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Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley team up for the Speak For Yourself podcast, featuring the best discussions from their television show (weekdays at 3pm ET on FS1).
The Wiley Show
The Wiley Show is a show where I will talk about everything.
Law Enforcement Today - The Podcast. Join your host John "Jay" Wiley, radio DJ and Retired Baltimore Police Sergeant, and guests as we discuss a wide range of issues affecting Active, Retired, Former Law Enforcement Officers, their families and friends. The Law Enforcement Today Podcast will be a talk show that offers a realistic truthful portrayal of Law Enforcement Officers to counter the mostly negative portrayals in the media. Background song Hurricane used by permission from the band Da ...
A golf podcast featuring in-depth discussions of upcoming tournaments, fantasy golf, handicapping, interviews from the world of golf, trending topics, humor, business, family and life. All from the creator & host Matthew Wiley.
Podcasts from Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ)
Wiley Connected
Wiley Connected | Internet of Things Law and Policy, Explained. Wiley Connected is the Internet of Things podcast hosted by technology-focused lawyers at Wiley Rein LLP, who break down developments at the intersection of tech, law and policy with a uniquely DC perspective. For additional resources and materials, head over to
House, Bass & Garage DJ mixes. All tracks featured are included with the permission of the artists.
ManUp Real Talk
A weekly podcast covering a myriad of topics with a male pov created to promote honest and open dialog. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always honest.
BLACK BEAT BAY AREA: THE FLO WILEY SHOW Produced and hosted by Oakland native Florene Wiley, with news and reviews of music, dance, theater, film and visual arts events, a music playlist of classic jazz, r&b, blues, and classical masterpieces, and interviews with the celebrity personalities that are making the arts come alive in the Bay Area.
Wiley Exchanges
Podcast by Wiley
Simple, yet truthful lessons from God's Word given to Jr. High and Sr. High teens in Wiley City, WA
Ozarks Mysteries
Join Cecelia Havens, Stevie Newman and Dale Wiley as they explore the mysteries, legends and lore of the Ozarks. From Civil War ghosts looking for their heads to the gangsters and murderers who make this area so interesting, we will explore what makes this area so unique.
A Modern Guide to Conscious Motherhood
Marcus Wiley
Welcome to Blazing Trails were we talk about motorsports, life and motivational topics
The Two Princes
When Prince Rupert sets out to break the mysterious curse that’s destroying his kingdom, he’s ready to face whatever dastardly villain or vile monster stands in his way. What he isn’t prepared for are the bewildering new emotions he feels when he meets the handsome Amir, a rival prince on a quest to save his own realm. Forced to team up, the two princes soon discover that the only thing more difficult than saving their kingdoms is following their hearts. The Two Princes stars Noah Galvin (Bo ...
DMCN Journal
A podcast series bringing you the latest from Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology
A podcast series exploring methods and breakthroughs in the fields of allergy and rhinology.
Number 1 bestselling author, executive coach and speaker, Jamie Smart, hosts Get Clarity. In this show, you'll hear keynote speeches and interviews with people who have undergone profound transformations and created extraordinary results. The focus is on mindset, and discovering the simple but powerful realizations that can have a big impact in your own life, and help you create the results that matter to you and for you. Jamie Smart’s books include the number 1 bestselling CLARITY: Clear Mi ...
Fake news, oppressive patriarchy, and an overall impending sense of doom: Join us as "Aunt" Kelly Anneken & Molly "Ofmitchell" Sanchez discuss this and more in Red All Over, a podcast that explores The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu, Alias Grace on Netflix, the works of Margaret Atwood and (weirdly) not current events.
Psychotherapist Erin Wiley uses her clinical expertise to help listeners have healthier and happier lives by improving their mental and emotional health.
Boiler Room
Boiler Room, custom designed for media maniacs, savants, bar fly philosophers and otherwise lovable political animals. The show that straps itself to a rocket like Wiley Coyote and lights the fuse every Thursday night, ready to blast off into the media sphere with news, pop culture, music, movies, deep state politics, false flag research, pulling the threads on phony stories and propaganda where we find them. Science, tech, philosophy, social engineering, the degeneracy of the progressives, ...
The Pugcast is produced by The Logos Center and features Dr. Thomas Price, Dr. Glenn Sunshine, and Pr. C. R. Wiley. The Pugcast is recorded at The Corner Pug--a well-known watering hole in tony West Hartford, Connecticut. (Hence the name, "pugcast"--also the reason there is so much background noise.) The show could be described as "3 over-educated Reformed guys riffing on philosophy, theology, and stuff that bugs them." Each episode they invite you to take a seat in their booth and listen in ...
