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From the producers of Up and Vanished, Sworn pulls back the curtain on the criminal justice system, exposing the untold stories and hard truths behind major cases. Host Philip Holloway, a defense attorney and former prosecutor with a background in law enforcement, not only digs into the legal aspects of these cases but the emotional consequences of their outcomes.
A WarMachine and Hordes battle report podcast
Sworn American Sheepdogs with Joe Sworn. Guest call in 845-277-9220 SASDogs is an uncensored call-in broadcast for Americans who are like-minded concerning the direction of the country’s future and what we are doing right now to get it there. If you think that America is a social and political mess, then SASDogs is your kind of show. SASDogs is not politically correct so if speaking bluntly and frankly is not your thing then this is not your show. Calls are not screened so expect the unexpec ...
We are a podcast and blog focusing around Privateer Press's Warmachine and Hordes Tabletop game. IronCast is the combined might of two previous podcasts from Boise and Twin Falls, Idaho.
Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm. We help clients synchronize strategy and talent to drive superior performance. We work with organizations to design their structures, roles, and responsibilities. We help them hire the right people to bring their strategy to life. And we advise them on how to reward, develop, and motivate their people. Visit for more information.
Brezhoneg ar Skorv
Pozioù, lavarennoù, frazennoù, bomoù, troiennoù, troioù-lavar, fent a-wezhioù... Dane dastumet en e levr Brezhoneg ar Skorv get ar skrivagner Herri ar Borgn diàr traoù klevet (pe a-wezhadoù lennet) er Vro Pourlet hag e Gwened Izel. Displeget tamm ha tamm get ar yezhoniour aketus an teñzor serret getoñ en e levr, o kas pelloc'h ar gaoz eget al skrid alies-mat.
In the naked city, things aren't always as they seem – even when it comes to credit scores. Listen in as Sam Skorr, Credit Detective, follows the clues to uncover a story bigger than just one man. Tag along in Sam's world: a place of dark shadows, desperate needs and hard-boiled types who know the full power the business end of a credit score can have.
The Morning After with Matt & Adam
Podcast by Nooner
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We have a weird one for you this week, folks. Prompted by a question by the incomparable Jason Lucas (hi Jason! I still have your sweater!), Nick, Darrell, and I discuss the issue of race(s) in the Iron Kingdoms, as well as briefly touching on the issue of LGBTQ+ in WarMachine. Before that we talk GenCon, new releases, tournaments… lots of WarM ...…
Nethead's Will Wilkins guest MIRPs with Marty on today's show. He shares his insights on Comic Con, identity politics, and stone fruit. We also talk about Tom Cruise's gait, rumbly movie seats, and more! Don't forget to email us: (SModcast Network).
Our 200th episode! Crickey! There she is. Our trusty logo, lovingly created by Aaron years ago… ah, those were the days! These days we talk for almost 2 hours on a host of questions submitted by fans (thanks guys!). Give it a listen, with our deepest appreciation for everyone who has been with us this whole ride, or for however long you have be ...…
Classic MIRP, @BillTweeterson is back on the mic sharing his journey as a writer/director. He and @CassCardenes swap stories from the set and how fucking hard it is to make a living at this shit. Plus, we talk Comic Con, James Gunn, and the difference between tasteless comedy and hateful intent. Spoiler alert: Bill hasn't lost his ranting ability.…
Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve put an image on here… let’s do that. This week, Nick and I sit down and discuss a couple lists EACH! The luxury! Nick focuses on lists you can make RIGHT NOW with the models already available to Crucible Guard, while I… do not. I want Mackay. Give her to me. Now. Anyway! Give it a listen, let us know what you th ...…
It's a MIRP reunion with Marty, @DanEtheridge, and @JohnSylvain. You get Dan and John's origin story, Dan's political rants, and nonstop haranguing of Marty. Just like the good ol' days!By (SModcast Network).
In a more-than-usual meandering Nooner, Steve and Marty explore all eleventeen corners of conversation. Join us on the journey! And email us for next week's podcast with none other than OG MIRP, @DanEtheridge.By (SModcast Network).
