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Is it best that our food is Local and Organic or Big and Conventional? Our view is “Both, and..” We don’t come to the table with a bias, except that good farming like good food comes in all shapes and sizes. Farm to Table Talk explores issues and the growing interest in the story of how and where the food on our tables is produced, processed and marketed. The host, Rodger Wasson is a food and agriculture veteran. Although he was the first of his family to leave the grain and livestock farm a ...
Friends at the Table is an actual play podcast about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. Find us (and a listener guide) @Friends_Table on Twitter.
The Black List Table Reads takes the best and most exciting screenplays Hollywood hasn't yet made, and turns them into movies, for your ears. Black List founder Franklin Leonard presents a new script every month read by a rotating cast of talented actors, along with interviews from the Hollywood screenwriting community and beyond. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EAR ...
The Splendid Table
American Public Media's The Splendid Table is public radio's culinary, culture, and lifestyle program that celebrates food and its ability to touch the lives and feed the souls of everyone. Each week, award-winning host Francis Lam leads listeners on a journey of the senses and hosts discussions with a variety of writers and personalities who share their passion for the culinary delights. Updated every Friday.
Focusing on both digital and tabletop gaming, The Game Design Round Table provides a forum for conversation about critical issues to game design.
The Rounds Table
The Rounds Table is a free weekly medical podcast covering the latest and most important research from major medical journals. It is intended for all practicing healthcare professionals and aims to to help them keep up to date in the care of their patients.
Round Table is thepremiere English talk show that debates issues affecting China. The show shineswith its three hosts who come from diverse backgrounds and offer bold as wellas researched discussion on some of the hottest topics headlining in the MiddleKingdom. Everything from economic regulation to social issues, culturaldifferences to gender differences, the RT team has you covered withcomprehensive information and addicting charisma.
Jessie Ware hosts a podcast about food, family, and the beautiful art of having a chat, direct from her very own dinner table. With a little bit of help from her chef extraordinaire mum Lennie, each week guests from the worlds of music, culture and politics drop by for a bite and a bit of a natter. Oversharing guaranteed.
Flip the Table
Most board game shows focus on the latest-and-greatest, or time-tested classics. We have taken it upon ourselves to comb our local charity shops and salvage stores for the other stuff...join us as we review cheesy, weird, and obscure board games for your entertainment.
Truth's Table
“Midwives of culture for grace and truth.”Welcome to Truth’s Table with Michelle Higgins, Christina Edmondson, and Ekemini Uwan. We are Black Christian women who love truth and seek it out wherever it leads us. We will share our perspectives on race, politics, gender, current events, and pop culture that are filtered through our Christian faith. So pull up a chair and have a seat at the table with us. Learn more at
We are a podcast About Board games, Card games, & any other form of tabletop gaming! Join Roy, Matt, And Robert On our amazing podcasting adventure with tons of table top gaming! each week will will tackle another gaming topic and talk about game we are currently streaming and playing! we stream the podcast live on Tuesdays at 9pm EST and we play live board games on fridays 6-10pm EST check us out on twitter and instagram @epicgamingnight
EPL Round Table
Catch the debate on The EPL Round Table with guests from each and every Premier League club having their say on match previews, controversies, and results.
The full-cast serial adventures of King Arthur and the Knights of the Table Round. An ongoing audio drama.
The Key 3 is a series of discussions with great cooks (not just professional chefs) about the three recipes or techniques they think everyone should know. These are master classes for all of us and quite revealing about the cooks themselves.
Around the Table is the perfect balance of intention and indulgence. It's a weekly conversation between two best friends, Jacey Verdicchio and Maggie McDaris, whose goal is to help you live purposefully without skipping dessert!
The Splendid Table's How to Eat Weekends Recipes, Stories and Opinions from Public Radio's Award Winning Food Show podcast is a practical guide to feeding yourself and the ones you love.
For 30 years, New York's legendary Comedy Cellar has served as the launching pad for greatest stand up comedians in the world. Colin Quinn, Dave Chappelle, Ray Romano, Dave Attell, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Dane Cook, Robert Kelly and Greg Giraldo are just a few of the comedians who began as Cellar regulars. But classic stage performances have never been the only show going on at the Cellar. The biggest comedians in the world come to sit at the table upstairs, where comedians come to argue an ...
