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Best Andy Olson podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Andy Olson podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Echo Zoe Radio
Echo Zoe Radio episodes
Adult Sunday School messages from Gospel of Grace Fellowship in Edina, MN
Wednesday Night Teachings from Gospel of Grace Fellowship in Edina, MN
Ulysses is a groundbreaking novel in which Irish author James Joyce explores realism through stream-of-consciousness technique and shifting narrative styles. It was published in serial form between 1918-1920 and first published in book form in 1922. The story follows Leopold Bloom through Dublin during the course of one day: June 16, 1904. The events and characters of Ulysses parallel those of Homer's Odyssey, with Bloom corresponding to Odysseus. Although the book was the subject of early o ...
Barley & Me
Sacramento's Ben Rice travels to breweries and has conversations with the makers of your favorite beers and the people who drink them.
Hollywood Handbook is an insider's guide to achieving your showbiz dreams from two A-List it-boys who are living theirs. Hayes and Sean provide an exclusive VIP backstage pass into Tinseltown politics, answer questions from unsuccessful listeners, and bring in famous guests to discuss their craft and how they became what they are (famous).
Gay Homework! The podcast where two lifelong students of all things queer, interview an LGBTQIA+ individual about a gay icon that inspires them. Join Brik and Kat as they learn about queer history, dish some dirt, and hear stories about the ferocious trailblazers that came before us.
I'm Still Right
From blowouts about overnight bags to decades-long squabbles over whether or not Michael Jordan is a garbage person, people have some pretty crazy fights, and I'm Still Right is about exploring them in depth. Each week, writer/comedian Luke Kelly-Clyne hosts two friends, lovers, or family members with an ax to grind.
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The Boys have a little fun welcoming the hosts of Spanish Aqui Presents (Raiza Licea, Carlos Santos, Oscar Montoya and Tony Rodríguez) to Earwolf. This episode is sponsored by hims (www.forhims.com/theboys), Indochino (www.indochino.com code: handbook), and Liquid IV (www.liquidiv.com code: THEBOYS).…
We begin by examining what Paul means by “fighting the good fight of faith.” I underscore in this message that this “fight” to which Paul calls Timothy and all Christians is a struggle for living a righteous life before God. This means the believer must be dedicated to the word of God and the other gracious ordinances that God uses to sanctify ...…
That there are “gods” and that some of them are fallen spiritual beings is shown in many passages in the OT. We begin surveying those passages and bringing out implications concerning how God runs His universe.By Bob DeWaay
Returning for another end-of-year Roundtable discussion is Andrew Rappaport & Fred Butler. We discuss a few varying topics, inspired by previous episodes of Echo Zoe Radio from 2019 and other topics from current events. Outline of the Discussion We see popular “evangelicals” restricting the portions of the Bible that they consider authoritative ...…
The Boys welcome IFY NWADIWE and MATT APODACA to teach them how to be the most famous gamers. This episode is sponsored by Harry's (www.harrys.com/THEBOYS).By Earwolf and Hayes Davenport, Sean Clements
Host Ben Rice travels to Auburn, CA's Crooked Lane Brewing to sit down with brewmaster Teresa Psuty, plus Queen of Beer Competition coordinators Melissa McCann, Rebecca Steele-Wilkie, and Vickie Olson, to discuss the upcoming 26th annual Queen of Beer homebrewing competition, as well as Crooked Lane's humble beginnings to their current status a ...…
We again point out that there are two messages, the lie and the truth. The lie is Satan’s message that we can sin and not die and the truth is the gospel. Since we are saved by the truth of the gospel, truth must characterize how we speak to one another. We must be committed to the truth and show it.…
Every Christian must guard against departing from Christ. The class examines warning passages in Hebrews where the biblical author warns against committing apostasyBy Eric Douma
TIM BALTZ returns to talk about the Chicago jazz scene and more. This episode is sponsored by hims (www.forhims.com/HANDBOOK), Trtl Travel Pillows (www.trtltravel.com code: THEBOYS) and Quip (www.getquip.com/theboys).By Earwolf and Hayes Davenport, Sean Clements
Renewing of our minds by God’s grace through His promises. We point people to the gospel and the throne of grace.
