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We surprise some of the world's brightest minds with ideas they're not at all prepared to discuss. With host Jason Gots and special guests Neil Gaiman, Alan Alda, Salman Rushdie, Mary-Louise Parker, Richard Dawkins, Margaret Atwood, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Saul Williams, Henry Rollins, Bill Nye, George Takei, Maria Popova, and many more . . .You've got 10 minutes with Einstein. What do you talk about? Black holes? Time travel?Why not gambling? The Art of War? Contemporary parenting?Some ...
Think Twice MTG
Think Twice is a weekly Magic: the Gathering podcast hosted by Ali Aintrazi and Justin Parnell that looks at a variety of topics from dual and occasionally opposing points of view. Ali and Justin primarily discuss the world revolving around Magic, but touch on movies, music, other games, general pop culture, and personal musings.
Conversations about historical knowledge and how we achieve it
Thinking Allowed
Laurie Taylor explores the latest research into how society works and discusses current ideas on how we live today.
We surprise some of the world's brightest minds with ideas they're not at all prepared to discuss. With host Jason Gots and special guests Neil Gaiman, Alan Alda, Salman Rushdie, Mary-Louise Parker, Richard Dawkins, Margaret Atwood, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Saul Williams, Henry Rollins, Bill Nye, George Takei, Maria Popova, and many more . . .You've got 10 minutes with Einstein. What do you talk about? Black holes? Time travel?Why not gambling? The Art of War? Contemporary parenting?Some ...
A podcast about neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and science more broadly, run by a group of computational neuroscientists.
Thinking Fellows
The Thinking Fellows is a podcast that explores theology, history, and apologetics. Hosted by Caleb Keith and Drs. Rod Rosenbladt, Scott Keith, and Adam Francisco. Join these thinkers for a great conversation.
A weekly podcast that offers Christian perspectives on some of the most significant issues facing today's church and culture. In each episode, hosts Scott Rae and Sean McDowell — professors at Biola University's Talbot School of Theology — draw upon biblical wisdom and insights from guest experts as they explore how Christians can thoughtfully and faithfully engage with cultural trends and current events.
The biggest challenge in the world today is that we surround ourselves with people who think just like us and it is dangerous because we then think we are more right than we actually are and dismiss other people and their points of view. We have forgotten how to have conversations with people who disagree with us. This has to stop.This show is designed to get you thinking about a different perspective. The idea is to have you suspend your belief and perhaps consider the opposite.
Think Out Loud
OPB's daily conversation covering news, politics, culture and the arts.
Think, Aim, Fire
"Think, Aim, Fire" is about one thing -- shooting. It is co-hosted by Lee Williams, The Gun Writer at the Herald-Tribune, and Army Special Operations veteran Bob Keller, owner and founder of Gamut Resolutions.
Daily podcasts and posts to spur changes in thinking
Each episode explores how today’s technology is transforming tomorrow — from our biology, habits, relationships, spaces to our place in the universe.
Just Think
Just Think is a show dedicated to providing sensible dialogues in a time riddled with divisiveness. We are striving to understand arguments and to better ourselves by thinking through all positions on topics and how people get to where they think.
This podcast is audio taken from our Training Think Tank YouTube channel for those on the go (or who just don't want to look at our ugly mugs)
Two Think Minimum
Podcast by Taylor Mertins
Join us in our office once a week as lifelong friends turned business partners Owen Piper and Jay Little systematically destroy your childhood, one beloved memory at a time...
Knowledge I Think
Podcast by Knowledge I Think
KERA's Think
Think is a daily, topic-driven interview and call-in program hosted by Krys Boyd covering a wide variety of topics ranging from history, politics, current events, science, technology and emerging trends to food and wine, travel, adventure, and entertainment.
Think Eternity with Matt Brown is a new podcast show that will deepen your walk with Christ, Helping you build your life around the Gospel. Every week Evangelist Matt Brown will help unpack the Scriptures with a fresh perspective, encouraging you to Think Eternity.
Podcast by Dont Think About Elephants
Conversations about historical knowledge and how we achieve it
Podcast with host, Nick LaDue, and a guest(s) coming on to discuss a film just seen for the first time. Spoiler filled. New episodes every week.Catch us live on Sundays at 4pm PST at USC's on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Spotify.Partnered with The Sideline Observer.Logo courtesy of Mason Robinson.
The Authoritative Voice in Jazz
KERA's Think
Think is a daily, topic-driven interview and call-in program hosted by Krys Boyd covering a wide variety of topics ranging from history, politics, current events, science, technology and emerging trends to food and wine, travel, adventure, and entertainment.
Hello COGWA Teens! This podcast will give you interesting and relevant information that will encourage you toward spiritual growth and a greater sense of community within the Church.