Join UCB Theatre veterans Cody Lindquist & Charlie Todd as they welcome a panel of NYC's most hilarious comedians, journalists, and politicians to chug two beers on stage and discuss the politics of the week. It's like Meet The Press, but funnier and with more alcohol. Theme song by Tyler Walker.
Hosted by Jeff Warren and Len Hunsicker, The Philadelphia Sports Table podcast show is dedicated to the world of Philly sports. As one of the longest running Philly sports podcasts, the weekly podcast show touches on topics, news and viewpoints about the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, 76’ers, and sports world, in general. During the NFL regular season, Eagles post-game shows are uploaded after every game.
The Table Podcast his brought to you by the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Darrell Bock, Executive Director for Cultural Engagement and features weekly guests on a variety of topics.
Table Top Babble
If there's one genre of gaming James Introcaso loves above all others, it's table top RPGs. He talks about them so much, we decided to record him and make a podcast out of his conversations. Get the latest news, reviews, advice, and interviews as he chats with top names in the industry.
Table to Farm, featuring Slate's L.V. Anderson and The Sporkful's Dan Pashman, reverse engineers the food chain, exploring the origins of what we buy, cook, and eat.
Kitchen Table Magic
A podcast about the amazing people of the Magic: The Gathering community. Hear stories by pro players, cosplayers, YouTubers, content creators, streamers, controversy makers and inspiring people.
A short, no BS weekly talk about the realities of running a Massage Therapy practice - or any health, wellness or fitness business, really!You’ve probably got great hands-on skills and work well with your clients one-on-one. Most of you have that stuff down. But it’s the stuff "beyond the massage table", beyond the treatment room, office or studio, that you might need advice on. How do you run your business and make it a success while still having time for the rest of your life? What’s marke ...
saint benedict's table is a church community in the Anglican tradition, deeply involved at the intersection of faith and culture. Along with presenting occasional lectures and workshops, we always post the weekly Sunday evening sermon. Inspired by what Robert Webber calls "the ancient-future," we draw deeply on the great liturgical, theological and spiritual traditions of the church as we explore new ground, new music, new ideas and new futures. Visit us at
We Play Games
Become an expert at table tennis with Ben Larcombe. Learn how to play table tennis and master the physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects of the game. The show will feature interviews with a number of professional table tennis players, coaches and sport scientists that have advice that will help you improve your performance.
In 2016, Washington Regional Regional Association of Grantmakers (WRAG) launched Putting Racism on the Table for philanthropic CEOs and government officials to learn from leading experts on the many aspects of racism, including structural racism, white privilege, implicit bias, mass incarceration, and the racial mosaic of this country. This podcast series features audio from key presentations in the Putting Racism on the Table series.Listen to the podcasts while you drive or workout. We hope ...
Before you can be a successful author, you have to write a great story. Each week, co-hosts, Alida Winternheimer, author and writing coach at Word Essential, Kathryn Arnold, emerging writer, & Robert Scanlon, author of the Blood Empire series, have conversations about the craft of writing fiction. They bring diverse experiences and talents to the table from both the traditional and indie worlds. Our goal is for each episode to be a fun, lively discussion of some aspect of story craft that en ...
Cool Kids Table
Jake, Josh, Alan, and Shannon play quick runs of multiple different tabletop RPGs!
This is the podcast to talk about how we can make your home life happier. We’ll cover parenting advice, cooking at home, home organization and tips and tricks you can apply in your daily life. family, cooking, home, cleaning, organizing, parenting, children, gratitude, healthy, nutrition, goals, financial, saving, tips
Focusing on both digital and tabletop gaming, The Game Design Round Table provides a forum for conversation about critical issues to game design.
Word & Table
Word and Table is a bi-weekly podcast about liturgy, sacrament, and the great tradition of Christian worship and why it is vital in our world today.
Do you want to know more about how to improve your table tennis game? Then this is the show for you. We take questions from players of all levels and discuss them so we can all learn how to become better.
