Best Shelter podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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Inside The Shelter
The best selection of Tech-House and techno tunes by Paul Darey
Why is it so expensive to live in California? And what can the state do about it? Every other week, Los Angeles Times housing reporter Liam Dillon and CALmatters' data reporter Matt Levin chat about the latest developments in California housing policy and interview a key housing newsmaker. Listen to this podcast and we promise your rent will drop in half instantly. You can also subscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher.
Fallout Shelter
Pat "Trick" Mitchell is a stock trading mentor helping you achieve financial freedom through day trading
Join us for the weekly message from all three of our campuses in Manhasset, Syosset, and Westbury, Long Island, NY! Same theme...different preachers!
Stories from the Trail is a podcast by and for people who love to talk trail. We don't limit our conversations to hiking, but most of us are hikers and we'll probably go there a lot. Hosts Gary Sizer (aka "Green Giant", author of Where's the Next Shelter?) and Megan Thompson (aka "Voldemort") will bring you their conversations with people who live outside. SUPPORT THE SHOW!
An emergency broadcast is sent out to New York City that a nuclear disaster is imminent. Time to find shelter? Twenty minutes.
Earth Ancients
Earth Ancients chronicles the growing (and often suppressed) evidence of known and unknown civilizations, their ruined cities, and artifacts developed from advanced science and technology. Erased from the pages of time, these cultures discovered and charted the heavens, developed medicine and unleashed advancements that parallel and, in many cases, surpass our own. Join us and discover our lost history.Armed with the thousands of anomalous archeological discoveries which have not been covere ...
Military Times Deputy Editor Leo Shane III and Defense News Capitol Hill Bureau Chief Joe Gould introduce listeners to the stories behind the latest military happenings on Capitol Hill. Each week, they’ll bring an insider’s perspective on what the biggest headlines are, why the public should care, and what’s coming next.
A beautiful story about survival, the Robinson family shows that one does not have to have the usual comforts of life in order to be comfortable and happy. It is also a story about family relations. The book showcases a family of six that has to start all over without the basic amenities that make life easier in the eyes of society. The idea of being in an island with no human neighbors is daunting to say the least. The family was shipwrecked and everyone else on the ship perished when they ...
Convo By Design
Convo By Design is a podcast dedicated to promoting the ideas of architects, artists, designers, tastemakers and those making a difference in the way we live. Design is personal as is a good conversation. Copyright © Fusion Media Management, Inc. 2013-2019 All rights reserved.
Our mission is to provide education, information and dialogue that will create a supportive environment empowering people to help cats in their community.
Kay Laurence of "Learning About Dogs" in the U.K. and Sue McGuire, a manager of a canine program at an animal shelter near San Francisco join forces to talk about the life we live with dogs. Kay Laurence brings with her more than 40 years of experience working and teaching dogs. Her unique and insightful perspective provides dog trainers and dog people a new way to learn about dogs. Sue McGuire provides the unique perspective of interacting with hundreds of dogs in shelters.
A wandering king who's a war-hero doomed to roam the earth by a vengeful God, a plethora of fantastic experiences, a wife battling the invasion of suitors who wish to replace her missing husband, a son in search of his father - the Odyssey is a rich tapestry of incredible experiences and unforgettable characters. A must-read classic for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of Western mythology, it is a sequel to the Illiad which recounts the magnificent saga of the Trojan War. The ...
To lead every person into a life-changing relationship with Jesus!
Shelter is an ongoing conversation about house, home, and refuge: from where we find it and how we choose it—or perhaps how it chooses us—to how and where it is lost, and why it is a fundamental human need. Hosted by Erin Sweeny, this podcast looks beyond structures to explore more complex ideas related to our lives in a society that is more mobile and fluid, but arguably less rooted. In discussing great freedoms to stark realities, these conversations aim to shed light on issues related to ...
