk, a registered nurse and environmental health nurse champion, as she talks with nurses from around the country who are leading the profession in addressing environmental health issues. Every week you'll be inspired by nurses making changes, big and small, to make our world healthier for everyone.
Robbie & Gibbons 2
A talk radio show that brings to people everywhere laughs and random squirrels. The aquarium environment invites listeners to actively exercise their right to wear sunflower hats. Be sure to tune in Wednesdays at 9pm PST on KDUP.
For the girls that:1. Love to chat 2. Know that they are not for everybody3. Determined to live and define their own definition of living their best life
CHATTINGish Podcast
Oh no, not another podcast. Yep, u guessed it. Listen to two 30 something Londoners pontificate and exchange ideas. We may drop facts, we may chat foolishness. It's all ish."Dame Dash will hate this podcast"
What happens when a moderately deranged, displaced artist, moves to Harlem and starts hanging out with the clever, street wise, Opinionated truth bringer of St. Nicholas Ave? You end up with the craziest podcast of all time!
In this podcast we discuss food, wine, and spirits and so much more.Stay tuned and follow us on Social Media@SacredChefnyc@SacredQueen_
Issa a lifestyle. Issa podcast.
Something Dreadful
A introspective experience, not like many podcasts on thee internets, Something Dreadful (podcast) challenges the concept of pure honesty and good heart. The weekly show features two friends, Owen and Duncan (of the exploring a more gentlemanly form of podcasting, whilst still honoring the way of the scumbag. If you have an opinion, a sense of self and heart, a minor case of awesomeness, you might just be interested in... Something Dreadful...
She's 14. He's parentally incorrect. Comedy-Parenting beyond Thunderdome on iTunes The first-ever Father/Daughter free podcast in history.#iTunes #Spreaker
Tomato Radio
Tomato Radio is a podcast about food and drink hosted by Mary Bailey and Amanda LeNeve. We record these episodes in Edmonton, Alberta. Expect a new episode on Wednesdays every other week.Tomato Radio is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB. Learn more at
A dynamic duo of entrepreneurs, gamers and sports fiends who have joined to deliver their take on the NFL teams, rosters, seasons and postseason play.
The Crypt Cast
The Internets first and only "Tales from the Crypt" podcast going over the show episode by episode and giving our honest opinion
Licensed psychologist Dr. Kate Balestrieri and licensed psychotherapist Lauren Dummit are hosting a radio show called Behind Closed Doors on 790 KABC in Los Angeles. Dr. Balestrieri and Dr. Dummit, both Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT), focus their radio show on critical and timely topics such as sex, dating, relationships, addiction, sexual harassment, mental health and getting healthy. The live show is on 790 KABC in Los Angeles from 6pm to 7pm every Saturday and the new podcasts ...
BZtv-Bodyboarding Podcasts
The Greenleaf Couch consists of a group of nerdy friends who realized that their casual conversations were actually pretty good material for others to listen in on.Many in the group knew each other individually, but around 2011 they all came together to form a local group in Georgia. It wasn't until recently that we made the point that our conversations should be recorded for a podcast.
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This is Season 2 Episode 2 We talking NFL week 4 My picks so far 29-19-1😃. NBA media day hearing from players around the league like Lebron, Westbrook, Kyrie, Paul George. The year of Giannas #GreekFreak if pro basketball. #WNBA playoffs. USA 🇺🇸 Men Basketball🏀 Team. College FBall & College Basketball 🏀 News!!!!!…
This week we discuss Hood Lingo. And we ask the Question What is Chicano Rap? we also ask, Has the Boat already Sailed for some older rappers? Then we get Drunk and have a session Of Hood Therapy, all up in our feelings.By Cali-Gutterz Podcast.
In this episode we delve into the complex world of relationships both in the family and at work. Jason Stonehouse discusses one of the top reasons that people have misunderstandings in conversations. He also shares some "magic" questions that could move us in the right direction. This is a great episode for students trying to talk with parents, ...…
Lincoln and Nedi discuss the newest episode of Star Wars Resistance.By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
Season two of Resistance is here!!! Join us as we discuss the first episode of Season 2; Into the Unknown.By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
Nedi and Lincoln Freak out over the D23 release trailer.By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
Is it wrong to have questions or doubts about your faith or about God? Is it a sign of weaker faith? Jason Stonehouse seeks to tackle these questions in this insightful episode. Discover what doubts and questions actually do to our faith.
Katie Huffling….Checking in with the Fearless Leader of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments Katie Huffling, MS, RN, CNM is a Certified Nurse-Midwife and is the Executive Director the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments. Ms. Huffling works with nurses and national nursing organizations to elevate environmental health issues, ...…
It's the NEW season of the Life In Process Podcast. Jason Stonehouse joins us in the journey of faith, family and leadership. This is our first episode of the new season, question 25. In this episode we discuss how we often miss out on God or misunderstand Him because of a critical error we make when approaching Him. It's so basic it almost goe ...…
This week we slide back in to the mix talking about up and coming artist and giving a couple views on the all too common mass shootings that have been occurring. we talk about close people that have done u dirty and ask how have u handled it?By Cali-Gutterz Podcast.
