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Enjoying Everyday Life® is a daily TV and radio broadcast provided by Joyce Meyer Ministries.
When your favorite show ends, we're just getting started. LIVE interactive podcasts take place on Youtube, right after the episode ends of shows like THE WALKING DEAD, GAME OF THRONES, 24 plus Netflix original shows like HOUSE OF CARDS. Post Show Recaps features Rob Cesternino from Rob Has a Podcast. See more at
A Work of Podcast Justice
Raised by TV
When​ ​Jon​ ​Gabrus​ ​and​ ​Lauren​ ​Lapkus​ ​were​ ​growing​ ​up,​ ​they​ ​watched​ ​a​ ​lot​ ​of​ ​TV.​ ​Like,​ ​a​ ​LOT​ ​of TV.​ ​Now​ ​adults​ ​with​ ​minds​ ​hopelessly​ ​warped​ ​by​ ​television,​ ​they’ve​ ​come​ ​together​ ​to​ ​indulge their​ ​shared​ ​obsession.​ ​On​ ​Raised​ ​By​ ​TV,​ ​Jon​ ​and​ ​Lauren​ ​revisit​ ​the​ ​best​ ​and​ ​worst​ ​TV​ ​of​ ​the late​ ​80s​ ​and​ ​early​ ​90s​ ​-​ ​everything​ ​from​ ​game​ ​shows​ ​and​ ​TGIF​ ​to​ ​Oprah​ ​and​ ​cereal commercials. ...
Enjoying Everyday Life® is a daily TV and radio broadcast provided by Joyce Meyer Ministries.
Bachelor, MTV Challenge and Reality TV Podcasts
There’s little doubt that TV is driving the cultural conversation, but there could still stand to be more great conversation about TV. That’s where the Vulture TV Podcast comes in. In this weekly podcast, New York TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz and Vulture TV editor Gazelle Emami will go deep on what matters most the world of television, what makes good TV, and how good TV gets made. Their conversation could, and will, encompass everything from the hot-button points of a given show—did you see ...
The weekly television broadcast of In Touch Ministries featuring Dr. Charles Stanley, pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta
Cinematic Sound Radio is a film, TV and video game music radio show that has been on the air and streaming on the internet for 20 years. Since being picked up by WROCK Radio in California, the show is now a weekly 2-hour program featuring a wide variety of great film music for you to enjoy. Updated weekly (sometimes a little bit later). Host and producer Erik Woods. Recorded in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. ‘Cinematic Sound Radio Fanfare and Theme’ composed by David Coscina.
The Redmen TV Podcast is finally here. This is your newest Liverpool FC companion. Get listening, get sharing and get commenting because this Liverpool FC podcast will stand out from the crowd! Over the course of the year we'll be discussing absolutely anything and everything to do with LFC. From John Henry and FSG through transfer rumours all the way to the results and previews of matches. If it's Liverpool FC related we love it. Up the Reds! The Redmen TV is Uncensored LFC Television http: ...
Welcome to Decrypted, Ars Technica's weekly podcast that follows TV shows like Mr. Robot and Westworld. We'll be diving into the shows in a way only Ars can—which is to say it'll be thorough, we'll talk with experts, and no detail is too minute or nerdy. // Mr. Robot S2 starts 7/13/16. Show is produced and hosted by Nathan Mattise. // Westworld S1 starts 10/2/16. Show is produced and hosted by Annalee Newitz, co-produced by Jennifer Hahn.
Join Kev, Steve, Anna and Pab every Saturday morning for their unique take on Geek Culture, and some strong opinions on the Great British Bake Off.
Bald Move TV
Weekly TV podcast covering the latest episodes of currently-airing shows.
A daily half hour audio podcast of the Gospel Truth television program featuring Andrew Wommack.
Game Scoop! TV follows your favorite IGN editors in their relentless quest to unravel the world of video game news. Also, they break things.
