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The Tracking Wonder podcast, hosted by Jeffrey Davis, is all about helping agile creatives and curious entrepreneurs advance their most important ideas even amidst inevitable challenges. Each week brings you in-depth conversations with leaders, stories from change-makers, and provocative ideas from artists and scientists - all designed to inspire you to shape your best work with more possibility, impact, and - yes - wonder.
Congressional Dish
A podcast highlighting corporate influence on the bills passed by Congress. Follow @JenBriney on Twitter
Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight team cover the latest in politics, tracking the issues and "game-changers" every week.
Back to the Movies
Two friends talk about all things movie related and are occasionally funny. Get the rundown on all latest news, reviews and incredibly side tracking segments. We hope you enjoy!
Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight team cover the latest in politics, tracking the issues and "game-changers" every week.
eCW Podcast
Watch the eCW Podcast to hear eClinicalWorks customers and industry experts discuss how healthcare IT helps deliver integrated care. Join us for inspiration to transform your organization!
Explorations in the world of science.
Dental Marketing Mastery discusses how to bring new patients to your dental practice. With over 29 years of experience running New Patients Inc., hosts Howie Horrocks and Mark Dilatush share what has worked for them and their clients.
Overnight on Wall Street is morning in Europe. Bloomberg Daybreak Europe is anchored live from London and New York tracking breaking news in Europe and around the world. Markets never sleep, and neither does Bloomberg News. Monitor your investments 24 hours a day, around the clock from around the globe. Hosted by Caroline Hepker and Markus Karlsson.
The stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.
Trending - explaining the stories the world is sharing...
The Intercept produces fearless, adversarial journalism, covering stories the mainstream media misses on national security, politics, criminal justice, technology, surveillance, privacy, and human rights. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
The American Museum of Natural History is one of the world's preeminent scientific and cultural institutions. Since its founding in 1869, the Museum has advanced its global mission to discover, interpret and disseminate information about human cultures, the natural world and the universe through a wide-ranging program of scientific research, education and exhibition. The Museum is renowned for its exhibitions and scientific collections, which serve as a field guide to the entire planet and p ...
The official learning channel for the Autodesk® Flame® software products, the most comprehensive VFX, real-time color grading, and editorial finishing post-production solutions. The Autodesk® Flame® Learning Channel provides tutorials of all levels to help you learn Autodesk® Flame® Products.
It's your world. Jump in.
svetkrb on Narro
svetkrb uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
The CyberWire
More signal, less noise—we distill the day’s critical cyber security news into a concise daily briefing.
A bi weekly radio show focused on best practices, operating results and business models in value based healthcare and next generation ACOs.
No nonsense diet and training guides, reviews and interviews.
Drink the Sauce
We were raised in a trailer park with a lot of tough kids and booze. We weren’t tough though, we were the kids with the butterfly nets. My brother and I survived by trying to be funny. This podcast is a collection of stories and observations about our life, absurd news, and historical oddities.
This podcast contains the continuing audio journal of Samuel J. Tannin, Commonwealth resident, as he tries to find the people who killed his wife and took his child from Vault 111.
Innovation Now
Innovation Now is a daily 90-second radio series and podcast that gives listeners a front row seat to hear compelling stories of revolutionary ideas, emerging technologies and the people behind the concepts that are shaping our future.
Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices.
Sky Sports presenter and author Tony Wrighton goes on a podcast journey to discover the new rules for living with energy, vitality and motivation. Packed full of epic health tips, fun biohacking gadgets, supercharged supplements and some of the most respected and well-known experts on the planet. Oh, and occasionally all this experimentation goes wrong - you'll hear those bits too.
Security episodes of Software Engineering Daily
Podcast by Dan Quintana
On Air with Ella
Where wellness & personal development meet: feel better, look better, live better & have some fun on the way. Ella interviews experts on wellness, relationships, motivation, real food nutrition, mindset, personal growth, confidence...anything to help us get more out of life...NOW. She keeps it simple, slightly cheeky & never preachy. Start where YOU are. ||
Missed that link or information while listening to Data Doctors Tech Tips on the radio? Catch up with us now! Data Doctors Tech Tips are one minute daily tips broadcast on radio stations in several markets - you can get the list at They are also available on demand or through a PodCast. The tips discusses various technical topics with NO GEEK SPEAK! Tech tips for non-tech people.
Speaking Out
Politics, arts and culture from a range of Indigenous perspectives.
Outdoor Radio
The Vermont Center for Ecostudies and VPR unite the sounds and science of nature in this monthly feature. The program is hosted by biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra, who share their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for wildlife education and conservation.
