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The Thomas Jefferson Hour features conversations with Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, as portrayed by the award-winning humanities scholar and author, Clay Jenkinson. The weekly discussion features Mr. Jefferson’s views on events of his time, contemporary issues facing America and answers to questions submitted by his many listeners. To ask President Jefferson a question, visit our website at
In the 50th anniversary year of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, fictional radio station KHCN-AM 4747 carries you back in time with a weekly podcast covering major news stories, social issues and Apollo activities in the spring and summer of 1969 as America enters the final sprint in the race against the Soviets to set foot on the moon.
The 'on this day in history' podcast, with a new episode every single day. Featuring historical events that range from the Roman Empire to the World Wide Web, HistoryPod proves that there is always something to be remembered 'on this day'. Written and presented by Scott Allsop, creator of the award-winning
Social Design Insights is a weekly podcast produced by the Curry Stone Foundation. Through conversation with leading designers, it provide insights into innovative projects and practices that use design to address pressing social justice issues.
Impact Boom searches the globe to find the people, stories & inspiration to help you create maximum positive impact.We interview world-leading social innovators, entrepreneurs, changemakers, designers, educators, thinkers and doers who share Insights, ideas & inspiration. As long as these leaders are focussing their efforts on creating positive social and environmental change, we'll make sure you hear about it.
From the desk of “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” “This Day in History Class” quickly recounts a tidbit from today’s events in history.
This show will discuss the topics of human Consciousness, mind control, Natural Law, the Occult, and all issues that affect the Freedom of the people of Earth. What On Earth Is Happening will endeavor to shine Light upon the darkness of our world, and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face, as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice.
Twice a week, godless Las Vegas comedians Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly take on the news and issues of the day/week and end each episode debating a Jock vs. Nerd issue of the week/century. Matt Donnelly, co host on Penn Jillette's "Penn's Sunday School" podcast, and Paul Mattingly, co-host of the "Geek Shock" and "The Ugly Couch Show" podcasts combine to form a Voltron of hilarity. So in a drastic stretch of the imagination- this podcast is a Las Vegas Super Podcast. Ice Cream Social: Des ...
Join your host, Jonathan Singer, Ph.D., LCSW in an exploration of all things social work, including direct practice, human behavior in the social environment, research, policy, field work, social work education, and everything in between. Big names talking about bigger ideas. The purpose of the podcast is to present information in a user-friendly format. Although the intended audience is social workers, the information will be useful to anyone in a helping profession (including psychology, n ...
The purpose of Social Europe Podcast is to help strengthen democratic practice by contributing to the public policy discussions addressing the most pressing political and economic issues of our time. We use the values of freedom, sustainability and equality as the foundation on which we examine issues in politics, economy and employment & labour. We are committed to publishing cutting-edge thinking and new ideas from the most thought-provoking people.
Everyday Ethics
Provocative weekly debate on moral, religious and ethical issues. From BBC Radio Ulster
The online magazine by women for women takes to the internet airwaves with its much-loved blend of opinion and humour.
Helping You Scale Your Social Enterprise
Each month, Masters of Social Gastronomy takes on a curious food topic and breaks down the history, science, and stories behind it.MSG is brought to you by Sarah Lohman and Jonathan Soma and hosted at Caveat NYC. From strange meat to fake meat; from candy to artificial flavors; MSG takes on food's most fun, engaging, and controversial issues. New shows the third Monday of every month!
Stay Woke! Podcast
Stay Woke! Podcast started with discussing music, it evolved to movies and social/cultural issues as well. We are searching for deeper understanding and hope you join the conversation.
Culture, religion and ideas that matter.
Featured on's list of 100 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter, Better, and Wiser, MSNBC's Your Business, and on the Fit Small Business list of best small business podcasts, this show is designed to help small business owners, salespeople, and aspiring entrepreneurs with the various aspects of business success. We have a great lineup of guests and topics scheduled. We’ll be talking about everything from sales to employee issues; from technology to social media; from work-life balance ...