Firmsconsulting maintains a 80% success rate at placing clients within McKinsey, BCG and Bain. This is the highest in the industry and the rate is higher if we include other firms. We achieve this rate because we only use former partners from McKinsey, BCG et al to develop our clients. This makes us unique. We never use analysts, associates, engagement managers or associate principals. We also carefully select and develop clients on their communication, image, technical and case interview sk ...
Think Theism
Belief in God does not have to be based on blind faith. Think Theism explores the rational basis for Christianity as well as the intellectual life of Christian students and faculty at Texas A&M University. For more information, check out
Just Thinking Out Loud is a video and audio series hosted by Desi-Rae, giving social and political commentary - a reasoned voice on tough topics.
This Old App
A podcast about learning, coding, smashing stuff together, breaking things apart, startups, failing, winning, and any other buzzwords we can think of.
Think Spiritual
Be your own Hero! Think Spiritual Podcasts looks at modern stories through the lens of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey and explains their (plausible) mythological meaning.
I talk about a wide range of subjects. Sometimes I’ll tell a funny story and other times, I may talk about more serious subject matter. Follow me on Twitter @GlenThinksStuff email:
Enlightening & Entertaining discussions about all things Paranormal with world renowned researchers and experiencers, challenging everything we think we know about Ghosts, Ghouls, Angels, Demons, Aliens, Monster Encounters, Mysteries and Miracles.
Your host Jonders explores the world of football and pop culture.
Thinking Love
A new podcast for homeschooling, Charlotte Mason moms.
Thinking Out Loud Network
Funny and insightful discussions about entertainment, celebrities and headline news.
Torah Thinking
A deep look at life and learning based on Toras Ramchal
Unedited and Unfiltered, Nick and Pedro break into the consciousness of day to day life. A weekly discussion covering politics, news, and what it means to survive in this rat race we call modern day society. Write us at
Stop Overeating and Binge Eating. Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person on the Food Plan of Your Choice
Where personal development meets real life. Ruben Chavez explores a variety of topics with thought leaders, scientists, creators, artists, entrepreneurs and other interesting people to bring you different perspectives you can use to enrich your mind and improve your life in whatever way you see fit. Ruben is a writer and personal development educator. He has created a community of over 3 million people across different platforms, including his Instagram page (@ThinkGrowProsper), blog (thinkg ...
Think About It... from Houston Baptist University
Thinking Clearly
In this age of fake news, alternative facts and information overload, this podcast offers cognitive self-defense strategies and topics that will help you understand and master critical thinking in forming your claims beliefs and opinions.
Southern Remedy
Southern Remedy is Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s flagship wellness program dedicated to keeping Mississippians healthy. It consists of a weekday call-in radio show.
Descend on the incoherency, bad listening skills and self-doubt that is host David Cooper. As I write this description I truly can't tell you what the show is about. This is going well, I think. Broadcast live on the street at Ritual Roasters at 1026 Valencia St. in San Francisco, there's comedians, callers, laughter, anger, and frustration. There's some very real moments. Oh, and flashing neon lights. It's a nightmare. Airing live most Thursdays at 9:15pm PT / 12:15am ET, we might take your ...
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When we separate out our trash and fill the recycling bin, we feel like better stewards of the earth. But maybe it’s time to look outside the bin to really address climate change. Journalist Tatiana Schlossberg joins host Krys Boyd to talk about how re-evaluating our lifestyles is the key to any real, radical change. Her book is, “Inconspicuous ...…
Jared Oliphint, Ph.D. student in the Texas A&M Philosophy Dept., joins us for a fun conversation about abstract objects and how it relates to theism. The problem is motivated by an inconsistent triad of propositions, formulated by Greg Welty: Abstract objects (AOs) exist. If AOs exist, they are dependent on God. If AOs exist, they are independe ...…
Lucilius gets help from a little friend.By Tinkered Thinking.