Paul reminds believers that even when we are unfaithful, God remains faithful because of who He is.By Eric Douma
TOM SCHARPLING and MARTHA KELLY return to take the Triumph at Comic-Con episode on tour. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace (www.squarespace.com/THEBOYS code: THEBOYS), Harry's (www.harrys.com/handbook), and Away (www.awaytravel.com/handbook code: HANDBOOK).By Earwolf and Hayes Davenport, Sean Clements
Host Ben Rice travels to Sacramento, CA, to sit down with Porchlight Brewing's brewer John Prather, plus the Vice Chair of the Sacramento Arts Commission, Maya Wallace. We discuss everyone's history with Sacramento, plus their observations on the city's growth economically, socially, artistically, and beer-centrically, and how all of those inte ...…
In Daniel 10, the curtain is pulled back to show that there are spirit beings that are active behind the scenes. Humans lust for this interaction even though it is harmful. The desire for Babylon without boundaries and direct, tangible interaction with spirits has never gone away. This will not happen until Daniel’s 70th week.…
Hear why contentment, which is necessary for godliness, is only possible for those who believe the promises of God.
The Boys and JANET VARNEY do a special episode of Voyage of the Stars. This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: THEBOYS), My Sheets Rock (www.mysheetsrock.com/theboys), Indochino (www.indochino.com code: HANDBOOK), Untuckit (www.untuckit.com code: THEBOYS), and Liquid I.V. (www.liquidiv.com code: THEBOYS).…
The difference between common grace and saving grace is God’s wrath is still directed against sin, but for those under common grace the execution of that wrath is delayed until future judgment. For those who repent and turn to Christ, they are saved from God’s wrath now and for eternity.By Bob DeWaay
Paul’s words are considered the very words of Christ. Ascetic practices designed by false teachers for the purpose of garnering favor with God lead to paganism and disobedience every time.
Allen Nelson is the author of “Before the Throne: Reflections on God's Holiness,” and joins me this month to discuss God's Holiness, with discussion based on his book. Allen is pastor Perryville Second Baptist Church in Perryville, Arkansas. He also wrote “From Death to Life: How Salvation Works,” the subject of our discussion the first time he ...…
The Boys welcome MATT BESSER back to the show to promote his new special Pot Humor and hopefully confess his crimes. This episode is sponsored by I’m Listening: A Frasier Fan Podcast (www.listeningpodcast.com), Harry's (www.harrys.com/handbook), Quip (www.getquip.com/theboys), and Trtl Travel Pillows (www.trtltravel.com code: THEBOYS).…
Host Ben Rice travels to San Diego, CA, to Karl Strauss Brewing's Pacific Beach location to sit down with Karl Strauss Brewing's brewmaster of research & development Paul Segura and Thorn Brewing's head brewer Doug Pominville Jr. and tasting room manager Jay Jones. We talk Collabapalooza 2019, their collab Countess Sparkula (a breakfast pastry ...…
Learning Christ implies a new identity, new relationships, and knowledge of the person and work of Christ. We even have a new realm of existence.