Can you make the save? Remember those thrilling days of yesteryear, when D&D came in a single box? When rules were there to be guided by the Dungeon master, not in control of him? Where extrapolation was king and fun was the major goal of any adventure? Those days have returned! As with the very title of the podcast, one can imagine dangerous dungeons, Wiley Non-Player Characters, and monsters that might just be able to kill your character regardless of your level? Save or Die podcast intend ...
A podcast series exploring methods and breakthroughs in the fields of allergy and rhinology.
Are you living for the weekend? Are you dissatisfied at work? Are you itching for something more? Join Steve Glaveski, author of Wiley book Employee to Entrepreneur, and learn how to navigate the challenges of the modern world, find the entrepreneurial success that is right for you and become a better person along the way. Employee to Entrepreneur is your guide to leaving your job behind and building something for your self. New York Times best-selling author, Adam Grant, says of the book: " ...
Pauline Frommer started traveling with her guidebook-writing parents at the age of four months and hasn’t stopped since. Her first job in travel was on the website, and eventually she worked her way up to Editor in Chief. Pauline also served as Travel Editor for for several years, before working with John Wiley and Sons to create the award-winning Pauline Frommer Guidebooks, a 14-book series that won the coveted “Best Guidebook of the Year” title three years in a row f ...
Spend the afternoon with the boys guilt free. Hang out from 4-7pm with Hayes, Noodles and the O-Dog
Questions Kids Ask
Why do bad things happen? Does God really care? How do we know the Bible is true? Kids ask tough questions, and being the parent who has to answer those questions is even tougher. In each episode of the Questions Kids Ask Podcast, we'll address one tough question and help you discover what God says about it and why it matters, constantly being reminded of God's goodness and faithfulness along the way. None of us have all the parenting answers, but we can certainly go to the One who does.
At Guideline Entertainment, we give you an insight into the entertainment industry. This is usually done in a podcast type format which includes information about your favorite movies, music and tv shows. For example, we have a podcast called Guideline Life. In this podcast we touch on a little bit of everything in the entertainment industry. Another podcast we have is Size of the franchize were we go in depth in some of the most loved movie franchizes of all time. If this peaks your interes ...
Wiley and Sage – Wise and Witty Journeys – the radio show that talks all about: LOVE, LUST, & LAUGHTER.
The Real Money Pros
THE REAL MONEY PROS, formerly Idaho's Money Show Money: you make it, you want more of it, and you want to protect it. We are The Real Money Pros. The Real Money Pros is hosted collaboratively by experts who specialize in investing, financial planning, estate planning, taxes, insurance, and every other profession you can think of to help you grow and keep wealth. Plus, we make it fun. We'll help you know good advice from bad - Particularly when everyone seems to want a piece of your money. Th ...
A more-or-less weekly podcast dedicated to all things geeky in pop culture and entertainment. We talk about everything from film and television to books, comics, video games, and more.
CPT:PSP is pleased to offer our own podcast, PSPod. Join us as we delve into advances in quantitative methods as applied in pharmacology, physiology and therapeutics in humans.
My whole life I was always told what to do. What career to pursue, who to date, what I should say, to name a few. It got to a point that I would go into the office and sit in my cubicle wondering, what kind of life is this? I gained 50 pounds, lost my girlfriend and went into depression.It was finally time that I said, enough is enough, and left the corporate world and the job that I devoted my life to and started up something in a completely different industry, without anything or anyone ho ...
Sermon broadcast from the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Jacksonville, FL.
Loving God & loving people, Calvary Worship Center will preach, teach and live the Word of God, reaching out to our congregation, community, and world by demonstrating Jesus' love and sharing God's grace.
Musky fishing, Musky tackle, Boats, Fishing stories, Bait making
An edgy and trendy podcast on all topics from an urban opinion. All the things that need to said but never are...Brandon and Morris set off on a journey of rants and random thoughts varying from TV sitcoms to dating in your late 30's. Nothing is off limits when it comes to these two, at least they think so! Let's learn from one another and make our next move our best move! #knowbetterdobetter
Dear Hank & John
Hosts John and Hank Green (authors and YouTubers) offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life’s big and small questions. They bring their personal passions to each episode by sharing the week’s news from Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the third-tier English football club). WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including On the Media, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin. © WNYC Studios
Wiley Efficient Learning provides smarter professional exam preparation by combining superior content with a proven online learning methodology. Built around a 30-minute “Bite-sized” content framework, all lessons contain text and multimedia elements, as well as mini-diagnostic assessments. Progress and outcomes are constantly tracked and regularly reported back to students for self-assessment, building the confidence and motivation critical for success on high-stakes exams such as the CPA, ...