Space, Asteroid Hunting, and Astronomy, an insider view.The music is "Eternity" by John Lyell.Astronomy Asteroids Space NASA Comets Earth Impact
Multi Family Mafia
Welcome to the most 😲 offensive 😲 real estate podcast online! Jordan Stanley Payne is an entrepreneur out of Montana who began wholesaling then transitioned to buy and hold. In the past year he has mentored over 1,000 people and helped countless people begin to get free. This is the no fluff, no bullshit reality about real estate and being an entrepreneur!
Radio Dispatch
Radio Dispatch is a daily podcast covering progressive politics, hosted by siblings John and Molly Knefel. The show features journalists, authors, organizers, and artists, as well as John and Molly's own original reporting and analysis. From civil liberties and privacy to civil rights and intersectional feminism, Radio Dispatch covers the news from a point of view that values recognizing and discussing power and privilege. John and Molly's journalism can be found at Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, ...
Thoughts on Hearthstone, recorded while commuting.
My life's mission is to live and lead a healthy lifestyle that encompasses rounded nutrition, an exercise regimen and personal/spiritual growth. I'm a mom of one, a wifey and down to Earth gal from Maryland. That said I will jump around and chat balance and mom life. These chats are my own personal beliefs and practices behind my results/success. 💜
The latest stories from PRI
Triangle Tactical
Podcast and Blog on Guns, Gear, and Competition Shooting
A weekly discussion of the geopolitical implications of current events in the Asia-Pacific, hosted by Ankit Panda from The Diplomat, with regular guests.
Construction Topics & Talk Become a supporter of this podcast:
Bringing order to chaos and clarity to confusion
Cubcast is an audio podcast featuring a variety of how-to and information topics for Cub Scout leaders and parents.
Constant Variables
Constant Variables is a show where we take a non-technical look at iOS and Android app development. We help non-technical co-founders of mobile app products become more comfortable with technical jargon and concepts in order to help them turn their ideas into successful apps.
Komando On Demand
Ever wonder how technology has transformed your life? Get ready to be entertained and informed with Kim Komando as she provides insight on the ever-changing tech topics that are relevant to you. Kim conducts interviews with experts in their field to give you the full picture every time.
The stories and people of North Carolina. Hosted by Frank Stasio.
PerformRite is educating people about what the science says on training and nutrition.
I’m Merlin, and I make my living at sea, catching wild dolphin fish and tracking the elusive “Savant Crabs of the Farallones.” My ship, “The Mrs. Olsen” is based out of Panama and runs on diesel and unconditional positive regard. I’m just s...
Everyday Topics Relationships Go Through Discussed By Your Favorite High School Sweethearts Become a supporter of this podcast:
Mongabay Newscast
News and inspiration from nature’s frontline, featuring inspiring guests and deeper analysis of the global environmental issues explored every day by the team. Airs every other Tuesday.
Brainstorms in innovative ways to turn ideas into reality rapidly. I experiment on myself and share in real time. Father of 2, Husband and Corporate Guy. Interests include fathering, data analytics, pro wrestling and innovative education.
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In this premier episode of our new, four-part series, called “Ground Truth or Consequences: the challenges and opportunities of regulation in cyberspace,” we take a closer look at cyber security regulation in the U.S. Joining us are Dr. Christopher Pierson from BlackCloak and Randy Sabett from Cooley LLC. Later in the program we'll hear from Ja ...…
Sea ice grows in the winter, when the Arctic is very cold and dark, and then dies back every summer, when the region gets pounded by nonstop sunlight. For all of human history, there's always been some Arctic sea ice that doesn’t melt in the summer. But there's much less of it now.
All but two of the 21 House committees are currently chaired by white, male members of Congress. The two exceptions are committees chaired by white women. That’s all about to change. With Democrats having seized control of the House of Representatives, a historic number of women and people of color are poised to take the helm of at leasteight p ...…
Live from New York, the team ranks the politicians most likely to win the 2020 Democratic primary. They also debrief on the latest results from the midterms.
Live from New York, the team ranks the politicians most likely to win the 2020 Democratic primary. They also debrief on the latest results from the midterms.
Evidence for the big bang was initially thought to be a mistake in the recording. Jet streams in the upper atmosphere were revealed by the dust emitted by Krakatoa and a collection of interested citizen scientists. In the second three episodes about the genius of accidents in science, presenter Adam Hart explores two stories of unexpected obser ...…
Nate Terani has committed to raising awareness about Muslims in the military: “It’s fundamentally important that either Muslims or immigrants from any other group don't feel that they are alienated or isolated right now because of the rhetoric that is coming from certain politicians."
There’s an assessment tool that promises to reveal more about your personality than you already know. Lots of us have used it. But is it accurate?
