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Hodgepodge of magickal chat, drinks, spells, tarot, guests and unadulterated fun with two sister witches. This is not a PG rated show. Raina is an inappropriate Wiccan & Dorian is the owner of Cobaltraven's Magickal Notions. Both are kitchen witches extraordinaire, do no harm but take no shit!
Adam Schefter talks with the biggest names in and around football, taking you inside what makes them tick and how they got to where they are.
Sunday messages from Hillsong Church in London - we hope you are challenged & inspired. To find out more about our service times & locations visit
Award Winning Entrepreneur Andre Borell's Podcast is here, and he's got some great news. Business Ain't Rocket Surgery! Be sure to subscribe for regular deep dives and insights on what makes Andre Borell tick and how you can apply it to your life and business to achieve greater success. Trust him, It Ain't Rocket Surgery!
A NEW new time podcast in the style of OLD old-time radio, the Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury marks the triumphant return of Sparks Nevada, Beyond Belief, and all your favorite Thrilling personas to podcast airwaves. Plus brand new Thrilling tales, new guest stars, new writers, and a bold new sound. The Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury is recorded at Forever Dog studios in Los Angeles and produced/engineered by the Forever Dog Podcast Network. Created by Ben Acker & Ben Blacker. Featurin ...
T. Gordon Salon Talks: Infomation about what makes salons tick! Laugh, learn & love what you do.
Watch And Listen
Watch and Listen is a weekly podcast about watches, watchmaking, and the people that make the industry tick. Hosts Matt Farah, of The Smoking Tire ,and Cameron Weiss, watchmaker and the CEO of the Weiss Watch Company, Los Angeles, CA, will take you through the history of clocks and watchmaking, show what makes some of the most iconic watches just that, and discuss watch buying, maintaining, investing, and collecting at all price points. This podcast is available as a video as well, on YouTube.
Talk from the left, that's right.
Geeks OUT
LGBTIQ people informing, educating and celebrating all aspects of Geek for an LGBTIQ audience
Out Standing in the Field is a podcast from the DeWitt, Macon & Piatt County University of Illinois Extension offices. Educator Doug Gucker covers seasonal agriculture issues specific to Central Illinois. Follow him on Twitter @SoilWaterDougUniversity of Illinois * U.S. Department of Agriculture * Local Extension Councils CooperatingUniversity of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.If you need reasonable accommodation to participate please contact the e ...
1947 is a new podcast from NBC News, featuring Chuck Todd, Moderator of "Meet the Press." 1947 features in-depth conversations with notable figures to go beyond politics. Each episode showcases a single conversation, centered on a guest who has been invited to discuss art, culture, news and of course, politics.
This Week in Evolution is a podcast on the biology behind what makes us tick.
ComposerDad accepts intense compositional challenges from a talking Bible while out with his kids. Pop song from the book of Deuteronomy? 90s Hip-Hop on Pentecost? A Tick Check Song? No problem. Meet ProfessorMom, Grandma, BuilderBoy, SquishyBaby, and Grandma (no relation) in this funky, adventure-packed family music podcast. For fans of Story Pirates and Eleanor Amplified.
Real Reading
A celebration in podcast form of Reading in Berkshire. From independent businesses to the people that make the town tick, and just how long we've spent sat at the Castle Hill traffic lights. A podcast from Get Reading.
Cultured Pet
tasty morsels for your auditory enjoyment
Comedians Andrew Ivimey and Diana McCallum ( creators of ) break down and discuss a different superhero movie or TV show every week, with drop-ins from special guests and comedians.
Hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson guide you through the most interesting true crime stories. This is a true crime podcast that spares none of the details and delves into what makes these killers tick. Join us for a good mix of lesser known cases as well as our take on what we call the "Big Timers". We don't take ourselves too seriously but we take true crime very seriously.
Crack Talk
We are here to look at the human condition through psychological, physiological, biological, theological, astrological, and even meteorological means all in an effort to make you smile, give you hope, or if nothing else, raise your blood pressure a little. :) Visit our website for more information or to get in touch with us ( Subscribe to our podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, iHeartRadio,,, follow us Facebook (https:// ...
Say Your Mind
Kelechi Okafor is the host of Say Your Mind. Tune in every Monday for her unique take on current events sprinkled with bad language and an abundance of straws.
Humor and Insight from the Front Seat of Silicon Valley
Blind Pilots
From the hosts of @webusybutcreative and @heirofgrievances comes your new favorite podcast. Join us as we watch pilot episodes of series we choose randomly! t: @blindpilotspod ig: @blindpilotspodcast e:
No grey Areas
Clarity is the watch word.
