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CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO began as a three-hour film, TV and video game music radio program in 1996. It is now a podcast channel that hosts a variety of specialized programming covering all aspects of film, TV and video game music.CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO’s Flag Ship Show is still hosted and produced by Erik Woods and features a wide variety of new and old film, TV and video game scores.Other programs include THE ARCHIVE WITH JASON DRURY, THE ANIME SPECTACULAR, OBSCURE SCORES, THE 1UPBEAT and BREAK ...
Living Zen
USING THE IDEA THAT FREQUENCIES CONTAINED IN THE VOICE ARE HOLOGRAPHIC REPRESENTATIONS OF YOUR STATE OF HEALTH, THE FIELD OF HUMAN BIOACOUSTICS WAS PIONEERED.• Each person possesses unique harmonics of frequency that can be expressed through the voice. However, when these complex frequencies of the body become unbalanced, the voice primarily reflects this altered state, and the body manifests it as dis-stress or dis-ease at the structural and biochemical levels. In reality, there are no soli ...
The Sound of Horror
Enhance your energy, lose weight, boost your performance, and look better than ever in your bathing suit with the Get-Fit Guy! If you want to begin an exercise routine and don't know where to start, or if you've been working out for a while and aren't getting the results you want, host Brock Armstrong will give you the tips you need to reach all of your fitness goals. Get expert information and advice on everything from toning your arms, butt, and abs, to blasting fat fast, to running a 5K a ...
The Sound of Horror
Tool Talk
Welcome to Tool Talk from Exegetical Tools, where we discuss sound practices and superlative resources to help you rightly divide the Word of Truth. We sit down (or ring up) pastors, scholars, and more to ask them about tools they're using to study the Bible, exegetical and theological issues they're currently engaging, and Scriptures that are ministering to their hearts. Check out the "Podcast" section of our website for links to featured resources on each episode: ...
Heart Of The City Church is a body of believers joined together with the purpose of lifting up the name of Jesus. We'd love for you to visit any of our weekend services. Saturday night 6:06pm, Sunday morning 9:09am, and 11:11am and Sunday night 5:05pm
Would you like to apply the power of meditation and your heart to improve your health, heal your relationships, and accomplish more in life? The "I Heart Meditation" Podcast provides instruction and guidance so that you can connect with your heart, your breath, and ultimately the greatness of your being. Sounds woo woo, right? Its not. This is your resource to explore an array of topics related to meditation, including: The path of enlightenment and illumination, how to harmonize relationshi ...
Word Of The Week
Feed on God's word mid-week by listening to sound biblical sermons selected by The Gospel Coalition editors.
Vata is not just a Russian word for a cotton candy. It’s also one of three doshas in Ayurveda.Vata people have a gift for feeling love and expressing their feelings. They exist beyond material ideas, concepts and stereotypes of everyday life. They live in the alternative world ruled by deep cosmic love, perfection and harmony.Vata is your oasis, a sound analog of the Bounty Bar advertising with the taste of paradise from the first notes.Glamorous Easy Listening, smoothly flowing Chillout, se ...
Telling the Truthexists to make available sound biblical teaching, practically applied, with a view to producing lives that glorify God and draw people to Christ. The whole of our ministry is to encourage, console, strengthen, teach, and train.
To live life to its fullest, there's a goldmine of alternative health methods and amazing doctors who have helped many to LIVE OPTIMIZED! I want to share everything I've learned and experienced about regenerative medicine by interviewing the experts! Here we will gain a wealth of knowledge to derive the greater understanign that we may take action to attain these benefits to ensure that longevity that we so desire. It's right here, right now so lets tske it into our own minds, hearts and bod ...
Welcome to the BMS Family where DJ Rhythm Dee spins the rhythms and beats into elements that open newdimensions into the music of your life. For all of us who love music, it dances back to memories one note at a time.And if the jam is new to you, it creates what you need now.Think about the good times and we will be there with you. We will bring to you artists that you wanted tocatch up with or learn something new about. DJ Rhythm Dee is the heart of vinyl as he truly spins on the table.And ...
Подпишись на мой канал You Tube прямо сейчас! → Join me on Facebook → In present time his works in the Trance style released regulary on major lables, such as Armada Music, Sir Adrian and ect. sound on most popular radio shows.
