Best Legion podcasts we could find (Updated June 2019)
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Inside Legion
An unofficial after-show for FX’s Legion, hosted by Comic Book Club!
Join Darren, Travis, Michael and Paul as They take you through Legion history!
Legion of Skanks has been called "the most offensive podcast on Earth" and the hosts and creators wouldn't want it any other way! Stand up comedians and real-life best friends Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith host their weekly "podcast party" from the Creek and Cave in Long Island City where they invite their loyal fans in studio to hang out and listen in as they discuss anything and everything in a hilarious and extremely uncensored way. The "skanks" consistently raise the ba ...
Legion Podcasts
Legion Podcasts
Legion Quest
From Xavier Files comes a podcast all about Legion. Join X-Fan Zack and Film Buff Matt as they talk about each episode and examine the shows connections to X-Men and its' artistic merits.
They were the heroes from the future - teenagers protecting the universe from those that would sow the seeds of chaos. Each had unique powers and abilities, and though they often had their differences, they came together to save the day as the Legion of Super-Heroes! Now, you can be a part of their adventures and learn the history of the future in The Legion Clubhouse!
Comic Book Legion
Comic Book Legion is a DC Comics Podcast. It is also home to the Nation of Nerds Podcast Network.
Join Darren, Travis, Michael and Paul as They take you through Legion history!
A WarMachine and Hordes battle report podcast
The Legion of Reason Podcast brings into sharp focus the intersection of society and skepticism. Topics range from religions attempting to impose dogma, to the threat modern social justice can pose to individual rights and freedoms, to the measurable harm pseudoscience can cause.We broadcast LIVE every second Sunday evening at 8:30 pm MT on [Facebook Live]( and [YouTube](, and audio episodes appear on p ...
A Comedic D&D 5E Podcast
Star Wars Legion coverage from America's Hive of Scum and Villainy! Join us as we discuss the latest news, hobby talk, and competitive analysis from FFG's newest tabletop wargame.
The Official Podcast of the 501st Legion International Star Wars Costuming Organization.
Horror Podcasts and More!
The official podcast of the Iron Legion Strength Co., where we believe in "empowerment through strength". Owner, founder and coach Scott Baumann will cover topics related to mindset, fat loss, muscle gain, strength and much more!
A Comedic D&D 5E Podcast
Coaches Jon, Luke and Todd break down many of the common questions, errors, and misconceptions that people have about training.
Kevin Sheehan takes his 15-year sports radio career in DC to the podcast universe. His passion, knowledge, and historical perspective of all things DC sports has created a legion of fans over the years. His show is available Monday through Friday and includes all of the favorites like "The Smell Test", "Scott Van Pelt Thursdays", "Skins Win If...", and much more.
Legion of Myth
If you are a fan of video and tabletop gaming, anime, comic books, or other nerd hobbies you have come to the right place.** WEEKLY LIVESTREAM **Our Weekly Livestream airs every Saturday @ 8pm CST/CDT on The livestream covers video games, tabletop games, anime, comic book, and assorted other 'nerd' topics.** VIDEO GAME STREAMS & RECORDINGS **We are gamers who have full time jobs, family requirements, and/or other real life commitments, which tend to provid ...
UNspoiled! Legion
Two hilarious women, one who has seen the show and one who has not, cover every episode of Legion one at a time. Maggie, who has a background in comics and knows everything that's coming, guides Natasha as she struggles to put the pieces together.
Legion After Dark
Legion After Dark is a movie review podcast with a BDSM/kink twist! Join Lady M as she looks at some of the best and worst kinky movies across all genre’s. She also features interviews, special guests, a different kink or fetish every episode, all wrapping up with a song to scene to. Join us, and make your darkest fantasies come alive!
Steel Legion Podcast: Host Sam is joined by heavy metal artists for wide-ranging, in depth discussions that are more like conversations among friends over beers than they are a typical interview.
Each week Legion of Leia founder Jenna Busch and writers Anastasia Washington and Sabina Ibarra (and assorted celebrity geek guests) take on the geeky topics of the week.
Join Jocelyn Moffett and Garrett Weinzierl as they spoil movies, television, and video games. They've covered Game of Thrones, Warcraft, Star Wars, and of Game of Thrones.
Clockworks is a weekly podcast about the tv series Legion. Paul and Jan Moffett delve into an episode-by-episode analysis of Legion, focusing especially on picking apart the symbolism and imagery of the psychedelic and surreal FX show.
We are avid outdoorsman who enjoy anything that presents an adventure in the great outdoors. Our goal is to inspire our community to be better outdoorsman, better hunters and better people in our everyday lives. "Live this life of adventure, tell the stories of your own and become L.O.S.T in the great outdoors."