The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a weekly, hour-long interview program featuring artists, historians, authors, curators and conservators. Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Sebastian Smee called The MAN Podcast “one of the great archives of the art of our time.” When the US chapter of the International Association of Art Critics gave host Tyler Green one of its inaugural awards for criticism in 2014, it included a special citation for The MAN Podcast.
Madden lg football podcast
World Of Aviation
World of Aviation
Some of the leading experts in Business Strategy talk about their recent work and recent thoughts in relation to Business Strategy.
Podcast by Ellise
Completely Booked
Hear stories from local Jacksonville residents, learn something new, and get updates about events happening at the Jacksonville Public Library.
Dead Seeds; a ministry of Mission12|24
John Wiley and Sons is excited to announce the new publication of International Cuisine by International Culinary Institutes at the Art Institutes. In this podcast, one of the authors will speak to the unique features of the new book, including how it is orgranized, the cultural influences on various regions and what is hot right now in International Cuisine. The author will explain why this new book would appeal to teachers, instructors, chefs , and students as a great resourcesa as well as ...
Learn from independent board game designers how they got where they did and what they learned along the way.
Invest Like a Boss
Interviews with the world's best investors and find out what they are currently investing in whether it be the stocks, retirement accounts, Wealthfront, Betterment, Vanguard, mutual funds, real estate, Forex, REITs, or other types of Investing methods. Millionaire Sam Marks and Entrepreneur Johnny FD invest like a boss while sharing what their personal portfolios are, and how they save their hard earned money for travel, life and retirement. Invest Like a Boss covers all aspects of investing ...
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show series
the wiley show chatBy The Wiley Show.
-Is Dak Prescott underrated or overrated? -Can Patrick Mahomes top his MVP numbers from last season? -Should Baker Mayfield tone down his antics? -Brian Banks joins to discuss the new film based on his life. -Should Odell Beckham Jr. be responding to trolls on Instagram? -What is Patrick Mahomes' approval rating looking like?…
Former NFLer & Host of FS1's Speak For Yourself Marcellus Wiley joined Dave, Scott & Jen on OverDrive for his weekly hit. He touched on Antonio Brown & the continued noise that surrounds him, as well on the Giants QB situation between Eli & Daniel Jones. As well his thoughts on the new helmets the NFL is using…
Dr. Michael Wiley is a local author and literature professor at the University of North Florida. He joins us today to discuss his latest novel, Monument Road, which is a robust and thrilling tale set right here in Northeast Florida. Dr. Wiley tells us about his writing process and the peculiar research that goes into writing crime fiction.…
In this episode, Pat McGowan shares the belief that we can improve capitalism by focusing on the ownership and revenue models around creative intellectual property. With a micro capitalism approach, individuals who create content obtain revenue even if the content is part of a team effort or monetized by corporations. He believes that intellect ...…
Jodi Moore joins us to talk about the murder of her husband, Deputy Mason Moore. He was shot by suspects from their vehicle during a pursuit, wounded he lost control of the police car. The suspects turned around, drove back and executed her husband. She talks about the murder and how this has inspired her charity work. Background song Hurricane ...…
Brandon joins Andy and Vance, some of the topics include Musky in the mountain tournament, Recent parenting choices from Brandon, marriage advise, vintage WWF clips, deer hunting, pushing the limit of when to fill the gas tank, Ambers cameo appearance, and several cheap shots being thrown at everyone…
Greetings good people. Here we are again reeling from the affects of tragedy as families from Ohio and Texas morn the loss of loved ones due to the violent acts of individuals driven by hatred with no regards for human life What could be to blame for these atrocities you ask...according to our government its the access to Violent video games, n ...…
the wiley show chatBy The Wiley Show.
Will the Kliff Kingsbury/Kyler Murray combination work? (00:32) Should the NFL's running backs form a separate union? (17:41) Would it be smart for the NFL to give Colin Kaepernick a job? (27:01) Is Boogie Cousins' injury a big blow for the Lakers? (37:19) What is Kyler Murray's approval rating looking like? (42:27)…
In the final hour, the guys are joined by Blue Jays Reporter Keegan Matheson, and check-in with TSN NFL Analyst and former NFLer Jabari Greer.