NASW Social Work Talks seeks to inform, educate and inspire by talking with experts and exploring issues that social work professionals care about. Brought to you by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).
A panel of experts, discussing the current political and social issues. It is run twice a week on Persian TV.
Join your host, Jonathan Singer, Ph.D., LCSW in an exploration of all things social work, including direct practice, human behavior in the social environment, research, policy, field work, social work education, and everything in between. Big names talking about bigger ideas. The purpose of the podcast is to present information in a user-friendly format. Although the intended audience is social workers, the information will be useful to anyone in a helping profession (including psychology, n ...
Political commentator and comedy writer Erin Ryan is joined by a bicoastal squad of opinionated, mouthy women to discuss news, politics, and cultural stories that affect women's lives, from serious to absurd. Women: 51% of the population and 100% of this podcast.
Join Ed Opperman with expert guests and authors as they discuss true crime stories in the news, conspiracy theories, issues of social injustice and NWO resistance.
Ayn Rand Institute Live features a wide range of fascinating topics recorded at live events—all from the unique perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. ARI experts and guest speakers bring new insights to complex topical issues, such as freedom of speech and the Middle East, or delve into important subjects in philosophy, ethics, psychology, culture, the arts, and more.
Moral Maze
Combative, provocative and engaging live debate examining the moral issues behind one of the week's news stories. #moralmaze
Thanks for listening. I'm a huge fan of connecting on social media. If you're on these social networks, let's follow each other: Phil Adair Suite 12, 5th Floor, Dymocks Building 428 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 E: W: I'm a huge fan of connecting on social media. If you're on these social networks, let's follow each other: Facebook: Pinterest: ...
From the University of Kentucky College of Social Work |Hosted by Dr. Blake Jones | Produced by Jason Johnston |Here we explore the intersection of social work research, practice and education. Our goal is to showcase once a month the amazing people associated with our college and give our listeners practical tools they can use to change the world.Each month we have a conversation with a social work practitioner, researcher, educator or speaker to learn more about their life and work. This p ...
Published in 1912, The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell is one of his most popular books. It renders philosophical issues and questions in a way in which they become relevant and accessible to the man or woman on the street, provoking them to devote time and effort into thinking about these aspects of life. Here, the great philosopher and humanist thinker Bertrand Russell examines the importance of empirical (that which can be verified by observation or experience rather than deduc ...
Amanda Vanstone tackles key social, economic and cultural issues in Australian life, challenging assumptions and giving voice to new and seldom-heard commentators.
A podcast discussing social issues from a biblical worldview
Native Calgarian
My podcast about everything in my life! Politics, Indigenous issues, social issues, LGBTQ2+ and so much more.
In an overwhelmingly woke comedic landscape, right-leaning stand-up Geoff Norcott is a rare beast. In WMPT he gets to the heart of what ordinary people think about social and political issues. Whatever the contentious subject – he’ll be honest and blunt, but without being a dick. Mostly. Geoff has appeared on Live at the Apollo, Mash Report, Question Time, Mock the Week and pops up frequently on UK political debate programmes. He’s also written for shows ranging from Have I Got News For You ...
Philosophy 247
David Edmonds interviews leading philosophers about moral issues that effect us 24/7.
Podcast by Top Hat
Ultimately, everything kind of boils down to one question: What's the f***ing point? Hosted by psychotherapist and yoga instructor Valerie Martin, this podcast features brief solo episodes as well as in-depth interviews with guests on a wide range of topics including psychology, spirituality, philosophy, social justice, and deep ecology. Valerie invites listeners to explore the intersection of their own personal/spiritual growth with broader societal and ecological issues, blending thoughtfu ...
Join veteran journalist Shaka Ssali on Straight Talk Africa every Wednesday as he and his guests discuss topics of special interest to Africans, including politics, economic development, press freedom, health, social issues and conflict resolution.
NIESR Podcast
The National Institute of Economic and Social Research is Britain's longest established independent research institute, founded in 1938. The vision of our founders was to carry out research to improve understanding of the economic and social forces that affect people’s lives, and the ways in which policy can bring about change. Over seventy-five years later, this remains central to NIESR’s ethos. We continue to apply our expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods and our understa ...