We are a group of long time friends, that get together once a week to talk TV, movies, video games, news stories anything and everything under the pop culture sun. We are not politically correct. Just "normal" guys with normal lives who love talking nonsense.Contact the Terrible Talkers theterribletalkers@gmail.comCall or Text us 2037108955Movies we will be covering this year John Wick 2, Split, Logan, X-Men, Kong Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Ghost in a Sh ...
WisdoDice is Madison Wisconsin's very own Wargaming podcast. Ben, Brian and their guests will talk about what's going on in the hobby, such as what they are painting, playing, and hoping for. This podcast will simply guarantee you passionate gamers toaking about what makes them excited.
Road Warrior Animal and host Joe Roderick talk about the old days of professional wrestling and the current product you see
Surge To Crit
We are a new Star Wars Legion podcast, hostes by a couple of youtubers, looking at all things Star Wars Legion, we have news, talk and hopefull some fun,
Sunnier and Arielle talk about tanking in World of Warcraft. Sometimes with guests.
Azeroth Coast to Coast is a World of Warcraft podcast helping aspiring World of Warcraft players improve their game. We cover the what we've been doing in game, latest news and a weekly challenge for players.
More than two thousand years ago, the great Greek philosopher Socrates was condemned to death for making seditious comments against the city state of Athens. His followers and disciples were legion. Ranging from Xenophon, the mercenary warrior and historian of the Peloponnesian War to the scholarly Plato, Socrates was described as the conscience-keeper of the nation, or the “gadfly” who would not let the massive machinery of the state rest in complacence. The Apology of Socrates by Plato was ...
Apex Legion
ibSteezy and ClickStix engage in the premiere Apex Legends Podcast today. In this four segment show, they talk:-Legendary News-Legendary Moments-Legendary Failures-Their hopes and dreams for the gameCome join the conversation! Support this podcast:
Podcast by Fury Ofthelegion
Legion On Air
Weekly radio show bringing the latest and hottest tracks in the EDM scene. Legion On Air. Hosted by Amada
The Truth is In Here...Devoted X-Phile and podcast addict Tony Black, alongside a group of committed Philes, presents THE X-CAST: An X-FILES Podcast dedicated to exploring the series from its inception in 1993, up to the latest Season 11 in 2018 and beyond.Supported by a legion of co-hosts and guests, Tony will be picking apart each X-File, exploring the stories, characters and of course monsters that made the show the seminal TV experience of the 1990's, and turned FBI Agents Fox Mulder & D ...
Constance Hall and her bestie Annaliese Dent bring you The Queen Sesh across the Hit Network on Sunday mornings 7– 9am.Constance has blown up the internet with her hilarious take on raising a family, being a wife and most importantly, being a fellow Queen to her legion of fans, but don’t call them fans, they are Queens!
Surge To Crit
We are a new Star Wars Legion podcast, hostes by a couple of youtubers, looking at all things Star Wars Legion, we have news, talk and hopefull some fun,
FinalBossTV | Directed & Hosted by Adam "Bay" Knych, brings on weekly guests from around the World's Top Raiding WoW Guilds to break down Patch Notes, Class Changes, Encounters, Past/Present/Future Events, and More!
Legion of DADs
Welcome to The Legion of Dads, a show for modern Dads who, like us, may not be able to get out and watch the newest movie, or play the hottest video game, but we do our best with what we have. Listen as Wyatt, Kenneth, and Richard dive into all things DAD.
The WoW or Gold Brainstormz podcast is based on a hardcore mindset that stems from being into multiple competitive hobbies for 2 decades as well having some very interesting experiences through gaming. Since becoming a father of 3 my blocks of time to play have been decreased, but my mentality has hardened. Therefore it's a walk n talk podcast recorded when I have a moment. I discuss WoW and whatever else comes to mind. My main is a Horde Hunter and in Legion PvP is the name of the game. The ...
Legion Podcast
The Legion Podcast that talks about what's going on in the world of gaming and what matters to gamers like you. Host : AngryTeddyLiveHost : LumberJackStackHost : TranceGamerGirlHost : TheCouchHoboHost : ShiffedHost : ThePhatMan
For more than a century and a quarter, fans of detective fiction have enjoyed the doings of the iconic sleuth, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. In the company of his faithful companion, Dr Watson, Holmes has consistently delighted generations of readers. Created by a Scottish writer and physician, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this immortal private eye has solved cases for kings and commoners, lovely damsels and little old ladies, engineers and country squires and a legion of others who come to him in distres ...
