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A chronological review of every episode of the twilight zone...ever.
Created by Matt Fowler. The Veil is a new sci-fi/ horror audio-drama anthology. It is along the vein of beloved, dark, cutting-edge sci-fi series like The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Each episode contains fully immersive soundscapes, original score, star-studded cast, and each script is written by a standout team of gifted writers from all over the world. This dark and twisted audio- drama is sure to titillate the depths of your otherwise dormant imaginations and leave you questioning th ...
TV TERROR explores television's darker corridors: classic shows like The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, and the Movie-of-the-Week golden age that gave us telefilms like Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Salem's Lot, and The Night Stalker. We've got a penchant for those nearly-forgotten treasures of the tube, and this is where we share our discoveries. So, grab your remote and a wooden stake and join us, won't you? Visit us at
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The Fifth Dimension
Brace yourself as you approach that signpost up ahead! On The Fifth Dimension, hosts Richard Arnold and Trent Urness bring you analysis of the best and worst of the original Rod Serling series "The Twilight Zone". With each edition, we'll talk about the themes and trivial details of select episodes from the series' five-year run. This is the podcast that lies between the pit of your fears and the summit of your knowledge: Welcome to The Fifth Dimension!
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I created this remix of the Mellow Piano Triplets specifically so I could practice analog tape manipulation for future projects.
Picked out this intriguing vocal from Sobosystem´s Music is, and combined it with the driving rhythms of Karstenholymoly´s Artificial Gravity, and lightened it a touch with alsajo´s goats. A robot song could not be complete without 4 reaper synths,and vocoding. As ever, big thanks for the stems.
I created an instrumental to go with Snowflakes “Adaptation” vocals. I used Fl Studio 12 to mix the song, create the drums and piano while including some extra samples for the drop.
72 bpm Electronic. Instrumental available. Stems included: drums, extra music, synth1 line, vocoder line. VSTs used: Drumatic 3 by e-phonic, Synth1 VSTi by Ichiro Toda, TAL Vocoder by Patrick Kunz. contains sounds from: 2902__pjcohen__high-quality-acoustic-percussion-samples - CC-BY-3.0 VSCO Comm ...…
Great pell by Michael Burnz More peace and more love for 2019!
Thanks to: Martijn de Boer - bass and sax Apoxode - beat and synth Calyman - beat, piano and synth The vocal samples are from an old radio show called In Your Own Words 55-04-14 The Ruth Kearns Story (Apparently before there was reality tv there was reality radio.) Also uploading the instrumental version, and the part of the beats I di ...…
As usual instrumental has been included to download section.
Been working on this for some time(s) now. Again a great vocal to start with. Thanks go out to snowflake. aand ccmixter. love working with these pelts.
62 bpm Dub. Stems included: Calyman beat, cosmos line, misc, SoboSystem beatbox 124 bpm. VST used: Invader by e-phonic uses sounds from: “H G F Sounds Uc Lp inst 01” by HGFortune, Paul Amca CC-BY-3.0
Two things: 1) I am really getting into the CCM spirit and I wanted to make a mega mix of a single song. I think I included every mix currently out there of Me Robo El Show. 2). I am in love with F-A-R-I-N-A from this pella, as of 10am this morning. This was incredibly fun to mix all these genres together.…
On this episode of 'Imagine if You Will...' Dan takes a dive into the silly end of the pool while having fun talking about third episode of the Twilight Zone original series, " NERVOUS MAN IN A FOUR DOLLAR ROOM". This is more of a part 1 analysis of the episode, Next week I'm joined by an old college buddy to further discuss what a fantastic tr ...…
This outtakes episode was the first sorry attempt to record this weeks episode with my lifelong friend, Ed Jagiello.. THe audio isn't great quality, but the poop story makes it worth it?
This Week,Host Dan Gentz rides solo through the fifth Dimension for most of the podcast but is joined by his 11 year old son for a long Cooper Zone segment. Enjoy!
