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Stop being led around by life and take control. The Sunday Stoic Podcast explores the application of ancient philosophy to modern life. Stoicism will help you to remember what is important in life, not to be affected by things you can't control, how to be mindful everyday and how to make life better for those around you.
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Donald Robertson joins the podcast this week to discuss his new book. How to Think Like a Roman Emperor. The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. We'll talk about Marcus's life and times, his studies of philosophy and what we can learn from him today. You can get the book here: ...…
This week we discuss one of the fragments of Musonius Rufus. He teaches us that virtue must be practiced. And that practice must be varied, some techniques strengthen the body while others focus on the soul.
Michael Tremblay ( an athlete and a PhD student studying Epictetus. We discuss Epictetus's educational program, applications of Stoicism to modern life as well as modern critiques of Stoicism. Please help support the show by going to Visit my website…
Seneca offers us a list of principles by which we might steer our lives. We will fail to live up to most of these, but progress is all we can hope for. the show: (501) 503-3132 the show by donating on Paypal or by going ...…
We can accomplish so much in our short lives, if we apply our time correctly. This week Seneca reminds us that we have enough time if we don't waste it! go out to David for reading this week's episode, check out his websites ...…
Anger turns us into our evil twins. We a born to serve each other, but anger makes us turn against one another instead. Seneca gives his advice on how to remove or at least attempt to control Anger. Reading: support the podcast by joining on Patreon can also do ...…
Seneca thinks that most convincing advice on death comes from those who are have nearly reached the end of their lives. We may survive a disaster or a soldier's sword, but even if we escape, old age will still get us.
Kai Whiting joins the show to discuss a new paper that he and his colleagues have just put out: Education for the Sustainable Global Citizen: What Can We Learn from Stoic Philosophy and Freirean Environmental Pedagogies?Find out more at his website
A reflection on my birthday about times past and time ahead.
Today well begin to talk about the Late Stoa. This episode focuses on Seneca and we'll read one of his early works. A letter that he wrote to his mother while he was exiled to the island of Corsica. are a few main pointers we can take from Seneca's letter1.Always put things into pers ...…
A discussion Panateus and Posidonius the end of the school of Zeno, the introduction of Stoicism to Rome and the eclectic Middle Stoa.
If we are truly adopting a philosophy of life, we should know its history and its early proponents. In this episode we look at some of the Early Stoics. Reading:
On this short episode I describe the notebook that I carry in my pocket with sayings that I intend to commit to memory.
Today we start a new season and we go back to the roots of Stoicism. We'll investigate the founder, Zeno of Citium. Reading:
Here is an interview on a new Stoic Podcast called "Time Flies". Check it out at can find out more about my podcast at
This is an interview of me by Justin Vacula on the Stoic Solutions Podcast. Check out more at
Note: I will be taking a short break, the podcast will return on January 13. This week's episode is about actually committing to change. Not in the future, but right now.
Please fill out the Show Survey: you have what it takes to be a Stoic? If you are trying live a philosophical life, how do you know if you are progressing? Today's Reading The Discourses of Epictetus Book 2 #18 and The Discourses # 29 ...…
When someone does you wrong, remember that the best way to get revenge is to not be like them. If you take an eye for an eye, your are just as guilty as they are.
In this episode I recorded while on the road on a 12 hour drive to my family farm for Thanksgiving. I knew it would be a somewhat stressful trip, so I made a point to practice Stoicism along the way.
Cutting firewood with my dad helps me to be mindful about how easy I have it.
It is always good to stop and remind yourself of how you fit in. You are part of the universe, you are part of society. Once you are reminded of this, it becomes much easier to know how to act.
Follow up to some listener feedback and a discussion on the future of the Sunday Stoic
On this episode we'll see what the rival school of Epicureanism has to say about living the good life. Today's Reading:
The audio to a recent video on you-tube
Steve talks about his background steeped in ethics and gunpowder.
Habits are a form of autopiolot that help us navigate our busy days. But bad habits can cause us to lose productivity, to miss out on time with family etc. In this episode we will look into cultivating new habits with help from Epictetus and Charles Duhigg. The Power of Habit: ...…
Socrates is on trial. His life is at stake. Does he beg the court for his life, does he promise to mend his ways? No, he compares himself to a fly and asks for a hero's reward. Socrates is wise and brave, he dies like he lives, virtuously.
