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Learn Swedish with Free Podcasts Whether you are student or a seasoned speaker, our lessons offer something for everyone. We incorporate culture and current issues into each episode to give the most informative, both linguistically and culturally, podcasts possible. For those of you with just the plane ride to prepare, check our survival phrase series at One of these phrases just might turn your trip into the best one ever!
Start speaking Swedish today with free and fun videos and audio lessons produced by real Swedes. At home or on the go whenever you choose. Swedish is one of the easier languages to learn and is understood by over 20 million people in Scandinavia. Sign up for your very own free account and get access to our complete lessons archive free of charge. Start learning immediately and discover our game and community based learning system which will get you fluent in no time! Ask questions about the ...
Learn Swedish in minutes with the Radio Lingua Network
A Little Bit of Language Can Go Such a Long Way!
A new revamp of the old podcast format sees Emma in Uppsala/Stockholm and Sanjay in Malmö meeting students, immigrants to Sweden and born and raised Swedes to discuss their favourite neighbourhoods in Sweden. What makes a neighbourhood in Sweden? What are the different types of neighbourhoods are there, and how do they vary depending on where you are in the country?Brought to you by Study In Sweden and the Swedish Institute. Visit for information on studies and life in Sweden.
Doing the Swedish
How is living in Sweden and much more.
”From a Swedish Homestead” by the Swedish author Selma Lagerloef (translated by Jessie Brochner) is a varied collection of stories, mostly set in Dalarne or Vaermland in Sweden, but also some stories or legends from Kungahalla on the west-coast at the time between Heathendom and early Christianity plus some Legends from Italy and Belgium. The first nine sections, “The Story of a Country House”, is a short Novel, originally published on its own, but here part of the collection.It is the story ...
Swedish Bananas
Two regular guys from Sweden that know almost everything they know.
Find Your Swedish Ancestors is a podcast for anyone looking into doing genealogy or family history research in Sweden. Tips and tricks, help and inspiration on how to find your Swedish ancestors and exploring your Swedish roots.
Swedish Zomcast
swz bild
The Swedish Audio Drama New Testament (SFB) is a unique presentation of the Audio Bible with approximately 180 different characters and a digitally recorded sound track with full sound effects. For a list of other available languages go to our website at The mission of Faith Comes By Hearing is to bring His Church together and make disciples from every nation, tribe, language, and people: to give every person the opportunity to listen completely through the Ne ...
Swedish House Music Producer. Instrument: Ableton Push 2.I'm amazed by what is possible to make in electronic music. I create whatever comes to my mind. And fail often. As fast as possible.
Three guys from sweden sit down to discus all their thoughts about games, comics, music and movies. And evrything they happen to sidetrack into.
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Learn Swedish with! The moment you’ve been dreading has finally come—it’s time to open a Swedish bank account! You’ve heard that the process is painful and you budget several hours to get it done. So when you’re done in less than an hour, you’re shocked! At least you have a free afternoon now though…In [...]…
In this first episode of the newly formed podcast format, Emma and Sanjay discuss the new setup for the podcast. Over the course of the year, Emma and Sanjay will travel to different parts of Sweden to see how different types of people find communities and home in their neighbourhoods in Sweden. In this episode, Emma focuses on the neighbourhoo ...…
This is episode 9 of Find Your Swedish Ancestors Podcast. The podcast is turning two years old today, September 30. I tell you about some news at Arkiv Digital, new products from Sveriges Släktforskarförbund. I also talk about Allt för Sverige. And then there are some big events coming up: MyHeritageLive in Oslo in November, next year The Genea ...…
Link List: Simon's recommendation: Axiom Verge Last weeks recommendation: Dom kallar oss Mods / They Call Us Misfits: Stream Dom kallar oss Mods / They Call Us Misfits (ENG SUBS): Belt: ...…
A part of speech can be seen as a language's building block and if you want to learn one, this lesson will help you understand any language better. - Be a part of our community and get extra content and more free lessons at
Link List: Joel´s recommendation: Dom kallar oss Mods / They Call Us Misfits: Stream Dom kallar oss Mods / They Call Us Misfits (ENG SUBS): Last weeks recommendation: ERASED: Classic Liberal Party (SWE ...…
Preview of new song UHOU3E One.Inspiration from KSHMR.1 min long. Fminor. 130Bpm.
From Awesome games, eco homes, Liberalism, cleaning the ocean, we cover it all! Link List: Simon's Recommendation: Last weeks recommendation: Boyan Slat: How we will rid the oceans of plastic: Boyan Slat on Joe Rogan: The Ocean Cleanup: https: ...…
In this episode, Emma speaks to students from Umeå to Malmö about cultural activities in Sweden - from Swedish football teams to Nordic skating, contemporary Swedish art to city festivals, we cover broad topics on different ways you can get involved with cultural activities whilst managing school work and on a student budget.…
In July/August's podcast, Emma speaks to various people in Sweden about the country's relationship to Swedish singing sensation ABBA. She discusses their influence upon Swedish society, and their reputation internationally - particularly why their success seems to be unending.Mgm and Universal Music have approved the usage of ABBA music in the ...…
Remix.Vocals: Marina and the diamonds. Music: Urbanhouse128bpm. Dmajor.Update:- Mastered w Izotope
Trance Blue track with my new Console UH audio effect rack. Added Ableton Saturator, OTT, and Drum Buss effects. After getting inspiration by Softube's Console 1 and their American Class A sound. 138bpm.Updates:- Shorter beginning- Added some FX- Swapped solo instrument to Plucked instrument.- Added sidechain to not drown the bass.…
From Swedish propaganda to awesome movies, we cover it all! Link list: Joel's recommendation: Boyan Slat: How we will rid the oceans of plastic: crazy snake stream: Swedish TV, immigration numbers: Pedophile song outrage: https://www.intellectualtakeout.or ...…
TWITCH STREAM 9th of June, 7 PM:
In this episode, Emma interviews international students and a tattoo artist about why so many Swedes have tattoos and why Sweden is a culture which is so accepting of tattoos.
