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Walt Sent Me
Walt Sent Me is a look into the vast cinematic legacy of the Walt Disney Company. While we love talking about Disney's animated films, this isn't just kids stuff. We also cover the films from Disney's various other studios. Marvel Studios, Touchstone Pictures, Miramax, Hollywood Pictures and many more. We'll also be covering a classic animated short on each episode as well as coming up with some wild ideas for Disney pins based on the films we discuss.
Here on the Large Marge Sent Us podcast, Sweety and Sweetie are our names and nostalgia is our game! Once a week (or more if you're lucky!) we watch movies from the 80s and 90s that shaped our childhoods and then have a sisterly chat about them. We usually sing songs and there's about a 100% chance we'll crack up with bouts of laughter. We hope you will too! So come join us and step back into a time when life was good and the movies were even better Logo created lovingly by Frankie Donlon. F ...
Equipping Catholics to proclaim Jesus Christ
Sent here by 301
Legends can be easily forgotten. Myths, Stories and legends are an integral way many cultures explain meaning. Unfortunately, legends can be quickly forgotten.
Sent On Mission
The audio teaching podcast from Watermark Church in West Michigan. Find more teachings and information about Watermark at
Headed by Pastor Frances L. Johnson Our MissionIt is our desire that through the preaching and teaching of the Word of Godthat the lost will be won and that we continually challenge and motivatethe Body of Christ to persevere and mature in Christ Jesus.Heavenly Sent Christian Ministries is located at 817 3rd Ave So, 2nd FloorRenton, WA 98055Phone 425 255-2670Wednesday 6:45 - 8:30 pmSunday Morning Worship - 11 AM(Children's church every Sunday)
Craft is a web serial created by Heaven Sent Gaming. The novel is written by Mario J. Lucero.
The official PodOmatic of #Senttothestands. Where the trio of @STTS_Dan, @Smithy9896 & @vanOccean talk football and nothing but.
Sent Church
Sermons from Sent Church located in Sanford, Florida. We are a gospel-centered church whose mission is to Proclaim Jesus and make disciples.
God is still in the business of sending…We call it “Ministry”
SENT Collective
Discover how to engage your community, state, nation and the world in missions. Connect with missionaries, church planters, and mission partners.
SENT sermon podcasts
Live Sent
We would like to create value for our listeners by helping them extend the range of their professional network. Our favorite way to get business referrals is to first give them. This podcast will teach the skill of tapping into the power of your brand by building and maintaining relationships.
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It's time for the Sweeties to tackle another John Hughes film. This week, Pretty in Pink or as we like to call it Pretty in a Really Ugly Pink Dress! Pretty in Pink written by John Hughes yet directed by some other fella stars 80s teen movie muse Molly Ringwald as Andie, a girl too cool for her lame high school that's run by yuppies who wear li ...…
Get ready for the joyous event. On this episode, Kristen and Todd take a look at the 1991 remake of Father of the Bride, as well as the 1995 sequel, Father of the Bride Part II.
The Sweeties are back from Ireland, we just bought a new car, and BONUS we decided to watch probably your 22nd favorite Tom Hanks movie .... Joe Versus The Volcano! From 1990 and starring Meg Ryan, times three, this is an oddball of a film that is hopelessly quirky yet funny and romantic in an off beat sort of way. Joe Banks is a hypochondriac ...…
The Sweeties can't get enough of ghosts! Or more specifically ghosts that look like Pat Swayze! We love 1990's Ghost - it's a triple threat. Part romance, part comedy, part thriller. As kids, this movie scared the bleep out of us, and honestly as 30 year old ladies, it's still pretty freaky! Whoopie Goldberg steals this movie (and won an Oscar ...…
We're going to the DANGER ZONE guys! This week we watched Top Gun and bottom line ... we are CONFUSED about this plot! However, we're not confused that this movie made Tom Cruise even more of a giant mega star and includes some really awesome soundtrack jams, shirtless sweaty men playing volleyball, and a ton of really exciting shots of fighter ...…
Todd and Kristen are back...or are they? It could be their doubles, or secret twins, or even clones. You'll need to listen closely to know for sure as they discuss Christopher Nolan's 2006 film The Prestige, as well as the 1937 short Magician Mickey.
Who's ready to get spooooky? 1999 brought us M. Night Shyamalan or more importantly The Six Sense and the world of movies with a twist was never the same again! Featuring Bruce Willis, Toni Colette and cute as a button Haley Joel Osment in a scary movie about a little boy who sees ghosts - and one of those ghosts - SPOILER ALERT - is Bruce Will ...…
The hooker with the heart of gold movies NEVER GET OLD. Tale as old as time guys! Just because you're selling yourself on Hollywood Boulevard doesn't mean you're some cracked out 'ho! It probably just means you followed some busted ass boyfriend from Georgia and got sick of frying up burgers at McDonald's so you decided to turn tricks instead! ...…
We're heading to the Powerline concert, with a brief stop a Possum Park along the way, as we discuss 1995's A Goofy Movie. Also on the agenda is the 1951 Goofy short subject, Father's are People.