A happy couple decides to genetically modify their offspring, but is the reward worth the risk? Matt Fowler- Creator/Narrator/Director Sarah J. Eagen- Writer Erin Stegeman- Adelia Ace Marrero- Keller Devin Hennessy- Dr. McLintock Meghan Modrovsky- Nurse Phil Hersh- Keller's Dad/ Jack Bryson-Montgomery Keller's Mom- Jennifer Roberts…
Happy New Year! It's twin twisters for the New Year as John Schneider and Bruce Campbell face down tornadoes in the Twister-inspired films from 1996, NIGHT OF THE TWISTERS and TORNADO!
This ABC Movie of the Week from 1975 rides the Exorcist wave as Doug McClure and Kim Novak find themselves trapped aboard a ship in a diabolical stretch of ocean known as The Devil's Triangle.
A young woman (Elle Ronsen) finds herself on the wrong side of the law with no memory of her recent wrongdoings. But, survival is a powerful instinct, and this woman is about to find out just how far she is willing to go... Written by: Jose Macasocol, Jr. Meghan Modrovsky- Elle Brittany Cox- Chloe/Lorenzo Devin Hennessy- Therapist Jeremy Johnso ...…
Television anthologies are magic. They're like many shows rolled up in one. Mark Cain of Anthologic Podcast joins me to run down a bunch of them. We discuss our mutual fascination with the form and some of our favorite specimens. Plus a super-sneaky secret Christmas bonus inside. No fair peeking. Music by E's Jammy Jams…
A businessman suffering from nervous exhaustion jets away to Hawaii to unwind, but his troubles only intensify when he receives his inheritance, a bloodline curse that transforms him into a werewolf.
A self-conscious college student finds the perfect filter for social media, but this app takes more than pictures.
Jason Henderson of Castle of Horror/ Castle Talk Podcast invites Anthony Rotolo of TV TERROR podcast to discuss the Movie-of-the-Week golden age, podcasting, and more. We range and rove the hidden valley of programming past, a fertile land once inhabited by giants. They're gone, but their stories live on. You'll hear tell of scary hippies, zuni ...…
This week, Dan dives deep into the True Story that inspired "King Nine Will Not Return" Season 2 Episode 1 of the Twilight Zone original Series. Short and Sweet this week, fellow Twilight Zone Geeks and Freaks..ENJOY!
The Veil is a new sci-fi/ horror audio-drama anthology. It is along the vein of beloved, dark, cutting-edge sci-fi series like The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Each episode contains fully immersive soundscapes, original score, star-studded cast, and each script is written by a standout team of U.S. and international writers. This dark and tw ...…
Happy Thanksgiving! Nothing evokes the day like an E.T. home invasion, so that's our topic this time out. It's the obscure UPN film, ALIEN ABDUCTION: INCIDENT IN LAKE COUNTY, a found footage film released one year before Blair Witch popularized the sub-genre, all about a hapless family who finds themselves besieged by otherworldly invaders. We ...…
A doctor at a quantum entanglement research facility has found a way to bring coma patients out of their deepest nightmares. But, when she tries to help a desperate widow to save her husband from being prematurely let go, she soon finds that being a hero can have grave repercussions.
This week on IMAGINE IF YOU WILL... Dan talks about the last Episode of Season 1 From the Twilight Zone Original Series, " A World of His Own" Written by the Great Richard Matheson. Dan's son,Cooper, stops by for a brief discussion. Lacking a co-host AGAIN, Dan tries calling a few people...and ends up Talking to his mom. ENJOY! And as always, T ...…
It's a Shirley Jackson themed episode as TV TERROR explores the new Netflix series, The Haunting of Hill House (2018) and an older adaptation of her famous short story, The Lottery (1969).
On this episode of Imagine If you Will... Dan talks about the production that HAD to happen twice to make 'The Mighty Casey' a reality and tells a story about watching a wounded deer be put down by the police.
