Best Yugioh podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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The best Yugioh podcast! Discussions Include:The metagameNew SetsTech CardsTier one and two discussionsBanlist discussionsTips
Podcast with 4 Eyez
Hello I'm 4Eyez! I'm a Youtuber, Dancer, Gamer, & Geek. My podcast are on Wrestling, Yu-gi-oh, basically anything Geeky. Be sure to be on the look out for my podcast!
Discussions all about yugioh!
A stupid podcast about Japanese cartoons and vidjergames.
Seeing Red(dit)
The subreddit exploration podcast, but mostly it’s jokes
Amusement Sparks
Theme Park Design Show
A podcast by a bunch of gamers who love anime, video games & movies who just talk about whatever they like!
A monthly manga book club and deep dive into Viz's Weekly Shonen Jump.
Welcome to Keyframe from the Geek Show Podcast Network.This show is dedicated to the glorious medium of animation in all of its forms, from anime and cartoons to stop-motion and more, with plenty of news and reviews.
Where all things SciFi Come to life!
Media MD
Each fortnight, Reuben and Elliot discuss a piece of media they have somehow missed.
Catch All Podcast
We are a couple of twenty year olds trying to figure out life together. Let's talk nerdy, politically, and musically. Everyone is welcome.
A weekly recap show covering Yu-Gi-Oh!, the best early-00's anime based on a card game marketed to 7-to-14-year-olds.
Please Laugh
AWWOT Podcast
Welcome to the "A Wonderful Waste of Time" podcast, a show where we talk about entertainment and culture with each episode's topic chosen at the spin of a wheel. Join your hosts Kross Drayllih and Dauda S.G. Ladejobi as they discuss, debate and occasionally disagree about the things they like, love and hate.
Manga Mavericks
Manga Mavericks is's bi-weekly Manga centric podcasts from Colton and Sidd! Also includes Manga Fights and Movie Mavericks!
Warhammer 40,000 community that holds a monthly podcast!
World Walkers: Cog is weekly podcast that follows the exploits of a mismatched group of adventurers on the Steam-Powered world of Cog.
E for Everyone
E for Everyone is a podcast of bite-sized reviews for a hungry world. Join Christian and Spencer as they talk about video games and whatever else comes to mind.
Yugitube Via Podcasting!
What the Film
In which Michael T. Bradley and co-hosts Audrey Ivancie, Marisha Parker, and J. Wilford Neville examine movies that make the viewer ask, "WTF?" on a consistent basis. A comedic take on movies and the people who make and love/hate them.
Press Start Podcast
This is not your normal gaming podcast! Every week you will be able to hear our thoughts on retro and modern games of all kinds!
The most informed Yu-Gi-Oh! podcast on the planet!
Cardfight Cast!
Cardfight!! Vanguard Podcast, with discussions such as set reviews, discussions, tactica, bannings, pretty much everything Vanguard!
Wanna listen to an intellectual geek talk about life's meaning that's nestled between the Doctor Who and American Geographic DVDs? Well, too bad. Wanna listen to a geek talk about video games and stuff while possibly getting sidetracked along the way? You got it. Nestled right between the cookie jar and the used bag of potato chips.
Podcast by TCGExtreme
ZombieCrew Podcast
Hey Guys, Its TZKU, Welcome to the TZKUniverse. On this Podcast we look at what is trending around the world whether it involves Nintendo's Console the NX, Five Nights At Freddy's News, WWE News about who just got F'N Injured and Plus the comedy you can always find inside us. KDawg can be found on Twitter @KevinVKC and @KdawgCreations and You can find me @TZKUWe are on YouTube too!!! YouTube for KDawg is: KDawgCreations and KDawgControls for Gaming content! TZKU can be found on the channel T ...
A local-style podcast featuring a man and his friend(s). Main topics include opinions on life, video games, YouTube, upcoming events, and how to make sense of this world. Features many podcastees over the course of episodes.
Sundays Best Podcast
Your source for all things that come up in Sam Fassler\\\\\\\'s mind. Might be funny. Might be terrifying.