Jessica LeClair, MPH, BSN, RN, shares her drive for environmental justice Jessica LeClair, MPH, RN is a clinical faculty member with the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing, where she integrates climate change and planetary health curriculum into undergraduate and graduate nursing education. LeClair has over thirteen years of expe ...…
In this episode, Jason is joined in the studio by his youngest daughter Christina. He talks about 2 key approaches to letting people know that you are a Christian. Christina shares some things that she has done to help her friends because she's a Christian. If you've ever wondered how to start influencing others for Jesus, this 10 minute podcas ...…
Lincoln and Nedi take on Rebels Season 3 for part two of Rebels Remembered.By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
#USAMensBasketballTeam🇺🇸 Changes & pull outs throught out the summer finally comes down to the roster that will represent the United States Of America. #NBAFreeAgency the blockbuster moves throughout the summer. #NBASummerleague. @nba @usabball @jitimyoung
Carol Ziegler, DNP, APRN, NP-C describes climate change impacts that hit vulnerable communities hardest… Carol Ziegler, DNP, APRN, NP-C, is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Advanced Practice Nursing. She maintains a clinical practice with Meharry Family Medicine Clinic and teaches in Vanderbilt University’s Family Nurse Practitio ...…
Marc Gunn and Mikey Mason discuss "Jaynestown" from Firefly as they talk about symbols. * Special Note: Are you going to Dragon Con? We have a live episode of In the 'Verse scheduled. Check the Dragon Con Filk track for details. SHOW TIMES 2:42 Upcoming Shows with Marc Gunn 3:29 Upcoming Show with Mikey Mason 3:59 Geek Music News 8:10 Marc’s So ...…
In this episode, Jason Stonehouse talks about the trajectory of the Bible and God's restoration plan. We will discover together how the direction we are moving today will make a difference where we end up. Gain some freedom from some of your frustration over the speed your moving and figure out what God really wants to do. This "short form" pod ...…
We continue on with our Rebels Remembered series and dissect the first bit of season 3.By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
Indoor Air Quality matters to Health, and to Nursing Dr. Azita Amiri, PhD, RN is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, College of Nursing. Dr. Amiri is a nurse researcher with an interest in indoor air, environmental health, and environmental justice. She measures indoor air quality by simulating residential and occ ...…
The ANHE Environmental Health Fellowship is Underway! The ANHE Environmental Health Nursing Fellowship began with an exciting kick-off June 3-5 in Pennsylvania. This podcast captures some of the content and voices of attendees, including mentors, mentees ,and ANHE staff. The podcast will re-visit the Fellows throughout the year to learn more ab ...…
It’s the final episode of Tomato Radio's second season. Before we take our summer break, Mary and Amanda have a whole bunch of info to help make sure you have a fun and yummy summer.By Tomato Radio.
We recap the last part of Season 2By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
Ryan and Trevor welcomed Amanda and Mary to their farm south of Leduc to talk about raising lamb, sustainable farming and what you should be asking when you're purchasing farm products.Tomato Radio is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB.By Tomato Radio.
In this episode Pastor Jason Stonehouse examines the epidemic of fear, particularly among Christians. Why are we so afraid? Can fear ever be a good thing? What should I do if I'm afraid a lot?? We all deal with fear, some of us are crippled by it. Don't miss the introduction into understanding our fear and moving through it.…
Golden State Warriors vs Toronto game 6 recap #NBAFinals. Khwai MVP of Finals. #NBAFreeAgency Anthony Davis is a Laker. Were will all the talent go this upcoming season in the #NBA. CP3 vs. Harden drama in Houston. Boston Celtics Drama & changes. NBA Draft Recap. Teams that were winners and had a good draft!!!! Chicago Bulls Future moving forwa ...…
Farmers' Markets, openings and events! Summer is nearly here and there's lots going on. Hear what Mary and Amanda have to talk about on June's What's Happening episode.Tomato Radio is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB.By Tomato Radio.
Part two of our Rebels Remembered! We go through the first half of season 2 in this episode.By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
Mary and Amanda talk pork with Executive Director of Alberta Pork, Darcy Fitzgerald. Learn about how we produce high quality pork in Alberta and the annual barbecue festival, Porkapalooza.By Tomato Radio.
Talking NBA Playoffs. Toronto vs. Golden State Finals. NBA Playoff Recap & Lottery Recap. Juwann Howard New Michigan Wolverines Head Coach. Jim Beilien is headed to Cleveland Cavaliers to Coach. NFL news Laveon Bell drama to #NYJETS and Ben Rothelesberger speaks out.