Background Briefing goes far beyond the headlines and deep under the radar to bring forward truths unheard elsewhere in American media. Background Briefing features international and national news, expert guests, policymakers, and critics offering analysis and insight on national security, foreign and domestic policy, political, cultural, and social issues.
Earth Matters
Local, national and international environmental issues from grassroots, activist perspectives with a strong social justice focus. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.
Ideas is all about ideas programs that explore everything from culture and the arts to science and technology to social issues.
Issues for Your Tissues is the definitive discourse on reproductive health and well-being. I bring news and information on reproductive justice, choice, sexuality, Texas and women around the world.
Between The Lines is a weekly syndicated half-hour radio newsmagazine featuring progressive perspectives on national and international political, economic and social issues. Since 1991, Between The Lines has provided in-depth, timely analysis on a wide range of political, economic and social issues including: the history and consequences of two U.S. wars with Iraq; increasing disparity in wealth in the U.S.; coverage of the global social justice movement and related protests challenging the ...
A one hour program that gives a Biblical and pastoral viewpoint on the theological, social and practical issues of the day.
From financial markets and politics to business and social issues, Dan Ferris and our Stansberry Analysts offer candid discussion on today’s most important headlines. Each week you’ll hear exclusive interviews with guest investment experts, authors, and top thinkers such as Jim Rogers, Kevin O’Leary, Glenn Beck, PJ O’Rourke, and Jim Grant. The Stansberry Investor Hour is produced by Stansberry Research, LLC.
From Plato to quantum physics, Walter Benjamin to experimental poetry, Frantz Fanon to the history of political radicalism, The Podcast for Social Research is a crucial part of our mission to forge new, organic paths for intellectual work in the twenty-first century: an ongoing, interdisciplinary series featuring members of the Institute, and occasional guests, conversing about a wide variety of intellectual issues, some perennial, some newly pressing. Each episode centers on a different top ...
An UPstander is someone who sees something and takes a stand. Here we will explore issues relating to social justice. Some posts will be motivational, some educational. Some times I may drop a rhyme or poem! The goal is to share stories and opinions that help us build a human family. Share your thoughts and share with others!
Interviews with social work academics and professionals on the issues and policies of the day, and their relationship to social work practice.
UCSUR Radio is a social science podcast created by the University Center for Social & Urban Research (UCSUR) at the University of Pittsburgh. We focus on a social, economic, or health issue most relevant to our society. Discussions and presentations highlight neighborhood, community, economic, and other social research conducted by our esteemed colleagues. Presenters include local, national, and international social research experts.
The hidden story of the 1989 fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomeini against Salman Rushdie.
Lindsey McKeon and Rachel Paulson are Earth's oldest living millennials. They were adulting before it was cool. In this bi-weekly podcast, they're here to take you on a mid-30s journey, to teach you everything you ought to know to live your best life as a grown-ass millennial.
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This week busy bee Mick chats to Dani Beckett of UK campaign organisation Abortion Rights about what's currently what in England, Scotland and Wales and how BoJo's new Cabinet might impact this and – surprise! – not in a positive way. She also catches up with comedian Anna Drezen to talk about her Edinburgh Show Okay, Get Home Safe!!, and hobbi ...…
On this day in 1973, a bank robbery and hostage crisis in Stockholm, Sweden, led to the coining of the term "Stockholm Syndrome." Learn more about your ad-choices at iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks.
King Michael I of Romania led a coup d'état that removed the Nazi-aligned government of Ion ...By Scott Allsop.
Ding Ding! Round Two of this month's Outside The Box is here and yes, that is a tortured wrestling reference. Because this time we're talking Netflix's Glow, which is back in the ring for a third series. Elsewhere, we're all about Channel 4 as we watch Kathy Fucking Burke's All Woman, Aisling Bea's This Way Up and Jade: The Reality Star That Ch ...…
"The Chosen One" Is Losing It; Bolsanaro's War on the Amazon; Trump Tries to Get Putin Readmitted to the Ian Masters.