Helping Worship Leaders live out God’s Greatest Commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your HEART, all your SOUL, all your MIND.” Matthew 22:37
One of the most delightful and enduring classics of children's literature, The Secret Garden by Victorian author Frances Hodgson Burnett has remained a firm favorite with children the world over ever since it made its first appearance. Initially published as a serial story in 1910 in The American Magazine, it was brought out in novel form in 1911. The plot centers round Mary Lennox, a young English girl who returns to England from India, having suffered the immense trauma by losing both her ...
TED Talks Daily
Want TED Talks on the go? Every weekday, this feed brings you our latest talks in audio format. Hear thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable -- from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between -- given by the world's leading thinkers and doers. This collection of talks, given at TED and TEDx conferences around the globe, is also available in video format.
The Divine Wild Woman podcast is hosted by Heather Woodward and a myriad of cohosts. She is an award-winning psychic, published author and podcaster. The show includes topics for witches, empaths, psychics, tarot readers, and empowered women.
Channeling the Angelic realm to help you heal your heart/mind/body/soul with channeled messages, high vibrational angelic sound healing, and Love.
CKIZA (swahili for listen) is podcast focused on the idea of home for Africans living in the diaspora. We feature individuals who are from or drawn to the continent and showcase the ways they are redefining the African narrative. Music will be at the heart of the show with each episode featuring a sound track functioning as the literal backdrop from which the conversation we are having will unfold.
NPR's top daily news about world events, politics, economy and culture. Download the World Story of the Day podcast.
Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen like to talk and now they have microphones. Join them for conversations of little or no consequence.
Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, Positive Psychology and Energy Psychology Practitioner, Meditation, Breathwork and Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher, as well as a contributing editor for various spiritual and holistic health magazines, T focuses on how energy effects every aspect of our lives. Learn how to raise your awareness, consciousness and vibration so you can live the best life possible. T shares her wealth of information on energy ...
Part Twilight Zone but wholly unique, The Lift is an ongoing audio drama featuring a mysterious girl who guides visitors to their transformations. The hall is dark and the overhead light flickers. Sounds echo, and there’s a creaking and clanging which gets louder as you stand in the semi-dark. The elevator opens and you’re offered a ride. A dark place whose original luster is now lost to time. The unlikely, old Victorian building sits overlooked by most on the edge of Pittsburgh. Originally ...
Hay House presents Guided Meditations featuring your favorite authors guiding you through mediations designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Each week we bring you a new mediation with a featured author taking you on a meditational journey ranging from numerous topics on health, healing, overcoming fears and blocks and much more. Please visit or to learn more.
MP3 download & RSS feed: games, some laughs, and some stories.Your hosts: George Weidman of five years, journalist of sevenMatt Visual video editor. Beautiful storyteller. Your #1 source for Guild Wars 2.Liam Edwards AAA. Current expat in Japan. Award-winning podcaster.Art by Strekks: https://twitter.c ...
Make Me Smart is a weekly conversation about the themes of today, centered around the economy, technology and culture. Hosts Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood use their expertise to connect the dots on topics they know best, and hear from other experts – CEOs, celebrities, authors, professors and listeners – about the ones they want to know better. As the world moves faster than ever, this podcast is where we unpack complex topics, together. Because none of us is as smart as all of us.
Pulpit Hour
A program where different Preachers of the past and present are featured daily bringing Biblically sound full length messages that will encourage, strengthen and convict lives and hearts. Heard over WGCR 720AM.
A program where different Preachers of the past and present are featured daily bringing Biblically sound full length messages that will encourage, strengthen and convict lives and hearts. Heard over WGCR 720AM.
Much bigger than sports, "The Big Podcast with Shaq" is fun, topical, and slightly irreverent. Shaquille O'Neal talks news, entertainment, controversy, and the crazy life of the Diesel himself. Shaq and his sports sidekick, John Kincade never know who will show up to shoot the proverbial shh..uh, well, you know. New episodes are available every Monday at and through iTunes! To access the entire Big Podcast with Shaq archive, go to
Rilla of Ingleside is the eighth book in the Anne of Green Gables series and focuses on the inspiring journey of Rilla Blythe, the youngest daughter of Anne and Gilbert, as she transforms from a carefree young girl into an enduring young woman swept into the chaos of war. Written from a female perspective, Montgomery accurately depicts a time in history, as she provides a contemporaneous account of the war and serves up the most emotional book in the series. Set during the First World War, t ...