Former NFLer & TSN NFL Analyst Jabari Greer joined Jim & Josh on OverDrive as we head through another week of the NFL preseason. He touched on Antonio Brown's continued drama, as well on Kyler Murray and what kind of future he has. He also discusses the reinstatement of Josh Gordon, which broke while Jabari was on the air… for the Blue Jays Keegan Matheson joined Jim & Josh on OverDrive ahead of the Jays series versus the Mariners this weekend. He touched on the lack of veterans on the roster and what that can be like, as well on Bo Bichette's confidence at such an early stage of his career
In Hour 2, the guys are joined by TSN Raptors Analyst Leo Rautins, play the official version of YES GUY/NO GUY, and chat about the Raptors trying to get back to the NBA Finals.
TSN Raptors & NBA Analyst Leo Rautins joined Jim & Josh on OverDrive following Canada's win over Australia earlier on today. He touched on what he saw from Head Coach Nick Nurse, and the creativity he'll need to use in this tournament, as well with the Raptors this season.
Financial advisor Brian Wiley sits down with insurance expert Steve Marsh to discuss the evergreen hot topic of America's broken healthcare system. The ACA works for some, but not everyone. Medicare For All is a popular talking point among Democratic presidential hopefuls, but no one seems to agree on what the best solution is. A caller weighs ...…
TSN Golf Analyst & Host of Golf Talk Canada Bob Weeks joined Jim & Josh on OverDrive as we head into the weekend of the BMW Championship at Medina. He touched on the performance of Adam Hadwin as he shoots towards the top of the leaderboard, on Tiger, & what he thinks is next for Brooke Henderson
Jim Tatti and Josh Lewenberg discuss Ross Atkins' comments about being confident in the process, are joined by TSN Golf Analyst Bob Weeks, and hit Sound Wars.
Surprise! We've got one more interview for the road. Kelly had a chance to talk with her favorite Martha, Kristen Gutoskie (aka Beth a-the besto, she make-a the pesto), and she was a goshdarn delight!
Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM - Uninterruptible Talk Radio with Hesher, Spore, Aaron and Melissa Dykes (Truth Stream Media), Jay Dyer (Jays Analysis), Tristan Haggard (Primal Edge Health & Randy J join forces for a discussion including robotic tails to keep people from falling over (because who hasn't fallen over and said to the ...…
In the final hour, Naylor and Scott Mitchell are joined in-studio by TSN's Jennifer Hedger, check-in with former NFLer and FS1's Marcellus Wiley, and discuss the Blue Jays young stars.
Is Dak Prescott underrated or overrated? (00:32) Can Patrick Mahomes top his MVP numbers from last season? (16:25) What are the chances Jay-Z becomes an NFL owner? (23:28) Will injuries prevent Andrew Luck from reaching his full potential? (32:57) What is Patrick Mahomes' approval rating looking like? (39:29)…
TSN on CFL Analyst Henry Burris joined Dave, Dave & Scott on OverDrive ahead of another slate of CFL games this weekend. He touched on the stigma that stops CFL players from making it in the NFL and how prevalent that is. As well on his own NFL experience & the success Andrew Harris has had this season…
In Hour 2, the guys are joined in-studio by TSN Blue Jays Reporter Scott Mitchell, CFL on TSN Analyst and former CFL QB Henry Burris, and discuss the NFL preseason games on neutral sites.
Welp, the markets took a deep dive again today. Are you worried? How much? Is that 2008 feeling starting to sink in? Uneducated investors are making the predictable, but ill-advised "flight to quality" and bring the value of everything down along with them. Financial advisor Brian Wiley credits this common, and dangerous mistake to one thing: a ...…
NFL Columnist for the Athletic Tim Graham joined Dave & Dave on OverDrive as the NFL preseason heads into its 2nd week. He touched on the Bills hopes for 2019, if the NFL needs to extend their season, and what he thinks the Cleveland Browns can do this season.
Dave Naylor and Dave Poulin the ongoing stalemate with NHL free agents, are joined by The Athletic's Tim Graham, and hit Sound Wars.
Episode No. 406 features curator Mia Fineman and artist Barbara Bosworth. Fineman is the curator of "Apollo's Muse: The Moon in the Age of Photography" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibition surveys how artists have looked at and considered the moon from the dawn of photography (and before!) to the present. It's on view t ...…
the wiley showBy The Wiley Show.
Al Malmberg speaks to Doug Nordmeyer a Naval aviator from Richfield about flying off carriers.By
In the final hour, the guys check-in with Hayes after the Blue Jays game, continue to discuss the pace of play concerns in PGA events, Gord gives his Best Bets.