The Messy Table Podcast is an ordinary space for real women, imperfect stories, and the God who’s at work in our mess. Hosted by Jenn Jewell and partnered with Life.Church Sisters, new episodes air every other Tuesday—aiming to meet and encourage women right where they are.
Across the Table
In-depth talk on tabletop rpgs and their design.
Geeks Round Table
Just another Geeky Podcast covering Development, Design, SEO, PPC, and more! Join us every Thursday at 1pm (PST) 4pm (EST) for a live show!
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Heyang, Tony and Laiming - Norwegian Cruise Line to leave Chinese market next April / China celebrates Chongyang Festival / RT's Heart to Heart
Since reading her book, 'Everything I Know About Love', I feel like Dolly Alderton is a friend I was always meant to have. We talk oysters, champagne, a little bit of love, her real name (!) and everything fabulous in between. Produced by Alice Williams
There’s just something about honest conversation and real-life stories that gets into our souls, exposes an inner courage, and spurs us on toward hope. And today’s episode with Meryl George is no exception! Meryl is the wife of Alan George (our favorite Church Online pastor), a biological + adoptive mama of three, an intricate part […] The post ...…
Heyang, Carl and Laiming - Trademark dispute of time-honored pastry brand Daoxiangcun / Why Americans' Table Manners Are Going Down The Drain / Zombie or Vampire Questionnaire
Coming up on the next episode of Kitchen Table Magic:I’m talking to the thoughtful critic, Matt Sperling.Matt is a long time pro player and commentator of happenings in the MTG community.His popular column, Sick of It, talks about the tough issues, and says the things we’re thinking, but don’t feel confident to say ourselves.But Matt isn’t just ...…
Mark Yarbrough Welcome to the Table Podcast, where we discuss issues of God in culture. My name is Mark Yarbrough. I serve as the VP for academics and academic dean, teaching in the Bible exposition department. And our topic today, here on the Table Podcast, is, broadly speaking, the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament. And w ...…
This week on TABLE TALK, Kate Frese (@KateFresePhoto), credentialed photographer for The Athletic, Flyers Nation, The Daily Puck, Flyerdelphia, and Last Word On Hockey, joined Jeff for a discussion about sports photography and this Flyers team. She has been behind the scenes, yet has contributed to Flyers Nation visually for us fans for quite s ...…
A sermon by Rachel Twigg Boyce, on Mark 10:17-31
James Introcaso chats with James Haeck and Hannah Rose, game designers and producers of the D&D YouTube actual play series Worlds Apart.
Heyang, Tony and Laiming - Fuxing high-speed rail is more sensitive to overload / Electricity cut in residential community due to partial overdue payment / RT's Motivational Monday
Yuki, Hannah, Chell, and Sid have found themselves in a world where they're being hunted by a galvanized mob! If they can find the missing girl and clear up the confusion maybe they can settle this black and white version of Westbrook down and clear their names. Twitter: @CKTcast Email: Talk about the show using the hashtag # ...…
New farmers need new farms, near populations of appreciative consumers. With the average age of farmers over 60, we can say for sure it’s time for a changing of the guard. And with farm land disappearing to erosion and development while the population of the Globe makes its way to 9 billion, changes are necessary. Those changes may be thousands ...…
Entrepreneur. You've probably heard the term many times, and have heard me use it on the podcast before. But, have you ever really thought to yourself: hey self, am I an entrepreneur? What's that really mean? Is there a difference between being a business owner and an entrepreneur? Let's dive in!