A Safe Place for Christians to Ask Unsafe Questions - We are for the spiritual nomads, the outcasts, and the ones who desire to ask the hard questions. A shelter in the desert, a safe place to share our thoughts, our hopes, and our dreams. We are pursuing the Truth and we don’t care about the consequences. We invite you to come and sit at our table and be a part of our tribe. We are brave. we are bold. We are, The Reckless Pursuit.
On the Objective
Our mission is to encourage, exhort, and motivate members of the Remnant Body of Jesus Christ to play their positions, pursue their unique callings, and stand their ground in our generation. On the Objective is a network aimed at examining our world from a Biblical viewpoint and tracking significant global developments. We are engaging with our brothers and sisters in the battle for our faith, while extending shelter to those still lost so that they may come to know redemption and peace thro ...
Jerusha Abbott, an eighteen year old orphan, faces an uncertain future in the charity home where she has lived all her life. On reaching adulthood, the orphanage can no longer offer shelter to its inmates. Her anxiety leads her into wild speculation when she is summoned to the matron's office. But a surprise awaits her. One of the visitors, a wealthy Trustee of the orphanage, has offered to fund Jerusha's college education and fulfill her dreams of becoming a writer. The only condition he ma ...
We discuss a broad range of subjects within this kaupapa, including: animal exploitation, animal welfare, companion animals, and the divide between “native” and “introduced” species. Our programme is made up of feature interviews, discussions of prevalent issues in the media, film and book reviews, plant-based kai suggestions, and an eclectic mix of music. Haere mai – we hope you’ll tune in every second Monday at 5pm!Te Piringa Kararehe – The Animal Shelter is brought to you by:Kirsty Dunn K ...
Set in the first half of the 19th century, the classic novel presents the story of young orphan Oliver Twist, who endures tumultuous events in a society burdened by poverty, crime and malice. After being poorly treated in a workhouse, Oliver escapes to London where instead of finding a better life he ends up tangled in a web of criminal activities. The novel opens with the introduction of Oliver, a waif who has spent his short life living in miserable conditions in a workhouse. Along with ot ...
Nate and Johnny write for the internet television show The Last Show On Earth. This is their story. I mean, this is them working on the next episode.
The typical action hero with a stiff upper lip whose actions speak louder than his words, a mysterious American who lives in dread of being killed, an anarchist plot to destabilize Greece, a deadly German spy network, a notebook entirely written in code, and all this set in the weeks preceding the outbreak of World War I. The Thirty-nine Steps, by John Buchan is a spy classic entirely worthy of its genre and will delight modern day readers with its complicated plot. It is also notable for be ...
Bomb Shelter Radio
Bomb Shelter Radio travels across the United States setting up temporary radio stations. The team creates radio shows containing the best rock n roll, soul music from 45's collected along the way.
The Ontario SPCA Animals' Voice Pawdcast features the latest hot topics in the Animal Welfare industry from a variety of knowledgeable and friendly guests. Some past guests include Dave Salmoni from Animal Planet, Tanya Kim, John Douglas - Former FBI Profiler, and Mieshelle Nagelschneider - The Cat Whisperer. About the Ontario SPCA:Through its province-wide network of 50 plus Communities, the Ontario SPCA is one of the largest, most responsive animal welfare organizations in the country, pro ...
An open and nurturing conversation about LGBT and Church tensions and unity
If you've watched and loved the delightful musical My Fair Lady, then you'd love to read the wonderful play on which it is based. Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw is equally engrossing and as full of charm, wit and underlying pathos. First performed on stage in 1912, Pygmalion takes its title from the Greek myth of Pygmalion and Galatea. In the ancient story, a brilliant sculptor, Pygmalion falls in love with one of his own creations, a ravishingly beautiful sculpture whom he names Galatea. ...
