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Matt Walsh is a blogger, writer, speaker, and professional truth sayer. Subscribe to his weekly podcast.
The Matt Walsh Show
Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues.
Joe Walsh is heard live each weekday from 5-7pm o…
Let's Talk Fish is a live show anchored by Professional FLW Anglers Bryan Thrift and Matt Arey, along with Southern Redfish Cup Owner, Jeff Walsh that allows fans to gain access to years of experience, knowledge, equipment reviews, technique suggestions and even submit questions to be answered live on the show.
I’m Becky Walsh and I’m the host of Idea Sex Podcast which is all about creating ‘Mindgasams’. Brilliant ideas are know as light bulb moment, but did you know they create a blast of the love drug Oxytocin to the brain which gives us that rush of excitement when we know that we’ve discovered something seriously perception shifting. During the podcast I’m in conversation with top thinkers in the world today Answering some of the most difficult issues of today, with humour, brilliance and joini ...
Dr. Wendy Walsh is America's thought leader on relationships and the authority on love, sex and romantic relationships.
Walsh On Film
A comedy podcast presented by comedian and film fanatic Seann Walsh with assistance from one-liner merchant, also a fanatic cinema goer, Mark Simmons.Each week, wel go through the Box Office Top 3, and we'll set each other the challenge of watching a film we think the other will hate.We do a different 'film pun' tweet in every week where the listeners give their suggestions, and we choose a winner: @seannwalsh and @BigBirdSheeran
Absolute Truths (and alpaca grooming tips)
Comedy duo Seann Walsh and Mark Simmons take a break from the world of News-ish to both talk about their off stage passion, film.With their infectious trademark brand of silly humour and hopefully a little more insight than they have on the news, you can enjoy Seann and Mark breaking the latest movie news, Mark delivering his flagship one-liner DVD reviews and the pair running down the UK Box Office Top 3 films (Or trailers to the Top 3 films if their busy schedules don’t afford them the tim ...
The Dream Cast combines incredible stories, biblical principles and cutting-edge neuroscience into a unique podcast that will inspire you to find your purpose, take massive action and design YOUR ultimate dream life. Get started dreaming again right now! Denise Walsh has helped over a million people find their purpose and fulfill on their God-given destiny. Her global impact as a leader in the direct selling industry has given her a unique insight on what drives people to action. As a certif ...
Matt Walsh is a blogger, writer, speaker, and pro…
Brenda Walsh, best-selling author, International speaker, producer, and television host shares daily devotion to start your day. Each uplifting message gives peace, courage, and hope to those striving for a closer relationship with God and encourages a more passionate prayer life with our Lord and Savior. Visit to learn more about her ministry and explore her online store.
Dr. Wendy Walsh Show
Don’t miss legendary rocker Joe Walsh at this special event that marks the release of "Analog Man," his first album in 20 years. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer spent 10 years developing the material for the new album, helped along the way by friends like Ringo Starr and Jeff Lynne. Join us for a discussion with Joe about his life, his work, and his recording process.
Sometimes we all struggle with focus. The thing is, focusing better comes down to a lifestyle change and lifelong learning. Join Mike as he explores success as an entrepreneur with intensity and passion for excellence.
Kristi Walsh
Kristi Walsh is the host of Surfing the Psychic Waves, here on Soundcloud. Kristi talks to surfers, psychics and metaphysicians to share their tales of the surf and to discover new ways to handle these cosmic and ascension waves. So are you paddling out, are you on the beach waxing your board, or are you riding the curl right now? Kristi Walsh is a trance medium healer and clairvoyant psychic whose Surfing the Psychic Waves can lead you into discussions with metaphysical surfers such as Lind ...
It cannot but seem a paradox to say that the Thirteenth was the greatest of centuries. To most people the idea will appear at once so preposterous that they may not even care to consider it. A certain number, of course, will have their curiosity piqued by the thought that anyone should evolve so curious a notion. Either of these attitudes of mind will yield at once to a more properly receptive mood if it is recalled that the Thirteenth is the century of the Gothic cathedrals, of the foundati ...
