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Hop on board our tandem pod: It's Captain Alex and Jenni the Stoker! Join us as we navigate the wild and wonderful world of wheels. Comin atcha from London's Look Mum No Hands cycling cafe and London Bike Kitchen DIY Bike Workshop, here to pull back the curtain on the industry and showcase a glorious smorgasbord of hidden cycling delights. Coz cycling's not just for roadies...or MAMILS...or Freds...plum smugglers...lycra louts.....~ Work handles ~Look mum no hands ...
The Hyrule Historia presents hosts Shannon and Joe a roadmap to play the Legend of Zelda games in a whole new way. Join in as they play, discuss, and theorize their way through the Zelda series in timeline order. New episodes of Tandem Legends: a Legend of Zelda Podcast released every other week. More or less.
Welcome to the podcast, fam! We are two nostalgia-seeking, plot-twist feeling, button mashing, character-avenging, co-op fist-bumping, passionate gamers. And we’re sharing that passion with you on the airwaves on Tandem Canon: The Game-rific Podcast. This podcast is based on our attitudes, desires and experiences in the world of video gaming, particularly co-op. We are passionate about gaming, and strongly believe that everyone has room on the co-op couch with us. On the podcast, we'll cover ...
Random: adjective | ran·dom| 'randəm/: Unexpected or impossible to predictA bi-weekly podcast about life and wellness from the unorthodox and unfiltered perspectives of Jecora & S.Dot......#RandomTandemwww.randomtandempodcast.comFB Page & Group - Random Tandem PodcastIG - @randomtandempodcastTwitter - @randomtandempodEmail -
A wonderful coming together of two writers who wrote their books more than half a century apart. Neither of them had ever visited the remote islands they were writing about yet they provided inspiration for a couple of exciting adventure tales. In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe published The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. It was the only complete novel published by the American author. It was the story of a young boy who stows away on board a whaling ship and it goes on to relate the ev ...
An open-format podcast featuring interviews with interesting people doing interesting things from all different walks of life.
Fandom Tandem
Movies. TV. Games. Competitive chainsaw juggling. Mega-fans Jeremy Brunner and Jon McBrine team up to talk pop culture - reviews, interviews, trivia - they cover it all. Fanboys? No, they're fan-men!
Pops Culture
The Toronto tandem of Papa and Gabe, officially oversee what the culture needs.
A sequel to Nathaniel Hawthorne's earlier volume of Greek mythology interpreted and retold for young people, Tanglewood Tales includes more legends and tales of ancient heroes and monsters. In his earlier book, A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys, Hawthorne had designed the book to be a book within a book. A young college student keeps a group of young children entertained by retelling Greek myths in a way in which they can easily understand. Nathaniel Hawthorne also wrote a brief introduction ...
Honest conversations about the intimate health challenges that we face.
On The Land
Based in Christchurch, Tandem Studios is a content production company with an expertise in online marketing and communications. Tandem partners with clients nationally and internationally to provide a full range of audio, full video production and online social media services.Our experience and expertise has seen Tandem become the largest producer of online video in New Zealand, with close to 30,000 videos uploaded into YouTube. We have also developed expertise in Live Streaming events and m ...
To get away from city life periodically, New Yorker Roger Locke purchases an abandoned farm house in rural Connecticut, and with the assistance of his cousin Phillida and her beau Ethan Vere, he sets about fixing up the place. Immediately however, an unseen mysterious woman begins giving him warnings during nocturnal visits to leave the house at once. Soon he begins hearing strange ominous sounds emanating from the tiny lake at the back of the house coupled with a permeation of sickly odors. ...
She and I
She & I is a podcast brought to you by husband and wife tandem, Barrett (B~Love) and India Newsome. We open up the doors to our relationship to give you all a glimpse of how we have managed to keep our relationship healthy over the years. By no means is our relationship perfect, but we work through whatever issues we have to come out on the other side. Enjoy listening to She & I!
Afterglow is a new podcast series that travels deep into the mind heart and soul of world renown adventure athletes.Afterglow is a series of in-depth and intimate audio conversations with athletes who chase their dreams through big mountain skiing, mountaineering, ultra running, and rock climbing. Join us on December 1st, for Afterglow, a series of organic, long-form and intimate conversations that reveal the personalities, motivations and inspirations of iconic mountain athletes. Every conv ...
