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Just a group of friends gushing over anime!
Weeaboo Hell
Discussing Tezuka's greatest mistake. Hosted by Dennard "Blind Monkey" Dayle and Sam "Mute Monkey" Lagow.
A podcast about anime by people who hate anime.
Weeaboo Wednesday
The world is just a dumpster and we are filthy trash people fighting over which piece of refuse is the best. Tune in and leave your brain at the door for weekly reductive critiques at anime, manga, and really anything thing else we find in the trash bag.
Weeaboo Nation
Hello! We're just a couple of girls obsessed with anime, and we're here to share our thoughts on it with you. (????)?*:???
Weeb Weekly
Like Anime, Manga, japanese video games and more? Guess what? You're a weeb! Join us and embrace this movement sweeping the globe.
Cult Of Trash
Go and check out my YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqxI4k7ol80fX-_1lTcP8TA
Couldn't make it as a White man, couldn't cut it as an AEON teacher...
Salty DX Podcast
Deluxe taste and salty opinions. A podcast of eternal sadness. A self deprecating look at games, toys, anime tiddies, and pop culture.
Weeb N' Clean
Regular anime and manga fans discussing current airing anime or any other topics in weaboo related news.
Weeb N' Clean
Hàng tháng
Regular anime and manga fans discussing current airing anime or any other topics in weaboo related news.
The Weeb Cast
Anime and manga podcast blog. Updated weekly!Stay tuned...
Guns, games and weeaboo shit
One Panel Later
Two librarians from opposing fandoms attempt to conquer the world of comics and manga.Why can’t comics and manga people get along? Librarians Angela Ocana and Kelly Quinn Chiu try to find common ground between Spider-Man readers and One Piece fans as they discuss comics, manga, anime, superhero movies and everything in between. Website: www.onepanellater.comTwitter: @onepanellater
The podcast where the world's biggest weeaboo and most integral journalist, Matt Philipsky finally visits the country of his dreams, brought to you by WeebHole, a weeb's dream news source.
Tokyo Tyler
Like Anime? How about "Otaku Culture?" Well your in the RIGHT place! My name is Tokyo Tyler and welcome to the "Weeaboo WonderLand!" This show focuses around anime,manga,cosplay and EVERYTHING! In between. You can follow me a Instagram @tokyo_tyler / also on YouTube TokyoTyler! / So get you're pocky and ramune and take a seat next to you're body pillow and relax! \(^o^)/
Channel Anime
A bunch of degenerate losers talk about anime and play anime related games. There is a microphone. What could go wrong? NSFW: Lots of swearing
Thoughts from a Postmodern Weeaboo
I'm Solace K. Ames—welcome to my podcast. If you're a weeaboo and listen to this podcast you might get a rash or something, hence the title. This is mainly a serious show about touchy subjects in both fandom and politics and the intersection thereof. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!
A podcast where two brothers try to get their normal, non-weeaboo mate into anime in the worst way possible.
A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we're reviewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from beginning to end! New episodes on Mondays. Also check out The Greatest Discovery!
Monsoon Pod
Monsoon Pod is the podcast of The Monsoon Project, a platform for young scholars across the world to share their ideas, opinions and stories on the Asia-Pacific.
A weekly dose of four beautiful male New Yorkers gossiping about their sex-lives (or lack thereof) and finding new ways to deal with being a man in the 90's....
JAC Antics
Come chill with the host and creator Charlie. Let's talk about tech, gaming , and anime. Also music and plain simply about life.
Sound Check
Welcome to th Podcast! We're a group of casual video game enthusiasts ready to talk dirty about the gaming industry.
To The Sadcave
Podcast by TTSCPodcast
Glass Half Broken
3 friends tell you their very important opinions. Topics include film, video games, music, television, and outdated animatronic puppetry.
