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Wavy Warriors
Im just here to make you laugh. Feel Me?? A laugh can go a long way. Come into the mind of one of the most random human beings you will ever come across. YERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Wavy Podcast
Podcast by Rob and Adri
DJ Wavy J Mixes
DJ/Producer Based In London ● #22WAVY ● For Bookings & Enquiries Email: info@djwavyj.comCall:
Norfolk News Now
See what's happening in the mermaid city with short stories and news from Norfolk, Virginia
Hood culture of all things wavy!!!
Norfolk Perspectives with Bob Batcher, City of Norfolk
Norfolk Perspectives is designed to keep viewers up-to-date on the things that make Norfolk a great place to live, work, learn and play. This thirty-minute magazine show is an information resource for Norfolkians.
TV Specials, City of Norfolk
Unique shows only found on NorfolkTV, TV-48
Health Watch with Terrance Afer-Anderson, City of Norfolk
The Norfolk Department of Public Health (NDPH) program HealthWatch is a monthly news and community affairs update that highlights NDPH programs, services, events and activities, while also providing important information on topical health issues facing the nation and impacting Norfolk residents
The Nappturalite Radio Show
Calling all Nappturalites! Whether your hair is naturally kinky, curly or wavy, this show has you in mind. The Napptualite Radio Show is dedicated to the love of all things related to black natural hair care. We will discuss natural hair topics, interview natural hair specialists, give you the scoop on the best hair care products and share resources that benefit Nappturalites everywhere. Airs M-W at 3pm EST and on Thursdays at 7pm EST!
Norfolk City Council, Virginia-USA
See Norfolk's leadership decide new ordinances and listen to public hearings at these weekly council meetings.
ORCAstrated Podcast Network
ORCAstrated Podcast is a new network from BrickToYaFace. The POD consist of:- ORCAstrated Podcast hosted by rapper Noa James and co-owner of BrickToYaFace Media and his life/business partner, Lesa J. Music, interviews and news covering the world of the independent artist. - Womyn's WAV is hosted by Lesa J., Erica, Yessenia, Elenor Lucille & Amavida. Pushing the idea of women empowerment, motivation & connection!Brought to you by &
Philotropical Vibes
Philotropical Vibes, teenage podcast hosted by Peace Make Grier. An oracle for the waviest vibes featuring local students who talk about various intellectual and creative topics such as opinions on music, food, race, religion, philosophy, theory and everything under the sun. We also provide a platform for everyday random thought expression and free marketing for our local, young underground aspiring artist. The move for interviews, rambles, conversation and wavy, tropical, relaxing, and inte ...
Cognac Time With Coole High
Keepin' it smooth and wavy for you LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday from 10p-12am EST on and archived here on Spreaker!Episodes expire within 20 days, make sure to download from here or on iTunes to keep up!“Cognac Time” is based on the lifestyle that consists of "cool" music and vibes including live interviews, commentary and music ranging from Hip Hop, to Jazz, Rock, Soul, R&B, Country, Spoken Word and more. Simply pour your favorite drink into your favorite drinkin ...
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On this week's episode @BEZ34 and @ManhattanBrown are joined by special guest and RamFam @Krysknight as we discuss her career, voting, Knicks, Meek Mill, Zeke, and much more! This is one you don't want to miss, the Dusse had us wavy!! Sit down kick back and relax ya feet... its Get Off The BNDWGN! #WeakorWoke#WSSU#GOTB#HBCU#KneelwithKaep#KnicksTape…
Banana Boys
Banana Boys are joined by Raven chop it up.Banana boys timestampIntro w/-0:00-1:10Best chips-1:20-3:55Nate's crazy concert-4:00-7:20 Escape madness-7:25-8:40Henny all that?-8:45-11:15Thots//promiscuity//gender jibbin-11:20-23:40What makes the world go round?-23:40-27:00Control-27:00-32:30For the rest of the conversation INCLUDING THE WAVY PAT D ...…
The Banana Boys Podcast
The Banana Boys get Wavy Pat to say "ya know what I'm saying" 200 times Playaz Circle Feat Lil Wayne - Duffle Bag Boy T.I. - Whatever You Like The Jacka - Iller Clip Jay Z - Girls Girls Girls Lil Boosie Feat Webbie and Foxx - Wipe Me Down Lil Wayne - D ...…
Wavy Warriors
Thank you all for tuning in! This week i talk about my disappointment about finding out the Clit is basically a lady Dick, How stupid tv shows are these days, Nobody agreeing on 1 specific topic, Las Vegas shooting, how stupid the though gun control is, Appreciation of small things Part 2(Deodorant,Soap,The wheel and fire) & MUCH MOREEEEEEEEE…
Andy Potter leads Dylan Hysen, Justin, Cummings, Hayley Nabuurs, and Brit Griffin on an adventure through a small Earth Kingdom Town in a ‘Dungeons and Dragons-lite in an animation world’ pilot podcast. The Party: Torik – Dylan From: Northern Water Tribe. Waterbender- proficient but not master Skills: Building ice sculptures, expert knowledge o ...…
welcome! part one: bianca • Welcome! Part two:Maya • Welcome!! Part Three: Savanah • 🌟Wavy Wednesday:Jalen🌟 • welcome! part five Tate
Wavy Warriors
Thank you all for tuning in n shit. Join me this week as I ramble about MY Giants being 0-5, Odell crying on the sideline, Nelly being accused of rape, PEople getting mad over players kneeling during the anthem, my appreciation for all hair removal products & Much more.