Jon Jackson's recent posts to
Podcast by PocketTalk
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show series
Playing Rough Plays Dungeons and Dragons 5e!Our heroes venture forth from the town of Le Font toward the Laughing Fish Inn! Mystery and intrigue are in the air as they meet a suspicious cast of characters and begin to delve into the curse laid upon the forest! What roll does it take to rob a nearby merchant? It's The Haunting of Turkenburg, Par ...…
What happens when you podcast across timezones? You get to hang out with the awesome Spazz Wesson! We talked about games, patch 8.1.5 being on PTR, the Stan Lee tribute, making creative projects AND MORE! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Never Split the Party Lucario finds Snake Evolution - Board game Destiny Franchise to Leave Act ...…
It’s the end of another year in animation, so join Tucky and Rob as they cast their collective nostalgic gazes back over the medium of animation during 2018 … Just kidding. That show is next week. This episode is dedicated to all of the things in animation that tried to make their mark, but failed for one reason or another. With a selection of ...…
Episode watched: #154, "The Hexagon's Great Legacy" In this episode, we get our second instance of Nazi gold, and it's significantly stupider than the first one! This week we talk about fuck podcasting, I think I'm learning Japanese, they're good pokemon, prehistoric ASMR, shitty transformers, sevenhead, insecurity system, perspective problems, ...…
Welcome to Multiversity Manga Club! Each month your intrepid hosts Zach Wilkerson, Emily Richardson, and Walter Richardson will pick a new series to discuss, usually focusing on the first few volumes. It’s like the old Manga Club, but for your ears! But that’s not all: each month we will also discuss the past month’s worth of chapters in variou ...…
That’s too many questions, when the only one that matters is – is it good? Elliot and Reuben talk about 36 Questions. Next fortnight, we’ll be talking about Last Chance to See.. Prescription starts at 20:06. (more…)
Nic Robes’ fantastic What’s With You? Scooby Doo! Podcast is 4 years old! To celebrate, enjoy this classic episode of Amusement Sparks!
I was joined by Ali of Dungeon Fables and All Things Azeroth, as well as Techie Taco of Lagging Balls! We talked about Blizzard trying to clean up their Twitch chat; discussed being on podcasts as well as running creative projects; being a Twitch streamer AND MORE! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: The WoW Diary Apples to Apples: So ...…
Playing Rough Plays Edge of the Empire!Finale! We return to Laying Low, where a couple of scammers end up in deeper than they ever intended. The perpetrators become clear and the treasure is found, but at what cost? Who will save the day? And what, in the end, will come trundling out of the smoke? It's Laying Low!Intro Song:District 4 Kevin Mac ...…
Beyblade: The Japanese Conkers Live-action/animation crossovers have been a part of film for since the advent of The Enchanted Drawing back in 1900, and with Pokémon: Detective Pikachu due for release in 2019, Tucky, Andrew and Producer Rob discuss the new addition to the franchise - which leads to a discussion about the history of live-action/ ...…
Episode watched: #103, "A Wolf Saw An Angel" In this episode, a Vietnam veteran unleashes an entire arsenal on Lupin in order to fund his daughter's eye surgery, and we FINALLY pin down Goemon's backstory. This week we talk about how we forgot how to podcast, spider man good, Christmas 2: The Revengeance, the gaming convergence, analog podcast ...…
Episode 79 of Playing Rough - A gaming podcast about humor, tryharding, and still having friends. Are you evil or good? Or Fascist, or Liberal? Join us as we talk game design toward a satisfying and interesting 'evil' playstyle, narrative design and control, and how to trick your friends into thinking you aren't married to the evil puppetmaster ...…
This episode was a smashing good time, literally, a glass was broken during the recording of it. I was joined by Lady Emma; as well as Michael Heit of Food and Fury! We talked about holiday leftover recipes, Blizzard's future going into 2019, our goals for the new year AND MORE! Coming at you like a bus in Mean Girls, the Gnome Train is here! L ...…
Gangs of Akihabara So Goku makes an appearance at the Macy’s Day Parade. Is it really big news as some reports suggest, or is it merely another sop to fans? Join the Keyframe gang for an interesting and divisive discussion about very large balloons before they leave the parade grounds to find out what’s been happening in the ongoing “divorce” b ...…
Nobody should really be eating after midnight – it’s really bad for your digestion. Dietary tips aside, Elliot and Reuben are talking about Gremlins. Next fortnight, we’ll be talking about 36 Questions. Listen to it free here. Prescription starts at 19:45. (more…)
Playing Rough Plays Edge of the Empire!Session Four! We return to Laying Low, where a couple of scammers end up in deeper than they ever intended. Our heroes uncover more of the mystery! Who can they trust, and who should they investigate? Presumably they can trust the droid they reprogrammed to serve them? Intro Song:District 4 Kevin MacLeod ( ...…
Professor Taliep and Toshmifune of The Halfhill Report join me to talk about 8.1, their podcasting journey and MORE! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Girls Gone WoW Frostee Fox HealBot Continued The Protector Project Stream Participants to Get Free PC Copy of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey WoWpedia Just Got Purchased By Fandom Wiki Shure ...…
Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, Sam Quattro, & Michelle Anderer look back on the ups and downs of portrays of queer characters and romance in 2018 animation, including Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Voltron: Legendary Defender, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Mysticons, BoJack Horseman, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, Craig of the Creek, Super Dr ...…
Episode watched: #127: "Direct Hit! Operation Dead Ball" In this episode, Lupin's terrible dental hygine habits are directly responsible for multiple assassination attempts. By the New York Yankees. This week we talk about getting the sports knowledge jokes out of the way, fuck the Yankees, Bamco Nandai, reverse Christmas break-in, old man yell ...…
This was not a good idea.Here's the version you can watch, if life means nothing to you: for the hollowness of existence and the gaping maw of oblivion
Alex Bonilla, Sam Quattro, and Michelle Anderer talk about the Neo Yokio Christmas special, titled “Pink Christmas”.