Trump's punishment of Jim Acosta bodes poorly for press freedom, and the Thousand Oaks shooter had a history of sexual assault.00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch00:28 - Find your calm place14:00 - Thousand Oaks shooter had history of sexual assault33:00 - Bad news for press freedom57:39 - “All on Camera” Sun Breaks / Credits58:49 - Finish…
This story comes to us through a partnership with the podcast and radio program Threshold, with funding support from the Pulitzer Center. “Long time ago … good ice all the time.” David Leavitt has spent a lifetime watching ice. He’s 88, from Utqiagvik, Alaska, once known as Barrow, the northernmost city in the US, on the shore of the Arctic Oce ...…
Last night, Ben Jealous, the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, lost his race to incumbent Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, 56 percent to 43 percent. Jealous would have been Maryland’s first African-American governor and was running on one of the most left-wing policy platforms in the country, Although polls had been showing Hogan with ...…
(Bloomberg) -- Saudi Arabia is in a weak geopolitical position and needs U.S. backing says Brendan Brown, Chief Economist at MUFG Securities. He told Daybreak Europe's Yousef Gamal El-Din and Markus Karlsson the Trump administration is therefore likely to get its way on oil prices. He also spoke about how oil affects the dollar and inflation.…
The Xbox startup sound is an audio logo that’s become synonymous with the game console. But its origins are rooted in solving a logistical problem; how to entertain gamers while they wait for their machines to finish booting up. Featuring Sound Designer and Composer Brian Schmidt and Sound Designer, Composer and Berklee Professor, Michael Sweet ...…
Renowned addiction expert, speaker and author Dr. Gabor Maté is famous for his expertise on trauma, addiction, stress and childhood development. I went to see him speak in London at an absolutely packed out venue in Notting Hill. And then went to interview him at the offices of Penguin and Random House the next day. Coincidentally this is where ...…
If you listen to me for a few minutes here you can get financially free within a few months. Bullshit? Nope, you just have to implement and do the work. This marketing strategy is 100% free. The acquisition isn't going to require a bank or good credit. You will have some upfront cost but it's 10x cheaper than anything else out there. email: jor ...…
As researchers put their technical expertise to work, the resulting aircraft improvements ultimately helped the Allies win the war.
If you are among the millions that has acquired one of Apple's larger screen phones but you only use it in the portrait mode, you are missing out on many hidden features. Virtually every productivity app on your phone from the calendar to email to messaging have special features that only become available when you flip your phone sideways. For ...…
Honouring the contributions of the late Dr Charles Perkins, the Honourable Linda Burney has paid tribute to the instigator of the historic Freedom Rides which galvanised the Indigenous rights movement in the 1960’s.
Honouring the contributions of the late Dr Charles Perkins, the Honourable Linda Burney has paid tribute to the instigator of the historic Freedom Rides which galvanised the Indigenous rights movement in the 1960’s.
The Museum has added new interpretation to the Old New York diorama in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall. Large-scale labels on the glass now add context and highlight misrepresentations of the Lenape, the Native people whose ancestral homeland included New York City. Hear from visual historian Bradley Pecore, Curator Peter Whiteley, and Vic ...…
Joseph Nye is former dean of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He served as Chair of the National Intelligence Council, and as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs under President Clinton. He serves as a Commissioner for the Global Commission on Internet Governance, and is the author of over a dozen books, i ...…
The armored jeeps were lined up single file along a Guatemala City street on August 31 in an ominous queue. By mid-morning, images began circulating of the jeeps outside the offices of a U.N.-backed anti-corruption commission that has played a key role in bringing down corrupt officials. More jeeps were spotted in the vicinity of the National P ...…
Hundreds of suicides were linked to the Blue Whale Challenge – but what is the truth behind the claims? The challenge was described as an online game, where participants were given 50 tasks to perform over 50 days. A report in independent Russian news outlet Novaya Gazeta linked the game to 130 teenage suicides, and a 21-year-old man who was ar ...…
In today’s podcast we hear that Britain’s NCSC has warned, again, that the UK is likely to face a Category One cyberattack within the next few years. In the US, Government-industry-academic partnerships work toward making critical infrastructure more resilient to cyberattack. Pyongyang’s Lazarus Group continues to rob ATMs using malware. US off ...…
Tropical forests like El Yunque have evolved to recover from hurricanes. But if those storms grow more intense or frequent, forests may be less able to bounce back. And that could hurt communities that depend on the forest for water.
A New Hampshire man stumbled on an overlooked moment of history: The forgotten Evian conference where only one of 32 countries — the Dominican Republic — agreed to help settle German Jewish refugees. The doomed Evian Conference is viewed as a beginning act of the Holocaust.
The first wave of US troops arrived along the US-Mexico border recently, stringing razor wire atop existing border walls and fences. But people in Mexico and the US are worried about the message being sent.
The headlines shifted quickly this week from analysis of the historic midterm elections to news that Jeff Sessions was ousted from the White House. Political Junkie Ken Rudin talks about the fast week in political news, including the appointment of acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.By (Dana Terry).