Christopher Giuliano, Internal Medicine clinical pharmacist, hosts this week’s episode of The Rounds Table alongside Amber Lanae Martirosov, clinical pharmacist in ambulatory care with a focus on pulmonology. Both guests join us from Wayne State University. In this episode they cover the use of apixaban in patients with atrial fibrillation and ...…
Heyang, Tony and Niu Honglin - Should local specialties be protected? / Dry North vs Humid South / RT's Happy Place
Week 6 of the Eagles 2018 regular season is now in the books! The Birds absolutely destroyed the New York Giants on the road by a 34-13 score. The team is now 3-3 on the season, and are currently 1-0 in the NFC East division. This game was a stark contrast to last week’s game... The post Eagles Week 6, 2018 vs. Giants appeared first on The Phil ...…
Stella Parks on desserts, Leslie Pariseau on goddess pilgrimage, Adam Federman on Patience Gray, ATK on Boston cream pie, and Lisa Mendelson on halva
Andrew Schulz is a New York City-based standup comedian who has appeared in such hit TV programs as Sneaky Pete and Crashing. His podcast is titled, "The Brilliant Idiots." Kate Shaw is a Professor of Law and the Co-Director of the Floersheimer Center for Constitutional Democracy. Before joining Cardozo, Professor Shaw worked in the White House ...…
In this episode of the @ChampionshipPod we recap recent results, discuss the surprise scorelines, Dean Smith taking over at Aston Villa, how Brentford will fare without Smith, early Manager if the Season candidates, the best goalscorers, expectations for each of our clubs, and the favourites for promotion/relegation. @LouisShackshaft @LeedsUnit ...…
It is still winter, yet. Months ago, the heat and the dark emerged from the long sands of Rosemerrow, bringing terror and destruction to Hieron. And though the sun has returned, and though the vicious blizzard that battered the North West has weakened, and though Adelaide’s so called curse has vanished--the warmth of spring has not yet arrived. ...…
Hosts I-Hsien and Shane keep an eye out for the best ways to handle farseeing, remote viewing and good old-fashioned mirror-gazing. In the Dynasty Unwarranted campaign, the Rogue Traders eat a bullet, and The Eye of Horus watches it all happen in the Character Creation Forge. (61m) Sponsors: Elderwood Academy: High-quality dice and gaming acces ...…
This week I’m hanging out with cosplayer, voice actress, streamer, and Magic personality Ashlen Rose.Ashlen can be found at many GPs, sharing her cosplay with fans and the community.She brings our favorite characters to life and she’s inspiring a whole new generation of Magic players.Ashlen has collaborated with many content creators including ...…
Ep. 174: Innovation in Gaming! What we have been playing! (Roy) Mansions of Madness, Splattershot (Rob) HABA Games (Matt) Nope Topic: Innovation in gaming What are some innovative games? T.I.M.E Stories Risk Legacy Junk Art Captain Sonar One Night Ultimate Werewolf Dead of Winter Dominion Betrayal How do you feel about innovation in gaming? Wha ...…
Do you understand the elements of structure structure? This week, Robert and Kathryn ask Alida to define story structure, then we did into the various components of long form fiction. We discuss the three act structure, using examples from archetypal works. And we pay special attention to act I and how to launch your novel. Show notes and more ...…
Heyang, Tony and Huang Shan - The popularity of idols' books / Parent booted out of Wechat group for driving Ferrari / Why Some Parents Turn Boys' Names Into Girls' Names?
Every now and then we like to take a trip down memory lane to think about and discuss those Philly sports teams that made us utter (and scream) the phrase all too often – “wow, they suck!” This week, it’s Part 2 of our worst Philly sports teams of all-time. We each gave our top-3... The post Worst Philly Sports Teams, Part 2 (PST Show #282) app ...…
In this show we talk about the great Jan Ove Waldner as it was his birthday this week. We also have some really funny jokes and we answer your table tennis questions. Enjoy!
Coming up in the next episode of Kitchen Table Magic.I’m talking to cosplayer, streamer, voice actress, and Magic personality, Ashlen Rose.Ashlen has delighted the Magic community with her work as Bloodbraid Elf, Tiana, Nissa, Freyliese, Nahiri, and Admiral Becket Brass.Ashlen can be spotted at many GPs connecting with fans and spellslinging.As ...…
Heyang, Tony and Laiming - World's largest seafood market moving for 2020 Tokyo Olympics / More regular your life is, higher grades you will get / RT's Heart to Heart
Table Manners is back!! And what better way to start series 4 than with the ultimate kitchen goddess… Nigella Lawson. She has been top of our list since day one, so brace yourselves for mum and me melting over her. We talk midnight snacks, her being a fussy eater as a child (there’s hope for all our children), eating rice pudding for breakfast. ...…
Join us as we recap Hieron and get ready for Spring!! Today’s plan is to go over Hieron, check out some old maps, and fill in a lot of gaps. Think of this as a combination of recap and world building: If there are questions about the world and how it works or things that are “true,” now is the time for us to address them. This episode was origi ...…
Heyang, Carl and Laiming - Chinese Lawmakers Yet to Define Brain Death / 1 Yuan lunch in scenic spots in China / California Bans Straws for Sit-down Diners
Dr. Darrell Bock: Welcome to The Table where we discuss issues of God and culture. I’m Darrell Bock, Executive Director for Cultural Engagement at the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary, and as you can see I am surrounded today where our topic is the Me Too Movement, and abuse, and I have three guests. To my far left is Jurrita Wil ...…
Ben Robinson's creative work-arounds for getting beer cold quickly, opening without an opener, and glassware suggestions based on serving temperature.