What makes you tick? Join Ginger as she dives into desire in all of its many facets.
Sounds True
An insider's look into the world of Sounds True and its visionary teachers and authors, through the eyes of its publisher and founder.
Nightlife with Phil Clark and Sarah MacDonald has everything you need to get you through the night, seven nights a week.
Welcome to the Game Artist Podcast where we interview amazing Game Artists to find out what makes them tick and how they got the job of their dreams.
Be a fly on the wall and listen to to great conversations between the founder of NetWorkWise: Adam Connors & his group of eclectic guests. This show ranges from high powered CEO’s to average Joe’s and everything in between. The only thing that is constant is their success. And, in the mind of Adam, success is defined as "living a life by design, not by default.” And what's more, nearly all of these guests agree on one thing: success is a group metric. You are only as good as the people you s ...
Game Changers with Molly Fletcher is a podcast designed to help you maximize your influence and unleash your potential. Each episode, we take you behind the scenes with peak performers to learn what makes them tick and discover how you can apply their lessons to your life. For additional resources, visit
Nettavisens Serieguiden forteller deg hvilke serier du bør se, og hvilke du bør la ligge.
WKSU's exploration of science and innovation in Northeast Ohio.
If you’ve ever wondered what makes people tick, what inspires them, and how they’ve become the people they are today, then you’re going to love the Greatvine. CQUniversity’s Greatvine is a podcast series that chats with some of the University’s interesting characters: from professors and lecturers, to support staff and students. We dig and get the dirt on why people do what they do; what events changed their lives; how their work is making a difference; what inspires them; and what quirky ho ...
Off Hours
Off Hours is a conversational podcast that delves into technology, working with our hands, and other curiosities.
Brainstorms in innovative ways to turn ideas into reality rapidly. I experiment on myself and share in real time. Father of 2, Husband and Corporate Guy. Interests include fathering, data analytics, pro wrestling and innovative education.
Two dog lovers who want to share our misadventures with the world! Contact us at and follow us on Instagram (allmyfriendsaredogspod)!
A murder investigation should be simple enough, but things are not always as they seem in Moya.
Lobster TV
Every week Bob and Tom sit down to talk about the CW's Arrow-verse and anything else they've been watching.
On The Record
ReWild Yourself
Welcome to the ReWild Yourself Podcast! I’m Daniel Vitalis, and I’ll be your guide through the world of human ecology and lifestyle design. We’ll explore the strategies that our ancient human bodies and minds need to thrive in a modern world — awakening our instincts and freeing ourselves from the degenerative effects of human domestication.
Forward Thinking
Research, news and views from the School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences. The School brings together research in philosophy, psychology and linguistics at the University of Edinburgh to find out what makes people tick by studying their thoughts, words and behaviours.
FanOff is a network of podcasts that center around all things fandom, created for fans, by fans. Whether it be sports, movies, comics, or television, FanOff is the place for fanatics to be loud and be proud.
Short interludes of me discussing what's going on in between the shows that I either host or guest on. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Money Pit Minute with Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete delivers quick, insightful how-to tips on home improvement, remodeling, décor and home maintenance projects.
The Artshole
A podcast about unrequited art. Enter the Artshole and find some of the greatest works of art that have never been seen. Have you got an unpublished book hidden in a bottom drawer? Have you written music but are not a signed artist? We want to interview you and find out what makes you tick.
SkullPhil Talks
Do you have an opinion on world affairs? Have you got issues? Do you suffer from a mental health illness? Well we at SkullPhil Talks tick all three of these boxes and love it!
Culture Dribble
Coming from Melbourne, Australia this podcast looks to be a more localised, campy ‘Stuff You Should Know’. Further fleshing out and finding real-life factual information (!!) on topics that I currently make me exclaim; “Hmmmm, you know what got me thinking...”. This podcast is as inclusive a rabbit in a magicians hat. Everyone is welcome, let’s dribble together about what makes us tick...and laugh, and roll our eyes and smile and yell into our pillows. Let’s do it all!
Hard As Nails is a weekly podcast produced by We interview some of the most hardcore people on the planet to find out what makes them tick and how the hell they keep on going as they take on epic challenges.
Weekly interviews with Jakarta's rising stars, established fixtures, and people of note from a wide array of industries and backgrounds. Join us as we get to know who, how, and what makes our city tick.
This weekly podcast from Primedia Broadcasting presented by Lee Kasumba features both mainstream icons and esoteric talents from the worlds of art, entertainment and pop culture. Expect the list of celebrated guests to reveal their fears and inspirations, what makes them tick - in a frank, uncensored fashion. Africa State of Mind's guest will share how they are representing the African continent in a positive light – and how we could all be doing it too! Follow on Twitter: @AfricaStateMindEn ...