Angel On Top
Angel On Top is an Angel rewatch podcast hosted by writers Brittany Ashley and Laura Zak (hosts of Sicker Sadder World), and works in tandem with the Buffy rewatch podcast Buffering The Vampire Slayer. At the end of each episode, Brittany and Laura write an original poem, through the POV of our anti-hero, Angel.
Daily fantasy baseball analysis and strategy
Check out musical selections from Vernon English. Everything from House, to real hip hop, classic soul and rare grooves.
Jon McBrine
Host of What's Wrong With You, Fixed Podcast, and co-host of Fandom Tandem.Personal problems, pro wrestling, pop culture - whatever you're into, Jon has a show for you!
Featured True Stories Episodes on Player FM
Unstable Universes
Listen to us ruin your fav fandoms on no set schedule! On this podcast, your hosts, Alanna Hopper and Evan Rowell, randomly generate a fan fiction crossover (two fandoms and one genre tag) that has never been seen before with their handy Random Tandem Fandoms Generator. Then, for your listening pleasure, they read their writing. Submit your fics to, and we'll read yours on an episode!
Childrens dentist wilmington to reduce the chance of infection AT us On Google Map : dentist wilmington is performed with the use of the traditional anesthesia/dental forceps tandem. Often done on teeth that have already erupted or are visible in the mouth, the periodontal ligament is first rocked and removed from its attachment to the alveolar bone, making the tooth loose and disconnected ...
TriRoc Podcast
Welcome to the TriRoc Podcast! The dynamic duo of Taylor Odenat and Dylan Carter use their platform to discuss the worlds of basketball, football, music, culture and current events from their unique perspectives. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, the tandem gives a fun and unaltered commentary on the world around them. You'll come for the piping hot basketball takes and stay for the entertaining content, so make sure you subscribe to keep up with the latest and greatest from the duo.Instagram ...
The Kingston upon Thames Association for the Blind was established over thirty years ago and works closely with the Local Authority and local groups, such as the Surbiton ,New Malden and Social Eyes Blind Clubs and the Eye Contact Club to promote the interests of blind and partially sighted people who live in the borough. Membership is free, and is open to any visually impaired person living within the borough and anyone interested in their wellbeing. Click Here to download the latest newsle ...
Leeds United podcast exclusive to Proper Sport.
Brian Training with Dr Paul Sambataro, creator of the The Emotional Budgeting program, a program designed as a tool to improve processing speed through learning applications that are based in rote or repetitive learning style in tandem with formatted categorizing information while balancing the data.Rote methods are routinely used when fast memorization is required, such as learning one’s lines in a play or memorizing a telephone Rote learning is widely used in the mastery of foundational kn ...
CBC Radio's Information Morning kick starts the day on mainland Nova Scotia with news, survival information, compelling stories and opinions from all perspectives in the province.
The Chompcast
Friends from talk about games.
Industry Focus
Healthcare, technology, energy, consumer goods, and more. Every day, Motley Fool analysts break down a specific industry and the stocks making headlines. Questions? Comments? Email us at
Karen and Philippa are two forty-somethings who, after 20 years of friendship, still aren't sick of talking to each other. Our years of life experience may not have made us experts at anything, but they've given us plenty of material, especially when it comes to relationships—the most important things we humans can have. (Wine is a close second.) So listen in as we talk about friendship, dating, marriage, divorce, and all sorts of other relationship stuff that’s universal, yet darned near im ...
The Chompcast
Friends from talk about games.
Discussing current events, sports, and everything else. Anything that comes to mind is going to get over analyzed and blown out of proportion. The blog will have postings hopefully twice a week or whenever I feel like ranting about something ridiculous. The Rowdy Chatter Podcast will be once a week and will have guests and be focusing on current events... for now.
Steve Farrar
Mens Leadership
Tandem Fandom
A couple of geeks.
Twitter and IG: WorduThaDude Where my every word is the world!I’m glad to have you guys listening to my beautiful soothing voice this is a podcast where I talk about a tandem of different topics like sports, pop culture, music etc etc etc...
Proudly Sponsored by La Musica International Chamber Music Festival in Sarasota Florida
Tandem Radio
To be in Tandem is to come along side or behind to lend support as needed. Our Radio show is hosted by Glen Dalakian, a business leader with over 30 years of experience. His unique insights into the world of business can lend support to almost any entrepreneurial endeavor.By providing a Christian perspective the Tandem Radio team can show people how to handle concerns with Biblical guidelines and point them to God and His word for their solutions. Entrepreneurs are often misguided on how God ...