The Combo Smite crew did a couple tournaments! Different ones! We all learned things! Plus we discuss the new Steamroller, and the Retribution CID. Because we’re all about that topical stuff… Give it a listen! Hope you guys enjoy! Direct Download Also, a quick thank you Marc- ...…
In the news talk, Marty foolishly pays attention to what the polls have to say and Krueger sets him straight on what really matters (hint: it starts with $$$). Krueger predicts the end of Hollywood. Marty wonders why there are so many angry, racist white women on their phones. And then we get into some media recommendations from the listeners. ...…
Happy Canada Day! Last week Darrell, Nick, and I sat down to discuss everything in Crucible Guard. Great chat, and it reminded me how much I’m looking forward to trying CG out when they come out! We discuss all the warcasters, units, warjacks… the whole nine yards. And here is the full 2.45 hours worth of discussion, with my apologies for how l ...…
Steve and Marty talk about how to manage rage and civility and red hens. Then Cassandra regales us with tales from New Orleans. Then there's the usual chats about hatred of social media (follow us @noonerpodcast), movies we haven't watched, and weird things people eat (other people).Why haven't you filled the sack?!…
This one was a long time coming, folks… but a welcome change on all fronts, I think! I speak, of course, of the most recent Dynamic Update! As a Cygnar player, I’m actually pretty okay with these changes, but we’ll discuss them in some detail in the podcast. We also touch on a few other issues, as is our way. Hope everyone enjoys! https://www.c ...…
Marty expresses his distaste for mean people, Cassandra reveals her love for Trump, and Steve talks about his spooge. There's some death talk, too. So come for the death, stay for the spooge.Why haven't you filled the sack?! noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
This week the three of us sit down to discuss… well, nothing specific, really. We talk a bit about the new Khador releases, do a bit of a dive on Sorscha3, we chat a touch about stuff we’re excited about… not a long podcast, really. Hopefully still interesting and worth a listen, though! ...…
Guest MIRP @VivianIzCool joins Marty, Cassandra, and Steve for a round of Mexican Star Wars love, some stuff about some trivia video game, a Cassandra gym update, mail sack, and one of the MIRPs is going on hiatus. Plus, a lot of on-mic eating. You have been warned.Why haven't you filled the sack?!…
This week we tackle some Champions lists for the WarMachine side of the equation. And I realize how long it’s been since I’ve made a list… it’s been awhile! Downside to playing a lot of Haley3 Gravediggers… no need to modify the list ever! Nick tackles Retribution, Darrell handles Menoth, and I do the Cygnar! Give it a listen, let us know what ...…
I wrangle Nick and Darrell into making two lists for the new Champions format! Nick tackles Legion, and Darrell talks Trolls… after we spend a little bit of time in the Salt Mines of the Ret CID. Good times, good times… Direct Download…
The two male MIRPs are joined by MIRP-superfan, Chris Miller (@ThatCLMiller) and multihyphenate, John Sylvain (@SylvainBBB). Marty gets on the highest soapbox he can find about some dumb thing, then they talk about sci-fi, fears, writing, and a bunch of other cool/nerdy topics.Why haven't you filled the sack?!…
Strategies for the next generation of female executives and how companies can pave the road.
Strategies for the next generation of female executives and how companies can pave the road.
Strategies for the next generation of female executives and how companies can pave the road.
Strategies for the next generation of female executives and how companies can pave the road.
Strategies for the next generation of female executives and how companies can pave the road.
Strategies for the next generation of female executives and how companies can pave the road.