The spookiest month begins with indie favs like Steamworld Dig 2 and Cuphead, a Destiny 2 raid post-mortem, Forza progression woes, Red Dead 2 trailer impressions, bootleg Star Fox 2 carts, and your b-mails!
James and Julia watch their sunflowers. Why do they change directions? Are you ready for another clue? We’ve had another dragon sighting! Here it is. There is a garden of sunflowers near the forest. Keep listening, you’ll find our dragon too! Remember to check back here tomorrow for another clue. Now, we hope you relax and enjoy our meditations ...…
Episode 10! Thanks for tuning in N shit. This weeks Episode Features Central FLorida's Own Funeral and Platano Madera. Join us this week as we tune in on our FAVORITE president. REST IN PEACE TO THE LEGEND HUGH HEFNER. Yung Dolph Being the most bullet proof Nigga on this planet. Cardi B being our real president. & MuchMORE ! Thanks again for tu ...…
Brandon block learns a new way to play. Will he like it better? Did you notice our dragon in The New Tunnel? If you want to double check remember: Our dragon likes the sparkling train, and is excited that the new tunnel is finished. Our dragon watches for the train to appear in the new tunnel. Now we’ve had another dragon sighting. Are you read ...…
Fullklipp Ent Sly kicked it on-air for roughly 2 hours and talked it up! talked to Lady E about her new compilation, among other things! Sly was in the mix for most of today's 1:30 PM show with ...…
Because I'm the boss of me...CUT THE BRICKS...and Nas, quit playin...Mood: WAVYTalk to me: @sweetfacedineroWrite: Mind Your Manners: politeasfckpod@gmail.comExercise Your InfluenceTake Care of Each Other
Anchor Nation
Kevin talks to Avie about life and Avie’s inspiring story is discussed in this episode of the Anchor Nation Podcast. The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) David Banner Feat Lil Flip - Like A Pimp Da Shop Boyz - Party Like A Rock Star NAPPY ROOTS - AWNAW Lloyd Banks ft Juelz Santana - Beamer, ...…
Episode 8! Thank you all for tuning in sorry for not posting last week. Shit Happens! Hurricane Irma Has come & Gone. Join me as I talk about my experience during hurricane Irma. Women being about that 'fat life' until they actually get fat. Appreciating the LITTLE THINGS in life Jemele Hill/Trump drama Giants Flopping !!…
Full Duplex Radio: it walks down stairs and braids your hairs, a very likeable toy. This is what haphazard collaboration can produce. Make it up as you go along, and you end up with something like this. You could do this too, but we did it so you don’t have to. Please fetch and listen. Thank You. Signed, Us. (0:00:00) The Evolution Control Comm ...… Sly talks with Bossilera about the success of her Podcast, "Bossi Talks." which is of course Powered by! They also talk about the release of her new video to her sma ...… The Everly Bros - Dream Bueno ft. Dubb 20 & Stevie Joe - Lookin For Us BOSSILERA - WAVY BABY FT. T-MILLZ Tyga Feat Rick Ross - 187 Bueno - Rollin Sage The Gemini ft. Kool John - Co ...…
Get Off The BNDWGN!