Lazy Sundays
music for slow dancers. ogni mercoledi, dalle 17 alle 18, in onda su radio tandem (bolzano, 98.400 MHz). ogni domenica, a colazione, in podcasting.
Tandem Arts Radio
The Tim and Neda Disney Experimental Media residency supports individual artists through grants to create original work in its space in the Hyperion Corridor that joins the Los Feliz, Silver Lake and Atwater neighborhoods in Los Angeles.
Random Tandem Podcast
One randomly generated word. Two movies that in some way relate to that word. It's Random Tandem: The Double Feature Generator Podcast. Hosted by Ron & Paul. Available on iTunes.
The Makers Podcast
We find out how the most successful founders have created immense success but we also want to find out, how did they overcome those toughest obstacles both for the business and personally.
Thoughtful Conversations with Badass Women follows the curiosities of Host Erin Roy in heart-to-heart conversations with Olympian Hannah Hardaway, New York City Ballet Principal Sterling Hyltin, Singer/Songwriter Lizdelise, Dancer Michaela Ellingson, Dancer/Choreographer Jasmine Hearn, Actress/Humanitarian Alice Callahan, Actress/Writer/Director Winsome Brown, and Dancer/Choreographer Lisa Race. Episodes feature individual soundscapes designed by Lizdelise. Listeners are treated to a free do ...
A show of darkness with a lot of heart, plenty of chuckles made both of metaphors and bad puns. As Dark Shadows lifted story lines from a zillion old books of the Gothic variety, what would it be like if they shared time with the current classics? And what if these newer characters could help them lift all the curses? (Contains intros delving into the writing process as well as information and commentary about the various programs and key players.)Essentially a condensed Re-write from a part ...
Bracket Busters
Podcast by Keegan Perkins, Will Erstad
The Console Log
A weekly podcast about all the latest JavaScript and web news.
Der Galberg Podcast
A podcast series brought to you by Galway and Bamberg students
The MeduCast
The MeduCast is an opportunity for educational enlightenment. These podcasts are designed to evoke learning, to sharpen medical and clinical tools, and to inspire the educational and medical beasts in us all. Please join us for some fun and educational op
This podcast pairs up Gerald and his fiancee, in a relationship of their own, answering your dating or life questions. Reach us at
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Blind Sports Nova Scotia runs a program where people can sign out a tandem bicycle. The person with vision loss rides on the back, as the stoker. The sighted person is a pilot, who rides on the front. Portia went for a ride.
If you have a great business idea that requires some coding and you are not a tech savvy, you might get discouraged and never launch it. In this episode, you will get some great inspiration from Nicole Blyth who shares how she went from being a massage therapist with no knowledge in tech or coding to developing her own app designed to help expa ...…
Today, Link basks in the glory of his victory as Darmani. Celebrated as a hero, Link is encouraged by the Goron Elder and his Son to enter the Goron Races, and is now trusted to carry the highly dangerous Powder Keg. The Powder Keg allows Link to lend a hand in clearing the boulder blocking the road to the troubled Romani Ranch, giving him a ch ...…
You-uh like games?.. Know what I mean? Nudge nudge. Say no more. This week we talk about games that we want to have in double. Grin grin. Wink wink. Say no more. We also "discuss" the new trailer for Death Stranding (nudge nudge), Final Fantasy 12 (ayyyyyy), A Plague Tale: Innocence (wink wink), and Morgan and Fish's time in the Sea of Thieves ...…
IN TANDEM is a Navona Records multi-composer release featuring five unique composers. Each track offers an intriguing experience from polyptych storytelling to experimenting with the composition of free jazz and a minimal exploration of violin and cello.For more information, please visit: CD at: ...…
In high school, smoking weed isn't just a thing you do, it's an identity. Tales of teenagers that ask the age old question — should I become a stoner? Listen to all eps at The Mortified Podcast is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.