New week, new podcast! This week we’re discussing the changes to ADR and Champions, specifically (although with a quick tip-of-the-hat to the death of Divide and Conquer). Give it a listen! Next month we may even play in a Champions-style event, so this might just be useful information! ...…
The MIRPs go after Dunkin' Donuts, Boston, AI, bad parodies, fast food, orgies, and all the combinations in between. Plus, make sure you stay tuned for the aftershow. Why haven't you filled the sack?! noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
Marty complains about the incel problem and ranks his least loved MCU movies. Steve loses his wallet and finds faith in humanity. Let's all be a little more Steve this week, OK? FILL OUR SACK! noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
After talking about the White House Correspondents Association dinner, Marty and Cassandra get to the real news - American Idol. Then the MIRPs are joined by actor and yacht rock frontman, Kyle Bornheimer. BIG SPOILER when they talk about A Quiet Place so fast forward if you don't want to hear it. Kyle generously shares his views on creative su ...…
The MIRPs talk about social networks, forgiveness, and whatnot. Marty visits a museum, Krueger explains casting, and Cassandra falls in love with a gym. Plus the mail sack helps us conquer our demons!C'mon! Why aren't you emailing in? noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
The 3 MIRPs drag out every ethnic stereotype they can think of as Cassandra claims her love for Friends, Steve pitches his own sitcom, and Marty has an unremarkable revelation on why people are shitty.C'mon! Why aren't you emailing in? noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
Steve & Marty bro out with guest MIRP, Peter WG. They talk speech patterns, hiking, sex trafficking, and coupon clipping - all the best comedy premises. Coupon clipping! C'mon! Why aren't you emailing in? noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
MIRPs, Steve and Marty are joined by "Legends of Tomorrow" co-creator, Phil Klemmer. Phil pulls back the curtain of the DC TV sausage making machine. Meanwhile, Steve has a beef with Marty, and Marty tries to learn the secrets of TV writing success. Fill the sack! noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
Steve, Cassandra, and Marty talk about...stuff? Marty speeds through the news, Krueger demos 30 different accents, and Cassandra dives deep into her music knowledge. Believe it or not, this silliness involved zero alcohol.Chime in: noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
The MIRPs are joined by @vivianizcool for a Sunday drunkcast. We talk...stuff...? Something about Stalin dying? Living off the grid? Maybe Marty got a word in? It's all a little hazy...But where was your email? Chime in: noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
Marty goes solo, speaking for Cassandra about the Bachelor, even though he's never seen it. Then he gives a sneak peek on a new project, then he talks about two new furry friends. Enjoy!Why don't you fill our sack? noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
Korn Ferry’s CEO Gary Burnison talks about the importance of learning agility and areas to consider when evaluating a potential job offer.
When the MIRPs eventually arrive, they talk about Oscars, reality shows, and justifiable stalking. Then shit gets weird. Enjoy and tell a friend!Why don't you fill our sack? noonerpodcast@gmail.comBy (SModcast Network).
This week we head a bowling alley, walmart, and the coffee aisle. #z93 #z93morningafter #missedconnections
This poor old grandma was tricked into sneaking drugs into jail. #z93 #z93morningafter #mygrandmaismydrugmule
Big news in Highgate, Vermont when a milk man was caught peeing and pooping a barn! The locals were not pleased! #z93 #z93morningafter
This week Kendall tackles questions about keeping Tinder when you are in a relationship, paying on dates, and sex on a "break". #z93 #z93morningafter #kendalljade
This week Kendall tackles questions about keeping Tinder when you are in a relationship, paying on dates, and sex on a "break". #z93 #z93morningafter #kendalljade
This is the story about a man's inability to resist the temptation of another man's meatballs. #z93 #z93morningafter #deliciousmeatballs
We are glad Kendall is back after being sick! This week she recaps her Valentine's Day shopping spree with Afterdark Fantasies and the recent poll princess competition and answers your questions! #z93 #z93morningafter #kendalljade
We are glad Kendall is back after being out sick! She recaps her Valentine's Day shopping spree with Afterdark Fantasies and the recent poll princess competition plus answers your questions! #z93 #z93morningafter #kendalljade
Tune in to hear if the MIRPs can finish Cassandra's comedic premise. Plus, we talk Kevin's health scare and the value of thoughts and prayers. Krueger explains the Dark Web, Marty explains Asian, and Cassandra explains Millennials. All in under 2 hours!Why don't you fill our sack?…
A lot going on with today's MVP. First, he called the cops to report that he had been robbed (he hadn't). Then, he forgot to leave his coke and the wallet HE stole at home which he tried to stash in the ceiling of the police station. Finally, his girlfriend went with him and turned him in for sex trafficking. Whew. #z93 #z93morningafter #mvp…
Today's Florida/Not Florida featured a woman who pooped her pants in an attempt to hide a crack pipe, crack cocaine and a Valentine's Day card. #z93 #z93morninafter #floridanotflorida
A naked Freemason in Australia "got a little bit loose" and got stuck in pipe organ surrounded by cheeseburgers, an RC police car, and a toy gun. #z93 #z93morningafter #gotalittlebitloose
In Airline Fun this week we featured a story about a plane that had to take a detour because a fight broke out over one passengers bad gas. #z93 #z93morningafter #sufferingfromwind
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