In the early aughts, it was super popular to want to be a faux slut and then in the year 2000 along came the movie Coyote Ugly and a whole generation of women dreamed of becoming songwriters. JUST KIDDING. They dreamed of wearing slutty crop tops and dancing on a bar. DUH. Coyote tells the story of Violet Sanford, an inspiring songwriter with b ...…
Who wants to see a dead body? We do! Stand by Me, a Rob Reiner classic from 1986 and based on the the novella by Stephen King called "The Body", follows four 12 year old boys during the summer of 1959 as they go on a hunt for the body of missing classmate Ray Brower but more importantly go searching for the meaning of male friendship! And they ...…
Happy Tuesday! We thought it was about time to tackle a 90's teenage rom com because let's be honest, they have made us ALL who we are today and started with one of our favorites, 10 Things I Hate About You! From 1999 and starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger, this movie is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, a comedy that has ...…
Kristen and Todd celebrate their 100th episode of Walt Sent Me in a big way by courting controversy and discussing 2017's Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Speaking of controversy, they also look at a 1951 Goofy short called No Smoking.
Continuing on with our trend of covering movies that scare the bleep out of Sweety, tonight we watched Arachnophobia and realized that animals run amok movies may be our favorite genre. Starring Jeff Daniels, some other people plus John Goodman, Arachnophobia tells the story of a spider from Venezuela who needs to spread his wings and hops aboa ...…
Bonus ep time! Who can forget the classic Nickelodeon game show (and it's longest running) Double Dare or it's other iteration Family Double Dare? Part trivia, part whacky physical challenges, Double Dare was like crack to kids because it involved literal hot messes in the forms of pies, slime, and all this other crud PLUS an obstacle course wh ...…
A new journey can be hard. Janice and Andres talk about overcoming obstacles that can prevent getting things done.
Happy summer guys! Since it's summer, we thought it would be apropos to do the first summer blockbuster of all time----1975's JAWS! Directed by our pal (and yours!) Stevie Spiels, Jaws tells the story of a killer fish run amok in the small seaside community of Amity Island. Chief Brody, city-slicker/land lubber threatens to close the beaches af ...…
Happy Fourth of July from The Sweeties! With the holiday upon us, we decided it was the exact right time to trot out Independence Day, the pinnacle 90s film about aliens (in our not so humble opinion) AND the coolness that was Will Smith before he started doing "real" movies. So there are parts of this movie that are very cheesy and bad buttttt ...…
Kristen and Todd take a look at Robert Redford's 1994 Oscar nominated film Quiz Show. They also look at 1957 short, The Truth about Mother Goose.
When few merchants are able to make sense of their merchant statement, Bill and Janice make it simple.
SWEETIE'S BACK FROM VACATION!! And we're kicking off the true start of summer with the best animal movie there is---Homeward Bound! Released in 1993, Homeward Bound tells the story of Shadow, Chance and Sassy and let's face it, massive family miscommunication! Their family moves to San Francisco temporarily and they get left on a farm, yet mist ...…
In honor of Sweetie's real life European vacation, we watched National Lampoon's European Vacation, which is actually our first Chevy Chase film of the bunch! From 1985 and directed by one of our favs Amy Heckerling, European Vacation takes the notorious Griswold's on a Euro adventure after they accidentally win the grand prize on The Pig and t ...…
Todd and Kristen cover not one but two feature films this time as they look at the 1976 version of Freaky Friday, followed by the 2003 remake.
Welp Sweetie is officially on vacation but we're still bringing you alllll the hits including 1994's bomb on the bus masterpiece, Speed! Starring a hotter than average Keanu Reeves and the always spit fire Sandra Bullock, Speed scared the bleep out of us as little kids and made us terrified of elevators for the rest of our lives! Now that we're ...…
Message from Dan Mastrapa on Jun 10, 2018
Time for another Jim Carrey masterpiece! The Mask, from 1994, was one of Sweety's favorite movie as a wee lass! After Jim Carrey's successful turn in Ace Ventura, they guy was in demand, and let's be real, The Mask is a movie that was written basically for him with a plot that can basically be summed up as nice guy loser turns into cartoon face ...…
Get your tissues ready. For this episode of Walt Sent Me, Kristen and Todd discuss the 1957 tear-jerker Old Yeller. They also look at the 1933 short Mickey's Pal Pluto.
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