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Viva Tropical
Viva Tropical is a lifestyle 20 years in the making. It all started on a surf trip to Costa Rica in the mid 90's, where your host Josh Linnes fell in love with the tropical region. Since then he founded several companies including, created real estate projects in Costa Rica and Panama, eventually buying his own island in Panama with his business partner Park Wilson. As comfortable in a dug out canoe as as a yacht, his adventures take him and his business partner into unc ...
The editors of Viva El Birdos talk about the St Louis Cardinals and major league baseball.
A free audio show from Europe's largest campaigning vegan charity. Released on the first of every month, the first full episode was published on World Vegan Day, Tuesday November 1st 2016. The show is hosted by Kris Townsend and recorded at "Viva! central" (our HQ) in Bristol, UK.
News and views on Mexico in the age of Trump. An English-language podcast by Stephen Woodman and Duncan Tucker.
Positive education, information and vegan outreach. focuses on easy-to-prepare recipes, blogs, articles, podcasts, interactive forum, informative and how-to videos, interviews with inspiring vegans, vegan mentoring e-books, print books and much more. "Promoting healing through compassionate lifestyle choices" is our motto and we believe in the power of positive influence and inspiration. Much More online at ...
Luz Zuniga and Jessica Diaz present an hour of Latin American Culture, Music, Current Affairs and Interviews in Spanish. Every second Thursday night at 7:00 and repeating following Monday morning at 1:00.
In thanksgiving to God for the great gift of our new Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Cardinal from Argentina) who has already won many people's hearts. Track: 'Overjoyed' by Joe Zambon. Totus2us is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Totus Tuus (All Yours) was Blessed John Paul II's motto to Mary. Our Lady is also everything to us - Totus2us.
Spreading the gospel of Roller Derby by making sweet sweet aural love to your ear holes. Not literally. That's gross.
Viva la Vegan!
Positive education, information and vegan outreach since 2005.Viva la Vegan! is an interactive online community for vegans, focusing on positive education information and vegan outreach - created and run by Leigh-Chantelle.
Viva La Round Girls features Keke, Mandy, and Megan, three brown round girls spreading their light and love for the world. Each episode we will munch together while they promote like minded femmes who inspire us everyday. We will be serving up all different topics from spicy trends, delicious topics, right down to some of our favorite food joints in Los Angeles. Grab a plate, and treat yourself to a buffet of self-love, acceptance, and empowerment.
Viva la Value
Lisa Reynolds, RedPlum’s Mom-saver-in-chief and host of Viva la Value, is a busy working mom of two young boys who lives and breathes the value lifestyle she talks about during her radio show. Lisa’s advice? Never buy anything that’s not on sale and don’t go to the store without your coupons. She gets her love of deal hunting from her mother who she describes as “helpful Heloise” and from her grandmother who lived through the Great Depression and mailed her coupons for many years. When she’s ...
Viva La Vegas
BlackJack Fletcher hosts Viva La Vegas LIVE to answer any and all gambling and sports questions. Exclusive home of WINNERS.
Sean Bonner and Jessica Gao talk/rant about news, entertainment, politics, technology, privacy, art and whatever else seems interesting to at least one of them. Sometimes with guests. Fun!
Presencia Viva
PRESENCIA VIVA "Equipando para una vida sobrenatural"-Mi presencia irá contigo y yo te daré descanso- Éxodo 33:14 Pastores: Edwin y Maribel Castro Somos una Iglesia Cristiana ubicada en Miami, Florida y compuesta en su gran mayoría por familias, jóvenes profesionales, empresarios y líderes de la comunidad. Contamos con un equipo de Pastores y Coaches de Vida para brindar consejería sobre asuntos financieros, familiares y personales. Nuestras reuniones para toda la familia: Domingos 10:00 AM ...
Viva Mix
Discover new sounds, new beats, new voices and somme underrated stuff. New episode every week !
