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Welcome to Frog's Taxidermy Adventures. I am Frog Mullis. I was born and raised in middle Georgia and in that time I have hunted most everything that walks the woods. I am the owner of Frogapos;s Buck Shop Taxidermy so you can see that the wildlife of Georgia is my life. If I am not mounting a trophy for someone then I am out pursuing one of my own. So come join me in my adventures! You can get watch the HD version of these hunts at and you can watch similiar ...
Your weekly appointment with the muse. Listen to interviews and readings with Canada's top spoken word, slam, and literary poets. Canadian poetry, at its best.
Trials and successes as an Oil Painter, illustrator or other creative person. Interviews, conversations, and solo thoughts and perspectives, with a sense of humor. Oil Painting, Art, Freelance, Illustration,Taxidermy, Sculpture, Creativity, Crafting, Music Making, Instrument Building... who knows? We all have something in common: a creative spirit and a love of what we do.
From producers Anna Faris and Sim Sarna (Anna Faris is Unqualified) comes the world’s first hilarious/musical/comedic/sexually charged podcast… You might know Missi Pyle from one of her 200 films... But, you would most likely stop her in a mall and say, “Didn’t we go to high school together?” You might recognize Zach Selwyn from when he hosted the failed "competitive taxidermy" show on AMC – or possibly from his hit History Channel TV show “America's Secret Slang.” Both of them have spent th ...
Think of this as a fun phone call with a new friend where we talk about the agony and ecstasy of life. We go deep, we get heavy, but we always laugh our way through it.
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Think of this as a fun phone call with a new friend. Talking about how I personally make a life every single day.
In another all new BONUS episode of Might Bang LIVE, Missa and Zach invite IMPULSE's Enuka Okuma and Tanner Stine up on stage to talk about how to get your best summer vagina, deadbeat kids, and play a round of Missi Vs! They also sing their hit songs Google The Shit Out Of You, Clear Your History, and a classic wrap-up rap. Tune in!…
Kimberly joins RC in studio to talk about and read from her new book called Love and Errors.
Jami Macarty joins Kevin and Pam for a chat about...POETRY
Kevin Spenst and Pamela Bentley host Jacqueline Turner as she prepares for a reading in Vancouver.
Vancouver Poetry Slam Grand Slam Champion, Lindi Nolte is our guest today and she sits down and chats with Kevin and RC about all sorts of things..
Vancouver/Port Moody, Poet, Rob Taylor joins us to talk about some of his current poetry activities. The discussion includes clinical depression, fatherhood, hair cuts and staying at the Al Purdy A Frame.
Legendary poet, songwriter, busker and Outsider Artist, Al Mader aka The Minimalist Jug Band, joins Pam and RC in studio.
In a special BONUS LIVE EPISODE of Might Bang! Missi and Zach are joined by Nicole Sullivan (Disjointed, Blackish, MADtv) and piano accompaniment Hughie Stonefish to learn their rap names, play a game of Missi Vs, and most importantly: say FUCK Game of Thrones! We also improvise some instant classic songs: Hot For Jesus, Missi's ode to aging, a ...…
Andrew Warner is one wheel of the Tiny Tricycle Poets and he joins us to talk about his growth as a poet and about writing high as Vanilla Thunder.
Pam and RC open up the CD Tickle Trunk to play some fresh audio from Brandon Wint, Moe Clark, and Alessandra Naccarato plus some older material by Gruff the Poet, Sonya Littlejohn, and Tony Brown with Duende.
Wanda Kehewin joins Pam and RC to talk about her upcoming book as well as surviving generational trauma.
Janet joins RC to talk about her residency at the Joy Kogawa House and the resurgence of Indigenous Writing in Canada.
Prior to the Al Purdy A Frame Fundraiser, Danny Peart joins us to talk about Al Purdy and to read some work from both of them.
Henry joins us to promote the final Thursday's Writing Collective chapbook release and reading.
Vancouver Poetry Slam 2017 Team Member, Molly Billows joins Pam for a chat about Verses and hosting a talk back with Andrea Gibson and to share some poems
Death positivity, grief, mourning, & how it manifests in self expression
Bernice Lever joins for a visit to talk about poetry and peace and activism and breaking ground as a female downhill skier.
Candian+Antiguan Dub Poet Legend, Clifton Joseph dropped by to share some perspective on the poetry scene of today and read some poems ahead of his Pandora's Collective reading in West Vancouver.
My personal journey when it came to the big D
Fiona and Jane visit us to talk about the anthology they co edited, Love Me True: The Ins and Out and Ups and Downs of Marriage.
Experimental writer Matea Kulić joins co-hosts Pamela Bentley and Kevin Spenst to discuss poetry warm-ups, the different ways in which poetry can be performed, and the poetic value of being a prolific email writer.
An intro into Jenovia’s human experience and what will be discussed in future episodes.