A Star Wars Legion podcast, with our take on the game and events we attend
A podcast by Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Costuming fans for the Geek in all of us! Discussing everything from Convention Culture, Pop Culture, Movies, TV Shows, and much, much more!
Cinema PSYOPS is a weekly film review podcast where we experiment on an impressionable mind to find out why physical wounds heal, but Cinematic ones don’t.
Hosts Garrett And Craig joined by the legion of craftsmen, guest from all trades union and not. We talk about our work we have and the tools we like. What’s been working, what hasn’t . .Talking with our fellow tradesmen and drinking beer n whiskey. Cheers Check out the hardhat sticker store on Etsy
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show series
I have learned many lessons from doing things wrong and even more from paying attention to what other people have done wrong. Here is a big one.By Scott Baumann.
Join the boys as they have a ridiculously fun chat with TIM O’LEARY, creator and director of the new web series DEMONHUNTR. Ever wanted to see a gay Asian Buffy? A bisexual Latinx Sabrina? A queer Professor X? DEMONHUNTR is the story of a group of queer super-powered friends who create an app in which people can hire them to kill demons. But so ...…
Legion returns for its final season, and so does our podcast as we meet Switch, and David dies. A lot. The post Inside Legion: “Chapter 20” appeared first on Comic Book Club.By Comic Book Club.
For episode 260, Sunday, June 23, 2019... The Regressive Left Files.... Why women's national soccer teams think they should get the same pay as the men's (and why theyt don't) More on the Oberlin College civil suit Coleman Hughes speaks out against slavery reparations in the US Cong ...…
Many athletes are limited by their muscle endurance in conditioning workouts. Their shoulders blow up and their burpee cycle time turns into a crawl. Their grip is shot and they can’t hang onto the bar for another 75# power snatch. Their abs are gone so they can’t get their toes to the bar for another rep. It’s not just about doing more accesso ...…
Episode Notes We celebrate the return of Legion with the return of Matt Sibley, Zack's former co-host with a chip on his shoulder. Hopefully nothing bad happens because of this. Ranked this episode: New Mutants #26-28 (Legion)X-Men: Legacy #19-24 (For We Are Many)Legion Quest Make sure you rate and review the show! Follow Legion Quest on Twitte ...…
The Subs sit down for dinner with Mordru!By Legion of Substitute Podcasters.
What’s up everyone, on today’s episode we come to you live from West Coast Archery Shop for a live questions and answers seminar with Alan Gregory of California Department Fish Game & Wildlife. We hope you enjoy this episode, please don’t forget to leave a review and hit that subscribe button! Thank you for your support! – Visit www.deadeyeoutf ...…
TIMESTAMPS:• 24:15 - GURPS Character Creation - Part 3• 49:06 - Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7 - [★★ - Poor]• 57:45 - Captain America #11 - [★★★½ - Good]• 1:06:20 - Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #3 - [★★★★½ - Amazing]• 1:26:05 - Heathendog reviews the movie BrightburnWatch LIVE every Saturday at 8:00 p.m. Central on ...…
The boys. The Demilich. You know what’s going down. Starring Winston as Muffuns the Kittling Alchemist/Wizard, Chris as Murdar the Elven Fighter, Tony as Plick-Pluck the Kenku Sorcerer, Bobby as Cramwell Immelnuoun the Half-Elf Cleric/Bard, and Clark as the DM The post Desert of the Demilich Episode 53: Canned Finale appeared first on The Legio ...…
Someone is gonna die! Someone will change their appearance! And... The Sleeping Prophet strikes again! Join our Discord Server and hang out with other Legion Clubhouse fans! Action Comics #383 "Chameleon Boy's Secret Identity!" December 1969 w: Jim Shooter a: Win Mortimer/Jack Abel Is Chameleon Boy secretly a jewel thief? Action Comics #384 "La ...…
Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson from Guys We Fucked Podcast join Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J Gomez, & Dave Smith for Legion Of Skanks! Luis discusses a fight he witnessed with his son on a bus during his vacation to Puerto Rico. The guys bring Mike Harrington in to discuss the events leading up to Luis’ decision to fight him at Skankfest. Plu ...…
Does the triple sniper/trooper spam meta got you down? Do you need something to keep you interested until Sabine and Bossk get here? Would you like to know how you can incorporate a 12 pack of beer into your Legion experience? Give this episode a listen!By Legion Outriders.
Legion On AirBy Amada.
Sam sits down with Vance Valenzuela of Vale of Pnath. We discuss their brand new EP, "Accursed", including the awesome new black metal sound they've incorporated and the story behind the sick album artwork. We also touch on the band's unique, Lovecraft-inspired name, Vance's love of photography and horror movies, and the fact that there's creat ...…
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