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We Like Shooting
We enjoy sharing our common passion of guns, gear, and shooting.
Straight Shoot
Smart, funny, in-depth, positive discussion of professional wrestling, with a focus on NJPW. Each week, Aubrey Sitterson is joined by independent wrestlers, MMA fighters, professional athletes, comedians, writers and more for a fun, smart look at professional wrestling.For the original video versions of Straight Shoot, visit, and for information on upcoming live shows, head to
Just Shoot It is a podcast about directing, filmmaking and storytelling. Each week we interview your favorite up-and-coming directors, screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, and actors, and learn how they became successful, working content creators. We're all about getting off your butt and making your own videos. Each week we'll share tips and stories of how people in the entertainment industry forced their ways into sustainable careers. Matt Enlow is a director working in comedy. His we ...
Competitive shooting, mostly. Some concealed carry and gun rights stuff mixed in too.
That Shooting Show
The home of Steve Anderson, USPSA Grandmaster and author of the definitive guide to using dry fire to improve your shooting.
Lee and Elliott are shooting stars... with their word guns. Every week, the duo (and perhaps a dope-ass guest) discusses pop culture, celebrities, and their own lives within an industry of Twitter followers, YouTube views, box office grosses, auditions, and everything else PC-related.
Podcast by Precision Shooting Podcast
USPSA Shooting
The Shannon Smith Shooting Show is the podcast of professional shooter, national champion, and firearms trainer, Shannon Smith. It will be an eclectic show centered around firearms, better shooting, competition, tactical, self defense, techniques, tips and gear, with a lifestyle mix of other things that interest me such as booze, cigars, and other general dude stuff.
Roots and Shoots
Your weekly dose of gardening solutions
The Shoot with Matt Day is all about photography and the process that each photographer utilizes to capture their images. Every interview will dig deep into the lives of the guest, learn about their process, pick their brains on how and why they love the art of photography, and hear some amazing stories. With guests such as Jason Lee, Garrett Remy, Nate Matos, and Ray Barbee, Matt guides each interview in a refreshing and insightful way to hear their journey. If you are a fan of Matt Day's w ...
The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.
Blue Collar Sailing Podcast about normal people and Chesapeake Bay Sailors enjoying time on the water. Cruising, voyaging, sailing, racing, DIY projects, yacht club, boat club, fireside chats, music, a veritable blend of sailing entertainment with your host Jeffrey S. Wettig.
He Shoots, He Draws Podcast, the Photography and Graphic Design show hosted by Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton. The show that gives you a twice monthly look at the world of Photography. After almost 8 years of friendship, working on projects and teaching together, Glyn and Dave have decided to combine their knowledge and experience to create a podcast. So, grab a cuppa and join us as we chat about the things we love and loathe in our industries.Straight, honest talk among friends with a bit of e ...
Weekly discussion on pro wrestling, which will focus on the WWE and the news of the day. If or when TNA or ROH do something that matter they will get love too.
Caroline Wilson and Corrie Perkin are best friends and it's time to start recording their conversations. Everything from sport to food to lifestyle are covered. Nothing is off limits. Just don't shoot the messenger.
Shootin' the Shitniz is a weekly 30 minute podcast where the host Brian Tramel sits down to "shoot the shiznit" with wrestling personalities, friends and just people that he finds interesting. Tramel has been a wrestling fan, wrestler, manager, fanzine editor and podcaster in his almost 40 years of wrestling fandom. Check out the links below for our website & more great content!
A program to help developing shooters by answering questions and providing useful information on how to help you better your game and reach your goals in the sport.
Catholic priest, TV & Radio Host, Best Selling Author, Former Martial Arts Instructor, award winning Break Dancer & Choreographer, and also professional chef (who won Food Network competition, "Throw Down with Bobby Flay" Season 7 Episode 1), talks with unique and interesting guests from all walks of life - drawing out connections to help bridge social divides. You may not expect what two completely different peoplehave in common, but this show will bring people to a better understanding of ...
Shoot The Glass
Film, TV and Screen Culture
With William Patino and Cameron Sandercock, 'Shoot First, Questions Later' is an informative and mildly entertaining photography podcast with a RAW aussie flavour. Thumbnail by Cal Harmer, Header by Sam Markham
Talking about pro wrestling, the ups and downs of the WWE, NXT, NJPW, ROH, TNA and Lucha Underground.