Jonina Lynn Kirton joins Pam and RC to talk about the Growing Room Festival as well as her recent trip to Iceland to read poetry and meet long lost relatives.
UBC Professor, Ian Williams joins us to read some poems and talk about tennis and other things
Juliane Okot Bitek joins Pam and Kevin to share some poems and talk about the question "Where are you from?"
Brandon Wint joins co-hosts Kevin Spenst and Pamela Bentley to talk about love, his favourite poets, performing poems, his CD Infinite Mercies, how being a lover is like being a poet, and more.
Beni Xiao joins Kevin Spents and RC Weslowski to read from Beni's new chapbook "Bad Egg" and to discuss what that means among other things.
Just prior to their reading at Twisted Poets, Cornelia Hoogland joined Pam Bentley and Kevin Spenst to talk about the Trailer Park Elegies.
Pam, Kevin and RC are all in studio to share some audio out of the CD Tickle Trunk including Bill Bissett, Ronnie Dean Harris, Janet Marie Rogers, Joanne Arnott and the Word Burglars
Burnaby Writer's Society President, Lara Varesi joins us to recap 2017, share some poems and talk about what's coming up of the Society in 2018.
Nationally known spoken word poet, Johnny MacRae joins to talk about his CD Mouth Music and to promote his feature at UBC Slam.
2017 Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam Grand Slam Champion, Emma Field is our guest to talk about persona poems and trickster energy ahead of her feature at the youth poetry slam.
Isaac Bond freshly arrived from Saskatoon, now living in Vancouver, shares his spoken word poetry, and chats with RC Weslowski and Pamela Bentley about astronomy, hip-hop, beats, hosting, and doing poetry in schools.
Ellie Sawatzky joins co-hosts Pamela Bentley and RC Weslowski to share poems, talk about being an artist in Vancouver, her Frog Hollow Press shortlisted chapbook "Rhinocerotic" coming out in 2018, publishing, rejection, persistence, rhinos, Burning Man, nannying, and her daily blog of writing prompts, Impromptu, on her website…
Nasra Adem, former Youth Poet Laureate of Edmonton, Alberta joins co-hosts RC Weslowski and Pamela Bentley. Nasra shares some poems and talks with them about rain, sky, workshops, poet laureates, Canada 150, and questioning our own assumptions, roles, and perspectives.
Marcela Huerta visits with RC about her new book Tropico ahead of the book launch which took place Nov 23rd at The Paperhound Books
Mallory Tater and Curtis LeBlanc​, founders of the new chapbook press Rahila's Ghost Press​ tell us about their first crop of books launching November 22. Curtis also reads poems from his own books while Mallory shares some poems from her upcoming This Will Be Good​. Kevin Spenst and Pamela Bentley co-hosting.…
Aislinn Hunter joins hosts Kevin Spenst and Pam Bentley to read poems from her book Linger, Still, and chat about residencies, taxidermy, animal memes,Thing theory, and a diversity research student project at Kwantlen.
Raw Speakhers, a women's hip-hop freestyle collective, who are performing as part of the Heart of the City Festival, join hosts RC Weslowski and Pamela Bentley, to share their voices, rhymes and rhythms, and talk about their process, experiences and the forming of the collective.
Yvonne Blomer, current Victoria Poet Laureate and editor of the anthology Refugium: Poems for the Pacific, joins Pam Bentley and Kevin Spenst to talk about the book, the process, its title, nature and ecological poetry. She reads poems from Refugium by Jan Zwicky, John Barton, Joe Denham, Misuzu Kaneko, and Brian Campbell.…
UK poetry slam champion, Leyla Josephine from Glasgow joins RC and Pam in studio prior to her feature in Victoria to talk about many things, including what to do when feeling "Hopeless."
Ayanda Lyric Mgoduka joins RC and Pam to share her poetry and talk about politics, racism, queens, reconciliation, and love.
Poet, rapper, boxer (with beats and without), Dana ID Matthews joins RC to reveal some secrets about his life through poetry.
Pam is away so RC opens the CD Tickle Trunk for some poems by Jive Poetic and Sheri-D Wilson plus we listen to some Hollerin.
Meharoona Ghani joins Kevin Spenst and Pam Bentley to talk about her poems in the collection, The Muslimah Who Fell To Earth, as well as the Art of Listening, TedxEast Van, and more.
Jaye Simpson joins us to share some poems and talk about using poetry to address intergenerational trauma and the power of language and words.
Kevin Gilday was in town for the Vancouver Fringe Festival and joined us to share some poems and promote his Fringe show "Gigantic Lying Mouth".
Visiting from London, Ontario, our guest is Blair Trewartha promoting his book, Easy Fix from Palimpsest Press, and talking about history, the 1911 Timmins fire, and other sources for his poetry, as well as his writing and publishing process.
Johnny Trinh joins us to share his poetry, and talks about family, and the legacy of racism and Asian erasure in Canada, as well as plays and playwriting.
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