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We talk about the WTC tournament and have a lot of hot takes on the available statistics. Also Rafał Explains what is "Golden Tought" in polish.Hosts: Marcin, Rafal and Tim
We talk about WTC lists, the WTC statystics and Marcin tries to joke. Hosts: Rafał, Tomasz, Marcin.
On this episode we discuss the recent Swedish 3 day convention: Battle at Lund along with the tournaments hosted there. We go thru Simon's games (Masters winner), Tomasz's games (Team tournament winner along Simon and Mateusz), we also invite Johan Dyrlind (top Swedish Skorne player) and Norbert Brunhuber (the one and only) to go into detail an ...…
We talk about our games at EU Masters and Szczecin Masters, so if you want to hear lots of Circle and Minion talk join us :)Hosts: Tomasz and Marcin
We talk about Steamhorn Wars Masters tournament in Poznań with Tomasz Tutaj. So basically Circle and Grymkin tournament report from the winner and second place holder. Hosts: Marcin, Tomasz, guest host: Tomasz Tutaj.
This time we talk about tournament preparation. How we prepare, how we decide on a list pair and how we tweak our lists. Hosts: Rafał, Tomasz, Marcin.
Bonus Episode! We talk about tournament Tomasz went to recently - Steam Storm. Hosts: Tomasz and Marcin
So Tournament season is in full, this is why we have another tournament report episode. This time we talk about Rafal's Cryx and Tomasz Circle games. Also I tell not funny anegdote ;)Next time we will have a non turnament episode for sure! Hosts: Marcin, Rafal, Tomasz.
We talk about Berlin Masters the Gobber Crown. We have planned to talk also about tournament preparation, but due to software malfunction we could not pick up this topic.Hosts: Marcin and Tomek
We talk about our recent Masters tournament in Pruszkow and new scenarios for CID SR2018.
We talk with guests from Privateer Press - Will Pagani and William Hungerford - about Crucible Guard. There are a lot of spoilers and we get to know about Reiless Interceptor and about caster riding in Reiless Interceptor!Are you #teamrailessinterceptor or #teamrocketmen ?Visit our FB Page for Railess Interceptor card: ...…
This time we talk about different personalities and how they influence our hobby. We based the Podcast on 4 personality colors theory: Red - Lider, Yellow - Sunny, Blue - Analyzer, Green - Creative/Helper. You will also find out what personalities are some of the prominent community members. At this point, I'd like to thank you all for contribi ...…
We talk about 2d6 ConQuest we hav recently been to and try to do a bit of Current Meta Analysis with ConQuest Invitational winner Patrick Dunford.
So we talk about how our year 2017 in WMH went and what we have planned for 2018. Also a bit of various warmachine talk and we discuss couple of ATC lists.
So this podcast is full of Circle Orboros talk. We have invited Tomasz, who recently won a Masters tournament with Circle and done it after playing Warmachine and Hordes all 8 months! Spoiler alert, he has beasted quite a few accomplished players at this tournament so congratulations Tomasz! You can see the tournament details here including the ...…
We talk about one of the biggest European WM&H Cons, our experience there and our games.Fun fact, our first episode of Boxcars was created right after we came back from ClogCon 2016, so it's kind of 1st year anniversary of our podcast :)
Rafał tells us about his games at Czech Masters and how he managed to win the even with his Cryx. We also talk a bit about current state of the meta and if Cryx needs a biti ballancing.We also call out to PP so they finally make such great event like Warmachine Weekend in Europe, becouse we also want to have some fun :D…
So lots of Retribution of Scyrah talk this episode. Mark, winner of Scottish Masters tells us about his games and the road that led him to winning the event.
After we covered most popular factions on the last cast, this time we talk about rest of the factions and our general view of WTC meta.
This episode we talk about our Invitational games on Iron Moot and start discussing the WTC meta shape and we get through the top factions, rest we will discuss next episode.Lists for 2017 are here: analysys tables made by Steven Boada can be found here:WTC themes breakdown - ...…
We talk about great Iron Moot Convention we have been to recently and about our games during the conwention. Part 1 covers day 1 and 2.
We talk about our last Tournament - Total Annihilation Masters and our games with Cryx and Cygnar and we elaborate a bit about SR2017.
We sit together with Jarle Svendsrud to talk about Meta Analysys, what is it, why you should do it and how. We also analyze the current meta, based on Jarle's blog post:
We talk a bit about Current Steamroller CID and Jaro who took 4th place with Cryx on SteamStorm Masters tells us about his experience.
In this episode we talk about Steamhorn Wars Masters and my Cygnarian Report from this Tournament.
We talk about the new releases and our current list pairs. So for me is Stryker2, Haley 2 and 3 and Caine3 and Rafał is now trying out Cryx so he is talking about Denegra 1 and Skarre 1 and Coven.
We speak about some news and Rafał tells us about his Smog Con Experience and how he managed to get 3rd in Master Finals with his Mercenaries.
In this podcast we talk about Flying Execution Masters tournament and how it went for my cygnar. Also a bit of Grymkin talk at the end, altought we know very little of Grymkin so we are wrong a lot ;)
We Interview Patrick Dunford and talk about Smog Con. Some talk about new SR2017, CID and Grimkin. Also, Patrick tells us his Stryker1 Tactics!
Episode 8 of Boxcars - Warmachine and Hordes Podcast. Our friend tells us about his experiences from is Master tournament with Legion. Lists, preanalysis, battles desciption.
We discuss new Merc and Cygnar caster Cain3 and his Hellslingers. We talk about his strong sides, his weaknessess and present our builds for both merc and cygnar.
Did any of you heard about Olannon? Jarle is currently one of top Cygnar players. Why? How? Check out this interview!
A tournament report of our newest co-host Yaro from Flying Execution Masters in Warsaw. List analysis, pairing process and the games reports.
We talk about new and old theme forces, news and new releases and tournament we go to.You can contact us under www.warroom.plLink to Vassal (playing WM&H online):
This time we discuss clock and time management during a game and hw not to lose on clock.WelcomeWhat steamroller says on the clock?Planning your game.Clock etiquette.Social skills influence on the clock.Technical skills, speed of measuring, rolling, training the skills etc.Gadgets.List adjustment.Gameplay.…
First Episode of Warmachine and Hordes Podcast. This episode we talk about our experiences on ClogCon 2016.
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