Maureen Ryan and Ryan McGee tackle all things TV in this informative, entertaining podcast.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Enjoying Everyday Life® is a daily TV and radio broadcast provided by Joyce Meyer Ministries.
Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income Blog reveals all of his online business and blogging strategies, income sources and killer marketing tips and tricks for your online business or blog.
Searching for Evidence of Life After Death
Daily forex videos covering market news, technical analysis and forex trading forecasts.Risk Warning:
TV Rewind Podcast
TV Rewind is a weekly format TV review and news podcast where a TV enthusiast (and guest hosts) discusses the latest happenings in the TV industry.
Gospel Driven, Hard Hitting, Culturally Relevant
Ron Carpenter TV
Recognized worldwide as a leader of leaders, Ron has advised, consulted and mentored CEO’s, Pastors and political leaders around the world for two decades. As both a Senior Pastor and a successful entrepreneur with multiple business ventures, his relentless passion for developing potential in others succeed permeates every aspect of his organization
A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.
Sharp, Fun TV Criticism
Security news, interviews, how-to technical segments. For security professionals by security professionals. We Hack Naked.
The Reality TV Podcast discusses all the latest happenings in the world Reality TV, including recaps and commentary of shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, American Idol, The Mole, The Apprentice, Project Runway & other Reality Television shows that are on air right now. Plus, interviews with your favorite Reality TV Stars, the day after they are kicked off their show!! And all of this fun is packed into a weekly podcast, the best and #1 rated Reality TV Podcast on the entire ...
TV Ate My Brain the official TV podcast of Multiple hosts take turns to review and discuss the TV shows they love and are passionate about. You can reach us at and find all our podcasts at
Your Weekly Trek Through the World of TV
Discussion of this week in television from dramas to comedies to scifi.
Radio, TV and movie buffs talk about the Golden Age of Commercial Communication, including segments on old-time technology, radio/TV personalities, pre-Internet and Cable news, American pop history, collectibles and collecting, and much more. Each episode presents American Pop Culture, family trends, products, notables and celebrities that, to this day, signifies they the rite of passage for those born between 1946 and 1964. Our hosts, guests hosts and historians weave a rich tapestry from a ...
Gamereactor TV Brings you reviews of all the new games, and interviews with the developers.
Answering your questions, Joyce Meyer explains how to apply biblical solutions to your life and together we discover answers to your everyday dilemmas. #askjoyce
The viewer's guide to genre television
The Walking Dead TV Podcast is a show dedicated to AMC's The Walking Dead television series. Join five members of the HHWLOD family as we discuss the events of each week's new episode.
TV Avalanche
With TV Avalanche, Uproxx's Alan Sepinwall and Brian Grubb have fun scaling the heights of the overwhelming new TV landscape to talk about shows they love, shows they watched so that you will never ever have to, and shows that may turn into something special with a little luck and time. Come for the TV nerdery, stay for the occasional talk about silly character names and two of the NBA's most godforsaken basketball teams!
Custard TV Podcast
A weekly TV podcast with Luke the editor of with contributions from Gary and Matt. Visit for all the latest TV news Now!
"Very Good TV Podcast" offers Indiewire's weekly examinations of the best stories, shows and trends across television -- plus our heartiest recommendations of what new content you should be watching.
TV Talk Machine
Tim Goodman, chief television critic for The Hollywood Reporter, talks regularly with Jason Snell about what’s going on in television, what shows to watch, and what shows to skip. This podcast is released simultaneously worldwide to all international markets for your binge-listening pleasure.Send us your email at!
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This podcast is a recording of a live Tales Of The Black Badge podcast that Kevin and Bonnie did at Earp-A-Palooza 2018. Photo credit to Fred from the Netherlands (aka @Petrified_Fred on Twitter) Bonnie and Kevin now have a Patreon page so you can help them to bring even more Wynonna Earp coverage to the Earpers! You can find that page here… Bo ...…
Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler re-watch "Game of Thrones" Season 5, Episode 7, "The Gift"By
Ubisoft has just launched its new toys-to-life game Starlink: Battle for Atlas, and on today's stream we got into our spaceships to explore a brave new world, this time with Starfox making an appearance in the Switch version.