By The Opperman Report.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Bertrand Russell.
Pastors' Perspective - 8/22/2019By K-Wave Radio.
Ken Oloo of Filamujuani and Zindua shares key insights from working with Africa’s most disadvantaged youth, providing strong advice for social entrepreneurs to help them succeed.By Impact Boom Podcast - Social Enterprise & Design.
This week I started off the first hour by ranting about the media coverage the Epstein Saga has received in the alternative and mainstream. I talked about the way we are deliberately being distracted with stories that either go nowhere or push extremist ideologies. I focused particular attention on the photo of Ghislane Maxwell at In-N-Out Burg ...…
This week I started off the first hour by ranting about the media coverage the Epstein Saga has received in the alternative and mainstream. I talked about the way we are deliberately being distracted with stories that either go nowhere or push extremist ideologies. I focused particular attention on the photo of Ghislane Maxwell at In-N-Out Burg ...…
On the heels of a new report warning GE is a bigger fraud than Enron, to the latest unjustifiable IPO of a flashy tech star, to the testing of autonomous vehicles, there’s a lot to unpack this week. Dan then gets to this week’s special guest, John Doody. John Doody brings a unique perspective to gold stock analysis. With a BA in Economics from ...…
Tune in to hear John Warrillow share a new wave of research into business owners and their readiness to exit their business. Today, 3 in 4 owners end up regretting the decision to exit their company just one year after the sale. Why wouldn’t they be happy as clams? Owners are likely to skip four preparation steps they need to complete well in a ...…
On this day in 1910, the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1910 was signed, and Japan formally annexed Korea. Learn more about your ad-choices at iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks.
This week Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco frame a whole discussion on white suburban women voters in terms of Bachelor in Paradise. It's a wild ride! Then, writer Jill Gutowitz joins in-studio along with Tien Tran and Kiran Deol to discuss what it means to have idols. Then, as always, the hills we'll die on.… for free piff tickets for 10/13 Berating or Celebration. Matt and Heidi have the best drunk Shakespeare show in the history of mankind. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs. Nerd Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Matt & Mattingly.
Slaves in the French colony of Saint-Domingue on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola began the Haitian ...By Scott Allsop.
Info CommentsTalk, #(censored, #conspiracy, #conspiracy of silence, #cover, #documentary, #edopperman, #filmmaker), #franklin, #franklin cover up, #report, #silence, #tate, #tim, #tim tate, #upTim was founder member of ITV’s Cook Report team and subsequently spent nearly 10 years as producer-director in Yorkshire Television’s acclaimed document ...…
On this day in 1911, Vincenzo Peruggia stole the "Mona Lisa" from the Louvre museum. Learn more about your ad-choices at iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks.
Is Trump Losing It?; Is the President Crazy?; Trump Makes Abortions More Likely by Denying Women Contraception; Trump Pouts at the "Nasty" Woman Who Turned Down His Offer to Buy Ian Masters.
Pastors' Perspective - 8/21/2019By K-Wave Radio.
All of us have experienced clashes between our thinking and our feelings—between our “head” and our “heart.” The question we seem to face, in any given clash, is: Which one to follow—“head” or “heart”? On this Philosophy for Living on Earth webinar, ARI’s Aaron Smith discusses Ayn Rand’s perspective on this issue. Recorded live as part of...…
Israeli Travel Ban Against Two Muslim Congresswomen Provokes Bipartisan Outrage; Corrections Officer Deliberately Drives Through Peaceful Protesters Blocking ICE Detention Center; Community Pressure Wins Major Job Commitment from Yale University for Neighborhoods of Need Visit our website at for more information, links, transcript ...…
Recorded while at the Edinburgh Fringe. I have a chat with the gentle giant, Scottish Conservative comic Leo Kearse. He's nice off stage, but on it he's happy to tear into woke orthodoxies. We talk about his economic views before moving onto the nature of offence and one particular critic who marked him down for his politics. We discuss his sho ...…
In this episode Virgil “Omaha” Walker discusses one of the biggest threats to the so-called “black community” and it is not “White Nationalism.” Virgil walks through the idea that the internal threat impacting the “black community” is Black Nationalism packaged with all kinds of immoral behavior, seemingly ignored, often overlooked, and at time ...…
This week on the Finding Impact Podcast, we are continuing our second series on hardware entrepreneurs, this one with Mike Hahn of PayGo Energy about his hardware development journey. This is the first episode in our second 3-part series on invention-based entrepreneurs, supported by The Lemelson Foundation. The series aims to provide unique in ...…
Hawaii became the 50th state to join the United States of America after a ...By Scott Allsop.