Vivas Podcast
In this podcast I share my experiences of being a 30-something creative winging it on my own. New episodes every Thursday.Hosted by Laflacana aka Ana Widebäck Canalis
Viva Talks
Viva magazine is about showcasing the good things in life, and in the Viva Talks podcast series, we have conversations with the leaders in fashion, beauty, wellbeing, food and culture. The pages of the magazine will come to life in an ongoing series where we catch up with some of our favourite people from New Zealand and abroad.
Elvis Presley
Covering the brilliant recording career of Elvis Aaron Presley, The Elvis Presley Podcast presents an episodic journey through the King of Rock and Roll's life and music career. Featuring a variety of interviews and musical excerpts covering the Early Years, Gospel to Movies to Las Vegas and beyond, the Elvis Presley Podcast is your inside track into the world of one the most profound creative artists of all-time.For more great podcasts, please visit the main Legacy Recordings Podcast page.
En Comunidad Viva creemos que todas las cosas son DE ÉL, POR ÉL y PARA ÉL, por lo que nuestra encomienda es Demostrar la Verdad de Dios y su Efectividad a través de una Comunidad Viva. Para más predicaciones e información, visita nuestra página
Viva La Cats
Viva La Cats presented by Barstool Sports is a show that's by the common Bearcat, for the common Bearcat. Donnie Bruemmer, Mike Vitori, Luke Parker and Rob Hole bring you the best in UC sports, news and stories every Monday from 4-6 PM.
Viva Las Vegas
Recorded at Studio Parametrica & Mazhukov Records. Moscow, Russia 2012.
Lisa and Cristy are nerdpunk girls who are sisters. Lisa is crafty and DIY who enjoys zombies, Doctor Who and all things Victorian. Cristy is a bit of a tomboy who likes graphic novels. Together they have lots of fun teasing each other and want to share the fun with you.
Viva La Tech
Los Angeles based techno + house brand Viva La Tech's official podcast. A sumptuous blend of deep, minimal, house, techno and tribal compiled as only Viva La Tech residents & guests can. As music electronic dance music evolves Viva La Tech delves deeper into the depths of electronica, back to the roots, as we seek to pioneer the most cutting edge sounds in the underground electronic dance movement... Join the Revolution. Techno + House brand, Viva La Tech is here.Connect with us online at:Vi ...
Interested in hearing commentaries on movies, games, or TV shows? Then Viva Mos Eisley is the podcast for you! We'll be focusing on Star Wars but you can expect a lot more in the future.
Viva Las Creative
Viva Las Creative is a podcast that helps promote the ideas and learning experienced at our live CreativeMornings events.
Viva La Culture
Welcome to Viva La Culture! A high energy podcast dedicated to everyday lifestyle, sports, entertainment, social media, science, religion, movies and politics, with a unique Christian perspective. Hosted by Kevin, a DC Fanatic and wannabe hipster, Diego, an arrogant know-it-all, and Jairo, a Star Wars fan picked up from the street.
En Viva Beisbol, celebramos la diversidad cultural de la pelota de la mano de sus protagonistas. Ivon Gaete, periodista que cubre beisbol invernal y de las Grandes Ligas, conversa cada semana con diferentes personalidades que dan vida a este deporte: estrellas del momento, prospectos, ex jugadores, especialistas y todas aquellas figuras que usted desea escuchar. Viva Beisbol es el podcast en espanol de y o descarga episodios individuales, suscribete a traves de ...
Viva la vecka
Viva Live Music's recent posts to
Viva La Life
Welcome to the Viva La Life podcast, where host Ash Tonee gives advice on how to live your best and most authentic life. It's a humorous commentary on social situations we as humans find ourselves in.
We Believe Heavily On The Basis Of What Is Written In The Word Of God. with host: Claudia Santiago | Listen live & call in! || SHOWS: #ReviveLiveHealth #EmpowerStrategic #BellaVidaWomen #MiCasaEsTuCasaLife #VivaLaStage #VivaLaCreatives #BellaVidaLife #VivaLittleHaley #CriticalEdgeMen
Living to the max is your right and here you will learn how. El vivir al máximo es su derecho y aqui va aprender cómo.