Real Estate Photography veterans Rich Baum and Brian Berkowitz team up to bring their knowledge of gear, technique, industry news and more to this brand new podcast geared towards the real estate photographer, architectural photographer and interior photographer. Episodes will also include guests interviews with the best in the business and an "Ask The Guys" feature where listeners can submit their questions to be a topic of discussion for a future episode.
Shooting The Past brings you Australian history through a new lens. Each episode features a historical event or era, and starts with a single photograph and the question; what is going on in this picture?
Shoot This Now
Have you ever said "This should be a movie?" So have Tim Molloy and Matt Donnelly, and with "Shoot This Now," they focus every week on a different story they want to see onscreen, from Bruce Lee's life story to the "Jaws 2" that should have been to the time Frank Sinatra tried to stop a serial killer. All are true stories, and all need to be made into TV shows or movies... now.
We talk about all things professional wrestling.
FIRST WE DO THE SHOOTING, THEN WE DO THE TALKINGShoot First Talk Later combines a super cool photoshoot and a podcast chat. Join photographer and host Robert Gershinson for a shoot 'n' talkHead over to ( to see each guest's portraits.
Professional photographer, author, and internationally known instructor, Bryan Peterson demonstrates a variety of photography tips and tricks in these easy-to-understand video guides.
A special series about the Nickel Mines Amish School Shootings, produced by the Lancaster New Era and
Straight Shooting
I have been called a "straight shooter" for years. With my conservative politics, Christian values, blogging, newspaper column, and the willingness to say what is needed, you get Straight Shooting.
Montoyis & Reese explore current events with humor and common sense. Reach us at @FromThe_Hip, @Montoyisk, @Mann_at_arms on Twitter.! Email us at The Facebook page is and the voicemail line is (559)825-SHOT!
Keeping you up to date with the latest archery gear for every hunting season.
Sam Roberts, the last Professional Broadcaster, talks to today's top wrestling talent, and breaks down everything happening with the State of Wrestling every week.
A lively podcast for people photographers & creative entrepreneurs. Two leading UK photographers, Vicki Knights & Eddie Judd, chat about what it’s like to run a photography business today. Including interviews with inspiring guests, you’ll be entertained, informed and also pick up some business tips along the way. Podcasts written, produced and edited by Eddie & Vicki. Chat to us on Instagram: Vicki Knights - Eddie Judd - ww ...
The Shooting Bench
Shooting, training, news and politics with Cope Reynolds
Inside stories from the producers of the TV series Shooting USA on Outdoor Channel. Jim and John Scoutten sit down with firearms industry executives, pro shooters, and notable names.
A women's hockey podcast with English and French episodes, brought to you by
This is a podcast about the Columbus Blue Jackets and the NHL.
Three disparate men converge for a strange discussion of pop culture and politics. Our hosts include a psychonaut therapist with an aim to explore the healing benefits of drugs, an anarchist philosophy professor equally influenced by Marx and prison, and an English teacher terrified by the universe but energized by marginalized literature and media alike. Topics will cover the range from popular to degraded culture.
"Shooting Stars" Podcast with the best of electronic music, with special guest, and more! By Farcko. Autor: Farcko/
Shooting Wide Open
A series focused on film photography and the artists behind their craft. Interviews with photographers will shed light on their work and process. Learn more about what it is that drives these artists to continue making photos. Technical aspects including composition, equipment, developing, and editing will also be topics of discussion.
"He Shoots, She Scores" is a podcast for sports fans and dummies alike. Join our hosts Colin and Grace as she teaches him all about sports: from the cities, to stars, the murder mysteries, and everything else that makes the world of sports so damn fun. But most importantly: how any of them even work.
Asking local Chicago Artists/Creatives/Designers, their process, what's next, and their take on their industry in the context of our city. IG: @ ccss_podcast @ zu_bhaidani
The adventures within the practical shooting world and life in general. Discussions on getting started in competing in the practical shooting world and the ins and outs and ups and downs of the shooting life. Suggestions on practice, reloading, matches, competitions, and gear. Continued discussions and insights from the perspective and opinions of an everyday guy just trying to balance work, life, and his adventures in the shooting sports.