This week on TABLE TALK, Alex McIntyre (@AlexOn11th), from, joined Jeff for a look at this Flyers team early this season. We’ve seen some good. We’ve seen some not so good. But overall, there seems to be some promise coming from this team as we head into week two of the regular season. Topics... The post TABLE TALK: Flyers Earl ...…
James Introcaso chat with Matt Corley about the ongoing Kickstarter for Kobold Press' The Old Margreve supplements... which James contributed to!
Heyang, Tony and Niu Honglin - Report says infidelity is "expensive" in many ways / RT's Motivational Monday / When Does Social Drinking Become "Problem Drinking"?
Laiming, Tony and Niu Honglin - The Chaos of Organic Food Market in China / Jiangxi offers cheaper ticket price for foreign visitors / RT's Happy Place
Joining me this episode is the multi-talented Reuben Bresler. He’s a comedian, poker player, voice actor, and longtime Magic: The Gathering content creator.He co-hosts the weekly news show Magic Mics with Evan Erwin and Erin Campbell that sets the gold standard for happenings in the MTG community.Reuben is also the host of the new DnD show on S ...…
Heyang, Tony and Laiming - Gender imbalance worsen in China / Quit your job with help from Japan / How to Argue in a Healthy Way?
In this episode of the @EPLRoundTable we discuss Chelsea's hot start to the season, if Mohamed Salah can re-find his 2017-18 form, the impact of European football on our clubs, why Liverpool are pressing less this season, if Emery will use Lacazette and Aubameyang both up front together in the future, Tottenham's stadium developments, our clubs ...…
Jamie Howison's sermon on Mark 10:2-16
Week 5 of the Eagles 2018 regular season is now in the books. The Birds lost a tough game to the Minnesota Vikings at The Linc by a 23-21 score. The team is now 2-3 on the season, and will play their first division opponent of the season this week in just a few days... The post Eagles Week 5, 2018 vs. Vikings appeared first on The Philadelphia ...…
“California Cuisine” began in the 70’s when innovative Left Coast chefs began to build their menus frtom the variety of fresh produce grown locally. On the frontline of this trend and in the kitchen at Berkely’s Chez Panisse restaurant was Jeremiah Tower–possessing and expressing a talent and vision that would become globally renowned. As Chef ...…
In this episode of the @ChampionshipPod we discuss the midweek matches, the most impressive result of the week, Aston Villa sacking Steve Bruce and potential managerial replacements, If Rowett is safe at Stoke, if there is a clear-cut best player in the Championship, and preview our coming fixtures. @_JamesVickers @LouisShackshaft @SimFromBucks ...…
Reuben Bresler joins us next week to talk about a new DnD + MTG crossover The Broken Pact on Saving Throw.
Andre Maddison, General Internal Medicine (GIM) fellow at Western University, is hosting this week’s episode on The Rounds Table alongside Erin Spicer, faculty member in GIM also at Western University. This week they cover partial oral versus intravenous antibiotic treatment of infective endocarditis (POIATE trial) and microvascular outcomes in ...…
In this episode, Dirk and Cole have a conversation with tabletop game designer Scott Almes. The discuss tiny box games as well as Scott's experience with a variety of publishers.
In this episode, Dirk and Cole have a conversation with tabletop game designer Scott Almes. The discuss tiny box games as well as Scott's experience with a variety of publishers.
We honor chef, writer, and activist Edna Lewis, who was born in a village of freed slaves and helped change the course of American cuisine.
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