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Your weekly appointment with the muse. Listen to interviews and readings with Canada's top spoken word, slam, and literary poets. Canadian poetry, at its best.
A trio of siblings wax poetic about movies while drinking.
Welcome to the Beta Sandwich Podcast, your source for news and trends in the Molecular Biosciences. Join us as we wax poetic about all things sciencey (yes, that's a word). We go in depth about diseases, viruses, medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry and pretty much anything else that moves, crawls, flies or has otherwise transformed this giant rock into a living ecosystem. If you are a crazy scientist, or you just like crazy science, you've come to the right place :)
Game of Thrones is our first love, but there's too much good stuff out there not to branch out. Join Jeff and Jennifer as they recap, theorize, wax poetic, and geek-out on all sorts of wonderfully-nerdy things, including Westworld, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, the Marvel Netflix universe, Comic Con coverage, and more!
2 Guys and a Mic
Listen to Jahmere and Mike as they wax poetic about anime and other areas of awesome.
Welcome to Our Greatest Sport, where we analyze and wax poetic about our greatest sport, professional wrestling.
3 crazy Canadians wax poetic about many things.
DISCO DJ | A&R for SOL DISCOS | WINE LOVER | HAPPY FATHERBooking thomas@jawfamily.comHave a check on WAX POETICS mix & Article
Two men! Two mics! One Plantation! Enjoy listening to a pair of emotionally handicapped guys wax poetic about life through the power of alcohol and personal trauma.
Girly Bits Podcast
We are Kathryn and Alison and we are not very girly in real life. But we do love girly books and movies and television shows. Listen to us wax poetic about all the girly things we love, especially English period dramas, Gilmore Girls, and brooding love between brooding people.
God Geeks
Co-hosts Bill Brimer and James Cleland wax poetic on movies, TV, music, technology, games and especially Star Wars all through a geeky theological lens. Did we mention these geeks love Star Wars?
Pitch Control
Three lifelong record collectors from Josey Records wax poetic on new releases, classics and current events in the world of music. Tune in with Jeff Schroer, Luke Sardello & Wil Brooks as they banter with guests on the best (and worst) new & classic releases on vinyl and trade stories about a life spent in the ever evolving world of crate digging.
R3LAT3 Radio
Creative @Robrileyreally waxes poetic about any and everything both relevant and relatable in today’s culture!
Reel Fantasy
Matt and Drew talk about the oft-overlooked film genre of high fantasy and occasionally wax poetic about the glorious cinematic heyday of sword-and-sorcery that was the 1980s.Reel Fantasy theme by Kevin MacLeod (
Cinema Blend's Brain, Trevor and Mack wax poetic about movies, life and the American Dream.Also, sandwiches.
Kevin Carr and Merrill Barr wax poetic on everything from Swiss cheese to naked square dancing in a hurricane.
Listen in every week as the Wired tech team waxes poetic about Internet news, and behind the scenes look at the tech at WIRED. It may not change your life, but you'll hear our take on a Javascript frameworks, WordPress development, and web performance. Laugh. Cry. Learn. Love. Just tune in. We'll do the rest.
Sit down, stand up, run on your treadmills, collate your papers and pour yourself a cup of joe, as Matt and Andrew wax poetic about new topics, weekly. They cover the range from conspiracies to comic books, movies to murder, love to laughs. Join us on a regular basis as we get comfy in an uncomfortable situation. Learning about what makes the world tick, what gets Matts gull. And what strokes Andrew's ego. At the very least, maybe we can get You through your daily grind and that long sit thr ...
Let Us Podcast
Monthly which two small town nerds (Leroy and Greg) sit down once a week and wax poetic about the last 7 days in nerd news.
Reg (Couch Sessions Music Editor) and Stone (Couch Sessions Founder) sit down (usually with some alcoholic accompaniment) and wax poetic about the best music and pop culture topics of the week. Expect profound thoughts, surprises, and maybe some special guests!
Talking in Circles
Stay connected with Talking in Circles a pop culture talk show where hosts Dan, Greg, and Chuck wax poetic about comic books, movies, television shows, and pretty much anything else in geek culture.
PodCaust is a show about the ramblings of two likeminded people who like to wax poetic about video games, shitty sci-fi movies, zombies and whatever else is going on the week before they record their ramblings.
Talking in Circles
Stay connected with Talking in Circles a pop culture talk show where hosts Dan, Greg, and Chuck wax poetic about comic books, movies, television shows, and pretty much anything else in geek culture.