On October 30th, 1938, Orson Welles terrified a nation through the young medium of radio when he presented H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds as a Halloween offering. The panic that ensued is legendary and is captured in the ABC Friday Movie of the Week from 1975.
IMAGINE IF YOU WILL... is finally back! We've got a great new intro from the one and only Jsarge. No B-roll CLips of the episode this week. Dan Talks about his open mic experiences.
Immediately after the success of DUEL, Steven Spielberg set to work on a possession story titled, SOMETHING EVIL (1972), featuring Sandy Dennis, Darren McGavin, Ralph Bellamy, and Johnny Whitaker. Unknown to many and underrated by some, this CBS telefilm merits discussion. I'm joined by genre expert and author John Kenneth Muir to explore this ...…
Richard Masur, John Astin and Kristy Swanson star in Disney's modern spooky classic, MR. BOOGEDY, the tale of a family who moves to their dream home only to find it haunted by a tyrannical ghost. MR. BOOGEDY first aired on Disney's Sunday Movie in 1986. I'm joined by Kyle Chamberlain of The Movie City Maniacs podcast. Music by: WaveToys…
Rod Serling is as grand a subject as The Twilight Zone for which he is known. But did you know that he had established himself as the preeminent writer for television before he ever breached The Fifth Dimension? We trace his early career with author Nick Parisi, whose book, Rod Serling: His Life, Work and Imagination has just been released.…
The end of summer signals new beginnings: We inaugurate season four. We usher in the autumn. We mark the days till Halloween. Like the capricious falling of leaves, this is a freewheeling episode. I hope you'll join me and a few surprise friends as they drop by to share their thoughts on the spooky season.…
As we close out Season 3 of TV TERROR PODCAST, we speak with Jason V. Brock, author, artist, and director of the definitive documentary about Charles Beaumont. Beaumont is a towering but tragic figure, who aided Rod Serling in pioneering a new and ascendant medium called television.
TV TERROR PODCAST takes you higher. An unspeakable evil has boarded an international flight and it's up to the crew and its passengers to mollify angry spirits if they're ever to touch down safely. William Shatner and Roy Thinnes star.
On this installment, Dan dives into the 32nd episode of the Twilight Zone Original Series, "A Passage for Trumpet" Starring Jack Klugman, Directed by Don Medford, Written by Rod Serling. ENJOY!
We visit the classic British terror show by Brian Clemens. Murder, the macabre, and malevolent entities all found their home in THRILLER, the brainchild of one of the UK's foremost writer/producers.
On this Week's IMAGINE IF YOU WILL podcast, Join Dan as he travels to Red Bank , New Jersey for the VULGARTHON 20 year anniversary. A View Askew film festival celebrating Kevin Smith's Jersey Trilogy. Stay Tuned after for a brief discussion about ' The Chaser ' Season 1 Episode 31 of the #TwilightZone original Series. This Weeks podcast is also ...…
In this special episode of TV TERROR, we partner with the KINGOLOGY podcast to bring you coverage of the 1993 Stephen King miniseries, THE TOMMYKNOCKERS.
It's like a Jambalaya Jaws when a mutated shark makes its way into the waters of the Louisiana bayou. Kristy Swanson, Robert Davi, and D.B. Sweeney headline in Syfy's SWAMP SHARK (2011), a shark thriller with bite. This episode of TV TERROR is timed to celebrate 30 years of Discovery's Shark Week.
For five travelers, a luxury vacation turns into a nightmare struggle for survival against the untamed jungle and their own savage passions! Michael Brandon, Barbara Feldon, Maureen McCormick, and Priscilla Barnes co-star in this ABC Monday Night Movie from 1979.
Summertime. It's a great time to get away. We take a virtual vacation by going hunting in the Scottish highlands with Netflix's CALIBRE (2018). It's a tale of a holiday gone wrong and we give you a spoiler-free overview in this edition of TV TERROR.
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