Could Be Better
Hosts Rob Conlon and J. Dewey, two friends from New York's Hudson Valley, have a mutual love and appreciation for Better Homes & Gardens magazine. In this podcast, they pour drinks and spill the tea about what they really think about the latest issue. It's queer eye for the home decor magazine. If you’re a fan of witty banter about interior design magazines, LGBTQ issues, gardening, baking, parenting and home decor may want to listen to something else. But if you’re the type who flips ...
Singer Songwriter William McCarthy's travels, musings, rants and passions recorded remotely in intermittent Podcast form. Onward!
Save A Pooch is all about rescue dog welfare. With an informative yet humorous tone, the good, the bad, cute, and the ugly will be addressed. Episode topics can range from: how to improve fosters' and adopters' experience with rescues; how to improve rescues' well-being and heal their trauma; what are some of the opportunities for rescues; rescue success stories; how to spot a reputable or fake rescue organization, what determines a healthy human-animal bond and much, much more!
Educator and author, Amy Alamar. EdD and award-winning journalist, Sarah Cody combine their expertise in education and news reporting to bring you a show that helps you understand what’s going on in the news and how it affects your family. Terrorist attacks, sex scandals, and stories of children separated from parents are enough to make you want to turn off the news and shelter your family. But, talking about these current topics helps you to share your own perspective and support your child ...
UN News
Global perspective, human stories
Drag Bunt
Welcome to Drag Bunt! Come along with me on this shallow dive into all things baseball. Who am I you ask? I'm a life long MLB aficionado and fantasy league champion. I bring together saber-metrics and the good ol' "eye test" to evaluate today's players, coaching staffs, and executives. Off field topics which are often to edgy for the mainstream media will find no shelter here.
About SoundBalming with LaMarr D. Shields: Inviting you into his basement Balm shelter once weekly for emergency relief from the rays of negative reinforcement bombarding us throughout our daily living experiences, LaMarr D. Shields drops balms made up of inspiration, information, uplift, and edutainment on shelter dwellers in the form of amazing stories about innovative individuals--artists, activists, social entrepreneurs, social impact practitioners, educators, soldiers of our civic syste ...
We The People
This powerful opinion-based show throws the floor open to an enquiring public for discussions on the issues affecting the country and its people and ensuring that the average citizen gets a voice.
Daily weblog on software and personal productivity recommends downloads, web sites and shortcuts that help you work smarter and save time. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Truth is trending on the Veritas News Network! VNN is an online publication featuring the news and is dedicated to in-depth investigative reporting with a consumer advocacy focus. Our Managing Editor is a veteran investigative journalist who has won dozens of awards. Several categories of news are featured on the Veritas News Network include Citizen Journalism, Consumer News, Ripoffs & Scams, Consumer Advocacy, World News, US News, Crime, Economic News, Editorial & Opinion, Education, Health ...
Diane Rehm’s weekly podcast features newsmakers, writers, artists and thinkers on the issues she cares about most: what’s going on in Washington, ideas that inform, and the latest on living well as we live longer.
Broken into a Boss!!! My goal is to inspire other entrepreneurs who haven’t realized they're entrepreneurs just yet! 👑 Finding the inner King & Queen in you is so important. For lifelong, generational success and wealth. Advocating the importance of God, Family, goal setting, etc. Most people faith are tested daily, and don’t have anyone to turn to! My goal is to have Broken into a Boss podcast be that shelter in your time of need! 💋 xoxo
Roundtable Radio
From deep within the fallout shelter, you are listening to Roundtable Radio!
Intellectual Downpour is a philosophy podcast hosted by Cody Turner, a second year PhD student in philosophy at the University of Connecticut. The show is a part of the Shelter from the Storm Podcast Network. Each episode is oriented around a particular academic topic. The goal is to provide listeners with well-researched, accessible content presented in an objective manner. Cody does, however, offer his own views on each topic as well.
Open End
First-person, long-form accounts of the bizarre, surreal, and unknown.