"Management consulting partner recruitment | Trying to join McKinsey as a partner / director" is episode 354 of our Case Interviews & Management Consulting channel. KEEP IN TOUCH: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn WANT TO LEARN FROM FORMER STRATEGY PARTNERS FROM MAJOR CONSULTING FIRMS? SIGN UP FOR ACCESS TO SELECTED EPISODES HERE. https ...…
Thinking Out Loud @thinkingoutloudnetworkSpotify: @thinkingoutloudnetworkGoogle Play: @thinkingoutloudnetworkStitcher: @thinkingoutloudnetworkSupport Us: ...…
Everyone's favorite segment returns as Ali and Justin explore Throne of Eldraine's 5 Top 5s, before giving their honest thoughts on the controversial "Joker" movie.00:15 - The Week That Was20:26 - Five Top 5s: Throne of Eldraine1:03:07 - Movie Review: "Joker"1:32:55 - Question of the Week and Wrap Up…
I don’t even know where to begin with this one. You’ve probably heard of Cambridge Analytica. Maybe you know they’re a company that did some nefarious things involving facebook and the 2016 US presidential elections. If you’re anything like me, you don’t know the half of it. If you get through this episode without wanting to move to a remote hu ...…
Churches in North America today have over $1 trillion in assets that are significantly underutilized. The subtitle for this stimulating book is the topic of our conversation on this podcast — "Why tithes and offerings are no longer enough." Join us for this fascinating conversation about how churches can leverage their assets to serve the commu ...…
Amanda Giese is the star of the show, “Amanda to the Rescue,” which premiered last year on Animal Planet. Giese began rescuing animals more than a decade ago, and founded Panda Paws Rescue in Washougal, Washington to help some of the most medically challenged animals find their forever homes. We spoke to Giese last year. The second season of he ...…
Jonders and Kyle pick all the Week 6 gamesBy Forward Pass Thinking.
Today on Think Eternity with Matt Brown, we have special guest Levi Lusko.By Converge Podcast Network.
My critique of Paternalism's critics. Our biological success predicates itself on paternalism, or the idea that we provide information to those without it. Consider evolutionary morality – whatever is successful is moral. Consider subjective moral theories. Is this a case where the critiques are after this idea because of its unfortunate naming ...…
The third anniversary of the show with its Episode 133 of the show known as "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". And the guest today is Andrea, a fellow comedian. Hoping for a good episode after a string of poor episodes. They exchange notes on their psychiatrists and then their parents. The first caller is Miranda, David's girl fri ...…
Trauma is more than just PTSD. First responders often suffer from it, along with medical students, even stressed out professionals. James S. Gordon, M.D., founder and executive director of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C., joins host Krys Boyd to talk about his approach to integrative healing and support. His book is called ...…
On this episode, we're joined by Garrett Potter, president of Special Op's Tactical. I don't know ANYONE who knows the AR platform better than Garrett. Of course we take your questions.By Lee Williams.
Women Gave Us Human Rights with David Shackleton on Domino Thinking with Alison Donaghey Alison Donaghey, A cause and effect strategist, speaker, podcast host, and author, talked on Oct. 10th, with David Shackleton. They spoke about ‘Women Gave Us Human Rights'David Shackleton is a thinker and writer on gender and personal growth. He has writte ...…
What is a viral scare and where do they come from? This episode we look at internet urban legends and how hoaxes spread in the age of online misinformation. Featuring: Marcella Tambuscio - Postdoctoral Fellow at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia - Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering ...…
Happy hump day folks! Today I reflect back on my time in martial arts class. Next I talk about trick or treating at church. Lastly I talk about a guy who did a really dumb thing. Thank you for listening today! Peace Contact me:
Are Charlotte Mason's views on authority outdated? Your hostesses at Thinking Love don't think so. The idea of being in authority over our children is Biblically based, and also supported by modern research. Charlotte Mason urged us to be authoritative parents because God put us in authority over our children. He didn't do this because we are a ...…
Dimitri Sirota is CEO and cofounder of BigID. Sirota is the CEO of one of the first enterprise privacy management platforms called BigID and a privacy and identity expert. He is an established serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor and strategist and previously founded two enterprise software companies focused on security and API management, Lay ...…
TTT Coaches Max El-Hag and Brannen Dorman discuss things to keep in mind heading into the next 5 weeks of the CrossFit Open.