Il a eu 30 ans et plus, mais aujourd'hui on ne le trouve que dans les brocantes et Le Bon Coin... Le walkman, comme son nom ne l'indique pas, permettait d'écouter la musique partout. Une cassette, un petit casque et hop ! c'était dans la poche. Cet objet mythique des années 80 (enfin 1979) est né au Japon, on raconte que le pdg de l'époque voul ...…
Im Alter von 42 Jahren heiratete Simone Rethel den Mann, für den sie schon als Elfjährige schwärmte und der 46 Jahre älter war als sie - Johannes Heesters. Zu ihrem 70. Geburtstag wiederholen wir das Gespräch mit ihr vom Januar 2011, als Johannes Heesters - damals 107 Jahre alt - noch lebte. Moderation: Stephanie Heinzeller…
Ohne sie persönlich kennen zu müssen, wird beim Blick auf ihre Bücher, Essays und Reportagen schnell deutlich, dass es sich bei Carolin Emcke um eine Person handelt, die aus all ihren Erfahrungen heraus am liebsten den Pause-Knopf des Weltgeschehens drücken würde, Mo-ment, Stopp, kum dann auszurufen: Leute, macht es Euch doch gegenseitig nicht ...…
Christian Zeugin begrüsst in der Radio-Talksendung «Persönlich» den Obwaldner Schwinger Benji von Ah und Oli Hess, der seinen Traum vom glücklichen Wiesenschwein verwirklicht.Benji von AhBereits zum sechsten Mal tritt Benji von Ah dieses Jahr beim Eidgenössischen Schwing- und Älplerfest an: Bei seiner Premiere war er 17, heute gehört er mit 32 ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Eleanor M. Ingram.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Erdmann Wingert war als Journalist eine Edelfeder. Einer, der das Schreiben bis heute nicht lassen kann und im "Stern" über seine Nahtod-Erfahrung schrieb. Ein Mann, der mit über 80 immer noch Textchef einer Agentur ist. Der die Welt beschreibt in Texten und Gedichten, aber auch mit den Menschen fremdelt. Autor: Heiner Wember…
Hoje contarei a história de como um rapaz que era ingênuo e que não sabia fazer charadas pegou desprevenido dois grandes contadores de casos.
Har Kaja fortalt kjæresten om kysset? PROBLEMER: Sjefen er verdensmester / Bæsj i skogen til venninna mi / Burde jeg dra på askespredning av min far? / Når daten plutselig gjør «pornogreier» / Min «ulykke» legger lokk på hennes lykke / Mor vil hate at jeg blir i Australia / Jeg er keen OG sjefen hennes / Felles-etternavn-problemer…
来年の大河ドラマの主人公は「本能寺の変」で有名な、明智光秀です。 大河ドラマ59作目にして、初めての主役。 光秀は、天下の謀反人と言われながら、実はその多くが謎に包まれています。 今回再び、脚光を浴び、新しい史実や研究の成果が次々と発表されました。 その多くが、謀反を起こした理由についてです。 最近発見された『石谷家文書(いしがいけ・もんじょ)』によって、織田信長は四国攻めを計画しており、それを阻止するために、明智光秀が変を起こしたのではないかという説も浮上しました。 謀反を起こした悪人としてのみ印象づけられた光秀ですが、たとえば、京都の福知山市では、御霊神社に光秀が祀られています。 由良川の堤防をつくり、ひとびとを水害から救い、町を守ったことを、地元のひとは忘れなかったのです。 岐 ...…
Rein en Wil Bok woonden jarenlang met veel plezier op een Veluws vakantiepark, dat in bijna alles leek op een reguliere woonwijk. En zij waren lang niet de enigen die zo de drukke Randstad konden ontvluchten. Tot ze ineens op straat stonden.Lees dit artikel: ...…
Marcel Slockers is al 35 jaar huisarts en straatdokter. Dat is een geuzennaam. Hij kruipt niet onder viaducten of door de struiken van het Kralingse Bos, maar biedt op een spreekuur medische hulp aan dak- en thuislozen. Hij noemt het ‘het rioolputje van de zorg’. Daar vecht hij voor het laatste beetje menselijkheid dat nog mogelijk is. Een bete ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Eleanor M. Ingram.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Nathaniel Hawthorne.
De Nachtzuster biedt hulp en verzachting bij vragen en zoektochten, met respect voor de luisteraar en zijn of haar ervaring en kennis.
Another tech unicorn is going public -- Slack! We break down how the SaaS communication company works, its financials and its $17B valuation. We also explain the company's curious name, and why it has an eerie resemblance to Fool favorite Shopify. Stocks: WORK, SHOP
Sich wehren gegen Mobbing. Zum Beispiel mit einer Doku, in dem man die Täter mit ihrem Verhalten konfrontiert. Sich wehren sich gegen ein Nacktfoto, das der Ex-Freund online stellt. Zum Beispiel mit einer Anwältin für Cybermobbing, die den Fall übernimmt. In der Ab 21 sprechen wir, wie man aus der Opferrolle rauskommt und sich wehrt.…
Canada's Migratory Birds Convention Act makes it an offence to destroy migratory bird nests. The person in charge of the migratory bird act says logging companies should avoid destroying nests to avoid breaking the law.