Things get trickier with this wintertime street race versus very competitive AI-driven drivatars. This is the full-HD version of the original 4K, 60 fps clip you can watch exclusively at Gamereactor.
As usual FH4 gets trickier on the "ilegal" Street Races as visibility goes down, rivals are harder and of course there's traffic in both directions. We try our best with our GT-R in this clip we captured at 4K plus 60 fps with an HP OMEN PC.
An ice-cold, yet super-hot Sprint Race in FH4's wintertime. This is the full-HD version of the original 4K, 60 fps clip you can watch exclusively at Gamereactor.
Our Nissan GT-R goes from A to B at a high speed in the snowy open world. This is the full-HD version of the original 4K, 60 fps clip you can watch exclusively at Gamereactor.
We take our Nissan GT-R Black Edition out for a ride on the snowy roads and fields of beautiful Britain as we go beyond the 4K30 console max. resolution/framerate to reach 4K60 visuals with an HP OMEN gaming PC.
We've been spending a lot of time with Swery65's new game The Missing, and we've got a section to share with you that illustrates the core mechanics in this platformer.
The Winter is Coming, so in this Ultra HD, 60fps gameplay clip we capture FH4's British beauty in the wintertime, going beyond Xbox One X's maximum 4K30/1080p60 settings for a super smooth and detailed 4K60 result with an HP OMEN 880 gaming PC.
Reddit dumpster fire; fitness trackers on bananas; Google has AI Principles!; Amazon's sexist AI; Lime's sour grapes; scooter hacking; SnapTV; a billion points of hacked data; more Bloomberg & China; lady in a tube security & lack thereof; brutalist web design; should this thing be smart? This episode is brought to you by RXBAR. For 25% off you ...…
Join us in the online world of Rooster Teeth as we discuss weekly news and announcements on ROOSTER TEETH REVIEWS. We talk Camp Camp, Red vs Blue, Nomad of Nowhere and more. Have a specific topic you want us to cover? Reach out in the comments and let us know! PANEL – Mark Donica – @MarkBDonica Katie Cullen – @Kiaxet Megan Salinas – @TheMenguin ...…
Hosts Kari Lane and Christene Alexis breakdown ep 1-3 of Man In the High Castle. Almost all of our characters are back but is Frank Frink really alive? Do you think John Smith or Joe Blake are playing the long game and will betray the Reich? Inspector Kida has to change his approach and have a softer hand but will he get what he wants? Will Jul ...…
Anger and unforgiveness are two things we can live without. On this episode, Joyce shares why making the decision to forgive is essential to your own healing.
Anger and unforgiveness are two things we can live without. On this episode, Joyce shares why making the decision to forgive is essential to your own healing.
This week on The Walking Dead, a lot of time was spent building bridges over water and between communities. Tune in to hear Jason and I recap season 9 episode 2, “The Bridge”. — Please send us your comments, thoughts and feedback. Email us at, or post comments below. You can follow us on Twitter...…
Throwing Shade's Erin Gibson is talkin' TV with Jon & Lauren today! She gets into Rainbow Brite, her book "Feminasty," and the time she tried to change her name to Nicole, before Jon almost makes her puke with a story about a kid who picked his nose too much. Plus: a new improvised sitcom, "You Can't Keep Love In A Zoo!" This episode is brought ...…
As the series rolls on, the modern day trappings seem less and less relevant.By (IGN).
Matt and Luke review new dramas Informer (BBC1) Butterfly (ITV) as well as new comedy There She Goes (BBC4). Plus, did No Offence work as a binge??