BBC — Council estates: Laurie Taylor talks to Insa Lee Koch, Associate Professor in Anthropology at the LSE, and author of a new study which explores the history of housing estates and the every day live of residents on one such estate in southern England. How did council housing turn from being a marker of social inclusion to a marker of abjec ...…
Join us this week with a bottle of wine for an update on Perdo’s dad life. How Nick gets kidnapped to a superhero party, also who’s your favorite slasher? Multiple perspectives on money issues. We reminisce on the renaissance and state fair. All while avoidiing politics, deciding on a grocery store, and some post season baseball. Thanks For lis ...…
My guest this week is psychiatrist Dr. Suvrat Bhargave, author of the recent book, A Moment of Insight. It was a great conversation about the deep work of psychotherapy, which can even lead to spiritual growth—for both people in the therapy relationship.We explored the challenging and exciting question of figuring out who each of us actually is ...…
On January 12, 1865, the Charleston Mercury gave its pronouncement upon plans in the Confederate Congress to enlist Black southerners into the Confederate Army in exchange for their emancipation: By the compact we made with Virginia and the other States of this Confederacy, South Carolina will stand to the bitter end of destruction. By that […]…
This time around, the lads put a young science boy through some harrowing shit, make a new superhero team in space, make sex fun (finally) and partake of the finest cuts of dong this side of the Thames. Yet more goofs and good products from the boys you love! Currently Brainstorming: Knee Girls, Spicy Bath, Jim Pachmans, Flat, Long, Cock Rings, ...…
The Thinking Fellows talk about friendship, fatherhood, and masculinity. In particular, this episode is about the struggle and need for friendship in the Christian life. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the show. Show Notes: 1517 Podcasts Being Dad Where Two or Three Are Gathered
What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed? It’s paralyzing isn’t it? Everything looks impossible. It’s hard to know what do. You might feel hopeless. This week I’ll tell you about a Bible character who was feeling hopeless, just before a miracle solved the problem. You have no idea what God will use to solve your problem too. Watch the vid ...…
Marion Mariathasan, Co-founder & CEO, Simplifya Marion is a serial entrepreneur who has founded, invested, or advised over a dozen start-ups. He is the CEO and CO-founder of Simplifya, the leading cannabis regulatory and operational compliance company. Marion is also the Founder and Chairman of Ceylon Solutions, a software development company t ...…
In this podcast, we’ll look at the importance of drilling down your 3 year vision (from skill 8) into actionable 90 day plans. How to measure your results, changes and improvements. Finally, we’ll look at delivering exceptional customer service. The post #022 – World Class Delivery (Leadership Skill 9) appeared first on Tony Brooks.…
My guest is Peter Van Stralen. He has one of the best titles of all time: “Family Adventurist.” That’s right. In 2015, Peter, his wife, and their three kids sold everything other than their jeep and set off on an Epic Family Road trip. Initially around the US… but it’s now their adventure has included trips around the globe. And they’re still g ...…
Part 1 is a YouTube video: The Young Turks made some interesting comments on Saturday Night Live’s firing of their new conservative comedian Shane Gillis. Sean and I respond. Subscribe to Sean: Sean’s Twitter: The TYT Video: https: ...…
Kirkland Guillory is majoring in Marketing. In the summer of 2019, she accepted an internship with Perry Homes. Her work has included providing research-based recommendations to impact sluggish sales for a new community, and preparing a press release related to the company’s foundation. The Marketing program is part of the Archie W. Dunham Coll ...…
Wisdom, ultimately, is not something we arrive at on our own. Wisdom is a gift from God. Much like the gift of God’s Son - It comes to a people undeserving, in strange ways both seen and unseen. It can completely upend our lives in ways we care scarily imagine. But in the end, its the only thing that really makes a difference. Wisdom, much like ...…
Amazing shiur given in 2017 by Rabbi Kessin that gives insight on what teshuva & Yom Kippur are all about fundamentally. Hint: It's not fundamentally about correcting aveiros / sins.By Rabbi Mendel Kessin.
Most interesting man by Knowledge I ThinkBy Knowledge I Think.
As discussed in his recent book: "The Know-It-All Society", Michael P. Lynch, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut, helps us take another look at the current state of dialogue in contemporary American culture as we discuss how polarization, conviction and intellectual arrogance has led us to believe that we have nothing to l ...…
Time to wipe off the suncream and deflate those armbands, because after a long summer vacation, school's back in session. The boys catch up on what they’ve been watching including Ad Astra, It: Chapter Two, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. That’ll cut the mustard.Find Us: @dtaepodcast ‏dtaepodcast@gmail.comAll theme music: ‘Cold Funk’ by Kevi ...…
The age-old debate of nature versus nurture is now being played out between artificial intelligence and neuroscience. The dominant approach in AI, machine learning, puts an emphasis on adapting processing to fit the data at hand. Animals, on the other hand, seem to have a lot of built in structure and tendencies, that mean they function well ri ...…
September 29, 2019.I drink your milkshake! On this week’s episode, Nick is joined by Ben Parkhill to discuss the most requested film for this show: There Will Be Blood. Starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano and written/directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, this epic film from 2007 is considered as one of the best movies of all time.In this episod ...…
Joining JAZZIZ Publisher Michael Fagien on the podcast today is Steve Tyrell, a record producer and vocalist whose soulful interpretations of jazz standards, Disney tunes, holiday classics and R&B anthems have gained him a wide and passionate fan base the world over. Born in Te ...…
In this episode, I walk through my daily routine and explain why I've been less active on social media lately (Hint: I'm writing a book!). I also discuss the principle that explains why having a routine is useful. This principle can be summed up in two words: Constraints enable. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Skillshare is an online learnin ...…
The relationship between fathers and sons can sometimes be challenging. Mr. Scott Lord addresses some principles that will help you relate better with your father.
The Deeper Meaning of Kung Fu Panda 2 (Part 2 of 3)By Think Spiritual.
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