The Spenser Walsh Show is a show dedicated to discussing the best in entertainment and news with the best music in between: Fridays at 6pm beginning June 8th
Excerpts from the hitherto secret private journal of Jorge Walsh, an aspiring writer and director from Manchester, UK.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 24 recordings of The Despairing Lover by William Walsh. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for March 11, 2012.William Walsh was an English poet and critic. It is not as a poet, however, but as the friend and correspondent of Alexander Pope that Walsh is remembered."Mr Walsh used to tell me," Pope says, "that there was one way left of excelling; for though we had several great poets, we never had any one great poet that was correct, and he desired me to make ...
Sports podcast bringing the goods
BISCUIT FACTORY RECORDSDJ/Producer/Label ownerSouth London/CroydonU.KSocials"!/WALSH_CR3Inbox demos here
Helping to stir the flames of the Holy Spirit within the hearts of our people
Dr. Wendy Walsh
Dr. Wendy Walsh is America's thought leader on relationships and the authority on love, sex and romantic relationships.
Podcasts - The latest tracks, remixes and productions from Walsh & McAuley
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Joe reacts to Stacey Abrams saying that the "blue wave" will consist of undocumented immigrants. Plus, Joe gets fired because while everyone is paying attention to Elizabeth Warren's DNA test, the deficit is higher than it's ever been! Also, Joe goes after Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy and so much more!…
Today on the show we will discuss Elizabeth Warren's hilarious attempts to prove her Native American history, the media's incredibly dishonest attempt to (yet again) smear Trump as a Confederate sympathizer, and we'll talk about why people should stop trying to publicize and monetize their personal grievances.Date: 10-15-2018…
It's true. If we let ourselves, we can be our own worst enemies. The harsh words we say, the negative thoughts we think.....all have an impact on how we view ourselves. If we don't take a good look at these patterns and do something to correct them, we could end up using coping mechanisms to cover things up and find ourselves in an even bigger ...…
Dr. Wendy dives deep into the dark side. Today's show comes jam-packed with Date night advice, Multiple uses for paperclips and bricks, and we go into our listeners minds with The Dream Weaver.
We surf the astrology waves in this episodes talking about planets and what's happening as 2018 finishes up. We welcome Elizabeth Pendleton from
Joe discusses a conversation he had with a friend and asks, "If God appointed Trump, didn't he also appoint Obama?". Then, Joe tackles the growing incivility between both sides of the political aisle and later, he's joined by Jesse Kelly of the Jesse Kelly show on 950 KRPC in Houston!
Joe reacts to the poll in Wisconsin that shows Scott Walker is behind in the polls and urges conservatives to get fired up about the midterms. Plus, Joe dissects a report out of California stating that at least 1500 people were registered to vote illegally. Also, Joe discusses the latest news that 80% of Americans are SICK of PC culture and muc ...…
In the midst of deep division and political turmoil, leading Democrats are using militant and language and explicitly encouraging more chaos. When people start getting hurt, we will know who to blame.Date: 10-11-2018
Joe discussing the growing political incivility on both sides of the aisle as he tackles Eric Holder's comments about "kicking" political opponents. Plus, Joe addresses Don Lemon's assertion that it's OK to protest inside a restaurant and Joe is joined by Alfonzo Rachel, co-star of the upcoming Gosnell movie!…
According to a viral feminist propaganda song, women cannot open their windows or walk out their doors without worrying about being assaulted by evil men. This is the kind of fear, paranoia, and resentment that feminism wants to instill in women. And that is why feminism is poison.Date: 10-09-2018
Joe discusses the sudden resignation of Nikki Haley. Plus, Joe reacts to Trump's comments during Kavanaugh's swearing-in ceremony as well as Hillary Clinton's remarks about political civility!