A quick casual conversation with my wife about how well stoicism is working in my life and how it's helping her too.
The character that we are building within ourselves is a precious thing. Epictetus warns us that it requires constant vigilance. If we take our eyes of the road for just a second, we may lose all that we've worked for in an instant. Reading: Discourses Book 4 Chapter 3 the show, go ...…
This week Donald Robertson joins us from Athens. We'll discuss the influence of Socrates on Stoicism and lessons we can draw from Socrates to live a better life. Don't forget to sign up for Donald's Course on Living Like Socrates. Listeners can save 20% by using this link to sign up ...…
Socrates was a role model for the Stoics, in this several part series we'll start to investigate why he was held in such high regard. Reading: the show on Patreon
Are you ready for a change? Ready or not here it comes. From day to day life to the crumbling of cities to the fall of mountains nothing stays the same.
Stoicism and optimism may seem like strange bedfellows. But If you can't be a Sage, optimism can a good way to keep yourself from overreacting to real or potential issues!Stoic Week is coming up!
To wish for things we cannot have is to wish for a fig in winter. We must align our desires with reality if we are going to earn the Stoic moniker! Thanks to Cat for joining as a Patron. Check out her art at
The Stoics advise us over and over again that exile is not something to fear. We generally don't face exile in the same way the Greeks and Romans did, but we can live in exile without even leaving home. Stoic week is coming up! Find out more at
This morning I'm starting the day with advice from Marcus Aurelius: "The Pythagoreans bid us in the morning look to the heavens that we may be reminded of those bodies which continually do the same things and in the same manner perform their work, and also be reminded of their purity and nudity. For there is no veil over a star. " Meditations B ...…
Each day could be our last. Rather than dwell on this fact with sadness, it can be our inspiration! Today's Reading:
Living according to our own individual nature requires us to be authentic in everything we do. How do we know when we are being authentic? The Stoics have a lot to say on the matter!
How do the properties of a good leader and of a philosopher converge? Musonius Rufus has the answer! Readings:
The poem Ozymandias contains similar themes to the writings of Marcus Aurelius. The things we think are important now, will one day crumble to dust. hear more of my music go to
Stoicism is not a philosophy of navel gazing, we are active agents in this world. Don't just be a receptor of ideas, you must find your voice and affect change in your world. We are joined again this week by Dr. John Saunders.
One good way to put your life into perspective is to examine what your obituary would say if you died today. Compare this obituary to what you'd prefer it said if you changed your character and became the person you want to be before you died. You can view my preferred obituary at www.sundaystoicpodcast.comHere is an article to give you inspira ...…
Upset stomach, sleepless nights, irritability... we've all been there. Our anxious mind causing us to suffer in the shadow of some looming event. But what if it doesn't have to be that way? The Stoics have a lot to say about anxiety, we'll scratch the surface this week. Want to Stoically practice the virute of justice? Join the Stoic Cosmopolis ...…
We must be careful not to fall into Logical traps. If we are going to live using Reason as our guide we must not fall for, or into logical fallacies. Today's show is based on this image: the show: (501) 503-3132https://www.sundayst ...…
This episode focuses on one of the core tenements of Epictetus's Stoicism the power of Choice. No matter what is happening we always have choices to make. To turn left or right, to speak or stay silent, to die with a frown or a smile on our face.
According to the Stoics, the one thing that distinguishes us from the rest of nature our capacity to reason. But what exactly is reason and how does it relate to living a complete life? Dr. Massimo Pigliucci joins the podcast this week to discuss Stoicism, Reason, Science and Scientism. Check out more from Massimo Pigliucci herehttps://platofoo ...…
Who were the first to die in the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam? The optimists. This is known as the Stockdale Paradox. Living a philosophical life requires us not to be blindly optimistic but to face the facts and live life accordingly. That huge upheaval in your life may not be easy, but you can see to it that you come out of it a better person. Sup ...…
Have to perform on stage? Have to give a big talk at work? What do the Stoics have to say about stage fright?Contact the show: (501) 503-3132 the show by donating on Paypal or by going to
If you could talk to your 102 year old self, what advice would they give you? This is a powerful exercise for thinking about what is really important in your life. But advice is only useful if you take it! Contact the show: (501) 503-3132 the show by donating on Paypal or by going ...…
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