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This Week In History in 1532 Incan General Atahualpa was captured by Spanish explorer Pizarro.
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David Quammen joins Nels and Vincent to talk about his new book, A Tangled Tree, including evolutionary trees, Carl Woese, Lynn Margulis, horizontal gene transfer, and much more. Hosts: Nels Elde and Vincent Racaniello Guest: David Quammen Subscribe (free): iTunes, Google Podcasts, RSS, email Become a patron of TWiEVO David's website David on T ...…
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The dramatic rescue of a horse that miraculously survived the raging California wildfire by stumbling into a back yard swimming pool is one amazing victory to be celebrated. But so many animals - and humans - that survived the devastation are injured or homeless or both. As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday this coming week, remember to b ...…
What is it about unexplained mysterie - from the macabre to the supernatural - that draw us in?
Shane Olson is a Senior Character Artist who specializes in creating stylized characters. He's been working in the Game Industry for nearly 20 years! Boy, did he have a treasure trove's worth of wisdom to share with us.Of the many gems he doled out, something that really stood out is this:Define who you are and what you want to be. Then make th ...…
Thorn Mooney is a witch living near us in Charlotte, North Carolina. A working Gardnerian priestess with a strong solitary practice that relies on techniques culled from as assortment of Western esoteric traditions and what is sometimes called “traditional” witchcraft. Heavily influenced by an extensive academic background, having specialized i ...…
Why do managers, supervisors, executives, moms, dads, and coaches all seem to command attention more than siblings, co-workers, and teammates? It's because of that little title behind their name. Does that make them better human beings? Not in the least. What about the fact that your CEO probably gave more money away in a month than you made in ...…
Shally Steckerl is a pioneer in the field of recruiting! He’s most recognized as the President of The Sourcing Institute (TSI), and one of the originators of the talent sourcing discipline but there is so much more to this man.During our conversation we get an opportunity to learn more about Shally and all of the other accomplishments he has ha ...…
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Jeff Lestz and I chat about his experiences with suicide, how that affected his life, and what he does now to stay mentally fit. Jeff and I are not experts on mental health or suicide, but I believe his personal overcoming story will encourage you, and maybe even someone you know. Why not share it with a friend?!If God can do it for Jeff, He ca ...…
This week on "Keepin' It Real," Cam tells us how a conversation he had during a recent shoe shine caused him some deep reflection and the realization that, maybe, he’s been rushing things too much... Edited by Jalen HutchinsonBy (Brittany Young).
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It's been more than two years since the UK voted to leave the European Union. Here's how we got to this point & what might happen next.
Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, brilliant marketer and speaker who’s known for “making a ruckus.” He’s written 19 bestselling books including Permission Marketing, Tribes, and Purple Cow and has the most popular business blog in the world. Seth also runs the altMBA, a four-week online leadership and management workshop, and ...…
How does #embracethesuck and #embracetheadventure connect? Listen up coconuts, as Dr. Seuss would say, “Oh, the places you’ll go” with the help of someone else and not alone. What if connecting with others meant that his or her success was dependent on our investing in them? What would that look like if we all believed that it did it? We plan f ...…
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Vanillamore, a Montclair restaurant that offers desserts ranging from "Chocolate salamis" to homemade marshmallow, is marking its first anniversary. Record Food Editor Esther Davidowitz interviews Vanillamore owner Risa Boyer in this episode of On the Record.
Everything you need to know about going solar. From subsidies, to grants, to getting those panels on the roof
Freelance Concept and Character Artist Mario Stabile joins us in this Podcast episode to share his amazing journey with us.He started off as an aspiring programmer, redirected his focus towards 3D art, became a successful freelance artist and recently started his own business.What?! :)Mario shares some great advice with us, starting from the th ...…
Macy's gave local school children and the media a sneak preview of five new floats that will be added to the 92nd annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. In this episode of On the Record, we hear from two Paramus youngsters and the vice president of production for the Macy's Studio. Record photo by Danielle Parhizkaran.…
At StoryCorps, former U.S. Attorney for Southern Alabama Kenyen Brown spoke with professor and community partner Demetrius Semien about how the two came to meet at the re-entry council Kenyen founded in Mobile. Demetrius talks about battling alcoholism, getting arrested and coming out on the other side. He also shares how the work he's done in ...…
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The midterm elections have come and gone. And, whether you’re a native Alabamian or not, there are certain public offices that sound familiar. That list would include jobs like governor, attorney general, and secretary of state. However, there’s one office that newcomers to the state might have to get used to. APR political commentator Steve Fl ...…
With new legislation before Parliament & a volatile market, here's your guide to staying on top of superannuation changes.