Viva advice from the Graduate School
Subscribe here and you will be able to download and hear our biggest interviews and special programmes with Coldplay including the time Chris Martin came in to Absolute Radio to talk to Christian O'Connell about their summer tours and their award winning album Viva La Vida or Death and all his Friends
Podcast by Andreas Kopp & Fran
It may be 2018, but, when DK Vine is on the beat, we'll be reporting the latest news about Donkey Kong, Rare, and Playtonic as if it were 1994. And truthfully, you'll have to excuse us for thinking it's still the 1990's, what with the caliber of games coming our way. Rare's biggest title ever, Sea of Thieves, comes out in March. Retro's finest game ever, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, returns for the Switch in May. Playtonic, fresh off of Yooka-Laylee, is waiting to make their next mov ...
Pridajte si do svojej aplikácie na počúvanie podcastov a už nezmeškajte ani jedno vysielanie!120 sekúnd s Tiborom Eliotom Rostasom pondelok až piatok v premiére o 11:40 a v repríze o 18:40.Nová rubrika s témami, ktoré sú mimoriadne chúlostivé. Súčasné geopolitické napätie, mediálne manipulácie, terorizmus, vojny v mene humanitárnych cieľov, ospravedlňovanie genocíd, kolaps ekonomiky, hyprekonzum, podvody v biznise so zdravím, smrť strednej vrstvy, fik ...
On "The Pat McAfee Show" Pat McAfee and his friends deliver one of a kind opinions that won't be heard anywhere else. Pat's a recently retired NFL All Pro who has zero filter. A common man who has experience in an extremely uncommon professional athlete lifestyle is a beautiful concoction of hilarity for the average Joe. Both relatable and ridiculous, "The Pat McAfee Show" promises to inform, intrigue, and entertain at least twice a week. Thanks for listening. Cheers. #Viva
L.O.G. Cast
The official Rare & Friends podcast covering Rare, Playtonic, and other studios founded by former Rare developers!
While waiting for 2012 and listening the sound of Andes, I will be posting the recordings of my dj sets. Hope you enjoy
Brazilian underground producer is ready to conquer the big parties in the world by his sounds filled with Tech and Deep House and Funky grooves. Despite being young, this guy has gained experience in the industry for over ten years, playing in clubs and releasing music on major labels.Now he is ready to take his name to the next level. More:
DKVine Forum Watch
The DKVine Forum Watch is a Podcast covering the shenanigans of the DKVine forum
Appunti sonori e pensieri in viva voce
Every DJ needs a voice… whilst you’re wrestling with Ableton in the studio or out spinning records in a darkened box; you need someone to be working behind the scenes on your behalf.And that’s what we do here at DJ Voice: we get your name, your tracks, your parties and your record label all over the internet. From hitting hundreds of forums with your news, to raising your social networking profiles with engaging content via improving your biographies and release PRs with our experienced jour ...
Word Of Mouth Podcast
Podcast by Viva Voce Group
Podcast apresentado por Carlos Reis do Cinema Notebook, pelo Miguel Ferreira do Créditos Finais e por Pedro de Alarcão Lombarda do Cinemaxunga. Em formato de pequenos pedaços de uma infinita conversa de café, sem "Viva amiguinhos" e sem "até para a semana e que Deus vos guarde". Pequenos trechos que terminam mesmo antes de terem tempo de carregar no Stop. Uma infindável sequência de temas, desafios, sugestões e heresias que farão qualquer cinéfilo honrado rezar meia dúzia de avé marias pelas ...
