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Intel Chip Chat is a recurring podcast series focused on Intel technologies that brings you news, information and interviews from the chipmakers themselves. Hosted by Intel employee Allyson Klein since 2007, past topics have included microarchitecture and silicon innovation, accelerators, virtualization technology, storage, interconnect technologies, mobility, data center technologies, energy-efficient performance and design, cloud computing, Intel research and upcoming technologies. Each in ...
Allyson present #LondonTastes - a food programme, cooking up a storm on ZoneOneRadio - the community radio station for Central (
Conversations is a podcast hosted by Lyle and Allyson Phillips.
Digital Nibbles
Allyson Klein (Intel) and Reuven Cohen (Citrix) talk technology.Why Digital Nibbles? We’re providing listeners with bites (or is that bytes?) of technology info. Every other week we’ll be diving into cloud computing and data center topics our audience is curious about, including big data, dev ops, mobile enterprise apps, and storage.
Summary: This is a collection of ghost stories in which the antagonists are various animals. Divided up into chapters of ghost sightings by each group of animals, you will hear of hauntings by dogs, cats, birds, jungle animals, etc. (Summary by Allyson Hester)
Chip Chat
Live Intel Chip Chat Episodes!
Join host Dee McCrorey, innovation catalyst and Chief Risk Guru of Risktaking for Success, and her Big Dreamer guests as they share their "If I can do it, you can do it too" attitude on transforming your life through passion, smart efforts, and creative use of social media. Get ready to fire up your own big dreams!
This is a 1st hand account written by a survivor of the Titanic about that fateful night and the events leading up to it as well as the events that followed its sinking. - Summary written by Allyson Hester
Intel Chip Chat
Intel® Chip Chat is a recurring podcast series of informal, one-on-one interviews with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Hosted by Intel employee Allyson Klein since 2007, Intel Chip Chat strives to bring listeners closer to the innovations and inspirations of the men and women shaping the future of computing, and in the process share a little bit about the technologists themselves.
This is an entertaining collection of varying stories recounted as only a master storyteller could deliver them. (Summary by Allyson Hester)
Off the Map LIVE! is a webcast from Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton MA. We webcast shows, interviews, music concerts, and webinars live every Monday and for special events. Past shows have included feature interviews with Guy Aitchison, Alex and Allyson Grey, Jeff Gogue, Bob Tyrrell, Bez, Michele Wortman, Kelly Doty, Markus Lenhard, James Kern, Damon Conklin, Steve Peace, Ian Robert McKown, and many many more. If you like the show please give us a review!
This is a cute story of a mysterious feline annoyance and the result of a man acting upon his annoyance. The cat begins a vicious spiral of events that ends with lies, the arrest of a boy, and the guilty conscience of a man. (Summary written by Allyson Hester)
This is a detailed biography of the life and adventures of Daniel Boone. His accomplishments are brushed over in history classes these days and not given the recognition they deserve. This biography clearly paints a picture of the benevolent person of Daniel Boone as well as the achievements he made in furthering European settlement in America. (Summary by Allyson Hester)
TheYoungFolks introduce their newest podcast, Finding Her Voice, a podcast dedicated to highlighting films directed by women. From films that are highlighted as significant to the overall film history canon to those that the hosts simply personally adore, the mission it to explore and identify themes in these films that speak to the audience and evoke a response be it positve or negative. Podcast creator Allyson is joined by Editor in Chief Gabrielle Bondi and fellow film and television writ ...
This story surrounds a child waif, a young woman, a young gentleman doctor, and an elderly lady. This tale unfolds the story of a bond that brings these unlikely friends together and merges their separate paths of life into one common path. The bond is "Dumps", or "Pompey", the "doggie". With many twists, turns, and uncertainties, the ending may surprise the reader. All's well that ends well in this doggie "tail". (Introduction by Allyson Hester)
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The news cycle takes its toll. Allyson and Carla argue about a bird. Special Guest Tina tells us about her new approach to social situations. CW: animal death – during our #BirdFight, we do briefly discuss what happens when birds die, but the bird in question made it out alive. Articles mentioned: ‘Arrested Development’: We Sat Down With the Ca ...…
You'll be in a happy frame of mind when listening to "Ah Um," this edition of All That Jazz. We're featuring excerpts from Charles Mingus landmark album "Ah Um," plus background information and associated sidemen.INTROAlgiers BounceRed AllenWorld On A String1Better Git It In Your SoulCharles MingusAh Um2Yeh! Yeh!Karrin AllysonSweet Home Cookin' ...…
Ally Sons and Keller Wason discuss the impact that The Project School, a charter school in Bloomington, Indiana, has had on their lives.
