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Best Ukulele podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Ukulele podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Weekly in depth discussion on how to become a better Ukulele player with Aldrine Guererro
This is a podcast for players and teachers of the ukulele to improve their skills at doing those things. I cover all sorts of things that I think are interesting and helpful on my journey to become a better uke teacher/player. Sometimes I'll be interviewing great teachers and players, other times I'll just be sharing insights and tips that can help you become a better musician.
We’re a talk show devoted to the Happiest Instrument on Earth: the ukulele! Come join us for insightful conversations about the ukulele, lots of laughter, and much more!
Move over guitar - everyone is playing the ukulele! But what is it about this little instrument that has us all hooked? We talk to the people who play to find out why they love the ukulele.
UKE BOX is the all-ukulele radio show and music podcast. Each week, there's a new all-ukulele playlist on a theme or a spotlight on a ukulele artist. UKE BOX is all ukulele all the time; Wednesdays at 5pm on Trent Radio 92.7FM in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada with host Lester Alfonso (and co-host Georgia May.)
Change Your World 4 Strings at a Time
Unplugthewood (all one word) original songs, music, poems and chat, all songs used with the creators permission,
Podcasts Live from UkeyLove Open Mic at the Snooty Fox, London UKCheck out www.ukeylove.com for details. Last Thursday of each month , Stage ready from 8pm.
January 2011 saw the start of a twice monthly recording and writing project, usually involving the ukulele I have been playing since 1993: some originals, some collaborations, some covers. More info: http://www.markjhulme.com/pages/music
A weekly podcast featuring Hawaiian artists and halau performing off-island and around the world.
A great podcast which is all about folk, we have a pick of folk music every week. The podcast covers all types of folk from modern folk to Traditional Irish Jigs.
Live tunes by The Implausible Schmendrick, played with just one instrument and one voice.
Podcast by Ask Audrey
Shift is an energetic two and a half hours that connects people in the province with the events of the day and with each other.
Teach 2 Teach is a company that teaches musicians to become music teachers. We talk about attracting more music students and teachers, getting paid what you are really worth, spreading your influence, and balancing your life.
60 minutes of Mozart, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil: magnatune.com
I'll be sharing the things I'm learning and discovering about this wonderful, little musical instrument.
Stories and solutions for Hawaii's entrepreneurs. Hosted by Brad Watanabe
Tips, tricks and techniques to help you become a better ukulele player
Robin, Terry & Bob are together again in 2020 on Brisbane’s 97.3FM. Join them as they share in connections, conversations and more with Brisbane audiences each weekday morning.
We invite people of all backgrounds to share their stories through nuanced conversations and forward thinking... and not taking ourselves too seriously. Everyone’s story matters, every voice is important. Life is polarizing but not everything is black and white. Come join us as we Fade to Gray.
A podcast showcasing the weekly song writing efforts of Cesky.
Free music and interviews weekly! Enjoy free singer-songwriter songs from Danny Hauger music. Hear interviews with inspirational people and get free music and entertainment by subscribing today! Share and help support indie music for the world!
Michael Livesley's Podcast
Girl Tales is a podcast featuring reimagined fairytales. Damsels in distress? Princesses in need of protection? You won’t find those here. The girls in our stories take control of their own destinies, turning your favorite fairytales into exciting new adventures. With energetic voice actors and professional sound design, these audio plays burst to life at the touch of a button.To connect fantasy with reality, our segment Little Girls Doing Big Things features interviews with young girls from ...
Maybe Divinity is something different than we have always thought. Maybe we are different too. Maybe the burdens we carry aren’t real. Maybe. These are just suggestions.
Welcome to the Three Beers Inn! Our goal here at Three Beers Inn is to crack open some excellent craft brews and give our honest opinion of it. Tune in for a unique beer every week from across the country and the latest beer news.