A Mexican man who loves Music and Culture! Sharing Latin Music and more! Viva la Música! Viva México ❤️
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On today's show, Pat, Todd, Nick, Digs, and Zito are live from training camp with the Indianapolis Colts with a couple of incredible football conversations. Joining the show first is Colts GM Chris Ballard, new Head Coach Frank Reich, and 4x Pro Bowl WR T.Y. Hilton to discuss everything that has been going on so far in training camp, what the C ...…
Nas Nalgas analisam este embuste que é um actor alterar as suas características físicas para fazer um filme e bater o couro ao Oscar. De Christian Bale a Robert Deniro, passando por aquela vez em que a Charlize Theron fez de gorda feia. Tudo servido numa bela taça de som manhoso e uma birra do Carlos. O costume, portanto!…
The Two Covenants, Pastor Lorenzo Romero II by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
On today's show, Pat is joined by Nick, Todd, Zito, and everyone's favorite Canadian, Gump, is with the fellas in studio. They cover how Gumpy went from caller on The Pat McAfee Show to being pals with everyone at the Heartland, how his travel into Indianapolis was, and the guys talk a little preseason football. Also joining the show is former ...…
On today's show, Pat is joined by Nick, Digs, Todd, and Zito as Pat breaks down everything there is to know about the Browns and what he thinks of them after watching the first episode of HBO's Hard Knocks. He dives into what he thinks about Hue Jackson, Todd Haley, Jarvis Landry, Baker Mayfield, and gives his thoughts on what the Browns will b ...…
The Original, Gabe Romero - Aug.08.2018 by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
On today's show, Pat is joined by Nick, Digs, Todd, Zito, and Jourdyn to recap everything from Rough 'N' Rowdy 4 in Youngstown, OH including all the best moments from Bill Burr to the fights themselves and a recap of Pat's electric night on the microphone. Pat also does a deep dive into the newest Avengers movie and tries to make sense of it al ...…
Search The Scriptures, Pastor Lorenzo Romero II - Aug.5.2018 by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
Viva El Birdos writers Tyler Kinzy, Ben Clemens, and editor Heather Simon discuss the frenzy of roster transactions leading up to the non-waiver trade deadline and where these decisions will lead the Cardinals in the 2018 season and beyond.
On today's show, Pat is joined by Digs, Todd, Nick, and Zito as they share their favorite news stories of the week including Tiger vs. Phil over Thanksgiving weekend in Vegas, the NFL returning with the Hall of Fame game, how getting cheated on can actually be beneficial financially, and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck making a movie about the McDon ...…
Plenitud De Vida Omar Díaz by Edwin Castro
Conectándonos. Gina Díaz by Edwin Castro
On today's show, Pat is joined by Todd, Digs, Nick, and Zito as they turn their attention towards the start of the NFL season in an episode heavy on NFL talk. First, former scout for the Eagles, Ravens, and Browns, analyst for NFL Network, and current LA Chargers color analyst, Daniel Jeremiah joins the show. They cover everything going on at t ...…
Balance, Gabe Romero - Aug.1.2018 by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
The UK continues to bake in the unusually hot Summer weather we're getting - but Kris manages to hold off on using the aircon until just before the end of this episode. He brings more updates on the VivaLicious Vegan Ice-cream van tour, speaks to one of his favourite vegan food bloggers, and shares an exclusive interview with Viva founder Julie ...…
On today's show, Pat is back from vacation in the Bahamas and is joined by Todd, Nick, Zito, and Jourdyn to chat about what they did with their time off. They also cover the McDonald's Monopoly scandal, Alex Trebek's upcoming retirement from Jeopardy! and Pat recommends a couple of documentaries that he watched while on vacation. Also joining t ...…
Please God, Pastor Lorenzo Romero II - Jul.29.2018 by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
VEB editor Heather Simon and writers Lance Brozdowski and Tyler Kinzy break down the Cardinals’ lackluster play to begin the second half and consider what additional changes could be in store as the trade deadline nears. They also discuss the recent success of the organization’s minor league affiliates and potential shifts in the team’s player ...…
On today's show, Nick fills in for Pat and selects some of his favorite stories and interviews from the first 199 episodes of the Pat McAfee Show. He selects a couple of classic stories including Pat's hilarious NFL Draft Day story that inevitably changed everything (2:21-10:19), and one of the original Behind The Badge stories where Todd tells ...…
On today's show, Zito fills in to choose his favorite moments from the Pat McAfee Show while Pat is on vacation. He selects a couple of his favorite segments including the episode that birthed the Kim Jong Update and broke down Pat's interview style with guests, Pat's incredible rant about Simpson's creator Matt Groening being a time traveler, ...…
Working For Him Equal To Doing His Will, Lorenzo Romero III - Jul.25.2018 by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
Pat's on vacation this week, so on today's show, Todd fills in and selects his favorite moments and interviews from the first 197 episodes of The Pat McAfee Show. Todd's first pick is an interview with Barstool Sports founder, Dave Portnoy. Pat and the guys sit down with Dave and discuss how he created Barstool Sports brick by brick and how it ...…
From Playgrounds To Plowing Your Ground, Gabriel Romero - Jul.22.2018 by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
On today's show, Pat breaks the silence a little bit about his secret business trip yesterday and chats about Nick and Todd's trip down to Nashville to meet Mason Ramsey and his team. Also joining the show is former defensive end/outside linebacker and 2x Super Bowl Champion with the Patriots, Rob Ninkovich for a hilarious conversation. They di ...…
VEB writers Tyler Kinzy and Tanner Puckett discuss the firing of Mike Matheny with VEB editor Heather Simon before assessing the Cardinals' long-term outlook at each position and debating the merit of a potential Carlos Martinez trade.
