Best Special Education podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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All Autism Talk
"Connecting the Autism Community One Podcast at a Time" Our podcast offers a friendly conversation with inspiring individuals in the autism community. Our aim is to provide valuable insights and information as well as access to support in communities throughout the United States. Join us! Know an inspiring group or individual we should talk to? We would love to hear from you at
A weekly preview of world events in the week ahead from the Council on Foreign Relations.
Robohub Podcast
Connecting the robotics community to the world
UNICEF Podcast
A new global radio service from UNICEF focusing on the health, education, equality and protection of children. Hosted by Blue Chevigny with UNICEF correspondents from around the globe.
Politics + Technology = Nonsense at the Speed of Light
Sports Buzz
Podcast by Sports Buzz
Essential listening for the broadcast production, journalism and technology communities. Practical advice on all aspects of TV, radio, journalism.
Opening Arguments
Every episode, legal expert Andrew and comic relief Thomas will tackle a popular legal topic and give you all the tools you need to understand the issue and win every argument you have on Facebook, with your Uncle Frank, or wherever someone is wrong on the Internet. It's law. It's politics. It's fun. We don't tell you what to think, we just set up the Opening Arguments.
Art Class Curator
This podcast is dedicated to empowering you to embrace teaching art with works of art. Each episode will dive deep into different aspects of teaching art - from passionate art teachers sharing their work, to mini trainings on art appreciation strategies that you can use in your classroom, to conversations about the highs and lows that come with being a teacher. Come back each week for an informative interview with an amazing art teacher!
The War Room
"The War Room" is a highly acclaimed, roundtable format, sports talk radio show, dedicated to an unbiased, objective, though highly opinionated examination of the people, places, and things in the world of sports and beyond. Through candor, "TWR" aims to deliver personal perspective of weekly sports stories, with an emphasis on honest, sometimes politically incorrect opinion, brought to you with a ton of thought and lots of laughs. This is the type of social commentary you’re not used to hea ...
Contra Radio is for new and experienced preppers. Contra Radio has recently expanded to include Patriot News. We are privileged to include the Patriot News in this program. We have the ability to enable listeners to call, and have guests for our listeners. Contact us:
Welcome to the world's top rated essential oil podcast! Each week, Samantha Lee Wright interviews the world’s most innovative and inspiring experts on essential oils, health, fitness, spirituality, and so much more. Episodes are jam packed full of practical advice, DIY recipes and healthy living tips. While the Essential Oil Revolution Podcast features many Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributors, it is a completely separate entity from the company. Any information on the show in ...
Legendary Life is a fun, entertaining and informative show about health and fitness for busy people over 30+. Ted Ryce, top celebrity trainer and fitness guru, breaks complex health and fitness issues and make them easy to understand and overcome. Also, he interviews thought leaders on how to transform your health, body, and live a legendary life with cutting-edge science and common sense wisdom. For more visit
The weekly Simply Charlotte Mason homeschooling audio podcast with Sonya Shafer
Go No Contact
On Go No Contact, your two hosts Misha and Kaitlyn plumb the depths of Reddit's r/relationships for the people most desperately in need of advice. And then we make jokes about it.
Fatherhood, discussing current issues that men deal with on a daily basis relating to the family structure as a husband, father & mentor. Also special guests, authors, organizations and events surrounding our community with positive change.
Young professionals in Washington, DC get together weekly to discuss underreported global issues over drinks.
UN News
Global perspective, human stories
Drawing a Dialogue
A podcast discussing comics in historical + educational contexts. Updates first Friday of every month, visit for more.
A weekly podcast about making it big as a foreign fish in the world's biggest pond - China! Every week from Beijing, host Brendan Davis talks with a fellow foreigner who is doing something challenging, unique or maybe even just a little bit crazy. Guests ranging from venture capitalists to standup comedians share funny stories, useful insights, and occasionally, cautionary tales about their lives in China.