The new film “The Most Unknown” from Motherboard is both documentary and experiment. It takes viewers on a stunning visual journey into surprising corners of the world and follows along as nine scientists meet for the first time.By (Laura Pellicer).
Ted Alexandro joins us to discuss his new comedy special, "Senior Class of Earth." Also, all hell broke loose on Wednesday, Trump fired Sessions, and the White House puts out lies about a journalist who challenged Trump. Ted Alexandro photo courtesy of Ted Alexandro00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch00:28 - Too much hell news08:07 - Ted Alexandro ...…
The Pinhook in Durham has won local awards for being the best gay bar in the Triangle, but it is not actually a gay bar. The music venue and bar is an inclusive space that prides itself on belonging to the community — and not just the LGBTQ community.By (Amanda Magnus).
To give you an idea of the celestial traffic in our neighborhood, on a recent clear night, using our 60 inch telescope on Mt. Lemmon, Arizona, my Catalina Sky Survey teammate Hannes Groller posted 20 new objects on the Minor Planet Center's Near Earth Object Confirmation Page. In the future five of these asteroids may become a valuable source o ...…
Rupert Murdoch, center, leaves the News Corporation building with his son Lachlan Murdoch, right, on July 21, 2016 in New York City. Photo: Kevin Hagen/Getty Images In the early 1990s, some of the smartest people resisting Serbian President SlobodanMilosevic worked out of a chaotic office in the center of Belgrade. The office was filled with a ...…
(Bloomberg) -- Credit default rates are expected to remain low, says Richard Etheridge, associate managing director at Moody’s. He spoke to Daybreak Europe's Guy Johnson about a Moody's report that suggests demand for bonds and loans will continue to exceed supply.
In the first part of Light Wrap in Action, you learnt that light wrap is now a component of the Action 3D compositor. Because of that, you can apply light wrapping to any 3D object in the 3D scene. So in part 2 of the series, you'll learn how to apply light wrapping to a 3D geometry. This could be used for better integration or even creative ef ...…
Wildfires affect us all so NASA researchers like Amber Soja will continue to use the vantage of space to safeguard our future.
Are you dreading holiday travel this year? From mile-long security lines to taking off shoes and going through humiliating security scanners, holiday travel can be stressful. But, airports are getting major upgrades that will help travelers navigate the terminal more efficiently. In this episode of Komando on Demand, Kim looks at how airports a ...…
From state legislative races to the House of Representatives, progressive candidates made a dent in the 2018 election season, and will be relatively well-represented in federal and state-level governments next year. But it’s not just elected office: Left-wing activists also made their voices heard through ballot initiativesacross the country. O ...…
The Oscar-winning writer and director on the genius of Elaine May and finding inspiration from real life.
The team looks at some the underlying data from the 2018 midterms to understand the trends at play.
The team looks at some the underlying data from the 2018 midterms to understand the trends at play.
How radio preachers and John Dean’s Watergate testimony found their way into a Talking Heads album.
In today’s podcast, we hear that, while election hacking seems not have happened in the US this week, that hasn’t stopped the IRA and its mouthpieces in Sputnik, RT, and elsewhere from loudly claiming it has. Election influence operations continue long after the election. VirtualBox zero-day disclosed to everyone. USCYBERCOM posts Lojack to Vir ...…
The price we pay for the price we pay for art.
Eileen Uchitelle is a Senior Systems Engineer at GitHub and a member of the Rails Core Team. They recently upgraded GitHub two major versions to the latest Rails. How do you manage such a large upgrade and the technical debt underneath - with no downtime? How do you also move improvements in GitHub's own branch upstream into Rails so everyone c ...…
2018 midterm voter turnout in North Carolina was the highest its been in decades . But not everyone who wanted to cast a ballot was able to do so. A pre-election analysis from WRAL showed that a change in early voting requirements disproportionately affected rural and poor voters in North Carolina.By (Amanda Magnus).
Anyone that has a website or a blog for a small business knows that it's one of the best ways for customers to get to know your business. But do you actually know if your website is always available? Are your customers able to connect to it whenever they want or is there downtime that you can't see? If you are not 100% certain that your site is ...…
The good news is Democrats have taken the House, several statehouses and seven governorships. The bad news is Republicans kept the Senate, and Steve King and Ted Cruz still have jobs. Photo by Corey Torpie via Wikimedia Commons 00:00 - Welcome to Radio Dispatch00:28 - We spend the hour on the 2018 midterms57:28 - “Highwind” Heaters / Credits58: ...…
Women who have told their stories publically in Japan have been shamed. The face of #MeToo in Japan is a journalist named Shiori Ito, who says she was raped by an older journalist, the biographer of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. She came forward publicly in May 2017.
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