Astronaut Scott Kelly issued an apology for tweeting a Winston Churchill quote. Leftists berated him for quoting a "racist," and Kelly backed down almost immediately. This is yet another example of why you should never apologize to the mob.Date: 10-09-2018
Joe discusses the importance of Trump proclaiming to police that his administration stands with them. Plus, Joe reacts to Scott Kelly getting dragged on Twitter for quoting Churchill and so much more!
Today we will talk about how the Left has destroyed any possibility of compromise or unity. Conservatives must be radical and unbending in defense of their principles. Also, we'll discuss the PC attack on the great Christopher Columbus.Date: 10-08-2018
Odell's comments (0:00) :0Eagles will be FINE (8:20)Chiefs take care of the Jags (13:35)News & Notes including Jimmy Butler update, Suns firing GM, and MLB Playoffs (18:55)College Football's MVP (22:20)
Wouldn't it be awesome if business partners, customers and clients started seeking YOU out instead of the other way around? What if people came to you not only because of your products, but because of who YOU are and what you stand for? This is the beauty of Attraction Marketing. My guest today is Jen Johnson (, an exper ...…
Dr. Wendy tackles the tough issues bogging modern-day relationships, and speaks with Gillian Cornelius of to talk about what men are doing wrong with their online dating profiles!
This episode is all about the BACK. What energies get stuck there, and how to work with them. Kristi will be joined by Dr. Jeannette Tapia who is a NUCCA chiropractor and they will talk about how simple adjustments release all sorts of things.
Joe Walsh discusses the latest on Judge Kavanaugh and how it's nearly a done deal: he'll be the next Supreme Court Justice. Then, Joe is joined by WVON's Maze Jackson to discuss the Laquan McDonald verdict. Plus, a lot more!
There are many reasons to now suspect that the accusations against Kavanaugh were part of a coordinated smear campaign. If that's the case, everyone involved in the effort must go to prison. It's time for the FBI to step in again. But to investigate Christine Ford, not Brett Kavanaugh.Date: 10-05-2018…
Joe breaks down the latest news on Kavanaugh and how it looks like he's going to be confirmed. Joe also takes your calls regarding the Laquan McDonald trial and warns conservatives not to fall asleep at the wheel leading up to the midterms!
The Democrats were heading into the midterms in a pretty good position. But they've overplayed their hand with Kavanaugh. Their disgusting and dishonest behavior has caused conservatives to rally together. Conservatives haven't been this united in a very long time. That's bad news for Democrats.Date: 10-04-2018…
What an honour it was to spin for the Temple of Boom legends at Sunset on the Sunday of Burning Seed 2018. Re-recorded my set as it was distorted, but here it is again track for track, some of my absolute favourite tunes, past and present :)Kept it melodic with lashings of spice here and there for some extra kick 🌞…
In today's episode, I share with you pieces of the Dream Life Action planner that help you take control of your calendar, including prioritizing and ranking your schedule, asking for help, and including your Dream Life Action items into your every day. To download the Dream Life Action Planner - go to:…
Joe brings us up to speed on the latest with Judge Kavanaugh. Then, he reacts to Trump's comments on Dr. Ford at one of his rallies. Plus, Joe is joined by Jonathan Hoenig to talk about his new book, "A New Textbook of Americanism".
President Trump has long said that the media are the "enemy." A lot of people are uncomfortable with that kind of rhetoric, but the media's performance these past two weeks has proved him right. They are smear merchants and liars, entirely unconcerned with the truth.Date: 10-03-2018
Joe talks about the media's blatant double-standard when it comes to covering Kavanaugh versus Beto O'Rourke. Plus, Joe reacts to John Kerry's statement that Ted Kennedy "stepped over the line" during an interview with Jake Tapper. Also, Joe talks to Focus on the Family's Jim Daly and a lot more!