Cats in space, dogs in graveyards and other animal biographies come to the fore as Hannah chats with Kimberlie Hamilton, children's author of Rebel Cats; Brave Tales of Feisty Felines and Rebel Dogs: Heroic Tales of Trusty Hounds, both of which have new pride of place on the Dunleavy bookshelf. Suzy K Quinn reveals all the Lies We Tell Mothers, ...…
Another Cowardly Retreat by Trump After a Call from the NRA; The Democrats Should Be at Least as Radical as FDR; The Pentagon's IG Cautions Trump to Not Let ISIS Rebuild in Ian Masters.
By The Opperman Report.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Bertrand Russell.
Pastors' Perspective - 8/20/2019By K-Wave Radio.
Every business with a website is familiar with copywriting. They have someone create content for their site and hope that the audience will relate to it. The problem is, most businesses usually go for the most cost efficient option without taking experience, niche and other abilities into consideration. So they end up with a website that may or ...…
At the margins of a recent conference organised by OMFIF and the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis , NIESR's Principal Economist Arno Hantzsche discussed short and long term risks and opportunities for the global economy with some of the speakers: Bart van Ark, Executive Vice-President and Chief Economist, The Conference BoardJavier Perez, Direc ...…
In this week’s episode, President Thomas Jefferson answers listener questions, as does Thomas Jefferson Hour creator Clay S. Jenkinson. Subjects discussed include where the name “United States of America” comes from, the poet Phillis Wheatley and slavery in the Northwest Territory. Find this episode, along with recommended reading, on the blog. ...…
نامه نگاری در سطح کلان جمهوری اسلامی، مخزن الاسرارهای نظام، چرا یکدیگر را می زنند؟By BBC Persian Radio.
On this day in 1858, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace's paper on the theory of evolution by natural selection was published in the Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society: Zoology. Learn more about your ad-choices at iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks.
Leon Trotsky was fatally wounded with an ice axe by Spanish communist Ramón ...By Scott Allsop.
By The Opperman Report.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Bertrand Russell.
Ghislaine Maxwell's Mystery and Scandal-Plagued Family; An FBI Insider on How the Bureau is Chasing the Wrong Targets; A Reality Check on the Economy Trump Claims the Fake News is Ian Masters.
Pastors' Perspective - 8/19/2019By K-Wave Radio.
In her 2018 CBC Massey Lectures series, titled All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward, prize-winning journalist Tanya Talaga (author of Seven Fallen Feathers) explores the legacy of cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples. In this lecture, Talaga examines the systemic issues in health care and how intergenerational trauma from coloniz ...…
Sharing my thoughts from my article on the JAY Z deal with the NFL. You can read the article below. I support Kaepernick 100% but I believe that he can no longer be the litmus test for how black people move forward with the NFL. JAY Z's activism has earned him the benefit of the doubt. Let's see what happens!…
Big things ares coming: the MSG Podcast will now be produced by Caveat! Stay subscribed so you know when the new podcast launches.By Sarah Lohman and Jonathan Soma.
Accelerate your business growth through finding the government contracting opportunity that is right for you and your business! Jean Kristensen shares powerful information about how to successfully work with the government. Jean is a founder, advocate and minority and women business enterprise growth specialist, on a mission to help others achi ...…
On this day in 1814, entrepreneur and abolitionist Mary Ellen Pleasant was born. Learn more about your ad-choices at iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks.
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