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TANGO is so much more than a musical genre. It's history, passion and feeling. It's integration of culture, distance and generations in one expression, an Argentine sound, that people around the world associate with us and our country. Tango has got its history, secrets, artists. Past, present and future of a cultural expression declared by UNESCO as Non-Material Cultural Heritage of Mankind.Every week we introduce a special program about the most important people in Argentine tango. It's a ...
Tango Club
Tango is our passion. We dance it, we sing it, we feel it and we podcast about it. It is inside; you feel your heart beating harder. We found Tango.
TangoABC is a regular educational podcast about the Argentinian Tango, its music, its famous tango orchestras and its singers. We discuss the different styles of each orchestra, and how it influences the growing numbers of tango dancers around the world. You can find the TangoABC Podcasts in the iTunes Store and on
Tango Angeles
Tango Angeles is born out of Ronaldo?€™s experience in learning about the dance and music of tango. Evocative music, captivating stories and thought-provoking interviews with contemporary tango luminaries as well as social tango dancers from around the world will take you to a place of dreams and nostalgia. Tango Angeles delves deeply into the enchanting world of tango and brings its treasures to theEnglish-speaking world. Ronaldo?€™s passion for the subject, velvety voice and irresistible B ...
We're just your normal next door neighbors, very happily married for a LONG time, who kinda accidentally stumbled into the swinging lifestyle! We are sharing our adventures as we explore this sometimes unpredictable lifestyle, sharing the ups and downs and experiences (good and bad! - though mostly good!) and mistakes and surprises of our adventure! We'd love for you to come along with us!
Whiskey Zero Tango
Whiskey Zero Tango is a weekly podcast involving topics within amateur radio ranging from current events, new products, neat projects, and coverage of a multitude of events ranging from ARRL Field Day and Winter Field Day, Hamfests, and many others. You can expect a new take on Ham Radio from a Young Ham. This podcast is for both people who are looking into the hobby, new hams, and experienced hams alike.
Argentine Tango
Welcome to our Tango FAQs Facts, where education is number one priority. Your host, Mr. Pablito Greco, will initiate you into the everlasting knowledge of tango culture. + Part of Tango FAQs Facts multimedia book - + Part of SmilyTango Education -
Dario's tango guide is a bi-monthly video to help improve your dancing.
Heavyweight Tango - Tango des schweren Gewichts: Musikvideoprogramm für die Installation :Geschlossen 2004
Welcome to Kilo Tango Outdoors Podcast! Here you’ll find everything from our Podcast episodes focused on the great outdoors including hunting and fishing, hiking and camping, guns and gear, ham radio communications, survival tips and tricks, and just general outdoor adventures. KiloTango KiloTangoOutdoors
LANGO TANGO VTS: Is an lay back Radio Station with real News,Topics & Updates about what's going on.
Check in with our weekly podcast where Josh Galvan and Neil Wasmund talk about alcohol, music, news, and video games. Or struggle to stay on topic.
Conversation about how we can improve our community socially,politically, and economically..
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Transcending Geekdom Supranationally
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Welcome to a new idea! We are going to try something new by doing a 'Hot Button' Episode every now and again. What that means is we drink and dedicate a chunk of an episode to hot button topics that are up for debate. There is a trigger warning: So if you get upset about gun talks then please enjoy some of our other episodes!This is a very new ...…
Julio De Caro led a tango revolution in the 20’s and 30’s by introducing refined melodies and sophisticated instrumentation.
In this episode we talk about our fun times at Naughty in N’Awlins 2018! From sexy times with sexy couples to a fun party with dueling Sybians, it was an event to remember! Podcasts mentioned in this episode: Average Swingers Sex Uninterrupted The Swinger Diaries We Gotta Thing Royalty Free Music in this Episode Tango by Asteroidsparik Don’t Yo ...…
Ricardo Malerba and his orchestra filled the tango cabarets of the 1940’s with a sweet blend of lyricism and strong beat. Special guests Marcos Questas and Ruta Maria present the first International Tango Summit set to open in Los Angeles Sept. 6-9.
In this episode we interview Bunny from Sybian! She is the daughter of the man who invented the Sybian, over 30 years ago. If you listen to our podcast, you know how much we love our Sybian and the adventures we’ve had with it, especially letting ladies who’ve never experienced riding one get their first ride! We talk to Bunny about how the Syb ...…
The Swinging Lifestyle is supposed to be all about acceptance, the one place where you can feel safe being honest about who you are. Yet we contend there is significant bias in the swinging Lifestyle when it comes to Bisexuality. Many women tell us that if they don’t put Bi or Bi-Curious in their profiles, they significantly less interest. Wors ...…
publisher of Tango Reporter, author, director & puppeteer—discusses his new book "El Tango desde Sunset Blvd.,” featuring tango mysteries.