RuffRiders Rescue Tails Podcast is a show where each week we'll feature a new tale of dog rescue, interviews with amazing people who affect the rescue community, and feature a local dog looking for their forever home in ourUnadoptables segment.
The Deep Vault
From the creators of Archive 81 comes The Deep Vault, a serialized audio drama set in an almost-post-apocalyptic United States. The story follows a group of longtime friends as they journey from the uninhabitable surface world into a mysterious underground bunker in search of safety and shelter. New episodes to be released every other Wednesday. Twitter: @thedeepvault Facebook: Website: Email: Patreon: ...
KARMA Techno Podcast / CRISTIAN COLLODOROCristian Collodoro was born in Piazza Armerina, a town in the heart of the beautiful Italian Island - Sicily - in 1993. At the early age of fourteen Cristian, driven by an interest for disco music, made his first debuts at the local venues by doing his first mix-ups with Underground and House Discs.Following a period of artistic soul-searching, Cristian’s musical interests, shifted towards Techno Music with this giving him the opportunity to refine hi ...
WEALTHTRACK believes the key to successful long term investing is diversification and intelligent asset allocation. Our goal is to help viewers build and protect their wealth in all of the investments they care about: financial, real estate, art, and collectibles.
Tune in and learn about the Burlington Humane Society.
My name is Hypatia of Alexandria :: There are many worlds and many Earths :: In some worlds, magic came to rise as the greater power over religion and science :: War stirs now between man, magic and machine :: These are the key images we have in our world your world is missing :: - Organon -
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Several high-profile tenant protection and rent control bills face tough hearings in the state Legislature next week, all facing an uncertain future. On this episode of Gimme Shelter, Matt and Liam discuss the latest in a series of efforts in the state Capitol to push tenant rights, and why almost all of those efforts have failed in the past. F ...…
The story of Ruth is a reminder that Christ has redeemed you from the sins you have not even committed yet. The entire book of Ruth foreshadows the redemption that is only in Jesus. As Pastor Chad wraps our four-week series in Ruth, remember today that God through Jesus can redeem anyone. No one is too far gone to escape God’s love and mercy.…
Leo and Joe discuss President Donald Trump’s latest threat to deploy more troops to the southern border in coming months amid the ongoing fight over his border wall project (1:15). They also discuss the schedule for the annual defense authorization bill debate (7:15) and what exactly happened with the House budget vote last week (13:15) before ...…
Luke 18:1-8 (NIV)The Parable of the Persistent Widow1 Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. 2 He said: “In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought. 3 And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, ‘Grant me justic ...…
Inside The Shelter 127 Inside The Shelter Paul Darey Radio Show will provide to all the listeners around the world the best Tech- House, Techno, and Deep House tunes of the moment always with Paul's Ibiza vibes after 15th years of being playing in the best Clubs of the Magic Island and of course all over the world as well. Click play and enjoy ...…
Daily weblog on software and personal productivity recommends downloads, web sites and shortcuts that help you work smarter and save time. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at www.spoken ...…
This page is here for technical reasons. Please click here for the episode page. WEALTHTRACK believes the key to successful long term investing is diversification and intelligent asset allocation. Visit WEALTHTRACK for more.
More great books at
More great books at
Join us for another Biblical discussion of important spiritual principles! I was feeling discouraged prior to this recording, so I began to praise God and to encourage myself in the Lord. The Holy Spirit highlighted the nature of God's victory and the wisdom that we need to have in hearing an entire matter and being vigilant to pursue discernme ...…
Reveals the profound influence of the Denisovans and their hybrid descendants upon the flowering of human civilization around the world • Traces the migrations of the sophisticated Denisovans and their interbreeding with Neanderthals and early human populations more than 40,000 years ago • Shows how Denisovan hybrids became the elite of ancient ...…
Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique :: Theme by Benjamin WallfishBy (Hypatia Theon).