Your one stop shop for all the latest news and views on WWE, TNA, and any other pro wrestling out there. Want to know if you missed anything on Raw, Smackdown or Impact? Want to know the latest buzz on Hulk Hogan, John Cena or other wrestlers? Go no further! All the happenings in WWE, TNA, and RoH are discussed RIGHT HERE! If there is one thing we know, it's pro wrestling! Can I say pro wrestling one more time? Sure! PRO WRESTLING!
Shoot Promo
Probably the only wrestling comedy gameshow in the world. Each episode two teams of three will attempt to discuss, dissect and dilute the past week in wrestling within the confines of seven sides of stupid improv rounds.Think Whose Line meets wrestling :)Our theme song is kindly provided by SuperBlizzard
Shoot, Quick!
Four friends sit down to recap and discuss the Berlanti-verse DC shows from the week (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow). E-mail us at
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Montoyis & Reese talk about 45's hilarious antics, Action at AT&T/Time Warner, F'ery on the Web and More! Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Google Play Music and wherever you get your Podcasts! Reach us at @FromThe_Hip on Twitter. Email us at The Facebook page ...…
The gardening program for gardeners and non-gardeners
In 1943, Nazi Germany made the world's most expensive propaganda film: "Titanic." The story of the Nazi Titanic ends even more tragically than the story of the real Titanic. We relied on Robert P. Watson's book "The Nazi Titanic," and this excellent article by The Times of Israel: ...…
If you haven't heard of PixImperfect's Unmesh Dinda on YouTube then you should, with over 360 FREE tutorials and over 450k subscribers, Unmesh has become on of the people to watch for Photoshop tips on the internet....and he's only 21! We chat to him about his background, how to grow and how to deal with negativity. Unmesh was a pleasure to int ...…
This week we sit down with world famous DJ Gareth Emery and Kevin Herrera. Together they are the showrunners and executive producers for the TV series "We Are CVNT5." CVNT5 is a fictionalized, mockumentary style show about the world of professional DJing, starring none other than Gareth Emery! In this episode Gareth tells his story of transitio ...…
Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 256 - tonight we’ll talk about build your own Glock, 3D printed gun, Tuff Products Revelation bag, Bowers Group Silencers and more! Our cast for episode 256 is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac! We need your help to keep the show going! Check out to find out how you can help! This episode of the We Like Shooting show is brought to you by Second Call Defense, Manticore Arms, DEZ Tactical Arms, the Sonoran Desert Institute, Faxon Firearms, Patriot Patch Company and Brownells! Check out our Shootout challenge! Targ ...…
Fr. Leo interviews EmilyWilsonMinistries.Com to learn about women in the world, a deeper understanding of feminism, and why the church considers women as "Geniuses". #Woman, Women, Spiritual, Feminist, Feminism, Catholic, Fr. Leo, Emily Wilson Ministries, Male, Men, Steubenville University, Catholic, Speaker, Youth Ministry, Strength, Courage…
Bruce Prichard steps in to the notsam Studio, to talk to Sam about the realities of Vince McMahon's schedule and work ethic, transitioning from behind the scenes to talent, having an ego so big he got fired, creating his podcast, and more. Sam talks about Hulk Hogan's come back, Extreme Rules, Roman and Bobby, and more in the State of Wrestling ...…
This is the final episode of series 2 and we're going out with a bang! We went down to Brighton to chat to acclaimed wedding photographer and founder of the Photography Farm, Lisa Devlin. We also have some special little guests on in the intro! Lisa has been a photographer for over 25 years, starting her career as a celebrity music photographer ...…
It’s time for the “Special Edition” of “Shootin’ The Shiznit!” Brian Tramel and Lance LeVine bring you the Cool Kids Countdown XXXIII. “10 Wrestlers That Bore Us!”, for Episode 134. With their own brand of unique humor, Lance & BT count down the 10 wrestlers whose matches inspire them to clip their toenails rather than watch. Almost 45 mins in ...…
Dan and I discussing IPSC vs USPSA during 2018 US IPSC Nationals
It’s time for a brand new episode of “Shootin’ The Shiznit!” Guest host Lance LeVine is joined by Anthony Henry (making this 2nd appearance) for episode 133. Lance & Anthony talk about being an Indy darling, traveling on the Indies, Evolve, Freelance, New Japan, how you get top bookings, MMA, Ronda Rousey, injuries, real life, selling gimmicks, ...…
This week we talk with our friend Craig Tappe about his slightly unconventional approach to training. Craig is a multi-division grandmaster who has won countless section matches and is a contender to win every match he attends. The post SFP 28 – How to Train with Craig Tappe appeared first on Axon Shooting Sports.…
Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 69, Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news. Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Pozderac, We need your help to keep the show going! Check out to find out how you can help! This episode of We Like Shooting – Double Tap is brought to you by Black Rhino Concealment, Custom, Rand CLP and Rubber Dummies. Check out our Shootout challenge! Targets, rules and swag available here! Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double ...…
A no-research, completely spontaneous episode. We talk about the Raelian movement, QAnon, the flimsiness of democracy, conspiracy theory, and progressively become drunker and more hostile toward Elon Musk.