Suzanne A. Wells
Hi, I'm Suzanne and I've been selling on eBay since 2003 and I still sell on eBay every day. (Check out my Bay store at Atlanta Golf Shop.)I help others learn the right way to do eBay and build a business they love! I absolutely know (not just believe) that eBay changes lives - because it changed mine. I am a professional who can help you learn to sell on eBay the right way, using practical strategies that the average person can apply to their business and their life. I provide the most accu ...
Generously supported by the Ethnic Communities Development Fund.We are a group of Iranian students from the University of Canterbury Iranian Students Association.We hope to introduce Persian culture and our beautiful Farsi language to the Canterbury community.Our goal is to provide information to new immigrants and to share important news for Farsi speakers as well as our culture with English speakers as well.Topics will include Persian literature, traditions and special occasions on the Per ...
The latest feed from Pineville Grace Fellowship on
The BTWN Network
A Unified Group of Biblical Podcasts For Your Edification & Enjoyment.
Smart People Podcast is simply a place to hear cool stuff from some of the smartest people on earth. We are reaching out to leading professionals in various industries to pick their oversized brains and pass that information along to our listeners. You will hear top notch advice from M.D.’s and CFP’s, athletes and intellectuals, porn stars and Buddhists and everything in between.
Dr. Rob Burriss reveals the science behind attraction, sexuality, and beauty.
Join host Steve Mirsky each week as he explores the latest developments in science and technology through interviews with leading scientists and journalists
Africa Today
News and analysis from the BBC's Focus on Africa. The Africa Today podcast is published from Monday to Friday. It contains the day's top African stories.
Ian Hislop and Private Eye magazine venture into the world of audio with a brand new podcast. Available from Private Eye at or on iTunes, Spotify, Acast and Soundcloud.
Beyond Belief
Series exploring the place and nature of faith in today's world
Inside Health
Dr Mark Porter demystifies health issues, separating fact from fiction and bringing clarity to conflicting health advice, with the help of regular contributor GP Margaret McCartney
The Bottom Line
Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters
The Michael Berry Show on KTRH, Houston
Latinitium offers a podcast in Latin on various subjects, ranging from idiomatic expressions and literature to random curiosities. For a full transcription of the episodes go to
Thinking Allowed
New research on how society works
ABA Inside Track
Wish you could do a better job keeping up with peer-reviewed journals? Why not listen to a podcast where behavior analysts discuss a variety of fascinating topics and the research related to them? Now you can spend your extra time thinking of ways to save the world with ABA.
KPFA - APEX Express
APEX Express is a weekly magazine-style radio show featuring the voices and stories of Asians and Asian Americans from all corners of our communities. A collective of media makers, djs, and activists produce a show that airs each week on KPFA 94.1FM.APEX Express is committed to building a broader social movement for justice and collective liberation for all oppressed people, including poor and working-class people, people of color, women and queer people. We support grassroots organizing and ...
TJ Morris ET Radio
TJ Morris ET Radio strangely appealing! Discussions include interviews, panels, ufology, phenomenology, alienology, parapsychology. American Communications Online by Theresa J Morris and Friends. ACO Association of Conscience entering the Unknown seeking answers. Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Paranormal Life Immortal Souls Cosmos Connection. Super-natural, quantum physics, truthseekers, theorists, metaphysicians, We are ACO Association. Call In +1-347-945-7207. Theresa J Morris, Hos ...
Hello and welcome to Colchester's 2019 Town Plan podcast. We hope to provide you with a brief take away of what you may have missed from our Town Plan meetings. If you would like to attend the next meeting or want to know more information, check out all our details at
Nixers Podcast
The nixers community podcast tries to tackle subjects that rotate around the world of unix in a novel way, linking ideas into an interesting discussion, seeing the big picture.
Wine Wars
A show about four friends who love three things, Wine and Star Wars. Join Anne, Emigh, Jason, and Scott as they journey through the world of wine and discover why they love this beverage (and Star Wars) so much. And remember, it's just grape juice. "It always feels like I'm just eavesdropping on a conversation between friends who happen to be wine geeks." - Brian McCann @WineBluePrint Visit our website: Twitter: @winewarspodcast
The day's hottest issue in social media.