STREET CORNER PODCAST: Your favorite mostly professional a cappella group Street Corner Symphony wax poetic on life, love, music and current events with nothing but the power of the HUMAN VOICE!!
God Geeks
Co-hosts Bill Brimer and James Cleland wax poetic on movies, TV, music, technology, games and especially Star Wars all through a geeky theological lens. Did we mention these geeks love Star Wars?
Sparkle Motion!
Host Jonny Sparkles interviews some of the funniest and most talented people from the Twitterverse. The raw, stream of consciousness style of the show brings to mind what it must sound like when two celebrities meet each other for the first time. Social media, pop culture, music and film are among the topics most regularly discussed, but the show drifts into other amusing areas and tangents run the gamut to anything from Sparkles waxing poetic about the hidden beauties in life, to flirting n ...
Join hosts Loren and Ryan (aka RDT) every week as they wax poetic about all things pop culture. Find us at or on Twitter, @HWPicNews. Send questions/comments to
Brain Dead Radio
Brain Dead Radio is a show about the ramblings of two likeminded people who like to wax poetic about video games, horror flicks and whatever else is going on the week before they record their ramblings.
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Howdy, partners! It’s T.J. and Archie with your Spring 2018 pop culture roundup! Yeehaw! First, we steer the conversation to Deadpool 2 and Avengers Infinity War. Then we wander into yonder territory and talk about Westworld and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Finally, we wax poetic about the utter brilliance of our queen Ms. Kylie Minogue and her amazing ...…
On this episode of ALL IN, Evan Jarvis catches up with Ali Imsirovic, one of the hottest young players in poker right now. The two talk work ethic, obsession, motivation and legacy. Following this interview, Ali began an unprecedented hot streak that has the whole poker world talking, so you won’t want to miss this deep dive into the mindset an ...…
KID CHOCOLATE BAND ( came in and waxed poetic about boxing, vegas, and movies we hated. Send us your music, requests to be on the show, or music horror stories to and listen to BASTARD PERFORMER wherever you stream.Featured Music:The Kid Chocolate Band - Life Goes OnFuckery - Anyt ...…
The film bullies apologize to Natalie Portman, wax poetic about Jon Lovitz, and love on films where women kill men. Rat Race A Quiet Place The Tribe You Were Never Really Here Volver Ex Machina Jennifer’s Body Under the Skin The Bad Seed Strait-Jacket The Beguiled A Question of Silence Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles Stoker ...…
TRAPS ( came in and we waxed poetic over beer and gummie bears. Jessica and Danny know a ton about synths and samplers. Catch them over on instagram @Trapsbandofficial ! As always fin us at @bundylbc and check out our latest album BASTARD PERFORMER wherever you stream music.…
Sans Tyko, Rabinovitz, and Trunk wax poetic about the "good ol' days."A Comfortably Zoned Radio Network/pt, production.Check out our website. you enjoy our offerings, we ask that you get in the habit of accumulating lightly used children's books, and donating them to your local Head Start.Sponsored by: Talie' ...…
Welcome to Season 2 of I'll Show You Mine! We're back folks, did you miss us? This week, Elyse kicks things off by showing James "Paris When It Sizzles", starring William Holden and Audrey Hepburn, from 1964. It's a funny and fun meta-journey through the creation of a film script, with a little romance thrown in for flavor.In this episode, Elys ...…
On this episode we’re going to explore the cultural crossover between nerds and goths as well as wax poetic about some of our favorite video games, exploring how they’ve impacted our lives and how they’ve connected with our identity as a goth. If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon. You can subscribe to the show via our ...…
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STREET CORNER PODCAST: Your favorite mostly professional a cappella group Street Corner Symphony wax poetic on life, love, music and current events with nothing but the power of the HUMAN VOICE!!