South Africa is renowned for its diverse cultures and music is but one of the offerings the country proudly boasts. Today, Angolan born DJ Dino Bravo calls South Africa his home and adds much vibrancy and skill to the profession that has captured his heart and soul – MUSIC. Africa has been home to Bravo for quite some time after being raised in Cuba. He then moved to South Africa in the early 90s and has adapted perfectly to the lifestyle and culture that the country is known for. His music ...
RN Arts - ABC RN
Each week day RN Arts programs zoom in on a specific area of art and culture, brought to you by a specialist presenter. Subscribe to their podcasts separately by searching by name in your podcasting app.
Radio New Zealand daily and weekly programmes
You are welcome to listen in as I "explain things scientific". I have had great fun with lasers, robots and absorbing Quantum Physics. Now as a classroom teacher, laid low by heart surgery its time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and give it all you've got. "And in the mean time keep on doing science"
Straight from the knowledgeable KEXP DJs to your ears, now you can listen to a wonderfully eclectic mix of full length songs. KEXP brings you the music that matters from some of its favorite artists from the Pacific Northwest and around the world. See what KEXP's all about at KEXP.ORG. 286548
But Why is a show led by kids. They ask the questions and we find the answers. It’s a big interesting world out there. On But Why, we tackle topics large and small, about nature, words, even the end of the world. Know a kid with a question? Record it with a smartphone. Be sure to include your kid's first name, age, and town and send the recording to!
Hi, I am Melisa Caprio – Do you believe in Magic? What if I told you all you had to do was get a little creative, and work a magic spell to bring anything you can imagine into your life? Well, guess what, I’ve got the spell for you…Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation is A casting magical tool for you to use whenever you want. Join me here with my show Postcards to the Universe with Melisa. I share manifesting, tips, postcards, creativity, abundance, and prosperity. ...
AnthroPod is produced by the Society for Cultural Anthropology ( Each episode, we explore what anthropologists and anthropology can teach us about the world and people around us.
Welcome to your host, Ravinder Bamra. I am a professional massage and holistic bodywork practitioner. I have garnered great insight after a very introspective period in my life, and now, having walked through a doorway into a new way of 'being', I am openly sharing those insights with you. I will be sharing my self-care practices, guided meditations, and conversations with people here in my community. From aromatherapy to mediumship, shamanism to sound healing, I will share raw and delightfu ...
Legal Wars
The courtroom can be a battlefield over money, people’s rights, and even their lives. For some cases, the consequences can affect us long after the verdict is read. Based on extensive interviews and court transcripts, Wondery’s new podcast LEGAL WARS puts you inside the jury box of some of the most famous court cases in American history, including Hulk Hogan’s courtroom wrestling match with Gawker, the battle for free speech on the internet, and the Rodney King trial that set off the LA Riot ...
Current content form the Popular Science Magazine
Playing the best in new and classic Punk / Hardcore / Psychobilly / Oi! / Ska / Metal / Thrash. Hit that subscribe button!
Thoughts and sound waves for your heart that you that tongue kiss your soul
Own Your Fitness™
Welcome to the Own Your Fitness™ podcast, where amazing things happen. Your vehicle to a sound and empowered mind, body, and heart. Using fitness, self awareness, face your truth, internal dialogue and much much more to live an empowered life!
Aussie English
G’day and welcome to the Aussie English podcast.I’m Pete Smissen and my objective here is to teach you guys the English spoken down under. Whether you plan to travel, to work or to live in Australia or you just have an interest in our culture, history and spoken dialect of English. You have come to the right place. And whether you aim to speak English like a true blue Aussie or you just want to be able to understand “what the flippin’ hell we’re on about when we’re havin’ a yarn”. You have c ...
Bonfire Babes
A podcast about all things woo, high vibe and everything that speaks to our hearts. We are Claire + Felicity, two ladies on two paths exploring our intuitions, diving deep into our curiosities and discovering our soul's true purpose. Journey with us each week as we tap into all the things that light us up. Find us on Instagram @bonfirebabespodcast or on the web
Project: Shadow
revealing unseen wonder
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Quentin Johnson has been reading Sicily: An Island at the Crossroads of History by John Julius Norwich.