KNKX Public Radio
This show is produced by KNKX Public Radio in Seattle/Tacoma Washington. Thanks for listening!
The Patti Vasquez with Andrea Darlas Podcast from 720 WGN
Gretchen Rubin is HAPPIER, and she wants you to be happier too. The #1 bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before gets more personal than ever as she brings her practical, manageable advice about happiness and good habits to this lively, thought-provoking podcast. Gretchen’s cohost and guinea pig is her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft, a TV writer and producer living in Los Angeles, who (lovingly) refers to Gretchen as her happiness bully. Part of the Panoply Network.
Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates bring Oxford-style debate to America – one motion, one moderator, two panelists for the motion and two against. From clean energy and the financial crisis, to the Middle East and the death of mainstream media, Intelligence Squared U.S. brings together the world’s leading authorities on the day’s most important issues. Join the debate online and cast your vote for each topic at
Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag is the world's only weekly podcast dedicated entirely to autonomous cars, and the #1 result on Google! We discuss the products, tech, law, policy, and societal impacts of self driving cars as they start to become a thing in our everyday lives. Participation is encouraged, and let's have fun discussing what is sure to be the greatest step change in humanity since the Industrial Revolution!Homepage: MarcHoag.comTwitter: ...
Meeple Overboard!
Meeple Overboard! is a podcast about board games, the gaming community, and our little slice of heaven that plays them. We're Chris and Wendy, and we love board games. Each Saturday, we'll bring you a half-hour episode featuring three segments:1. Shop Talk! We'll discuss a general board gaming topic, answer your questions, or discuss some news.2. Random Rally! We've got lots of interests, and eat lots of tasty things, and have a lot to share. Random Rally! is a few minutes of food for though ...
New Episodes everyday (Monday - Friday)Welcome to Coach Cameron Soccer conversations regarding youth soccer development or the lack thereof....
Helping students and professionals manage their career as a business - the CEO of Me, Inc.
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After the world has moved on, bands of wild behavior analysts roam the deserts, searching for reinforcement wherever it can be found. Yet there are still tales. Tales of the last research journal library, home of the mythical grab bag wherein the full repository of behavior analytic knowledge still remains. Many pseudoscientists scoff at these ...…
Music and information for Farsi speakers
BibleThumpingWingnut Bonus Episode December 19, 2018 On this episode BTWN plays a recorded conversation between Len Pettis & Tim Hurd Link to giveaway Bible: Click HERE Check Out Everything Bible Thumping Wingnut – HERE Support BTWN – HERE Follow BTWN on Twitter – HERE Like Our Facebook Page – HERE
Sports Buzz - Episode 112.0 - Win Some Lose Some - Pro Show
On this special lucky Holiday Edition of the show (#88!), Kevin Geiger and I talk about: his wife Wen’s recent award-winning VR project on the Dunhuang Caves, the value and necessity of offshore creative development, his new children’s book, my writing ambitions, upcoming LA and Paris trips, and the future of this show - including a BIG ANNOUNC ...…
We truly want to thank you for all your help this year supporting veterans and the needy. Also, what's your favorite BBQ?
This week, we speak with Karen Wickre. Karen is a Silicon Valley veteran. She worked at Google for a decade and moved to Twitter as the Editorial Director. She is a member of the Board of Visitors for the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford University, and serves on the boards of the International Center for Journalists, the News ...…
UNICEF Myanmar Chief of Child Protection Anne-Claire Dufay talks about helping children cope with life after the cyclone.
In this year-end episode of Beyond School Books, guests from the past year share their perspectives on peacebuilding.
Podcast moderator Alex Goldmark speaks with Drs. Adefunke Ekine and Judith-Ann Walker â€" both scholars in the Echidna Global Scholars Program at the Brookings Institution â€" about their ideas to improve learning opportunities and outcomes for girls.
Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization that works to reach gender parity in the computing fields, speaks to podcast moderator Alex Goldmark about why girls should be key players in that sector.