We surprise some of the world's brightest minds with ideas they're not at all prepared to discuss. With host Jason Gots and special guests Neil Gaiman, Alan Alda, Salman Rushdie, Mary-Louise Parker, Richard Dawkins, Margaret Atwood, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Saul Williams, Henry Rollins, Bill Nye, George Takei, Maria Popova, and many more . . . You've got 10 minutes with Einstein. What do you talk about? Black holes? Time travel? Why not gambling? The Art of War? Contemporary parenting? So ...
When I first started playing the ukulele, it inspired many ideas and feelings inside me. Being a classic rock and blues guitarist for the majority of my life. I love rocking out with my guitar!The ukulele is a great tool for me as a musician also with my islander blood. You’d never guess looking at me that my father was a samoan. The first of many more songs to come that were inspired on the ukulele. Hope you enjoy!
Heinous and Wonkles, the alternative comedy music duo known as the Stretchlinks, take a lightheaded peek down memory lane, clumsily dust off old tracks, read listener mail, introduce rare Nuggets Of Wonderness and bask in a lovable Don't Touch That Feces ranting. Yes, its time to pollute another generation with their incessant caterwauling via a giddy cross-continent dollop from Cleveland and San Francisco! So listen in real regular to the first ever Stretchlinks Podcast and enjoy the classi ...
60 minutes of Vivaldi, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil: magnatune.com
The best video clips from YouTube delivered directly to your iPhone/iPad/iPod/AppleTV or other electronic device.
We ask the big questions in life. In our multipart show, we bring you thought-provoking questions like "How many samples did you take when you went to the grocery store?" and "Why did you make that giant monster attack us?"
A weekly podcast for all of your nerdy needs, geeky garbage and kitschy comedy!
A weekly helping of Jeff Japers performing one of his Fun Tracks on the ukulele.
Your source for entertainment on those nights when you’re cold and alone, or perhaps those days when you’re trying to entertain your friends and/or parents, or pretty much any other time you have minutes to burn. We vow to be here to entertain you with the most engrossing material we are capable of creating while at the same time enriching your cultural knowledge and making you a better educated individual. Though the information we provide may seem at first useless, we promise that some day ...
An interview format where people talk about some of the interesting things that they do outside of their "9-5" job. We seek to discover creative habits, how creativity outside of work translates to one's job, and encourage creativity in others. And have fun!
Podcast by Rachel Bomalaski Zakaria
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What happens when a Liverpool supporter marries a Chelsea supporter? A LOT of football debate from Rebecca and Alex. New podcast every week ⚽️ #DICTL
I love teaching music to kids! I am a certified Orff Schulwerk teacher and plan to share lessons about singing, playing instruments, recorder technique, creative movement, improvisation, guided listening, any other techniques that will help you teach music better! Find more information and ideas on my blog: www.MakeMomentsMatter.org
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Thelma and Louise, Ponch and John, Pancho and Lefty, Quixote and Sancho Panza, Marx and Engels, Marx and Chast…history and literature are full of magical buddy stories. Every now and then, for reasons no one can explain, Two people come together and produce something greater, or at least very different, from the sum of their parts. I’m here today w…
Dowcha has problems with his old doll's ukuleles.Ask Audrey 24/01/2020By Ask Audrey
Levi Sipkema, who performs under the name Levi Rowan, grew up in the Belleisle area and has been known as a talented rap artist. But his latest single takes on a different tune, dealing with his anxieties and fear of not living up to expectations.