Our guest is the ANHE Nursing Summit! The 2nd annual ANHE Nursing Summit, held in Nashville in conjunction with the Clean Med conference…was terrific. Granted, making a podcast about it was an afterthought, so not many speakers were recorded. But there are wonderful comments from a number of attendees, and a description of the event. Beth Schen ...…
In this authentic episode, Pastor Jason Stonehouse discusses whether or not Christians are supposed to experience joy all the time? He also examines what causes us to lose joy and points to a powerful tool/gift given by God to refocus and restore us. You'll find a lot in this 10 minute episode that deals with what we all face daily. Life In Pro ...…
Chefs on TV, farmers' markets and food / wine events you should check out. Join Mary and Amanda on this month's "What's happening" episode.By Tomato Radio.
Join us for our new series, Rebels Remembered. In this episode, we talk Season 1 of Star Wars: Rebels! This show introduced us to SO MANY NEW THINGS, and we have so much to be grateful for from Lucasfilm for this show.By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
Helping Hospitals to decrease Environmental Harm Hermine Levey Weston, RN MBA manages Practice Greenhealth member accounts by providing support and technical expertise related to environmental and sustainability programs in health care settings. She is a registered nurse with over 25 years of experience in health care quality management. Prior ...…
Caitlin Fulton and Blair Lebsack welcomed us into their restaurant on a quiet afternoon to talk about the evolution of Rge Rd, farm dinners, family life, and home kitchen renovations.Tomato Radio is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB. Special thanks to episode sponsors the Northwest Fest and the Edmonton Community Foun ...…
Why is my faith not working? The reality is in the kind of world we find ourselves in, there is so much that pushes against us. And many times the faith we say we believe in seems inadequate for the struggles of life on planet earth today. Pastor Jason Stonehouse unpacks what is missing in much of our "faith" and then leads us to a very clear d ...…
Nix and Massiah are BACK!!!!A special episode covering pre-draft analysis, potential picks, needs and trade scenarios on draft day.By Deep In The Huddle.
In this episode of Behind Closed Doors Dr. Kate & Lauren discuss how ambivalence can keep you safe, but it can also keep you stuck.By Dr. Kate Balestrieri.
In this episode of Behind Closed Doors Dr. Kate & Lauren speak to guest Greg Woodhill about Masculinity.By Dr. Kate Balestrieri.
Join us as we discuss the new content out from Lucasfilm!We freak out about Clone wars, Rebels, and of course, RISE OF SKYWALKER.By The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast.
Let Mary and Amanda get you up to speed on what's happening in food and drink in Edmonton. We talk Easter treats -- what to eat and where to get it -- some great events you should check out and a bit of restaurant news.Tomato Radio is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB. This episode is sponsored by Unit B Co-Working an ...…
WNBA Draft, College Basketball Men Awards. National Championship Virginia over Texas Tech. Women Baylor vs. ND. Notables for NBA draft declaring also players coming back. USA vs. World Hoops Summit HS Game in Portland. Cole Anthony #1 PG in the Nation, James Wingsman #1 player, Niko Mannion #2 PG in the nation (Italy) Arizona bound. NBA playoff ...…
Heidi Ritchie is the Director of Policy for Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. In addition to overseeing policy around the Mayor’s top priorities of affordable housing, police community relations, and economic inclusion, she directs the City’s budget process and carries her own policy portfolio which includes public health, environment and energy, o ...…
In this episode of Behind Closed Doors, Dr. Kate & Lauren explore building and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself.By Dr. Kate Balestrieri.
In this episode of Behind Closed Doors, Dr. Kate & Lauren explore the effects of trauma on sexuality, with special guest Rahi Chun.By Dr. Kate Balestrieri.
Dr Kate sits down with Chris Wallace, Exhibit Director of Nude Art LA, and Rome Daluce, LA's New Bad Boy for Fine Art, and discusses the relationship between sex and art in a modern world.By Dr. Kate Balestrieri.
Dedicating this episode to #NipseyHustle. Football talk #NCAA NFL Mock draft. NFL Free Agency. NFL Combine. #AntonioBrown #ClayMatthews #RussellWilson #OdellBeckham
In question 19 we begin to explore the complex subject of people pleasing and having an unhealthy concern about what people think about us. We look at some of the dangerous effects of it in our lives and spend the majority of the time offering some tricks and ideas to move away from people pleasing and towards pleasing God.The 4 ideas for makin ...…
Welcome to In the 'Verse: Song Crafting for the Firefly Universe. Here are some of the themes discussed in this episode: Spiderwebs, Good night kiss, and Our Mrs Reynolds SHOW TIMES 2:42 Upcoming Shows with Marc Gunn 3:29 Upcoming Show with Mikey Mason 3:59 Geek Music News 8:10 Marc’s Song: 9:29 Mikey’s Songs: 12:01 Plot Summary 14:42 Discussio ...…
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