On World Humanitarian Day, UNICEF speaks with 2 women who are giving back to their communities and changing the lives Africa's next generation.
Podcast moderator Shia Levitt talks to UNICEF Education Senior Adviser Changu Mannathoko and Director of Programs at Pratham Institute and co-chair of the Learning Metrics Task Force Rukmini Banerji about putting learning at the centre of education.
Podcast moderator Rachel Bonham Carter talks to Grand Chief Edward John, Gabriele Papa and Krysta Williams about the right of indigenous peoples to education that is appropriate to their cultural methods of teaching and learning.
UNICEF podcast moderator Femi Oke speaks with UNICEF’s Principal Adviser, Gender Rights and Civic Engagement, Dr. Anju Malhotra, on the role of education in ending child marriage and enabling girls to reach their full potential.
Podcast moderator Femi Oke speaks with child development specialist Cassie Landers and Evelyn Margron, of Haitian Foundation Tipa Tipa, about integrating innovative playgrounds into Haitian schools.
UNICEF podcast moderator Kathryn Herzog speaks with UNICEF Ambassador and NBA player Pau Gasol about the importance of early education.
A youth from Monrovia, Liberia, wants to be an engineer but can’t afford the university fees.
Youth delegates from the Children's Climate Forum outline the many issues their countries are facing in relation to climate change.
Indonesia Communications Specialist Lely Djuhari discusses the earthquake in West Sumatra.
Please hit like, share and listen back. This week's Furthering Fathering Radio Show is about staying determined to reach set expectations Join us at 6:30PM EST as we discuss and reflect on the successes of 2018 based in consistently seeking elevate fatherhood, maintaining focus and diligently doing Thank you for being a part of the Best Fatherh ...…
Leaders in Tacoma, home to one of the nation's largest detention centers for immigrants facing deportation, may vote Tuesday to express disapproval with the Trump administration's approach to border enforcement.By (Will James).
It’s long been known that shellfish and other marine life are sensitive to ocean acidification caused by increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Some fish lose their sense of smell in acidic waters. There was a hope that salmon would not be affected. A new study shows otherwise.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
There's been horror and outrage in South Africa over news that 21 teenage boys have died during circumcision ceremonies. And interestingly it's traditional leaders who are demanding the police and the National Prosecution Authority take action after the deaths. Can you have Migration with dignity? On UN International Migrant's Day we hear from ...…
The funny reason why people had told him they've lost weight; update on the call yesterday about the man search for his friend who has dementia; Galveston police office passes from cancer as Michael talks about the officer's storied life & career; 12-days of Christmas recap 12-day of Christmas recap; the happening at Camp Hope & a tough story a ...…
Christopher Skaife talks about his new book The Ravenmaster: My Life with the Ravens at the Tower of London, in front of a live audience at Caveat, “the speakeasy bar for intelligent... -- Read more on
Jim and Joe Rizoli (Inside the Eye - Live!)
Following the General Assembly’s affirmation of the Global Compact for Refugees on Friday, and the adoption of the Global Compact for Migration last week, Ms. Espinosa explained how the compacts are “mutually reinforcing” for the people they serve. Speaking to UN News’s Natalie Hutchison, she said the freshly-adopted compacts provide a platform ...…
$2.7 billion appeal for South Sudan refugees - Africa’s largest displacement crisis Vital humanitarian air service risks being grounded in Central African Republic Migration ‘is a force for dignity’, says IOM on International Migrants Day
A new MP3 sermon from Pineville Grace Fellowship is now available on with the following details: Title: Morning Devotion 12-18-18 Speaker: Larry Phillips Broadcaster: Pineville Grace Fellowship Event: Devotional Date: 12/18/2018 Length: 9 min. Overview: During the holiday season let us worship the King of Kings and not the littl ...…
Hospitals unable to feed their own patients, elective surgeries postponed for years – those are just a few examples of what the UN’s Deputy Special Coordinator for the Middle East, Jamie McGoldrick, describes as a “collapsing system in freefall”.Our UN News Arabic chief, Reem Abaza, was in Gaza with Mr. McGoldrick several weeks ago, and after t ...…
A Physician calls into the show to discuss medical insurance and lays into the problems with Obamacare.