Thunk joins Xortz and I for this episode of FrazlCast! We find out who Thunk is, talk about what's going on in Azeroth, see who Thunk stands behind AND MORE! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: The TV Show that didn't want you to know it was a Video Game Michael and Frazley are streaming the G-Nome Project Wednesdays on The Blue Reclu ...…
Episode 78 of Playing Rough - A gaming podcast about humor, tryharding, and still having friends. Invade somewhere, reform a pagan religion, and set up a fancy new crusade! Rework your game from the ground up! New traits! It's Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury!Show Notes: ...…
Episode watched: #70 "Classic Thieves And Mynah Birds" In this episode, Lupin needs a pet shop owner, and logically breaks one out of a government prison! This week we talk about Fucking Kyle, fallout 76 keeps getting worse, no reason clotheslining, strangely competent Zenigata, bad hiding place, this podcast is a prison, a very specific reason ...…
Those Goofy Cave People On this episode of Keyframe, Tucky and Producer Rob attempt to unpick the Academy’s “For Your Consideration” list of animated feature films that are in the running to receive a nomination for an Oscar. Join them as they get wax cynical about the awards, lament the fact that great movies like The Breadwinner and A Silent ...…
Orange is the new Black, Black is back, and back is to the future. Elliot and Reuben discuss Orange is the New Black. Next fortnight, we’ll be talking about Gremlins. Prescription starts at 17:42. (more…)
MXC, the Most Extreme Elimination Challenge comes to life at the Most Extreme Elimination Park! This episode features the awesome archivist, Joshua Macleod. Check out Joshua’s YouTube Channel!
Things are happening. Battle Royale is taking off to dominate the world, WoW is getting 8.1 and it's time to talk about ALL THAT AND MORE! Nick Z of WoW Talk! joined me and we discussed a ton of things! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Google’s Project Stream Forum post on game saves clarification OnLive Google Allo shutting down i ...…
Episode 77 of Playing Rough - A gaming podcast about humor, tryharding, and still having friends. CHAOS ORB! Confuse your friends with the power of the internet! Choose a leader, construct an army, and then politick with your friends until someone stabs someone else in the back! It's M:tG Commander!Show Notes: ...…
Beatriz Mourad, Andy Potter, Ally Martin, and Dylan Hysen discuss Sony Picture Animation’s latest animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Credit: Sony
Welcome to Multiversity Manga Club! Each month your intrepid hosts Zach Wilkerson, Emily Richardson, and Walter Richardson will pick a new series to discuss, usually focusing on the first few volumes. It’s like the old Manga Club, but for your ears! But that’s not all: each month we will also discuss the past month’s worth of chapters in variou ...…
Episode Watched: #53 "The Mad Fantoma Mark III" In this episode, half of humanity gets wiped out, and nothing that happens ever gets mentioned again! This week we talk about leaving the Jess door open, leftist hitman, She-Ra good, something on the wing, Lupin needs his stories, Mark's good Fujiko voice, our villain Batboy, so hyped for evil, a ...…
On this episode, the old school crew rallies as we discuss the murmurings of an ancient evil of 7th edition returning.Follow us on Twitch: us on Facebook: us on Instagram @bloodgodgamingIntro and outro credits:Metalmania Kevin MacLeod ( und ...…
Join Sam Quattro, Alex Bonilla, and Michelle Anderer as they share their thoughts on the soon to be animated classic, Shrek Retold. Behold “Shrek Retold”:
Playing Rough Plays Edge of the Empire!Session Three! What's to be done on the mysterious refinery planet? Who is Rhirrin and why does everyone call her 'Mandy'? Which urban legend will catch our heroes' fancy? Intro Song:District 4 Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution ...…
This week I sat down with Grand Nagus of Corpse Run Radio and Ctrl Alt WoW! Lady Emma joined us and we chatted about Nagus' podcasts, Sylvanas, Pokemon Let's Go, WoW AddOns AND MORE! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: CRR #44 “Of Gnomes, Vulpera and Deva Marie Gregory” Boonitz “Hunter at Heart” ALL THE THINGS Healbot TellMeWhen WeakA ...…
Alex Bonilla, Michelle Anderer and April Collins discuss “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, the sequel to “Wreck-It-Ralph”.