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show series
When a new tour’s tickets are on sale, Ben and Adam decide to share a rare bonus episode with the public feed. But when their live show about Wrath of Khan is recorded in a synagogue, these vulgar podcasters will face their biggest challenge yet. Will Kirstie Alley become a main cast character? Will Ben’s organs be harvested by the Space Force? ...…
Central Park Media Presents A Mookie McFarlin Production Big Daddy Colon
When a pattern of dangerous off-station conference attendance emerges, it’s Sisko, Odo, Dax and Garak caught in the storm this time. But when it’s revealed that the story they experienced was all a dream, the fallout from their shared experience is all too real. Are there rules for a jailbreak? What’s your price for being creeped out? Are const ...…
When they take a sex vacation to Risa, several of their crewmates invite themselves on a runabout that probably would have been destroyed if Worf and Dax had it to themselves. But when Worf becomes interested in attending timeshare sales pitches, the vacation does not go well, Enterprise. Can the shaft blister? Which of your two hosts is more a ...…
Preston tells us about something scandalous his roommate did in India. Oh, also, we talk about tokusatsu in America for about two hours, and finally come up with a regular upload schedule!
When the time travel police show up to interrogate Captain Sisko, the story he tells them is full of callbacks. But when the crew goes back in time to save Captain Kirk’s life, their reverence for him becomes referential. Would you buy what The Traveler is selling? Can a banger cause moral outrage? What do you mean? It’s the episode that wants ...…
When Keiko returns from a trip to Bajor, it’s more than just chocolate bonbons that have gone to her head. But when she am become dead man switch, it will take more than seventeen fingers of whiskey for Miles to cope. When was the last time you owned jean shorts? Is Bajor a right to work planet? What’s a good slogan for Twitter? It’s the episod ...…
Up until 2012, Myanmar’s military government and tight censorship laws kept a lid on its music scene, restricting the production of local talent and musicians’ exposure to foreign tunes. But music has always been part of civic life in Burma. The scene has only grown since the country began to liberalise in 2011, influenced as much by local trad ...…
When Jake makes Dr. Bashir the subject of a writing assignment it feels like he’s shot himself in the foot, creatively. But when they’re dropped into a war zone and days away from rescue, he’ll find out if the pen is mightier than the bat’leth. Do all ships in Starfleet get their own workout shirts? Where’s the ideal place to park a runabout? Y ...…
http://www.seemoreevil.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Layer-7-Leave-Super-Soldiers-Alone.mp3 Hot take: Demon Slayer’s a fun show. We also cover Fairy Gone, making for an action-centric episode. Come armed. Weeaboo Hell is a comedy podcast about Tezuka’s greatest mistake. Hosts Dennard “Blind Monkey” Dayle and Sam “Mute Monkey” Lagow cover the g ...…
In this episode we break away from type and discuss western cartoons that have a heavy anime influence.
When Quark’s old flame returns to the station, Worf becomes the galaxy’s least likely dating consultant. But when the lady’s security detail decides the Ferengi is a threat, Worf will need to puppet Quark via harmonica holder. Is Major Kira a unicorn? What’s the worst movie to see on a first date? Are there any scenarios for which Quark doesn’t ...…
Education is Australia’s third largest export, with international students making up a quarter of enrolments in universities across the country and the industry generating a whopping $34 billion to the Australian economy. But what is the international student experience like? Are students’ needs being catered for in the industry? And is it ethi ...…
When a Jem’Hadar tick is found buried in a very sensitive area, Captain Sisko and company must tweeze through the wreckage. But when a Vorta appears with a bunch of her friends, Sisko becomes suspicious about what they’re covering up. Is grief something a character can earn? What are the rules of a portmanteau? Will the Federation ever declare ...…
Domestic Girlfriend takes us to a place beyond trash. And we enjoyed it. Either anime has finally captured the telenovela formula, or we’ve grown weak in our old age. Weeaboo Hell is a comedy podcast about Tezuka’s greatest mistake. Hosts Dennard “Blind Monkey” Dayle and Sam “Mute Monkey” Lagow cover the good, the bad, and the unwatchable once ...…
Rugby’s biggest dance—the World Cup—is coming to Asia for the very first time. This September, Japan will host 19 of Rugby’s best national teams for the main event in the World Rugby calendar, and the pressure is on. After their famous victory against South Africa in 2015, Japan is poised for one of its most important sporting performances. Eac ...…