How did Christine Ford get home from the party after her alleged assault? Why hasn't that person come forward to testify to her demeanor and appearance mere moments after she was supposedly attacked? For that matter, why hasn't anyone in her life -- parent, family member, friend -- come forward to vouch for her emotional state in the weeks, mon ...…
Joe discusses the latest news on Judge Kavanaugh including the Rachel Mitchell report. Plus, Joe breaks down Trump's new trade agreement and so much more!
Democrats don't care about the truth. That's not why they insisted on this FBI investigation. This is about digging up more dirt on Kavanaugh, even if it has nothing to do with sexual assault. Republicans never should have agreed to it.Date: 10-01-2018
Earl Thomas' injury and what it means for Lev Bell (0:00) :(Zeke's importance to Dallas (9:40)Frank Reich goes for it on 4th down (12:40)News & Notes including NBA Preseason and MLB Playoffs (15:40)COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF EXPANSION(18:20)
As successful business owners, we come to a spot where our deep specialty fulfills a deep need in the world. Wealth becomes something you aren't necessarily chasing, it just comes naturally as we hone in on our skills and abilities. Yet we should always be mindful that increased wealth goes hand in hand with increased responsibility. In Luke 12 ...…
Dr. Wendy Walsh discusses, on-again off-again relationships, why breaking up is hard to do, maintaining productivity through stress, changing our thoughts, and is joined by the Cigarette Whisperer, Rocky Rosen.
A review of the new album, Tha Carter V and more
Joe talks about the latest on the #Kavanaugh hearings, the media coverage of it and much more!
The most insane narrative to come out of the Kavanaugh hearings is that Kavanaugh is an unfit judge because he was angry. Well, let's think about this. Why might a guy be angry at a bunch of smear merchants who have been trying to ruin his life, end his career, and destroy his family?Date: 09-28-2018…
Joe shares his first impressions of the Kavanaugh hearing and is joined by Dallas News' Editorial writer, Jay Caruso who shares his thoughts. Plus, a lot more!
In this episode of Surfing the Psychic Waves we are talking to Julia Stonestreet Smith on figuring out your psychic life, we talk about past lives, and how to use them, your Akashic recordkeeper in a quick flash healing meditation.
Let's talk about the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing. The smear merchant Democrats threw everything they could at Kavanaugh but he's still standing. Now it's time to confirm him. Finally.Date: 09-27-2018
Joe breaks down the latest on Kavanaugh and is joined by Stephen Miller, a contributor at and co-host of "The Conservatarians" podcast. Plus, Joe reacts to President Trump's press conference today and much more!
This is an extra special episode that will blow your mind! FUBAR Radio’s Nick Helm and Mark Simmons joined forces for a Fan Club and Film-ish crossover extravaganza! Mark and Nick sat down with the dons of cult classic films; Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. Tommy and Greg’s first film The Room hit screens 15 years ago and has taken the world by ...…
A public school student in Texas was expelled for repeatedly refusing to stand for the Pledge. For me, the problem with kids sitting during the pledge isn't that they lack patriotism, but that they lack respect for their elders and obedience to authority.Date: 09-26-2018
Joe reacts to a mob harassing Senator Ted Cruz and his wife. Plus, Joe discusses President Trump's UN speech and tackles the latest news on Judge Kavanaugh and a lot more!
Do you know what Democrats would do if the shoe was on the other foot? They would just hold the vote and confirm their guy. There would be no investigation, no hearing, nothing. They'd flip us the bird and do what they want. And that is exactly what Republicans should do. Republicans need to stop being cowards and confirm Kavanaugh.Date: 09-25-2018…
Joe discusses the latest news on Kavanaugh. Plus, Andrea Ruth from RedState joins Joe to give her thoughts on the circus surrounding the Senate hearings. Joe also reacts to Sen. Hirono's outrageous statements and a lot more!
Democrats have conjured up some more accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. These accusations are the flimsiest yet. Let's talk about why the new allegations are not credible, and why Republicans need to put an end to this and just confirm Kavanaugh.Date: 09-24-2018
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