This episode of the podcast is a replay containing the audio version of the Musical Monday LIVE video recorded on 1/20/20. This week I’ll be sharing all my K-5 lessons and will give a deep dive on my first few lessons teaching the ukulele. If you’re not familiar with musical Mondays, every Monday night at 8 p.m. Eastern time I go live on Facebook a…
Cole comes back from Louisiana, Adam discovers a new product that every household must have, & Elija wants us to fill in the bleeps! Also, the boys decide to buy red ukuleles! All this and more on this week's edition of Comic Can Coozie!By Comic Can Coozie
This episode is a celebration of all those people I talked to in 2019. Every one of them told me how ukulele had changed their life, and I’ve put all those reasons together in one place. I’ve scored this episode with a lot of music featuring ukulele. Most of it was recorded specifically for this episode with the help of my friends, but there are a …
Fade To Gray Network is proud to announce an episode of FIRSTS!!! Our friend Ukulele Russ started his own podcast, and we are hosting his FISRT episode on our network. Ukulele Russ is a touring musician from Alaska, who tours all of the US. And is now he's branching out into podcasting! Check it out, and be sure to subscribe on Soundcloud. Stupor F…
Favorite Jake Albums, Plastic Ukuleles, Wood Alternative Ukes, and Helping Australia With no initial questions, the guys somehow manage to stretch the Podcast to over an hour this week. Aldrine starts off the podcast by bringing up his favorite Jake Album, and the merits of inexpensive durable ukuleles. Halfway through the Podcast, the guys answere…
How to Build a Music Business Playing Ukulele with Jody Kamisato Jody Kamisato has always had a passion for music. Through his life he's seen how his 'Ukulele can unite people and build communities through the universal language of music. But turning music into lifelong career isn't something that just happens by accident, it was the result of his …
Rebecca and Alex are back; they may not be able to agree on whose turn it is to make the bed but they're pretty confident of who's winning the Premier League this season.Jose Mourinho couldn't spoil the Liverpool party this time, as Klopp's mentality monsters came through another game with all three points to continue their record breaking run. We …
20.1 Mike Love by Andrew KitakisBy Andrew Kitakis
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Elija & Adam test the New Belguim variety pack, Cole reveals why he learned to shoot pool with his left hand. All this & more on this week's edition of Comic Can Coozie!By Comic Can Coozie
An upcoming collage exhibit at UNB focuses on an issue or concern the artist is resisting. Co-curator and writer-in-residence RM Vaughn said submissions are arriving from across the world.
The Woodstock library is a building beloved by many in the community and those visiting it. Archivist Joanna Aiton Kerr recently got her hands on some documents related to its construction.
Philip Hamilton at the New England Aquarium said two more calves were recently spotted in Florida waters. Researchers hoped for higher birth rates this year, but whale mothers have delayed giving birth.
In this episode Seth, Chris, and Omar get a chance to sit down and talk To Pete about his new book "How to read the Bible.." and have a very fun conversation exploring some tough questions or challenges around reading the Bible. Chris gets saved, and Seth bust into spontaneous worship as a result. It was a blast!... Oh and Omar smoked a LOT of weed…
Find Your Creative Career: Life After Photography with Dallas Nagata White | Berad Podcast Dallas is an award-winning photographer who you might know from her Huffington Post featured Lava Kiss photo or her popular Spartan costume from her work as a cosplayer. She talks to us about her beginnings as an up-and-coming photographer, finding success th…
Pretty much all of their work is exquisitely crafted and touching; some of it, like this new single, is soul-stirringly gorgeous.By fingertips
One of the things I love most here is the ongoing tension on display between this song's anthemic inclinations and front man Martin Nordvall's palpable restraint in presentation.By fingertips
“Devotion” – Liza Anne “Devotion” is a crashing wave of a song, two minutes and twenty-four seconds of concentrated intention, with Nashville’s Liza Anne singing about re-establishing her sense of self after a break-up. If she sounds more than a little agitated, it reflects the mindset of someone waking up to how diminished she had […]…
The panelists look at the top stories of the week, including Maritime Iron acknowledging that its plant would increase emissions in the province, and the NB Power hearings on the utility's smart meter application.
Maritime Iron acknowledges that its proposed plant in Belledune would increase emissions in the province by about 15 percent, and hopes other greenhouse gas emitters can pick up the slack. Provincial affairs reporter Jacques Poitras takes a closer look at the story.
