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show episodesée en 2012 par le label indépendant Freaksville Record, Radio Rectangle est une webradio associative dédiée aux musiques pop — des plus populaires aux plus underground — et plus largement aux cultures pop et alternatives qui en découlent. Radio Rectangle publie un podcast et un article par jour.Nos podcasts sont archivés sur Mixcloud : podcasts sont également disponibles sur iTunes : ...
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Καθε Δευτερα 20:00 - 22:00, ο Σπυρος Παπαδατος στα μικροφωνα & στις μουσικες επιλογες στονgingeRadioμοιραζεται μαζι σας την μουσικη του διαθεση.
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En photo OutwardsBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Yatin Srivastava ProjectBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Cover DJ Scene PodcastBy (DJ Scene).
Neoliberal rationality — the thinking the holds together the dangerous liaison between capitalism and politics — remakes everything and everyone in the image of homo oeconomicus. What happens when, out of this rationality, the fundamental elements of democracy are placed in a context where the economy rules? In her book, Undoing the Demos, Wend ...…
En photo Cover Fish - A parley with angelsBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Rickard Sjöblum GungflyBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
Jeremy Johnson, a rising voice among integral thinkers, has a passion for the work of Jean Gebser. Gebser, the German/Swiss philosopher who died in 1973, is one of those thinkers whose work is more known than his name. He may, in fact, have been the first thinker to coin the term „Integral Consciousness,“ predicting its emergence 70 years ago. ...…
En photo Cover Hillward - SystemBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Odyssey - Going Back To My Roots (cover)By (Suzy Chase).
Philosophy often seems to be a subject that floats above our heads and lacks relevance to our daily lives. For the anthropologist and philosopher Thomas de Zengotita, philosophical understanding is urgent. Today, he observes, the cultural conflicts that we are in the midst of are directly related to a rather obscure set of philosophical argumen ...…
En photo Nicky Jam and Steve AokiBy (DJ Scene).
En photo David Bowie - Let's DanceBy (Suzy Chase).
En photo Gosta Berlings SagaBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo HillwardBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
Intimate relationships often seem to be the most difficult place to show up and grow up. This is something that Tom Habib knows well. A clinical psychologist specializing in couple’s therapy, Tom is a pioneer in using an integral lens to explore and understand intimate relationships. He has written about the “Couple’s Line of Development” and p ...…
En photo PhideauxBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Rdegree - Ones and Zeros vol 0By (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Michael JacksonBy (Suzy Chase).
En photo Semantic Saturation - ParadigmsBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Night Verses - From the gallery of sleepBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
Eugene Pustoshkin is a clinical psychologist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is also one of the main translators and interpreters of Ken Wilber’s integral thinking in Russia, and editor of the online integral journal, Eros & Kosmos ( But Russia itself, with its unique place between European and Asian cultures, has its o ...…
En photo RihannaBy (DJ Scene).
Thinking about global change is often daunting. How do we influence the complex systems that we are enmeshed in? This is a question that concerns Otto Scharmer. He is a Senior Lecturer at MIT in Boston and founder of the Presencing Institute. But he is best known for his book Theory U, which has become the bible for change makers working with o ...…
A dialogue with Christopher Cooke Our wounded planet needs more than sustainable solutions. “Sustainable” isn’t a very inspiring or enlivening goal. What about solutions that regenerate life on all levels? Integral activist Christopher Cooke works in many countries around the world to help to develop new “regenerative solutions” for organizatio ...…
En photo Southern Empire - CivilisationBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Lo MoonBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Starfish64 - The future in reverseBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Cover de K.I.D.SBy (Mac Miller).
En photo Galasphere 347By (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Laura MeadeBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo TumbleTown (Never too late)By (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Art Of IllusionBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Aretha FranklinBy (Radiopulsar).
En photo RiverseaBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Dream The Electric SleepBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo anasaziBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo The Sea Within (album)By (Jean Doyon, Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Chance the RapperBy (Chance the Rapper).
Juanita Brown is internationally recognized for the dialogue method that she developed with others. This method, called The World Cafe, has spread with amazing speed around the globe, used in big conferences as well as in companies and organisations. The World Café is more than a method to Juanita Brown. She experiences it as a process of comin ...…
En photo Serge Fiori et Richard SéguinBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Ayreon - Ayreon UniverseBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
Five years ago, Rajan Venkatesh became a farmer in Sawantwadi, in Maharashtra State, India. This was a very surprising choice. Not only are farmers committing suicide in extremely high numbers because the weather and the market are devastatingly unpredictable, but Venkatesh had never been a farmer before. He is highly educated; he’s a former jo ...…
En photo Bob Katsionis - Prognosis and SynopsisBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Delusion SquaredBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
En photo Starting Into NothingBy (Jean Doyon et Rejean Charbonneau).
Our troubled world needs us. It needs integrally minded men and women who have an open spiritual heart to step up in a world that is in danger of falling apart. But are we ready, ready with our soul, heart, and mind to hold the complexity and contradictions of this world? Until we can find unseen perspectives in our selves, we will be challenge ...…
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