Today we devote our show to Cypress Essential Oil. We talk with Lindsey Meeleis, a Licensed Midwife in the State of California. Lindsey shares with us her best uses of Cypress oil both in and out of the birth room. Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Connect with Lindsey on Instagram @lindseymeeleis and @mindful_mama_tribe Submit a Recipe to t ...…
Just 8 days away from Christmas and we’re giving gifts away early. Tonight on the Patti Vasquez show : Stand-up Comedian Tommy Davidson joins us in the beginning of the program as he’s in the Chicagoland area for his 4 day comedy act @ Chicago Improv. Tommy Davidson’s exceptional range – from stand-up comedy and acting to versatile music accomp ...…
Today's deep-dive Tuesday tackles a long-running lawsuit by the estate of Randy California -- the founder, lead singer, and guitarist for the band Spirit -- alleging that Led Zeppelin stole the iconic riff for "Stairway to Heaven" from Spirit's 1968 song "Taurus." With assistance from Thomas on guitar, we tackle all of the fun issues that are c ...…
Exactly how did Obamacare screw us over? Here's some great insight, including a call from a physician.
Representatives of the state Department of Natural Resources will be in Belfair on Monday evening. They’re meeting with members of the community to address concerns about an unregulated increase in target shooting in Tahuya State Forest.By (Bellamy Pailthorp).
The livestock industry is responsible for a staggering amount of greenhouse gas emissions, with a single beef burger taking up to 450 gallons of water to produce. The UN is ramping up awareness on the issue, and two companies who make “plant-based meat”, were recently named “Champions of the Earth” by UNEP. Conor Lennon from UN News went along ...…
Ethiopia has confirmed the withdrawal of troops from Badme, a town formerly contested with Eritrea. This is seen as a concrete sign that the relationship between the two countries has warmed up following a peace agreement signed in July.The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Bio, launches a campaign to fight child marriage and gender-based viol ...…
Michael defends the pastor that is taking heat for buying his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini, saying at some churches his parishioners want their pastors to live well; 65 people become US citizens at Jacksonville game halftime; Elderly Phoenix woman takes the Suns owner to task over his asking for $150 million; recapping the Obamacare ruling from ...…
Associated since antiquity with nobility, luxury and power the colour purple is also deeply connected with mystery, magic and spiritual ideals. Originally created from the desiccated glands of sea snails, the process of making the dye was long, difficult and expensive and therefore purple was seen as exclusive, elitist and other worldly. Joinin ...…
Sellout games are easy.... just decide to do it and work hard.
On the surface, Father James Poole seemed like the cool priest in Nome, Alaska. He founded a Catholic mission radio station that broadcast his Jesuit sermons alongside contemporary pop hits. A 1978 story in People magazine called Poole “Western Alaska’s Hippest DJ . Comin’ at Ya with Rock’n’Roll ‘n’ Religion.” Behind the radio station’s closed ...…
Talkin’ bout a very special listener-requested post. That’s right, it’s time to talk about what to do when you pee on your boss’s dick. Accidentally. Also a much more serious post about attempted kidnapping/probably intended sexual assault. So give the second post a miss if you don’t feel like listening to that! Site: Fac ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Pineville Grace Fellowship is now available on with the following details: Title: Morning Devotional 12-17-18 Speaker: Larry Phillips Broadcaster: Pineville Grace Fellowship Event: Devotional Date: 12/17/2018 Length: 12 min. Overview: Christ paid the price and rose again and caused His elect to-be -born again.-…
BibleThumpingWingnut Episode #330 On this episode Pastor Jordan Hall Joins BTWN to discuss Jackie Hill Perry, The Social Justice Statment, John MacArthur, Shepards & G3 Conferences, His Internal Whiteness & More! Link to giveaway Bible: Click HERE Check Out Everything Bible Thumping Wingnut – HERE Support BTWN – HERE Follow BTWN on Twitter – HE ...…
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