PopSci Shop This weighted down blanket can help you get a better nights sleep Enjoy deep pressure touch, now with 19 percent off MSRP.
Gendered brains: a sexist myth, or a fact of life? Gina Rippon is an emeritus professor of cognitive neuroimaging from Birmingham's University of Aston - and she says we are merely in the foothills of what we can learn about the brain. She believes the differences in our brains come from what we are exposed to and the the lives we live, not our ...…
Susan Milligan reports from Washington DC on Donald Trump being cleared of conspiring with Russia over the US 2016 election. The President is accusing his enemies of doing evil and treasonous things, and has said that no other president should have to be investigated over a false narrative. The Mueller report has stopped short of exonerating Pr ...…
The Christchurch terror attacks have forced changes to Wellington street festival CubaDupa. Wellington mayor Justin Lester joins Kathryn to detail how the popular street festival will work - off the street.
A new app called Proper aims to simplify the rental experience for both landlords and tenants, but the free background check has raised privacy concerns with renters advocates. The app's founder Aaron Yee joins Kathryn to discuss how it works, along with Robert Whitaker of Renters United.
Gadgets 25 percent off a Garmin fitness tracker and other great deals happening today A quick guide to getting the goods for cheaper.
Concerts will be held in Auckland and Christchurch to raise money for those affected by the Christchurch terrorist attacks. The You Are Us/ Aroha Nui concerts will be held at Auckland's Spark Arena on April 13, and at the Christchurch Stadium on April 17. Anika Moa, Bic Runga, Hollie Smith, Dave Dobbyn, Fat Freddy's Drop, Six60, Stan Walker and ...…
A Hawaiian delegation has gifted a mile long lei to the city of Christchurch. The Lei, a symbol of love, peace, and connection, took three days and 300 volunteers to create. Our reporter Tom Furley was there as it was gifted to the people of Christchurch.
There's still confusion this morning about Thailand's election result. The country's Election Commission said last night that there were flaws in the count. Philippa Tolley speaks to RNZ's correspondent in Thailand, Richard Ehrlich.
The latest news in Tongan language (Lea Faka-Tonga) - brought to you by our partner - Pacific Media Network.
Waikato Muslims say the Government has missed out on a chance to find out about extremism without alienating people. Since the Christchurch attacks, Muslims around the country have spoken about seeking government support but getting surveillance instead. The Waikato Muslim Association says it got no help with its new 20-year strategic plan, tho ...…
The head of a network of Christchurch family doctors says doctors and nurses who work close to the Linwood mosque saw and did things in the aftermath of the shooting attacks they will never forget. Vince Barry says the two doctors and three nurses who went to help are trained to deal with accidents, but this was nothing like that. RNZ health co ...…
A brief update of movements in the financial sector.
Rail workshops are crying out for more mechanical engineers, as the industry's workload ramps up. Six years ago, the rail workshop at Hillside in Dunedin was closed by the then-National government and the Hutt workshop was facing an uncertain future. Now, an influx of work driven by the government's renewed focus on rail, has meant the industry ...…
The question of secrecy looms large over the newly announced Royal Commission into the country's security agencies. Nigel Hampton QC is a lawyer with extensive experience of top-level inquiries, including the Royal Commissions in the Pike River disaster and the Canterbury earthquakes. He talks to Guyon Espiner.…
National Party leader Simon Bridges says the Government should reconsider the surveillance programme Project Speargun, which the previous National Government abandoned in 2013. He says intelligence agencies have their hands tied behind their backs, and the programme "would have done more to keep New Zealanders safe". Paul Buchanan is a security ...…
The Pakistani community in Christchurch is rallying to support the wives and children of at least seven men who were killed while they prayed at Al Noor mosque. Tens of thousands of dollars has been raised by Pakistanis and Muslim associations around the country to help support families whose relatives ones were killed or injured in the attacks ...…
The Crusaders haven't decided what role Kieran Read will play this weekend, but confirm the All Blacks skipper is available for selection for the Hurricanes game.