The gardening program for gardeners and non-gardeners
Thirty-three people are honored with plaques at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, but only one of them, Ira Aldridge, is an African-American. At a time when the United States still held black people in slavery, Aldridge's performances across Europe helped shatter the myth of white supremacy. Our brilliant guest this week ...…
Greg, Andrew & Rusty discuss actions for the new build in an incoherent and unsuccessful way.Thanks to Puro Trader for supporting this episode.Use the code PSP1 at
You are in for a treat in this episode. Glyn and Dave have a chat with photographer/artist Joel Grimes about photography, business, training, understanding the craft of photography, the work life balance and a ton of other information!! Join us for an hour of solid gold advice from one of the best and nicest guys in the business. ...…
This week we sit down with Jeffrey Giles, a sales rep for Automatic Entertainment. Jeffrey helps to produce movies, finance them, and take them out into the marketplace to sell to distributors. In this episode Jeffrey breaks down what distributors are looking for in films and how he personally determines what projects to take on. You can learn ...…
Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 255 - tonight we’ll talk about Laugo Arms Alien, Pepper Balls, 3D printing gun parts, 224 Valkyrie, Pat McNamara, Ballistic Magazine and more! Our cast for episode 255 is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch!
Fr. Leo meets a young conservative monarchist, who thinks that people associate Hungarians to Porn Stars. It's a show about tradition, communism, immigration and life for a normal millennial monarchist. It's a uniquely weird and even edifying conversation in an open market square in Budapest - one of my favorite cities of Eastern Europe! #Hunga ...… We need your help to keep the show going! Check out to find out how you can help! This episode of the We Like Shooting show is brought to you by Second Call Defense, Manticore Arms, DEZ Tactical Arms, the Sonoran Desert Institute, Faxon Firearms, Patriot Patch Company and Brownells! Check out our Shootout challenge! Targ ...…
Join us for our monthly series in the STS family, “Was It Really THAT Good?”! Long time wrestling fans always talk fondly of the old days in professional wrestling, so Gene Jackson and Brian Tramel have joined forces to take a look at wrestling shows in the WWE VAULT. This month they’ll review All Star Wrestling 7.14.79 and answer the question, ...…
In this episode of the podcast Reid speaks with Jeremy Criscoe of Blue Cypress Kennels, an Orvis Endorsed Labrador breeder. Jeremy describes the kennel operation, the focus on British Labradors, and the conditioning necessary to produce top field dogs that are in peak hunting performance each fall.By (The Orvis Company).
We invited Coaching Emily back onto the show for a second time as you all loved her so much in her first episode in Series 1 (episode 3). As photographers and business owners, we have to spend a lot of time in front of screens, not only editing but also with all of the marketing and admin that comes with running a business. We know lots of you ...…
Booker T returns to the podcast to talk to Sam about comeback possibilities, opponents, preparing for pre shows, glass ceilings, and more. Sam talks Kaitlyn, Brock in UFC, Extreme Rules, Takahashi, and more in the State of Wrestling. Get $20 off your first purchase from Seat Geek, by downloading the SeatGeek app and entering promo code "SAM" To ...…
In this weeks episode, we chatted with Josh Kenzer. Josh is the VP of Marketing at Tether Tools. Tether Tools is the leader in creating gear for photographers looking to shoot tethered. From cables and cable holders to the the “Case Air” which allows you to shoot wirelessly to your iPad, there is something for every photographer in their catalo ...…
It’s time for a brand new episode of “Shootin’ The Shiznit.” Guest host Lance LeVine is joined by Hyan for episode 130. Lance & Hyan talk about growing up as a fan, Reality of Wrestling, Booker T, wrestling Nia Jax on RAW, favorite wrestlers, Mae Young Classic, working for Geico, Twitter followers and much more! A fun 42 minutes! Sponsored by s ...…
This week we sit down with special guest #gmsasquatch Jared Fox. We all share our techniques for preparing for major matches and how major match prep differs from a normal week of practice. The post SFP 27 – Major Match Prep With Jared Fox appeared first on Axon Shooting Sports.