There's one rule that Meghan Markle has to follow now that she's royalty that Allyson CANNOT get on board with! Plus, we're doing a new segment called 'Wednesday Wisdom' and what do you do when your 30-year-old refuses to move out?
Jay is still pumped from his Superman-filled weekend! Also, Chelsea's back from New York and Allyson has a new edition to the family.
A new wine this week! Carla is grumpy because of a bad printer. Allyson brings up the profit motive. A wild livestream recommendation appears. Articles & Videos mentioned: My Battery Is A One Percent: One Of Those People: Gill and Gilbert: ...…
Allyson West takes a turn as a guest to talk shop about her short script, 'Texcian'. -Logline: "One hot morning in a Texas Trailer home, Javi and LeighAnn are pushed to confront race and bias by their love for each other." Learn more at
Marcus Miller: Untamed Spyro Gyra: Sunflurry Take 6: Got To Get you Into My Life Pointer Sisters: Yes We Can Can Robert Palmer: Through It All There’s You Larry Carlton, Robben Ford: That Road Jim Tomlinson: Blues Corners Karrin Allyson: Oh What a Beautiful Morning Wizards Of Oz: Blues for Tom Ben Webster Quintet: Soulville Het bericht All That ...…
Allyson might be the worst...or most misunderstood gift giver. You decide! Plus, Jay got his mom a gift for Mother's Day that is causing some confusion in the house.
Aging in Place: It’s What We Want to Do: Speaker: Allyson Forrister Skype ID: aeforrister Allyson is the owner of an interior design business, Counterpane Interiors. The work that she does in her “Thrive At Home” division of the company positions her as a Universal Design and Aging-in-Place expert with nearly a decade of experience in creating ...…
IN THIS REPEAT: Here's a repeat of my sixth essay chat that deals with the 3rd commandment "Meditation on the Third Commandment" was the sixth essay chat produced when I started them in 2012. I'm repeating it now because many of you weren't aware of my shows back then. My special guest for this chat was Allyson Wieland. Allyson is the creator o ...…
Carla and Allyson go downtown for a show. Men keep getting second (and third, and fourth, and fifth) chances. Why Mother’s Day can be pretty annoying. Articles & Videos mentioned: You Day: The Mother Of All Days: Become a Graceless Subscriber: ...…
In the final episode of the year, Jacob, Diane, and Allyson all discuss the latest stories dominating UND President Mark Kennedy's administration days before Graduation Day.
It's Thursday, so we play Crazy Lines today! Plus, what are some of our most memorable moments and what did Allyson do during a meeting with our big bosses that made them uncomfortable?
Chelsea ruined her sister's baby shower, Allyson re-gifted a t-shirt to her boyfriend, and Jay is being honored by the Sepsis Alliance!
PROMO STORY TIME!Allyson relates an other-worldly story about her childhood and Jack turns into an armchair psychiatrist.Check out our interview with Nathaniel Garcia about his script ZIRAH ANN CONWAY, on Wednesday 5/9!
Happy Monday! Chelsea isn't happy about her nails, Allyson isn't happy about some changes at her house, and Jay's concerned about the smell of Bourbon!
Do you need suggestions for Mother's Day? No worries. Kelley and Gordon have brought in a panel of local store owners to help you find that perfect gift. Among the guests in studio: Allyson Kucik of Bella Gente Salon: Greg Novak of Novak Jewelers: Laura Ritchie of TLynns Boutique: https://w ...…
A conversation breakthrough occurs. Allyson discusses her mythical morning show obsession. Carla goes to the liquor store. *Editor’s note: in episode #4, an incorrect definition of demisexual was given. The correction runs in this episode. For more information about demisexuality and/or the entire asexual spectrum, visit Arti ...…
Jacob and Diane get the ACTUAL Pearson-UND contract and find something peculiar. Then, Allyson Bento talks about the newly-voted mascot design!
Jay, Allyson and Chelsea tell all about their experience at the Fast and Furious event the night prior and why Allyson was the only one truly ready. Also a special visitor stops by; It's Mario Lopez! Plus Crazy Lines and Battle of the Sexes.
Here why Allyson was uncomfortable for most of yesterday at Universal, NSYNC gets their star on the "Walk Of Fame" and find out more about Jay, Allyson and Chelsea with "Cross Examination".