When Sisko recruits Odo for a dangerous mission in Klingon Space, he’ll have to try a whole new kind of shape shifting. But the all-night party at Gowron’s HQ takes its toll, and the whole team struggles to remember their Klingon lessons. What’s the flair minimum to work on Dukat’s ship? How’s Odo coping with all his new glands? How is Worf not ...…
What makes the ‘perfect woman,’ the ‘perfect relationship,’ and the ‘perfect marriage’ in China today? In recent years, an emerging class of highly educated, highly skilled and career-driven young women in urban China have been able to relish in new opportunities to find greater financial independence and autonomy. However, the ongoing pressure ...…
From Birtherism in the United States to Australia’s dual-citizenship saga. A dark and politically motivated cloud is hanging over politicians worldwide, who may have claim to multicultural and dual national heritage. In this episode of the Monsoon Podcast, Dominic Harvey-Taylor looks at the history of citizenship as a tool for discrimination in ...…
When Odo comes down with an illness that Dr. Bashir can’t cure, Changeleader invites him to her new home on Golden Pond. But when it turns out Odo’s punishment is more of a life sentence, everything is about to get harder for him. How do you know when Archanis is on the table? Is aggressive flirtation a kind of science fiction? Is Kira being pu ...…
Territorial disputes over Kashmir have endured since 1947, making it one of Asia’s most persistent flashpoints. Violence is endemic to the region, which has been host to multiple wars and regular terror attacks. In recent years, both Pakistan and India’s proliferation of nuclear weapons have upped the stakes of this increasingly interactable co ...…
When a runabout with precious cargo sustains a banger, Bashir plays a cup and ball trick with Miles and Keiko’s unborn child. But when Quark gets a bad diagnosis, the Ferengis find themselves involved in yet another harebrained latinum scheme that could spell the end of Quark’s Bar. Is there some way Kira could save O’Brien a click? What does B ...…
With the world ever more connected and globalised, foreign cultures are readily and easily available to us all. This has led to large audiences of fans forming internationally around specific cultures. One nation which has found its culture in immense world-wide popularity has been Japan. Foreign fans of Japanese culture are labelled, and somet ...…
When a planet full of disease-punished people are discovered, the inhabitants have lost hope for a cure. But when Dr. Bashir’s street magic special gets poorly reviewed, it sets up a conflict between him and the doctor in charge. How do you say that doctor’s name? Do you need consent for mustard? Is that pylon okay? It’s the episode that we’ll ...…
Charlie and Darius share their thoughts about Huawei , E3, and more. Music by Mookth3mystro Cover Art Jasone Colin
In this episode of the Monsoon Podcast, Emily Lyon on the eSports industry and how professional videogaming is levelling-up in Asia. Videogames are a ubiquitous part of modern life, but the professional competitive sport that has grown around them is still poorly understood by many outside of the business. How did this business come to be? Why ...…
In this episode, we talk about Kyoto Animation's impact on the industry and our lives. Our hearts go out to If you can, please donate to them in this time of need. Thank you. We'll be back to regular recording this August. Help KyoAni Heal Fundraiser
After the station’s pylon gets cut right off, the crew will have to team up with some extremely unlikely allies to hoo ride on the Jem’Hadar responsible. But as the mission progresses, the alliance only serves to highlight divisions between the Federation and the Dominion. Does Worf subscribe to a three day rule for missions on the Little D? Is ...…
When Kasidy Yates is accused of smuggling for the Maquis, Captain Sisko doesn’t believe it. But when the evidence becomes incontrovertible, hers is just the first in a series of double-crosses he’ll experience that day. Where are all the octo-pip admirals? Is Ben anti-karaoke? What does a Cardassian bathrobe look like? It’s the episode that sme ...…
When Troi’s mom comes down with a case of baby bump, it’s up to Odo to devise a legal strategy to let her keep her late-in-life child. But when Jake Sisko makes friends with the wrong puff of gold glitter, a novel isn’t the only thing that starts coming out of him. Why does Odo get no respect? Could Tavor Kell design a room uncomfortable enough ...…
When Jake Sisko is abducted and taken into the Mirror Universe, it feels more like a family vacation than a trip to a dangerous place. But when the good times give way to forced labor, it’ll be more than the viewer who is owed an explanation for how things work there. Is the “Jake Knuck Era” over? Are the punches louder in the Mirror Universe? ...…
When the Chief comes home from a diplomatic trip, he’s got about 20 years more memories than he bargained for. But when a disgraceful secret from those memories threatens to push him over the edge, it will take the whole crew to keep him from self-dustbusting. Does Bashir practice any form of medicine other than memory wipes? Is Muñiz angling f ...…
RSS Direct Download RightWingEntertainmentSquads@protonmail.comBy Toan.