Companies have been charging big fees to help people apply for a disability tax credit, but that may soon end. Yvonne Colbert has the update.
Erasto Mpemba aus Tansania macht als Schüler eine physikalisch unlogische Entdeckung: Er stellt fest, dass heißes Wasser schneller gefriert als kaltes. Aber kann das überhaupt sein? Taiina Grünzig lernt auf einem Zwischenstopp in Reykjavik Andrew kennen. Die beiden verbringen eine perfekte Nacht zusammen, wie im Film. Nur ohne Happy End.…
In Max Wagners Brust schlagen mehrere Herzen. Neben seinem Chefposten beim Münchner Kulturzentrum Gasteig singt der studierte Jurist auch selbst und träumt von der Alpenüberquerung. Aufgewachsen ist er am Starnberger See, entspannen kann er sich am besten beim Yoga. Moderation: Sybille Giel
This week, we're celebrating Father's Day with two stories from two sons, all about Dad. Hosted by: Dan Kennedy Storytellers: Majdy Fares, Adam Ellick
Mit sechs Jahren fing es an, mit 59 Jahren ist alles schlimmer denn je. Die Autorin Martina Keller ist fußballverrückt. Sie verbringt Samstagnachmittage in Kneipen, sitzt stundenlang vorm Fernseher und spielt selbst in einer Frauen-Liga.
In seiner Studentenzeit war er Marxist, heute ist er parteiloses Mitglied in der Grundwertekommission der SPD. Beruflich forscht der Politikwissenschaftler Wolfgang Merkel - Direktor der Abteilung "Demokratie" am Berliner Wissenschaftszentrum für Sozialforschung - über den Zustand unserer Gesellschaft.…
故事FM ❜ 第 228 期 今天故事的讲述者名叫刘博文,今年 37 岁,是一名自由摄影师。 自刘博文有记忆起,一直是母亲一个人在抚养他。直到他 24 岁,母亲才告诉刘博文他的亲生父亲是谁。 2016 年,刘博文决定拿起摄像机,拍一个纪录片,采访自己的母亲和所有认识父亲的人,还原父亲一生的轨迹。 /讲述者/ 刘博文 /主播/ @寇爱哲 /制作人/ @寇爱哲 /声音设计/ @杨帆_LiYangFan /BGM List/ 01. Story FM Main Theme ( E-piano ) (未发布)-YangFan 02. Memory (未发布) -YangFan (寻找父亲) 03. Death Wish (未发布) -YangFan (那一代人) 04. Sand (未发布) ...…
Episode 191: In honor of Father’s Day, we dug one of our favorites out of the vault. Our producer Sydney Crain told this story live on 15 February 2017. The theme of the evening was “Red-Handed.” Our next live show will take place on 19 June at Buntport Theater. The theme will be “Framed.” As always, the show is free, but we do have some seats ...…
Marianne Koch liebt ihren Arztberuf. Davor war sie 20 Jahre lang Schauspielerin. Auf der Blauen Couch bei Gabi Fischer hat sie erzählt, was sie von Dr. Google hält und wie die erste Begegnung mit Clint Eastwood ablief.
片头曲:Doris Day - Whatever Will Be Will Be(电影《后会无期》中的1959年的英文歌) 2018年G20国家GDP 美国1990年-2018年GDP的增长率
Carolin Klöckner ist 70. Deutsche Weinkönigin. Warum tauscht sie ein Jahr lang ihr Studentenleben für einen Job ein, bei dem sie mit Krönchen auf Weinfesten und Messen posieren muss? Von Maike von Galen
Suonare in due delle più grandi rock band del pianeta nel giro di 20 anni è già un record ...
Binnenkort begint De tweede – Op zoek naar het standaardgezin, een nieuwe podcastserie van journalistiek platform De Correspondent. In deze promo vertellen Jair Stein en Lynn Berger wat je kan verwachten – en worden daarin bijgestaan door het zoontje van Lynn. Abonneer je nu vast op ons kanaal, dan hoef je zeker niets te missen.…
Benieuwd wat je zelf kunt doen tegen de klimaatopwarming? De komende drie weken publiceren we drie handreikingen. Vandaag: waarom meer planten eten beter is voor de planeet.Lees dit artikel: jij deze podcast mogelijk maken? Word dan lid ...…
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