Carla wrote about untethering from her devices, we had a special Gen Z guest, and Allyson actively avoided people she knows in public. *Originally recorded on April 19, 2018* Articles mentioned: Building A Nicer Machine: Become a Graceless Subscriber: Con ...…
Jay, Allyson and Chelsea are live from Universal. Hear about why Chelsea almost couldn't make the trip and the what song titles would sound like if they were grammatically correct.
Original Becky from Roseanne talks to Jay, Allyson and Chelsea this morning!
Jacob and Diane discuss a major hiccup in the UND Elections and has led to appeals in the Student Senate. Then, Allyson joins the show to talk about the latest UND-NHL signings as well as this weekend's interesting softball series.
It's Allyson Lawson week on Set To Destroy! Allyson shares her second ever time on stage as well as an awkward makeup tutorial video she at one point thought was a good idea. Also, Stephen is meandering and Ryan is feeling musical in what's probably the worst clip he's shared yet.
Bringing the concept for your business space or residence to reality requires careful planning with an architect. You want to make sure your new structure follows all the building codes and guidelines to make your space attractive and structurally safe. Today we talk with architect Allyson McCarthy on what you should know. Contacts: Guest: Ally ...…
Michael Fishman plays DJ Conner in Roseanne and talks to Jay, Allyson and Chelsea about the show's reboot!
Jay went to Hollywood! We talk about his Superman filled trip, plus Allyson almost broke her leg and Chelsea got pulled over. Enjoy the show!
The House plans to vote this week on the omnibus spending bill that will likely include a tax change for agriculture cooperatives.In addition to the provision that rebalances the tax treatment of agriculture cooperatives and corporate grain buyers, some GOP lawmakers are also looking to include technical fixes to some drafting errors in the tax ...… In this episode, Allyson gets topical and talks about a Kehinde Wiley painting–but maybe not the one you think! You can find a transcript of this podcast at under the Transcripts category. Twitter: @arthistory4all © 2018 Allyson Healey Theme music © ...…
Forever Manchester’s very own Claire Lawless is taking on a challenge that would make most people shudder.. Stand Up Comedy to raise money for community activities across Greater Manchester. Both Claire and her Forever Manchester colleague, Rosie Strickleton, had previously taken part in Red Star Boxing’s ‘BEE PHENOMENAL’ white collar boxing ev ...…
Prosperity and great public relations! The perfect mix for running a success business. Listen in as Allyson Chavez the Ultimate Prosperity Coach and international speaker discusses the topics of mindset, prosperity, and wealth. Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning inventor and Founder of PR for Anyone.…
Prosperity and great public relations! The perfect mix for running a success business. Listen in as Allyson Chavez the Ultimate Prosperity Coach and international speaker discusses the topics of mindset, prosperity, and wealth. Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning inventor and Founder of PR for Anyone.…
Prosperity and great public relations! The perfect mix for running a success business. Listen in as Allyson Chavez the Ultimate Prosperity Coach and international speaker discusses the topics of mindset, prosperity, and wealth. Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning inventor and Founder of PR for Anyone.…
Allyson's cat Isabella was a superstar on Fox 2 yesterday...and there's a postal worker that's getting a lot of flak for not delivering to a certain community.
On this episode, Jacob and Diane react to the reactions to the Dakota Student Diversity issue as well as final preparations before President Mark Kennedy's fate is sealed on the 9th. Then, Allyson brings Rebekah Kolstad on the podcast to talk about UND Women's hockey and a year in review.
BCARS Director, Dr. Denis Sullivan, shares insights from fieldwork conducted with refugees in Cairo. He is joined by BCARS Assistant Director for Policy & Practice, Dr. Amira Mohamed, and Assistant Director, Allyson Hawkins, who both discuss the context and challenges facing Cairo's refugees.
This is the first time Jay and Chelsea have heard of this...Allyson held a wake for her cat that just passed. Also, how do you feel about gender reveal parties?
It's Chip Chat: Network Insights coming to you from Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. Host Allyson Klein interviews luminaries from the Network world, always keeping you up to date on the latest happenings and announcements. Intel® Chip Chat: Network Insights is a recurring podcast series that delves into the technologies, topics ...…
We're so sad to hear about the passing of Allyson's cat, Isabella. We'll pay tribute to her and also discuss the Olympics and Oscars!
Sarah chats with the "Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz" guest-booker about her experiences working with the guys and how it is this year on radio row at the Super Bowl.
Intel Chip Chat – Network Insights audio podcast with Allyson Klein: Steven van Zanen, Head of Product Management and Marketing at BroadForward Telecom, introduces his signaling company’s role in the network industry, which is delivering software solutions for routing, mediation and interworking. He explains how the network transformation to 5G ...…
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