Susan Getty, a Project Manager for the Alliance for Contraception for Cats & Dogs (ACC&D) joins Stacy to discuss diversity (and the lack of diversity) in animal welfare in this episode. Susan has worked in animal welfare for almost a decade, most recently at ACC&D, which you may remember from Stacy’s interviews with their president, Joyce Brigg ...…
More great books at
More great books at
More great books at
This page is here for technical reasons. Please click here for the episode page. WEALTHTRACK believes the key to successful long term investing is diversification and intelligent asset allocation. Visit WEALTHTRACK for more.
Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique :: Theme by Hans ZimmerBy (Hypatia Theon).
Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique :: Theme by James Newton HowardBy (Hypatia Theon).
Diane leads a panel discussion about Jacqueline Woodson's memoir in verse, "Brown Girl Dreaming," winner of the 2014 National Book Award for young people's literature.
Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique "The Flash" by Blake NeelyBy (Hypatia Theon).
Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique "Dr. Strange" by Michael GiacchinoBy (Hypatia Theon).
Steampunk Baby Dumpling :: Titan of Mars :: Featuring Titan Moon Comic Caitriona SkyeBy (Hypatia Theon).
Daily weblog on software and personal productivity recommends downloads, web sites and shortcuts that help you work smarter and save time. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at www.spoken ...…
Cory is changing his life by hiking the PCT while attempting to lose 200 pounds. As he puts it, this is his "Second Chance" at life. Now a youtube sensation, we were lucky enough to get a call from Second Chance from atop a windy pass in a blizzard, just over a hundred miles into his PCT journey. Join Reptar and Green Giant for a motiviating, i ...…
More great books at
More great books at
More great books at
Dogs with special needs are often surrendered or seen as not adoptable because it requires time and attention that many cannot afford. This episode will dispel the myths around having a special needs dog, and how they are very much adoptable. Today's guest is Cathy Symons, an author, a veterinary technician, and certified canine rehabilitation ...…
Thanks for joining us again On the Objective as your host Steven Menking welcomes back researcher, economist, and author Chuck Coppes to discuss the latest happenings in the world of global finance. Gold was officially added to the list of Tier 1 capital for banks at the beginning of this month, and it looks like the Fed has backed off of its p ...…
In an ideal world, all jobs would be “green,” decent work that contributes to protecting the environment.Dan Dickinson from UN News called Moustapha Kamal Gueye, coordinator of the Green Jobs Programme at the ILO in Geneva, and asked him what kind of green jobs exist already.
Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique :: “The secrets of Ancient Tibetan ZaZen allows London A. Dark the power to stop time, and to follow any certain sequential particles or waves in the form of Tachyon Cascades, usually moments ensconced as a pentangle around any transpiring scene, 5 dimensions into the past or into the future in search ...…
‘Foreign children’ in overwhelmed Syrian camp need countries to help them: top UN official Stress, overtime and disease contribute to 2.8 million workers dying every year: ILO UN human rights chief alarmed at mass terrorism trial in Bahrain, revoking citizenship
In an interview with Daniel Johnson from UN News, occupational safety and health specialist Manal Azzi, discusses the pros and cons of technological innovation at work, as well as sustainable solutions to combat climate change, highlighting that prevention really is the key.
Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique :: "Apocalypse :: The White Violin" by Jeff RussoBy (Hypatia Theon).
Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique :: "The Umbrella Academy" by Jeff RussoBy (Hypatia Theon).
Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique :: "Look Away" by Nick UrataBy (Hypatia Theon).
Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique :: "Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd WeberBy (Hypatia Theon).
Since before the era of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the arts have been used to confront slavery. Highlighting the importance of creativity as a force for change in societies where people were viewed first and foremost as property, Christopher Cozier highlights the “self-worth process” that led slaves to become full citizens.…
Daily weblog on software and personal productivity recommends downloads, web sites and shortcuts that help you work smarter and save time. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at www.spoken ...…
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