In preparation for Avengers: Infinity War, Bryan and Joel look back on Thor: Ragnarok and Spiderman: Homecoming. Bryan waxes poetic about the great Jeff Goldblum and the guys make some predictions for Infinity War. To close, with the Personal Pan Pizza bit of the week, Bryan has to decide, Kiwi or Canadian? Bonus content: link to referenced Jef ...…
Happy Friday, everyone! Dan James is back with another After Dark, but this time, on his own. Enjoy the sultry tones of Birmingham’s finest as he waxes poetic about Kevin Kratz, backs up Josef Martinez, and looks forward to this weekend’s matchup with Chicago Fire, or should we say Bridgeview Fire? Home Before Dark hearkens back to a time when ...…
Mike D and Mikey Woj break down late-season lacrosse battles between New Trier and Loyola on the girls and boys sides. We then hear from Loyola water polo coach Dan Hengelmann as he waxes poetic about the school's pool. Then, Way/No Way with water polo and a preview of the powerful volleyball tourney this weekend.…
Canadian DJ, producer, and BLKRTZ label boss Scott Monteith (better known by his moniker @Deadbeat) joins me for the ninth episode of AIR, a conversation about community and collaboration.Scott has been involved in electronic music for nearly 20 years now, first going to parties in his native Windsor, Ontario, before moving to Montreal where he ...…
Today's guest is David O'Leary of Kind Wealth. His story shows that it’s possible to make a difference in the world through financial planning. In cliché fashion, David’s life was transformed after a trip to Africa. His ensuing soul-searching led him to quit his Bay Street career on a quest to effect positive change. Currently, there are three ...…
In this episode, Adam and Calder gab about some news, squawk about last week and wax poetic about this coming week and the stage playoffs. If you like this episode rate and review the show however you listen and you can contact us by email at and @broverwatch on Instagram and Twitter.…
All we do is snack snack snack no matter what and this week is no exception. Peterson waxes poetic about the new cracker that's taken over his life in our Kudos segment and JD breaks down Super Troopers 2. Later we actually talk about video games, covering Spencer's first impressions of God of War 4, JD and Peterson's review of Far Cry 5, and t ...…
This week on the What's In The Queue podcast, it's the 2017 documentary Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe. Listen as Krishana and Emily wax poetic about how funny, gorgeous, and talented this dance troupe is, and why we love them so much. It's a much needed upbeat love fest this week. Find us on the socials! We want to be internet friends w ...…
On this episode, I turned the award-winning formula for Project: Talk on its head by giving my guests time to prep and research the topic of conversation: art! We opened the windows, whipped up Megan's version of a margarita (tequila with a whisper of lime and Triple sec), and waxed poetic about some of my favorite pieces of art. So pull up an ...…
In this episode: Perpetual Girl wears an evening gown...and...Ranch Racer reads some instructions!This is an epic episode as it marks the team’s final recording before posting the first three episodes on iTunes, making the Love ‘N Watches Podcast official. Exciting stuff! Recording quality should be noticeably better from here on out.Wrist Chec ...…
Frank and John talk a bit about Rick & Morty fans. Frank talks about new found love of the Dragon Quest franchise. John talk about The Santa Clarita Diet and we plan a future episode on comedy. Then John waxes poetic about Farcry 5, which let's you have a menagerie of pets, while letting you beat a wolf to death with a shovel. Finally John's Ba ...…
Blumpkin and Joey Black wax poetic about reincarnation, especially as dirty inanimate objects. Plus, an ITradio flashback at 10:33, Jeremy Irons Raps at 26:32 and a game of Word Orgy at 27:29.Outro song by Genre Treason. www.Unappreciated.lifeInteract with the show at: Twitter @BlumpkinShow…
Blumpkin is joined by his tallest friend of all. Hear them wax poetic about retail sales life, broken femur's and a surprise beaver shot at A-A-Ron's wedding. Also, witness the 2nd edition of Word Orgy at 37:30. Interact with the show at: @BlumpkinShow…
In an absolute mess of an episode, I let my 5yr old on the show to wax poetic about life and take a shot at the RPS challenge. Interact with the show at: @BlumpkinShow
With vacation looming, Sean waxes poetic about a Florida moment where his son took the stage in a bar (yes..they are THOSE parents on vaction) Plus tons of awesome, kick-ass Celtic rock! This episode brought to you by the best burgers in the 'Cuse The Blarney Stone
On a jam packed episode Bob tells the tale of the time he tried to pick up Portia de Rossi while Matt wonders what would Canada prefer: Edmonton getting the #1 pick in the upcoming #NHL Draft or the #Leafs making the Stanley Cup Finals. Matt flips flops on the Raptors while Bob has a more measured approach. And of course they wax poetic on the ...…
NIGGAS GON FEEL ME LolWhats up my name is JT!Your official orator, your designated duke of narration, your royal of random rhetoric.Letting niggas know off top, my topics tend to vary, if you looking for youtube channel where some fat dude is going to post 17 videos a week talking about magic gathering cards and only that or some nappy headed n ...…
Brett Robinson joins us to talk about "Sliver Branch" the soon-to-be new brewery opening in Silver Spring. We will also cover important things like waxing poetically about cask ale and pilsners.By (Full Service Radio).