A.Ron and Jim blow all the doors down on the latest episode of HBO's The Deuce, "We're All Beasts". It provokes a lot of meta discussion about progressive politics, America's long lost battle against vice, and offensive analogies. We also talk about Eileen's guerrilla film-making campaign for what looks to be the very watchable Red Hot. Finally ...…
Mark of the Ninja has snuck up on us like a ghost, except this time it's back in its remastered form to reintroduce us to the ways of the ninja. We've been testing it out, and you can see the results of our training in the livestream replay.
Garrett Gross received his first modem at age six and has been plugged in ever since. Today, Garrett is a Senior Solutions Engineer with a specialization in application security at Rapid7. He serves as an escalation layer to the applied engineering department, provides technical enablement, and facilitates cross-departmental functionality. Garr ...…
In the Application Security News, Git Project patches Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, Google is Shutting Down Google+ after 500k accounts potentially affected by a data breach, Facebook wants people to Invite its cameras into their homes, GitHub introduces user blocking notifications, DevOps producing more insecure apps than ever, Climate ...…
We stopped by Avalanche Studios for a chat with game director Emil Kraftling ahead of the closed beta for Generation Zero to learn more of what we can expect and what sort of answers the developers are looking for.
We sat down for an interview with producer Almir Listo to talk about the ongoing closed beta for Overkill's The Walking Dead and its upcoming launch.
We caught up with designer and programmer Louis Denizet to learn more about the promising Souls-like Dark Devotion.
We played around with the character creation and the first couple of missions in Lego DC Super-Villains on Gamereactor Live.
This week, Michael and Paul talk about the Article Discussion on Leadership, Communication, and Innovation! They discuss how to automate habits and never think about them again, why it’s important to explain to employees that organizational changes are coming, how journaling can boost your leadership skills, why you need to tell them why, and m ...…
Paul and Chris are here for the latest RMTV podcast in which they discuss the plans to expand the Anfield Road end, whether or not Liverpool may opt to change system in the coming weeks, as well as answering some of YOUR questions!
Steph Sabraw and Sierra Brinae break down the final blind audition and the first battle episodes. Some artists were sent home and some prevailed. They break it all down. ABOUT THE VOICE: The Voice is an American reality television singing competition broadcast on NBC. Based on the original The Voice of Holland, the concept of the series is to f ...…
Double crosses, double eliminations, and double drama in a ball of Chuckie Cheese’s fury. We break down the three eliminations of tonight’s episode with special guest Nelly T giving all the needy greedy. About The Challenge After Show: The Challenge, a mix between Real World and Road Rules Challenge, featuring alumni from the past shows as the ...…
An Evolution Reunion, A McMahon Reunion, a 619 Return and Truth TV! What more could you ask for??? Watch Christian Rosenberg, Tom Connolly and TK Trinidad break down this historic 1000th edition of WWE Smackdown!!! The WWE SmackDown After Show: The action inside the ring continues on SMACKDOWN LIVE! Tune in as we discuss the best matches, story ...…
Hosts Candice Cruz, Parris Rose and Thelma Mbaezue-Daniel finally get to discuss how Jack became Jack during his time at Vietnam and he didn’t disappoint! We also break down the relationship between the Pearson men and share our tear jerker moments! What were yours? ABOUT THIS IS US: Jack and his wife – who is very pregnant with triplets — have ...…
Cisco gets over Gypsy with the help of Ralph and Caitlin, Barry and Nora have some quality father daughter time, and Sycada strikes again! Tune into the discussion with hosts Drew Jones, Chauncey Robinson, Jaimie Alexander, and Zach Silverman! Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! – HELPFUL LINKS: Website – http:// ...…