You and your partner show up to a big Lifestyle event, or a Lifestyle resort, or maybe a house party or a club. You don’t know anyone, but people in the Lifestyle are open and welcoming, right? But everyone seems to be standing or sitting with others, laughing and having a great time. You feel like you’re on the outside looking in. And you deci ...…
Today Josh hangs out with Tyler Lucas!!Tyler Lucas:www.tylerlucasmusic.comCastle of White now available on iTunes!Connect: Facebook - Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter - @WUTpodcastInstagram - @WhiskeyUniformTangoNeil Twitter: @ohneilsanInsta: @oneilsanJoshTwitter: @Josh_GalvanInstagram: @JoshGalvanThanks for Listening! Enjoy!…
They guys discuss their super fun cat lives as well as just a fun weekly update. Whiskey Spotlight: Dr. McGillicuddy's Peach WhiskeyConnect: Facebook - Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter - @WUTpodcastInstagram - @WhiskeyUniformTangoNeil Twitter: @ohneilsanInsta: @oneilsanJoshTwitter: @Josh_GalvanInstagram: @JoshGalvanEmail: wutradio@gmail.comThanks f ...…
The guys try something new... as well as continue their search for the shittiest whiskey you can buy.Connect: Facebook - Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter - @WUTpodcastInstagram - @WhiskeyUniformTangoNeil Twitter: @ohneilsanInsta: @oneilsanJoshTwitter: @Josh_GalvanInstagram: @JoshGalvanThanks for Listening! Enjoy!…
Josh and Cammy sit down to discuss everything from the new Tomb Raider, the NFL Draft, and people humping dogs... Idk It's a short episode today but we hope you enjoy! Also be on the look out!! TYLER LUCAS will be joining us MAY 18th so Save the DateConnect: Facebook - Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter - @WUTpodcastInstagram - @WhiskeyUniformTangoNe ...…
Juan D’Arienzo II features D’Arienzo’s indelible singers--Echagüe, Laborde, Mauré, and Valdez—and special guest Facundo Lazzari of La Juan D’Arienzo.
Whaa??? Lima Bean Respect Day??!Hell ya!Connect: Facebook - Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter - @WUTpodcastInstagram - @WhiskeyUniformTangoNeil Twitter: @ohneilsanInsta: @oneilsanJoshTwitter: @Josh_GalvanInstagram: @JoshGalvanThanks for Listening! Enjoy!
Kimi Kent is in the house today!The crew discussed shows and gigs and played some 2 Truths and a Lie!Whiskey of the Episode: Evan Williams - Bottled- In- BondFind Kimi: www.kimikent.comInstagram: Kimi_KentFacebook: KimiKent MusicTwitter: KimiKent MusicSpotify: Kimi KentConnect:Facebook - Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter - @WUTpodcastInstagram - @Wh ...…
War Is Starting! Bombs Is dropping! Have a Heart Pray!
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Josh and Neil chat about Whiskey, Elijah, and the MastersConnect: Facebook - Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter - @WUTpodcastInstagram - @WhiskeyUniformTangoNeil Twitter: @ohneilsanInsta: @oneilsanJoshTwitter: @Josh_GalvanInstagram: @JoshGalvanThanks for Listening! Enjoy!
Josh is joined by Cammy and they do a detailed discussion of Elijah Craig, the wonders of Easter, and a super special announcement at the end!!Connect:Facebook: Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter: @WUTpodcastInsta: @WhiskeyUniformTangoJosh: Twitter: @Josh_GalvanInstagram: @JoshGalvanNeil: Twitter: @ohneilsanInstagram: @oneilsanCammy: Instagram: Cammy ...…
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Juan D’Arienzo, the King of the Beat, brought tango back to the dancers during the Golden Age. For more than forty years, his orchestra consisted of the best musicians who created music marked with irrepressible nerve, rhythm, strength, & character.