Twitch Streaming while Sweden loses hot freedom over religion. Speedrunning Battletoads kills the hard drive on the moon, while your child is owned by Disney. Sweden wins Senior Counterstrike tournament and a PlayStation has been bought. Biking to work while following the stars, wondering "Is Switzerland Sweden?" Twitch Stream 9/6 19:00 Swedish ...…
Prepo… wait, what? What prepositions are and how are they used in Swedish? - Be a part of our community and get extra content and more free lessons at
In this episode, Emma talks to friends who have lived all over Sweden about the unique celebration which is Valborg.
Getting falsely accused for VR Murder in the future. Rotoscoping freaks out a generation and West world is back, while Joel gets uneasy from watching Anime.... he might be able to play Celest. Unsolved murders are getting solved via Podcasts but Conan is still missing.
Trying out Ableton new drum buss effect. Bass solos on Sylenth1 synths. 120 bpm. Dmin.
Sexy Eurovision participants in a SNES tournament, fighting their sexual desires to have offspring without the responsibility. BAN PROSTITUTION! Facebook is dead and Joel can't understand Snapchat, "It's like yelling in a room full of whores and see who responds".
2nd version. Deleted some synths. I love the mallets, so I added more melody to the them.
Experimenting with LFOs controlling Echo Audio Effect. 118bpm.
The Twitch stream begins 19:00/7 PM Swedish time this Saturday! Other time zones: New York: 13:00 / 1 PM London: 18:00 / 6 PM Los Angeles 10:00 / 10 AM
Episode 8 of Find Your Swedish Ancestors Podcast. Riksarkivet , The National Swedish Archive, in Sweden is celebrating 400 years 2018. Hear about the fire that destroyed medieval documents. DNA-genealogy is growing in Sweden, we love going to DNA cafés.
Meditation in The Abyss. Stalking Mindfulness from the east before Midnight. Twitch Stream! Battling Toads on the 10th of March 19:00 Swedish Time, Don't miss it!!
In February's podcast, Emma talks to both Swedes and international students about the specifics of dating culture in Sweden. Is there a cultural script for what happens on dates with Swedes? Is it difficult to date in Sweden? Is it true that Swedes are super shy, so will you ever even get asked out? Find out on this month's podcast.…
Pretty simple song. Inspired by Jon Kennedy, UK, I made this guitar track. Added a low bass and piano. Some Ping Pong Delay to the percussion. Eminor. 88 bpm. Enjoy!
Short version. Chord progression 1-4/5. Cminor. 118Bpm.
For the first podcast of the New Year, Emma travels to Kiruna, Sweden's most northern city, with ambassador Raeed to interview staff and students at Luleå tekniska universitet's Space Campus in Kiruna. We see what it is like living and studying in one of the darkest, coldest places in the country - situated 200km into the Arctic Circle.…
Bass player's can't place bass so they are kickstarting music instead. Take our money and buy cool MP3-Players while Youtubing about Nintendo Indie games that sucks. Kill your darlings and distribute your stuff via quantum physics! We not need no eduaction but people with vaginas should learn to growl more. No more attempts but two more episode ...…
ALL of your Swedish lessons on the go. For the iPhone, iPad and Android.
Testing some brass ideas together with Sus chords. 102bpm Ab-minor
It's solo time! It feels almost like when I'm playing on my tenor saxophone. Using "call/respond" technique. Fmajor. 120bpm(Version C - updated a synth instrument)
My 2nd take on this track. Added more percussions, fills, and other stuff happening. 126bpm. Fminor.
Slower and more heavy. With drops. Cminor. 92bpm.
Drinking local Swedish Julmust while collecting horrible games. How to preserve insects when you live forever. Eating neatly packaged Christmas food watching the traditional Swedish julkalender and exchanging Christmas money.
In the second podcast of this season, Emma explores Swedish recipes and food with guests from across the country - from Uppsala to Stockholm to Malmö. Points of discussion include Swedish festive food, dishes which international students have brought with them to Sweden and Swedish food that can be made on a student budget. *NOTE: references ma ...…
Cold dope laws by snowy conservative partners in disgust, bringing out the "best" of humanity while working 3 hours a day. Also, fear media wearing tight leather pants watching overrated Grave of the fireflies.
In Emma's first podcast as host, she explores Uppsala's 36th Annual Short Film Festival for Study in Sweden. Hosted by the Swedish Institute. Shirley Bruno's work: Lamberti's work: article: ...…
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