Glyn and Dave follow up episode 9 "And The Award Goes To..." by talking to a proper award winning UK photographer, Terry Donnelly. Terry explains how, what and why he enters. He has won local fellowships, international awards and also judges competitions. Now we understand the world of awards we hope you find a way to improve your photography a ...…
Montoyis & Reese talk Permit Patty, Lebron to LA, Ye vs Drake, WNBA & more! Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Google Play Music and wherever you get your Podcasts! Reach us at @FromThe_Hip on Twitter. The website is! Email us at The Facebook page is ...…
Because of our past episodes about the "Atlanta Monster" podcast, we've been given this opportunity to share with you the first track from the upcoming "Atlanta Monster" soundtrack. This track, "Theme From Atlanta Monster," comes from Makeup and Vanity Set (Matthew Steven Pusti). The AtlantaMonsterOriginal Podcast Soundtrack will be available o ...…
Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 68, Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news. Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch and Savage AF We need your help to keep the show going! Check out to find out how you can help! This episode of We Like Shooting – Double Tap is brought to you by Black Rhino Concealment, Custom, Rand CLP and Rubber Dummies. Check out our Shootout challenge! Targets, rules and swag available here! Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double ...…
Eugene Jarecki's Elvis Presley documentary "The King" argues that America in its Fat Elvis stage. He tells us why Chuck D of "mother--- him and John Wayne" fame was the film's key interview. We also talk about why Elvis' manager, Colonel Tom Parker, needs a movie - and so do The Prisonaires, the African-American musical group who sang from behi ...…
It’s time for the “special edition” of “Shootin’ The Shiznit.” Brian Tramel and Lance LeVine bring you the Cool Kids Countdown XXXII: “The WTF News Desk June, 2018” for Episode 129. Lance & BT count down the 10 strange & fun topics of June in this monthly series with their own brand of unique humor. 48 mins in rapid fire format ! Sponsored by s ...…
The lads got kinda distracted by news, events, PRS, Shot Expo and other exciting activities we didn't actually get on to our main topic! (That will be next week.)Check out Puro Trader and use the code PSP1 to get 25% of the fee!https://purotrader.comPorter Machine Works 10% Special @ Scoped Out with the code PORTER at ...…
Glyn and Dave talk to designer, photographer, teacher, family man and businessman about the work/life balance and how to look for the warning signs when going too far. Mark runs a successful business with his wife in his own studio and tells us his story about how hard work and adaptability is critical in maintaining a healthy home and work bal ...…
Whether you've sent in questions via email, voicemail, or carrier pigeon, fear not because Oren and Matt are here to help. Tune in as our intrepid hosts take on your listener questions. They cover topics like when it’s time to hire a lawyer and agent, how to promote yourself at film festivals, and how to make the most out of a summer in LA. And ...…
Fishing, pot smoking, dude culture helps Fr. Leo to become a better priest! #pot, weed, smoking, fishing, dudes, Fr. Leo, priest, faith, catholic, Jesus, bible, Oregon, California, Kayak fishing, hook, line, sinker, humility, awesome, wow, relaxing, chilling, content
Coming to you from Belgium, Sam answers YOUR questions, as read by Jess, in the first #ASS (Ask Sam Something) Special. Sam goes over Extreme Rules, Brock's status, and more in The State of Wrestling Get $20 off your first purchase from Seat Geek, by downloading the SeatGeek app and entering promo code "SAM" To Get Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast ...…
In this week's episode we are chatting to UK wedding and family photographer, Hannah MacGregor of Funky Photographers. Hannah has been running her business for over 10 years and has published a book about portrait photography. We chat about the following: What Hannah loves about photographing weddings and people How she manages to shoot so many ...…
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