Lango Tango Video Talk Show® New Show Under way!Good Morning! From Your Host Glo Tha Prophet®
In this episode we talk about the top 10 Lifestyle newbie mistakes. You’ve either made them yourselves or encountered them in another couple! In addition, we ask for some help with Mrs. Tango’s first single male experience: How do you find a good single man to add to your play? We also correct our info from last podcast on the upcoming Average ...…
Join Josh and Neil as they discuss the wonderful world of music and politics as well as the best whiskey in the world. Also it's two days after Neils Birthday! soooo ya we tried. Connect: Facebook - Whiskey Uniform TangoJosh: Twitter - @Josh_GalvanInsta - @JoshGalvanNeil: Twitter - @ohneilsanThanks for listening!! And Enjoy!…
Episode 8! Josh and Neil are joined at the table by Cammy! The gang reviews some good ole' Fireball and are joined by a second special guest.Follow Us:Facebook - Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter: Josh - @Josh_GalvanNeil - @ohneilsanInsta: @WhiskeyUniformTango@JoshGalvan@oneil_san@cammygalvanEnjoy!New Episodes coming every week!…
The Tear in the Throat, a new book about Carlos Gardel written by Arturo Yépez-Pottier—author.broadcaster.gardeliano—helps us gain a much deeper appreciation of Carlos Gardel's humanity.
Back again after a week break!Josh and Neil kick us off with some Johnny Walker Red and discuss the wonders of the world in a special 45 minute episodeEnjoy!Find us on Facebook: Whiskey Uniform TangoConnect:Josh Galvan - @Josh_GalvanNeil Wasmund - @OneilsanFeel free to leave any feedback we love and appreciate all support!…
Whether you are going to a lifestyle resort, a lifestyle event, a house party, or just meeting a couple for the first time that you’ve been chatting with online, you can’t help but have expectations. And if you’re not careful, those expectations can ruin what could have been a good time (even if they weren’t met!) In this episode we discuss man ...…
S1E1 Emcomm, Winlink, Humble Beginnings by Adam KE0MXG
Guest Host: Cammy GalvanWe talk today about the Eagles win and philly fans, as well as the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics. We also popped the top of a Bulleit 95 RyeFacebook: Whiskey Uniform TangoFind Us: Twitter: Josh_GalvanInsta: JoshGalvanCammy: Insta: CammyGalvan
Josh and Neil talk about the government shutdown, words kids are saying these days and debut a new game! Thanks for listening everyone! Please feel free to reach out to us we appreciate any and all feedback!Facebook: Whiskey Uniform Tango RadioTwitter: Josh - @Josh_GalvanNeil - @OneilsanEnjoy ^_^
Carlos Di Sarli earned his moniker “El Señor del Tango” by leaving a musical legacy distinguished by simple yet nuanced interpretations and elegant yet powerful delivery.
In this Episode Josh and Neil discuss who they are and what Whiskey Uniform Tango really is.Find us on Facebook: Whiskey Uniform TangoFind us on Twitter: @Oneilsan @Josh_GalvanThanks for Listening and have a great day!
Hangout with Josh and Neil as they talk about College Football and its role in Texan Culture, an epic horse moment in True Lies and a breakdown of Dirty Jokes.We appreciate all support so give us a like and a follow. And any feedback as well would be appreciated. We are very much in this journey together.Facebook - Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter ...…
Season 1 Episode 2Josh and Neil discuss Sandwich experiences, video game reboots, and a dash of politics.Thanks for Listening and be sure to give us a Like and Follow both here at Soundcloud and even FacebookWhiskey Uniform Tango RadioNeil - @OhneilsanJosh - @Josh_GalvanTake care and have a great day!…
Season 1 Episode 1Josh and Neil talk about Speakeasies, Playdoh Economics and StarwarsLike and Follow here on Soundclound and FacebookJust Search Whiskey Uniform Tango RadioTwitterNeil - @OhneilsanJosh - @Josh_GalvanKeep it Real and have a Great Day!
Otros Aires: An Argentine 21st century Tango music fusion project started in 2003 by Miguel Di Genova. Otros Aires mixes musical elements from the golden age of tango in the last century with electronic sequences and melodies for the 21st listener.
If you’re on Twitter and follow LS posters, you have probably seen posts by a very sexy couple who go by the handle @FunItalianCpl. We were lucky enough to have met them while we were at Naughty in N’Awlins, and the four of us had a fun, sexy discussion one afternoon. They were gracious enough to allow us to air that interview on our podcast, a ...…
Radio Tango Angeles presents Marcela Duran--"La Mujer del TANGO": Carlos Gavito's muse and love incarnate in Luis Bravo's Forever Tango.
Chance and fate are synonymous in the life of Lalo Schifrin. From meeting Dizzy Gillespie to finding his way to Hollywood to write the immortal themes of Mission Impossible and Tango, Lalo's talent and meticulous preparation sealed his fate.
FINALLY, we get to tell you about the rest of our adventure at this years Naughty in N’awlins! This is Friday through Sunday, and once again we had enough to talk about that this is a long episode. In part 2, we discuss a very hot couple we met and how Mrs. Tango and the wife from this couple generated amazing heat (even for New Orleans!) This ...…
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