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In a world full of fake news, fap-traps, and Kardashian's, two men set out to do what only five million others dare to. Every Thursday, hosts Bryon and Adam upload an hour of raucous laughter, poignant conversation, and unabashed jocularity. Take their pillowy soft hands as they guide you on a journey so fun filled and fancy-free that you're likely to pass a gum drop as if it were a kidney stone. Note: Also available for live appearances. Make a splash at your next Bat Mitzvah! Inquire at eh ...
Topics in the raw for your ears to cook.Hear artist opinions wax comically poetic on a wide range of subjects, all while LIT AS FUK.Drop on in
Pitch Control
Three lifelong record collectors from Josey Records wax poetic on new releases, classics and current events in the world of music. Tune in with Jeff Schroer, Luke Sardello & Wil Brooks as they banter with guests on the best (and worst) new & classic releases on vinyl and trade stories about a life spent in the ever evolving world of crate digging.
God Geeks
Co-hosts Bill Brimer and James Cleland wax poetic on movies, TV, music, technology, games and especially Star Wars all through a geeky theological lens. Did we mention these geeks love Star Wars?
Two men! Two mics! One Plantation! Enjoy listening to a pair of emotionally handicapped guys wax poetic about life through the power of alcohol and personal trauma.
Dayton Youth Radio
Stories and perspectives from Southwestern Ohio high school students participating in WYSO's Dayton Youth Radio training program.
Unsportsmanlike Conduct with John Bishop and Josh Peterson airs from 2p - 6p weekdays on 1620 The Zone.
Reel Fantasy
Matt and Drew talk about the oft-overlooked film genre of high fantasy and occasionally wax poetic about the glorious cinematic heyday of sword-and-sorcery that was the 1980s.Reel Fantasy theme by Kevin MacLeod (
Join hosts Loren and Ryan (aka RDT) every week as they wax poetic about all things pop culture. Find us at or on Twitter, @HWPicNews. Send questions/comments to
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The guys head back to the Hollywood Fishbowl to talk all the Entertainment News from the week. They’ve got stories like: Detective Pikachu Trailer Full Dumbo Trailer A24 producing movies for Apple Chris Pratt in talks to play The Saint William Goldman passes away Stan Lee passes away at 95 Agents of SHIELD renewed for 7th season ahead of season ...…
DB gives us his thoughts on MSU and he looks ahead to Black Friday!
Should Dantonio have taken the wind? Also, can Nebraska make a bowl game?!?!?!?!
Sip joins the boys to give his takes on the MSU game and to discuss what he sees happening on Black Friday.
No more HyVee! No more Casey's! BOYCOTT 'EM, BABAY!
Nov 19 Seg 7: Some More Thoughts On The Win Against MSU by Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Not sure how you could watch that game and not admit that the officiating was putrid, on both sides. Wtf?!
And Nebraska won! "Run The Ball" Guy needs to chill... MSU threw the ball more than Nebraska did.
There are some interesting takes circulating right now. Just because of some rough weather, some people want the offense to change. Stop....
In a game where Nebraska didn't score a single touchdown with an offense like this, was great to see them win with a different style.
The guys discuss the exciting week this week since we get to hate Iowa a whole bunch (more than usual) and we discuss Nebraska's win over MSU. Lanny is in for John, so we're having a blast today...
Let the lactose intolerant gather around the metal box that never works
Bazz joins the fellas to talk some Huskers and then joins us in a Sports Flash!
The guys discuss the spread movement for the MSU/NU game and what that means for the Huskers.
DB joins the boys to give his take on tomorrow's match up between Nebraska and Michigan State.
There was quite the altercation on the sidelines of the Houston/Tulane game last night. Major Applewhite DID NOT want one of his players wearing a jacket.
John and Josh kick off today's show with some talk on Creighton's game tonight. What's next for CU? That, plus the guys get you primed for today's show!
When you have a tough road, it’s good to know someone has walked it before. Today’s Dayton Youth Radio producer tells us about some real-life and fictional characters who have helped him on his journey. My name is William Richard Pittl III; call me Billy for short. I am the third of two other people, and we all look exactly alike. I’m 18 years ...…
We wrap things up and get you ready for a Football Friday! Talk to ya then!
The guys discuss what they think we will learn from both teams after Saturday's match up.
Graham joins the boys to talk about this year's Michigan State squad and what he sees happening in this weekend's game.
Jacob pinch-hits for Robin today to discuss the latest in Husker hoops and football!
We play some audio from Frost's presser today. He spoke on MSU's stingy defense.
John and Josh kick off today's show with some talk on Nebraska hoops "doing what they were supposed to do" against Seton Hall and what it means for the team moving forward. Plus, a whole lot more!
If you want to stay connected with Adam and Bryon you can like our Facebook page If you want to engage with us on Facebook, feel free to join our Facebook group You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ehappodcast. Feel free to checkout our website se ...…
Stibbs is about to take a COMMANDING lead... Talk to ya tomorrow!
Nov 14 Seg 13: Some Other Great Dumb Debate Questions by Unsportsmanlike Conduct
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