Host of OverDrive Bryan Hayes took some time to join Gord & Dave following the Jays loss versus the Rangers today. He touched on the game, the atmosphere around the team in recent weeks, and if he was Glove Guy down at the game today
In Hour 2, the guys discuss some of the remaining NHL free agents, are joined by NHL Legend Bobby Orr, and hit another edition of Sound Wars.
NHL Legend Bobby Orr joined Gord & Dave on OverDrive ahead of his yearly golf tournament in Parry Sound. He touched on this year's edition, as well his thoughts on kids playing hockey too much, and that parents shouldn't put this much pressure on them
Financial advisor Brian Wiley and CPA Hazen Armstrong sit down with special guest and Intellectual Property attorney Steve Weiland (yes, another Steve!) of Mooney Wieland. First, a primer on the state of the markets, and why it's definitely (if you haven't) time to sit down with your financial planner. Then, Hazen has some exciting updates on t ...…
Will Jon Gruden's routine wear thin on Raiders players? (00:32) Should Baker Mayfield tone down his antics? (13:09) Smart for the NFL to partner with Jay-Z? (21:48) Will Dak Prescott's negotiations be a distraction? (33:23) What's Jon Gruden's approval rating looking like? (38:47)By FOX Sports.
TSN Resident Scout & GM Craig Button joined Gord & Dave on OverDrive as we start to look ahead to the 2020 NHL Entry Draft and who some of the top picks should be. He touched on those, Yaroslav Askarov & if the goalie could go 1st overall. As well on the Leafs and some needs they still have.
Gord Miller and Dave Poulin discuss the pace of play in baseball, are joined by TSN Resident Scout & GM Craig Button, and hit Sound Wars.
In this episode, Miro asks a serious question. Why don't we have fun like we used to? The stress, the work? What is it? It's important to take time and smile a little bit, it could save your life. Also, some Hodgepodge hot takes.By Bossed 2 Boss.
Ron Hain Sheriff of Kane County, a suburb of Chicago talks about the challenges and difficulties faced by law enforcement officers. He also talks about changes they have made to help take care of the mental and emotional well being of the members of his agency. We must take care of our citizens and our officers as well. Background song Hurrican ...…
Blessed be the finale, Redheads! Kelly + Molly's hearts grew three sizes as they watched The Handmaid's Tale S3E13. It's a strong finish to an uneven season, so they take the opportunity to get real pedantic about "mayday," worry about Gilead secret slime action, come up with a Steven Universe name for June + Janine, spot some Lush shampoo outs ...…
Armon Wiggins YOUTUBE PAGE IS GONEBy The Wiley Show.
Healing our deepest wounds involves healing all of our inner children. Oftentimes when we experience any kind of trauma in our childhood we function at this level in different parts of our life. We will continually recreate these deep inner wounds within relationships until our subconscious faces them and begins to heal. Listen as I take my gue ...…
In the final hour, the guys discuss Michael Porter Jr. accidentally sharing NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's phone number, and are joined by TSN Football Analyst Davis Sanchez.
TSN Football Analyst Davis Sanchez joined Gord & Rod on OverDrive to discuss all things CFL. He touched on the rain-out from Friday night between the Als & Tiger Cats, his thoughts on the Argos and their QB problems, as well on who he thinks is the top team in the league
TSN MLB & Blue Jays Analyst Steve Phillips joined Gord & Rod on OverDrive to chat about the recent winning ways of the Blue Jays. He touched on that, the tear that Gleyber Torres has been on versus the Orioles, as well on how much easier it is to find pitching through trades & Free Agency than it is position players…
In Hour 2, the guys are joined by San Jose sharks centre Logan Couture, chat with TSN MLB and Blue Jays Analyst Steve Phillips, and continue to discuss the Blue Jays youth movement.
San Jose Sharks Centre Logan Couture joined Gord & Rod on OverDrive to promote his upcoming casino night taking place later this week in London, Ontario. He touched on the event, his offseason & hopes for the coming season, as well what it was like being in the Bay Area during the Raptors title run.
- Should the Cowboys make Dak play out his existing rookie contract? (00:32) - Does Antonio Brown really care about his helmet? (17:28) - Brian Banks joins to discuss the new film based on his life. (25:37) - Should Odell Beckham Jr. be responding too trolls on Instagram? (33:00) - Is AB saga proof owners should avoid giving out guaranteed cont ...…
MASN Play-By-Play announcer Gary Thorne joined Gord & Rod on OverDrive following Gleyber Torres continued destruction of the Orioles pitching staff last night. He touched on that, whats going through his mind as he calls a game, and on the Orioles struggles this season.
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