British Prime Minister Theresa May has told Parliament she doesn't have enough support for a third vote on her Brexit deal. The vote is shceduled for Wednesday and comes amid mass protests demanding a second referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union at all and rumours of a leadership coup for Mrs May's job. The BBC's politic ...…
The latest news in Niuean language (Vagahau Niue) - brought to you by our partner - Pacific Media Network.
Democrats are demanding that the full investigation into collusion between President and Trump and Russia be made public. Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his findings to Attorney General William Barr yesterday - who in turn published a summary of the report saying that while it didn't prove Mr Trump had committed a crime, it also did n ...…
The sight of police officers with firearms on the streets is set to continue throughout the country. All frontline police officers have been told to carry guns while on duty. Police Commissioner Mike Bush talks to Guyon Espiner.
DIY The best ways to spend on online serviceswhether you have $50, $75 or $100 a month The digital subscriptions you should be signing up for.
Health Were in the middle of the second-deadliest Ebola outbreak ever The hemorrhagic fever has infected more than 1,000 in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Wellington's Cuba Dupa festival is moving off the streets in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attacks. The festival is going ahead this Friday and Saturday, but the organisers have decided to move it to indoor venues. Drew James, the Cuba Dupa artistic director, talks to Philippa Tolley.
In the wake of the mosque attacks in Christchurch, Parliament will now need to grapple with whether the New Zealand's surveillance laws need to be tightened. This will raise difficult questions of how to balance the rights of privacy against security requirements. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern talks to Guyon Espiner.…
River levels are rising in the West Coast after parts of the region got almost 400mm of rain on Monday night. Heavy rain is expected to continue on Tuesday. Two slips have closed State highway 6 between Franz Josef and Fox Glacier, and they're currently being cleared. Bruce Smith is mayor of the Westland District Council. He talks to Philippa T ...…
The cost of street parking in Auckland has hit double figures with drivers now being charged up to 10 dollars an hour to park downtown. Auckland Transport has increased parking prices for all inner city on-street parks, saying it hopes the changes will encourage people to park for shorter amounts of time, allowing more people to just pop into t ...…
A Muslim man who was targeted by the SIS says he now feels furious about what happened and is accusing the security agency of unfairly targeting his community. The man, who RNZ has agreed not to name, was approached out of the blue two months before the Rugby World Cup in 2011, and asked if he had any security concerns ahead of the event. The r ...…
New Zealand is heading for a fresh debate on whether it needs tougher surveillance laws in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack. A Royal Commission into the massacre will investigate whether security agencies could or should have known more ahead of the shootings. National's leader Simon Bridges says the laws are too lax, but the Prime Mi ...…
There is some good news for the Crusaders after a difficult 10 days with All Blacks captain Kieran Read declared available to play in Friday's crunch Super Rugby match against the Hurricanes.
News from the business sector, including a market report.
The stories of survival and bravery in the terror attacks are still coming to light. Sardar Faisal Abbas was attending Jumu'ah prayers at the Al Noor mosque when it was attacked. He was in the bathroom when the shooting started. He hasn't been able to go back to the mosque since but told Anusha Bradley his aim now is to help as many people as p ...…
The Green Party is warning against any knee-jerk strengthening of surveillance laws in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack. National leader Simon Bridges has called on the government to give the spy agencies more power, saying they have their hands tied behind their backs. But Green MP Golriz Ghahraman told RNZ political reporter Craig M ...…
Technology Everything you need to know about Apple's new subscription services Rumor has it the company is working on news, music, and video streaming offersings
The latest news in French language (La Langue Française).
The head of a network of Christchurch family doctors says the health system in the city is bending under the weight of yet another massive blow. Pegasus Health is a GP network delivering care to more than 440 thousand enrolled patients in the community. Its chief executive, Vince Barry, says the entire system, comprising hospital and community ...…
Jacinda Ardern will make a whirlwind visit to China on Sunday, her first trip there since speculation started to mount about a deteriorating relations between the two countries. The visit will be cut to just one day because of the Christchurch terror attacks, but Ms Ardern says it's important she goes to reinforce the relationship. Matthew Theu ...…
The latest news in Cook Island Maori (Te Reo Maori Kuki Airani) - brought to you by our partner - Pacific Media Network.
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