On this weeks episode, "Ep. 30 Wavy" @BEZ34 and @ManhattanBrown go in on all the major sport topics of the week and the ones you never heard. From Zeke, to RayRay Vs. Kaep girl, to Caylin Newton and Howard upsetting UNLV, black girl magic at the US Open plus much more! Sit down kick back and relax ya feet... its Get Off The BNDWGN! #Moredopefor ...… Sly throws down a "solo" 60 min Podcast and talks about a few thangs! New Announcements pertaining to The Sly Show DJing parties, Buying Advertising on, and a few fu ...…
Episode 7 ! Thank you all for tuning in. This week I ramble about how F*#$*d up America is at this moment, God wanting to put our whole society in rice, Why women cant take out the garbage , The Hurricane named after a 95 year old white bitch (Irma), People mad about how much celebrities are donating to Houston, RAISE YOUR CHILDREN PEOPLE! & Mu ...…
Pregamers Podcast
In this episode we discuss realizing we're old men. We debate the levels of Brock Osweiler's trashness. College Football opening weekend and the upsets that came with it. John Elway being a suspect GM. Andrew Luck earning his way out of the hall of fame he was prematurely put into. And, Lonzo Ball disrespecting the "wavy hair and chipped teeth" ...…
Mike invites not one but two WOMEN in the KITCH for a 2-on-1 FRIEND-FEST! Alison and Brittany set Mike straight with their wild use of the Friend-enheit Scale of Likability Points. They also talked about their SICK INK, rambled on in the RUNDOWN, and get a little hopped up on pheromones.Hot episode, allow 1-2 minutes for banter to cool!…
i would have a description for this but my wifi sucks so i cant get to the doc to copy/paste it in. Hmu on instagram @radiojennings
Wavy Warriors
Episode 6 Thank you all for tuning in ! I appreciate all of y'all. In this week's episode I talk about the Money Fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor Mcgregor. The power of the Pu$$y/How easy it is for women to make a come up these days. IG THOTS. The importance of drinking water. My hate for Twilight the movie.Harlem Shaking & Much MORE!! ...…
Wavy Warriors
Its Episode 5 Bih!! Thank you so much for tuning in Ladies , Gentleman and non Genders. This week I talk about The Eclipse, The Real Meaning behind some music, Teachers Having sex with their students, Charlottesville, Getting Pregnant from Anal!!??? WOULD YOU GO BACK IN TIME TO KILL BABY OSAMA/HUSSEIN/HITLER??? & MUCH MORE MAKES SURE TO SUBSCRI ...…
Wavy Podcast
Hold Up, PSA by Rob and Adri
Wavy Warriors
Episode 4! Thanks for tuning in n shit. Join me today as I ramble about my ex co worker having 15 offspring, Women hating their bodies, The world being overpopulated, Bitch ass North Korea, & Sports Including BITCH ASS Ezekiel Elliot's 6 Game suspension. #GiantsFansRejoice
It's the wavy hour! What is the best selling craft brew/By
Welcome to Wavy Warriors Episode 1 ! I talk about my reason behind podcasting, Why Celebrities Be fucking so much, How hard it is to be faithful, MY LOVE OF TWITTER and all social media and Much More!! Subscribe to your boy.
Real Movies With REAL Men
Vote for your most hated movie EVER (of the week) here: TASTE. Some of us have it, and some of us have orange beards. Some of us can enjoy the flesh of this world as we swish around fine wines and chocolate in our mouths, while some of us just have long, dark, sexy, wavy hair. Papa Murphy’s Stuffed Pizza ... The post Episode #18 – The Hobbit ap ...…
By Debbi Kenote and Til Will Nick Schutzenhofer, Untitled (rose geranium 3), 24×20,” rabbit skin glue, pigment, egg tempera and oil on paper on linen over panel, 2017 Full audio interview: Led down an industrial alley in South Slope, BK, in the noisy shadow of the ...…
Chase is back for the wavy hourBy Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (that Thing) DJ Mustard ft. Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, Big Sean, & YG - Face Down Tyga - Make It Nasty BOSSILERA - WAVY BABY FT. T-MILLZ E-40 - WHITE GIRL ALOE BL ...… T.I. ft Kanye West,Jay-Z & Lil Wayne - Swagger Like Us VS ft Too Short - Taste Like Honey Al Casino ft. Too Short & Clyde Carson - Only For The Nigh Scarface Feat Too Short, Devin ...…
Welcome back to another episode of The Sugars, where we recap episodes of OWN's network breakout show, Queen Sugar written and directed by Ava DuVerney. On today's episode we discuss why Davis is Trash (spoiler: he just is), the frequency of lines written for the #teamlighskin (Remy, Micah and Davis) and if this is done intentionally and Ralph ...…
The Sugars aka Queen Sugar recap episodeRob and Adri kicking some new flavor in your ear. We decided to share our love affair with Queen Sugar with a BRAND NEW PODCAST. Thats right, you read that correctly. A weekly episode discussing OWN's networks breakout original TV series, Queen Sugar. We will have guests stopping by and spilling their fee ...…
N All 50/90 Demos
He came upon a moonlit glade where a large fountain bubbled. Silver water flowed from the fountain and pooled at the feet of the most beautiful woman Raymond had ever seen. Her hair was thick and dark, wavy as the ocean's surf. She wore a silver dress, the color of moonlight on water, and her skin seemed almost transparent. Raymond thought she ...… BOSSILERA - WAVY BABY FT. T-MILLZ RICH TYCOON - DOWN UP IAMSU! Feat Too Short & E40 - T.W.D.Y. Mac Dre - All I Want To Do Royce Rizzy ft. Iamsu - Stripes ...…
Ripple #2 - Interview with Shle Berry​ after her performance at Locust Street Fest in Milwaukee, WI.We talk about her inspirations, her passions, music and other fun stuff. Find Shle Berry everywhere, but mostly here Shlee Berry “ Blueberry.” Support her and her dope ass style on iTunes, Spotify and SoundcloudFacebook Shle Berry Twitter shleber ...… Makaveli Aka 2pac - To Live and Die in LA Eminem - Lose Yourself DJ Mustard ft. Young Jeezy, YG, & Que - Vato Kanye West - Gold Digger Luniz Feat Teddy - ...…
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