Justin Cummings and John McKenna review the latest film from director Mamoru Hosoda, “Mirai”! Also check out: Justin’s written Mirai review: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time podcast: ...…
Justin Cummings and John McKenna review the latest film from director Mamoru Hosoda, “Mirai”! Also check out: Justin’s written Mirai review: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time podcast: ...…
Muffin-Topping Into Mainstream My Hero Academia has been a huge success as a series, but it’s the remarkable success of the Two Heroes movie that has Tucky and Producer Rob thinking about the changing perception of animated feature films in the West. This naturally leads to an interesting discussion about anime movies in general, live-action ad ...…
Episode watched: #145: "Albatross - Wings Of Death" In this episode, we're joined by Maxie while an eccentric billionaire has kidnapped Fujiko to get back his detonator for an atomic bomb, and lots of airplane action ensues! This week we talk about aeromorphs, favorite aquabats song, agent 47 domestic AU, Todd Coward, out of glasses, the split ...…
This episode is probably about a Mindy St-Claire on the Bad – Good scale. Elliot and Reuben discuss The Good Place! Next fortnight, we’ll be talking about Orange is the New Black. Prescription starts at . (more…)
Playing Rough Plays Edge of the Empire!Session Two! Better late than never! We go planetside and start the beautiful vacation! Ben makes a plan for career advancement!Intro Song:District 4 Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution Songs:Unwritten Return Kev ...…
What happens when you get three people together on Thanksgiving, two of which are still processing all that delicious food? YOU GET THIS AWESOME EPISODE! :D I was joined by Amanda Sloan of Geek Herring and Thankful Cow Solutions; and Michael Heit of Food and Fury! We talked about food tech (like woks and crockpots and dinosaur nachos); talked a ...…
Episode watched: #45: "Diamonds and Minx" In this episode, a hitman named Hangman is dead set on making Lupin deceased! Oh, and he happens to be a zombie. This week we talk about horrible mime man, that's movies babe, #topical, hard drive hostage, Sean hates driving, murder time, crimes of boredom, dub v sub, a load-bearing Jigen, pilgrim car, ...…
Christian and Spencer discuss Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Along the way, Jenna interrupts, Morghan delivers, and the boys pilot a new show.Our intro music is a remix of "Corridor of Time" from Chrono Trigger made by our friend, Aaron Ewing. Aaron is the one chosen slayer of deer. You weird antler horse fricks better watch your backs.Our outro mus ...…
Austin Carroll, host of Fastpass to the Past, joins for our first historical theme park! Explore New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, and Egypt during the Roaring Twenties. This park features fascinating characters, thrilling experiences, and captivating history! Check out Fastpass to the Past here: Website Facebook Instagram…
As we near the 15th year of World of Warcraft, I thought it would be the perfect time to analyze the recent earnings call for Activision Blizzard. This gives a look into where the future is going for the game we love. The Scruffy Druid and Xortz joined me for a wild fun time. LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Around the Table World- ...…
Episode watched: #9 "Steal The File M123" In this episode, an inexplicably Walken-voiced individual coerces Lupin into stealing a file from the London police for him! This week we talk about bad impressions, everything went bad, Kiwami time, happy election day, lore never changes, deltad runes, back at it again in Paris, sword murder, extraordi ...…
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