Buggy and Chris continue their Anime of the Decade coverage, choosing their top romance and slice of life anime, as well as a variety of speculative fiction categories including fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mecha/powersuit, and isekai. DaLadybugProductions Twitter | DaLadybugProductions website | Contact Us Buggy’s Twitter | Buggy’s YouTube | Buggy ...…
When Worf stands trial for bad aim on the battlefield, he lawyers up with Captain Sisko. But when it’s clear that the prosecution is making a target of Worf, it will be up to Odo to discover the evidence needed to exonerate him. How fragile is an iPad? Who is “the pippiest admiral”? Shouldn’t a violent witness be handcuffed? It’s the episode wh ...…
CODE GEASS IS AMAZING!! And so is investing money! What happens when you put the tow together?! This is the result!.....
When the wormhole spits out an old ship, the survivor wants to take Sisko’s job and force Kira to play with modeling clay. And while change at home is testing the O’Brien marriage, social change is testing Sisko’s willingness to relinquish his status as a holy man. What are your secret single slob behaviors? Is Odo a cafeteria Bajoran? And spea ...…
In Mechanical's Birthday Episode we discuss Parody Anime! Listen to us discuss Anime that give us the LOLZ!
OMAE WA WO SHINDURU!! NANI?? (Ears Explode) The man whose name is divine has come around to demonstrate the teachings of true martial art.
When Rom gets an earache, Dr. Bashir puts more into his head than just medicine. But after the employees of Quark’s go on strike, concessions of any kind are hard to come by. What is Dr. Bashir collecting in those thermoses? Who’s got nostalgia for the D? Is Morn a scab? It’s the episode you’ll want to listen to after being sick in bed.…
10 hours a day learning Japanese and adding some other goals too. How and why are you spending your time on what you do?? What’s the benefit? I’ll tell you mine.
More ramblings from the otaku king. Philosophy’s and reasons why anime vhs tapes in 2019 are a great buy.
Yooosh! Today I talk about the legendary anime ONE PIECE! Let’s set sail and talk some pretty personal topics, as I go about my voyage to becoming a great man!!
When Kern makes a pit stop at the station on his way to Sto’Vo’Kor, he asks Worf for more than just gas money. But when Dax catches wind of the Klingon rite and puts a stop to it, brotherhood, Worf’s loyalty to Starfleet, and Bashir’s loyalty to the Hippocratic oath will all be tested. What kind of ice dispensers do Klingon warships have? Why d ...…
Is this podcast just an excuse for Bella to plug the nasty anime smut she's seen? No, definitely not. It's purely professional. This episode, Bella and Russell get into the current season, Case Closed, and new mic discussions - not to mention a conversation about anime censorship and how silly it is. Oh, and dick.…
When Major Kira gets assigned a diplomatic mission, she’s given a chaperone that turns it into a career-redeeming move. But when the Klingons insult the size of his ship, Gul Dukat overcompensates big time. How far away is a believable nose? Do all drain cleaners look alike? Why are high school stages so wide? It’s the episode that really gets ...…
When First Minister Shakaar pays a visit to the station, Odo and Worf will have to figure out how to collaborate as security men. But when the Constable’s crush on Kira starts to impact his job performance, he sets himself up for a Japanese warrior level defeat. If a baby killed Shakaar, would it become First Minister? When is Kira flirting? Is ...…
A new Scooby-Doo movie? Who else is more qualified to review it than Bella and Russell, two adults who care a lot about the cartoon dog and his pals? Also - City Hunter, Dragon Ball Z, and ostensibly jokes!
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