Guess who's coming home to 97.3By iHeartRadio Australia & 97.3
Prince Harry will open your service station for 10 grand.Ask Audrey 24/01/2020By Ask Audrey
Prince Harry will open your service station for 10 grand.Ask Audrey 24/01/2020By Ask Audrey
Dowcha has problems with his old doll's ukuleles.Ask Audrey 24/01/2020By Ask Audrey
There's a new tea-towel website called Cork Royal.Ask Audrey 24/01/2020By Ask Audrey
There's a new tea-towel website called Cork Royal.Ask Audrey 24/01/2020By Ask Audrey
There's a Ballintemple political party called Eat the Rich, Bitch.Ask Audrey 24/01/2020By Ask Audrey
There's a Ballintemple political party called Eat the Rich, Bitch.Ask Audrey 24/01/2020By Ask Audrey
Researchers at the University of New Brunswick want to find out if modern coyotes are getting bigger. Graham Forbes, a biodiversity and wildlife professor, said they're looking for carcasses this winter, to compare them with coyotes from the 1980s.
Gail Francis of Negotkuk (Tobique First Nation) wrote her first children's story years ago. It's called Moonbeam, and focuses on Indigenous naming practices. Her niece Tara Audibert since illustrated the book, and Francis is publishing it.
Shannon Jones at Broadfork Farm offers couples the option to create their own rustic wedding arrangements, by ordering local, in-season flowers from her farm.
Heather Black says NB Power has sufficiently improved its $92-million application to buy and deploy smart meters across the province, and she's now endorsing the utility's plan.
Miramichi Salmon Association president Mark Hambrook says the latest report from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans shows adult salmon returns are at an all time low, and urges immediate action to address the decline.
Over the weekend, the Oromocto SPCA wrangled a crow unable to fly. Pam Novak at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute has the scoop on Edgar Allen Crow, as the bird is known.
Many of New Brunswick's registered massage therapists say they've been a victim of assault or harassment on the job - according to a recent survey. The survey's lead investigator, Tom Peppard, said he's working with a committee, looking at more training and discussion on how to deal with these issues.…
Ready for warmer temperatures? Environment Canada's David Phillips says the worst of winter should soon be behind us.
Many people wear orange shirts on September 30, to recognize the harm done to Indigenous children by the residential and day school system. Phyllis Webstad is the Executive Director of the Orange Shirt Society and this week, she shared her experience with students around the province.
Staff at the Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport recently dealt with two incidents were people attempted to bring replica grenades and guns onto flights, says spokesperson Julie Pondant.
Welcome in 2020, with the first new instrumental jam of the year, "Rose Garden", played on a beautiful Enya X3 Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar! This stunning looking carbon fiber guitar sounds brilliant with rich high and middle tones. today was the first day I had a chance in the new studio to play and try it out. I am really enjoying the smooth hand…
Rebecca and Alex may have had to endure loud roadworks over the weekend but at least the football has been entertaining.Liverpool went 16 points clear atop the Premier League table with a 2-0 win over Manchester United. Ole's team had their chances but were ultimately outclassed by Klopp's mentality monsters. We discuss Henderson and Wijnaldum's br…
Nova, a scientist and inventor, travels back in time to France in 1921 and becomes Bessie Coleman’s airplane! Bessie Coleman was an African American and Native American pilot when flying airplanes in the United States was still illegal for women of color. Listen as Nova learns about how planes fly through the air! Written, performed, and produced b…
Cassidy Wilson was just hired as wellness coordinator, splitting her time between St. Thomas University, the University of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Community College. She will provide counselling services, as well as advocating on behalf of the students.
The award was presented to Caledonia Regional High School at a conference in Miami. Technology teacher Benjamin Kelly said his new teaching philosophy, called STEMpathy, won them the prize.
Troops from CFB Gagetown have been making their way to St. John's. Lieutenant Commander Brian Owens says about 425 personnel will be there by tomorrow, working to dig people out of the snow.
Thomas Lapointe wants to be a comedian, so he's moved to Montreal to make it happen. And it's all being filmed for a new series out of Quebec, called L'appartement.
Freedom. Everyone wants it, but knowing where to look for it is another matter. And to make matters worse, the world is full of things that feel like freedom but might just get us more tangled up in everything we’re trying to escape. How much freedom can money buy? How much money? How free are you on a tropical vacation? Would uploading your consci…
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