Robert Redford's career swan song and Luca Guadagnino's new film
After discussing the latest regarding Le'Veon Bell's holdout, Adam Schefter looks back at Week 10 and ahead towards Week 11 with ESPN's Evan Kaplan (3:44). Plus, Vikings DL Danielle Hunter discusses his breakout campaign (14:41) and Adam answers your #AskAdam voicemails (25:36).
As we move through HEROIC, we encounter Openness next on our journey. Openness is what guides us to new experiences and provides the means to learn. As Maddy and I discuss the heated topic of the qualification marching band as a sport, we weave HEROIC throughout to show ample opportunity for growth and learning. When we learn to see ourselves a ...…
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Rob Cummins was a difficult teenager. He smokes, drank and liked to cause trouble. By the time he hit his 20s, he was smoking up to 60 cigarettes a day. Life took a major turn when he bought a mountain bike and realised he quite enjoyed the pain of competing. And there really has been no stopping him ever since. Rob tells us all about his journ ...…
This week we're talking about The Walking Dead, Season 9, up to and including episode 5, the episode where... well... you know. We discuss the step up in quality this season, the missing cameo, the merits of time jumping, and what exactly is a garbage elf. We want to give a big thank you to our friends over at NOIZE for sending us their stylish ...…
In honor of Veteran's Day and the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, we re-issue this On the Record podcast about a rediscovered cache of letters written by World War I soldiers to a young Englewood woman named Ethel Mahoney. We also hear from the co-president of the Englewood Historical Society, which included the letters in an exhibit on lif ...…
How does a child experience the divorce of their parents? We look at the psychological effects of separation on children and how to make it better for them
Cricket writer Geoff Lemon on the downfall of Australian cricket. HIs new book is called Steve Smith's Men, Behind Australian Cricket's Fall.
Mention spiders, and many people shiver. But a local researcher says they are nature’s most adept architects, spinning intricate webs from amazingly elastic material. In this week’s Exploradio WKSU’s Jeff St.Clair reports on why the eight-legged arachnids deserve our respect. We’re in the lab of University of Akron researcher Todd Blackledge .…
A staged reading of a play that was first performed on a boat! THE BOAT SHOW follows the high seas adventures and romances of showman Freddie "Hutch" Hutchinson, his pal Duncan "Dunc" Dunbar, and their theater troupe The Great Pals Players as they stow away aboard an ocean liner and try to convince famed producer Emmett Flywheel to finance thei ...…
A staged reading of a play that was first performed on a boat! THE BOAT SHOW follows the high seas adventures and romances of showman Freddie "Hutch" Hutchinson, his pal Duncan "Dunc" Dunbar, and their theater troupe The Great Pals Players as they stow away aboard an ocean liner and try to convince famed producer Emmett Flywheel to finance thei ...…
Send your letters and nominations for Straw of the Year to follow @sayyourmindpod and @kelechnekoff extra content: Sponsor: @ibilebotanica
Jonathan Low joins Rachel Nemeth and Tom Canning for the latest Real Reading Podcast. We learn where Tom has been, why Hugh isn't with us and there is an interview with Emile Belcourt from A2 Supplies - better known as the shop on Friar Street with the suit of armour in the window. Let prattle commence! Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Faceb ...…
Fred and Rose West, one of England's most notorious serial killer couples, murdered at least 9 together during the 1970s and 1980s. But, they also killed separately. When Fred, who was already a murderer, met Rose, the union brought out the worst in each of them. Their house at 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester, England, would become known as "T ...…
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He's perhaps best known for being assassinated in Mexico City with an ice-axe in 1940, but Trotsky was a key player in the early days of Communist Russia.
In this illuminating conversation with Maria Yue (Lighting Artist at Cloud Imperium Games), we learn about Maria's diverse experience working as a lighting artist in different industries. She even prepared a great presentation spotlighting her work and the factors that inspired and motivated her.What's most important as a Lighting Artist workin ...…
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Some people may have a negative attitude toward animal shelters, but for homeless dogs and cats a shelter may be their only refuge from hunger, fear and unforgiving elements. If you have the chance, say "thank you" to a shelter worker for caring about these often forgotten animals. **********************…
Morgan Daimler is a witch who follows a path inspired by the Irish Fairy Faith. A wandering priestess of the aos sidhe, Morgan teaches classes on Irish myth and magical practices, fairies, and related subjects around the United States. Morgan’s writing has appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies including By Blood, Bone, and Blade: A ...…
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