Tonight was the premier called ‘The Pilot’ of the new Police drama the Rookie starring Nathan Fillion filmed in LA. We chatted about the pace, secret love and best takedown ABOUT THE ROOKIE: Nathan Fillion returns to TV as John Nolan in The Rookie. This show is all about second chances and showing that it’s never to late for you to try somethin ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — The Man In The High Castle is a weekly “after show” for fans of The Man In The High Castle. In this show, hosts Steve Kaufmann, Kari Lane, and Christine Alexis discuss episodes 1 – 3. The Man in the High Castle is an American dystopian alternate history television series produced by Amazon Studios, Scott Free, Headline Pictures a ...…
Join hosts Jaimi Gray and Ollie Drennan where they breakdown another killer episode of USA’s The Purge! Are Miguel and Penelope out of the woods yet? Can we really trust Joe? And who will Jenna choose, Rick or Lila? Let us know your thoughts and Purge with us! ABOUT THE PURGE: During a 12-hour period when all crime — including murder — is legal ...…
This week McKenzie Fayne, Karena Ardaji, and Lee Fayne talk all about Teen Mom OG season 7 episode 21 where Caitlyn & Tyler appears on Dr.Oz show speaking about her mental illness, Bristol is shocked when she returns to her home in Austin, Gary searches for his biological father, Cheyenne pushes Zack, and Maci becomes an advocate for PCOS. Be s ...…
Join Host Veronica Valencia, Carlina Will, and Taquaila Jackson as we are moved with emotion from Dr. Glassman’s therapeutic hallucination visit with his daughter, Mattie. We also discuss how to be accountable in friendship between Dr. Murphy and Lea. Lastly, we talk about how to be bias and not bring your personal baggage into the experiences ...…
Steph Sabraw, Tehran & Heather Wake break down outMatched. Kate gives someone a heart attack, Andy and Lauren go head to head, and the inner circle broke out a mystery mutant. The Gifted After Show Returns here at AfterBuzz TV! Break down all the episodes with us as we track Andy’s descent into becoming a villain while Lauren struggles with her ...…
This week on After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson we’re covering The Giant aka The Big Show’s time in WCW. From his relationship with Hulk Hogan to joining the NWO, plus why Kevin Nash no-showed Starrcade 1997, we break down all of Eric Bischoff’s revelations from 83 Weeks. Tune in also for our take on the latest pro wrestling news & hot topics, & ...…
Exams continue! Join hosts Kari Lane, Veronica Valencia, Jaimie Gray and Ollie Drennan as they cover the next segment of the Hero license exam. Teamwork and utilizing your quick are the key means of survival for the rescue portion. Will our kids be able to fight and rescue when the “villains” show up? Also, we have another exciting Loot Crate u ...…
Description: Amanda Grace Benitez marches to the beat of her own drum! She can be seen acting in films such as The Ranger and The F*ck It List, and rocking out as drummer in the band The Tenth. She also created her own clothing line, PRAER. This powerhouse joins TomGirl host J.J. Jurgens to discuss how she follows the calling, not the crowd, an ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV – AfterBuzz TV’s Spotlight On edition, is a long form interview series featuring actors discussing their roles and shows as well as their thoughts, passions and journeys. In this episode hosts Frank Moran & Paige Bonanno interview Spencer Garrett. The post Spencer Garrett Interview appeared first on AfterBuzz TV Network.…
Chelsea Galicia, Scott Moore, and Tamra Brown discuss Kanye in the Oval Office, Stormy Daniels’ response to the Horseface tweet, Trump’s insistence that he’s not a baby to 60 Minutes, the journalist killed in the Saudi consulate, and Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test. Moderator – Christian Bladt @christiandmz Panelists – Brooke Soliz @brookesoliztv T ...…
Taran Armstrong, Brent Wolgamott and Melissa Deni are back to talk you through all the Big Brother 20 season and analyze the conclusion of the game. The post BB20 | Monday LFC Roundtable Oct 15 appeared first on
We can either live offended or learn how to love people unconditionally. Don't let your love grow cold. Learn how to become the best you can be at forgiving others.
We can either live offended or learn how to love people unconditionally. Don't let your love grow cold. Learn how to become the best you can be at forgiving others.
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