Verdad vs. Emociones Por Edwin Castro by Edwin Castro
Today's show is a loaded one featuring Pat, Nick, Todd, Digs, and Zito sitting down for three hilarious conversations. First, 5x Pro Bowler, 2x First-team All-Pro, 3x receptions leader and current assistant coach for the Houston Texans, Wes Welker, joins the show. They talk about the differences between Manning and Brady, what his coaching styl ...…
True Hope, Lorenzo Romero III - Jul.18.2018 by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
Documentary film-maker Pietra Brettkelly speaks to Rosie Herdman about her film Yellow is Forbidden, showing at this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival, and her experiences during her varied and colourful film-making career. Yellow is Forbidden follows Chinese designer Guo Pei – who burst onto the international scene in 2015 after R ...…
On today's show, Pat, Digs, Nick, Todd, and Zito chat about the Le'Veon Bell situation with the Steelers and what some of their options are going forward. They also discuss Pat being courted for the next season of The Amazing Race, Todd going down to Nashville to meet Mason Ramsey and his grandma and grandpa on Thursday at his exclusive crawfis ...…
Scratches And Scars, Gabriel Romero - Jul.15.2018 by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
The Viva El Birdos Podcast makes its triumphant return as VEB writer Tyler Kinzy, editor Heather Simon, and managing editor Josey Curtis contemplate what direction the Cardinals should head in as the trade deadline approaches. They also discuss the latest clubhouse drama involving Jordan Hicks, Bud Norris, and Mike Matheny before tackling a tri ...…
On today's show, Pat, Nick, Digs, Todd, and Zito are joined by a couple of incredible guests. First, the undisputed star of the Netflix original series, "The Staircase," Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney, David S. Rudolf joins the show for an unbelievable conversation. They cover all the little details that made "The Staircase" as comp ...…
On today's show, Pat, Todd, Digs, Nick, and Zito discuss England coming home... without the World Cup and look ahead to the France and Croatia final, relive Zito losing in a 40 yesterday, chat about the return of the mafia, and break down Trump cutting WWE promos at the NATO summit. Also joining the show in studio is Pat's former West Virginia ...…
Speak To It, Gabe Romero - Jul.11.2018 by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
La Biblia Y Las Emociones. Dr. Samuel Pagán by Edwin Castro
Aunque No Lo Sientas. Pastor Hollman Castro by Edwin Castro
Predica Génesis de las emociones by Edwin Castro
3D Serie Sanando Nuestras Emociones Edwin Castro by Edwin Castro
On today's show, Pat is joined by Todd, Digs, Nick, and Zito as they discuss Tiger and Phil Mickelson's potential $10 million match play event, and give their suggestions on how to make it the most successful, recap everyone's week off including the guys heading back to Pittsburgh to play in the Plum hockey golf outing, Brock Lesnar returning t ...…
Complain, Lorenzo Romero III - July. 8. 2018 by JLRV | Jesucristo La Roca Viva
Carlos fala-nos de mais um daqueles filmes do fundo do baú do Netflix que às vezes até pensamos existir apenas na sua imaginação. Desta vez um western irlandês. Leram bem, da Irlanda.By (Nas Nalgas do Mandarim).
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