STREET CORNER PODCAST: Your favorite mostly professional a cappella group Street Corner Symphony wax poetic on life, love, music and current events with nothing but the power of the HUMAN VOICE!!
Conversion matters—write that down. Then listen to Connor and Chellsea wax poetic about advertising, candy and the jingles written by Barry Manilow.
Back in November 2015, Minneapolis duo Bones & Beeker—comprised of singer-songwriter Anthony Newes and producer/multi-instrumentalist BK-One—slipped out their self-titled debut album on Wax Poetics. The album presented a gorgeous collection of tracks that fused a hip-hop production aesthetic with Newes' soulful vocals. Now, the album returns in ...…
My love for Jay Z is one of the most constant things in my life. And if you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack. Seriously, I just wax poetic about Jay Z for 15 minutes. I just love him so much. +INSTAGRAM: @__.kelli.__ +TWITTER: @kelli_out_loud +VOICE/TEXT: 347-815-3554
Well I'm into Season 2 and the first 2 episodes were a doozy. We find out quickly that the president is hurt but will be OK and so is Zoe...but we also find out about Josh. I wax poetic about how well done this episode is, character building, and some general thoughts on what this episode would mean for today's world.…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: EpilogueSubtitle: A MemoirAuthor: Anne RoipheNarrator: Lorna RaverFormat: UnabridgedLength: 7 hrs and 42 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 06-19-09Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.Ratings: 3 of 5 out of 6 votesGenres: Bios & Memoirs, Personal Memoirs ...…
On this week's episode of Curious Mix we hear how art history influences a painter and visit an artist's studio with plenty of history. We share ear candy for gearheads, eye candy for star gazers, wisdom for writers and hear how boxing benefits the brain. Plus a musical mad scientist serves up 5 Favorite Songs and a visual artist waxes poetic o ...…
Discrimination against white women… anyone seriously going to entertain this? Gerry V waxes poetic about the Rockets and James Harden. Josh, Jim, and Jilly cover the slowest police chase of all time.
Doug, Eric, and Dan dabble in Australian road courses and NHRA, talk penalties (again), discuss short track racing, analyze the spread out fields in Cup races, and wax poetic on the Suarez joke.
We're talking B2K for some reason on this episode as your four Jag Talkers wax poetic on the Jax. Myles mic messes up in the middle of the recording for a bit but we charismatic jungle cats work around it and pray our listenership will survive. There are also a few startling drops in there to keep you on your toes. We start constructing the fra ...…
I wax poetic about monogamy, polyamory, Lyme Disease, ending ALL homelessness, and other random thoughts and talk.
Gerry Vaillancourt waxes poetic about James Harden. Jerome Solomon’s opinion piece on the Texans not signing players who participated in the protests is being reported as fact. President of the NFLPA Eric Winston tells Josh that they haven’t heard anything about these allegations against the Texans.
Connor Kurcon(@ckurcon) and Rhys White(@RhysBWhite) wax poetically about one of the best farm systems in the game. Make sure to not only follow the hosts but make sure to follow the podcasts twitter account (@80GradePodcast)
In this episode the baby coos and is probably taking a crap while we wax poetic about the meaning of life
In the inaugural edition of the Basketball Reasons podcast, Ric Lampkins a.k.a. Charles Diamond welcomes Chris Paul fan Omar Kamara to the mic to break down the namesake event of the pod, the failed Chris Paul to the Lakers trade. Omar gives his perspective on whether David Stern best served the league, Ric waxes poetic about where Stern went w ...…
The temp on the porch may be arctic but Episode 5 is a little Sip of Sunshine. In the midst of a rare Bomb Cyclone, we head back to 1967 on Side A to chat about Simon & Garfunkel’s Hazy Shade of Winter which the Bangles covered for the soundtrack to the iconic 80s film - Less Than Zero. Filler waxes poetically about one of his favorite authors, ...…
On this "Jon Carter Classic" The Big Gun Show is happening this weekend at The Salt Palace...or is it at The South Towne Expo Center?'s now The Mountain America Convention Center!, and Mr. Twister waxes poetic about his "Browning Gold Medallion 30-06" and his fascination for the new "High Tech Sure Shot" from Ruger! And a quick " ...…
Are you NOT ENTERTAINED?!That's the question we have for BillsMafia this week - WHAT A NEW YEARS EVE THAT WAS!In this weeks show, we discuss Sunday's action and our reactions to it. Then we wax poetic on what it means to the fanbase and future of the franchise. We also recap our game in Miami, then host Jaguars podcasters Darrick Smith & John K ...…
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