The Boys welcome back MITRA JOUHARI and JOEL KIM BOOSTER to audit their new podcast. This episode is sponsored by hims (www.forhims.com/handbook) and ButcherBox (www.butcherbox.com/theboys code: THEBOYS)By Earwolf and Hayes Davenport, Sean Clements
The Boys welcome MIKAL CRONIN back to replace their expired songs. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace (www.squarespace.com/THEBOYS code: THEBOYS), Harry's (www.harry's.com/HANDBOOK), and Trtl Travel Pillows (www.trtltravel.com code: THEBOYS)By Earwolf and Hayes Davenport, Sean Clements
Host Ben Rice sits down with Andy Klein, owner and brewmaster at Monk's Cellar in Roseville, CA, as well as brewer Bryan Crass and sales rep Lewis McGeorge, to talk about their upcoming 5th anniversary (Friday, October 18/Saturday, October 19), including their collaboration beers with over TWENTY breweries. Once of those is Huntington Beach's B ...…
This teaching by Paul is a shocking cultural reversal as normally it was those of high status that were benefactors to those of less status. Here, Paul stands this concept on its head by calling Christians of the lowest status (slaves) to be benefactors to those of higher status!
Jim Osman is pastor of Kootenai Community Church, in Kootenai, Idaho, and author of several books, including “Truth or Territory,â€� which is the basis for our discussion today. “Truth or Territoryâ€� walks the reader through the unbiblical teachings so prevalent today regarding Spiritual Warfare, and points us back to a Biblical understand ...…
LACI MOSLEY (host of Scam Goddess) helps The Boys with their own scams. This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: THEBOYS), Untuckit (www.untuckit.com code: THEBOYS), Quip (www.getquip.com/theboys), and Kettlebell Kitchen (www.kettlebellkitchen.com code: THEBOYS).By Earwolf and Hayes Davenport, Sean Clements
We discuss the uniqueness of the apostles and how miraculous signs had the purpose of showing that Messiah had commissioned the apostles. We discuss the uniqueness of the apostles and how these signs had the purpose of showing that Messiah had commissioned Peter and Paul..By Bob DeWaay
Elders who preach the truth are deserving of payment and support, but on the other hand we also learn that elders who sin in either doctrine or deed are not above the law of Christ
The Boys help DEWAYNE PERKINS make sure he has the best jokes. This episode is sponsored by My Sheets Rock (www.mysheetsrock.com/THEBOYS code: THEBOYS), Harry's (www.harrys.com/handbook) and Indochino (www.indochino.com code: HANDBOOK)By Earwolf and Hayes Davenport, Sean Clements
Host Ben Rice travels to Davis, CA to talk to Sudwerk Brewing's co-owners Trent Yaczan and Ryan Fry, plus Davis-based comedian Bex Nava, about Sudwerk's upcoming 30th anniversary (the celebration is Saturday, October 26)! We discuss the transition from original ownership to their grandsons, maintaining your core identity while also keeping up w ...…
Truth is what we have to combat the deceit, error and schemes that buffet the church. We are to speak the truth in love and grow up in Christ, the head.
Live from the Dynasty Typewriter, The Boys help ANDY DALY make an entire new season of Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project. This episode is sponsored by hims (www.forhims.com/theboys) and ButcherBox (www.butcherbox.com/theboys code: THEBOYS)By Earwolf and Hayes Davenport, Sean Clements
God provides ministry gifts to the church which equip the saints for ministry is that the flock would be strong, stable and not seduced by false teaching
Between previous episodes coming out late, and family & health issues adding to the difficulty of scheduling an interview in time to release this month's episode, we're taking September off to try to catch up. In lieu of a new episode, we're reposting the April, 2014 episode… We hear the phrase “religious right” often in our political discourse ...…
Host Ben Rice travels to Sacramento, CA's Oak Park community to talk to brewer Geoff Scott of Oak Park Brewing Company and PR/marketing consultant Shane Barker. We talk about the re-invigoration of Oak Park, as well as the grand re-opening/reimagining of Oak Park Brewing Company, which has new ownership, new brewers, new chefs, but is trying to ...…
QUEENIE and The Boys make a horror anthology series. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace (www.squarespace.com/THEBOYS code: THEBOYS), Harry's (www.harrys.com/handbook), and Quip (www.getquip.com/theboys).By Earwolf and Hayes Davenport, Sean Clements
This passage explains the purpose of God’s giving the five ministry gifts to the church. They are to equip all of the members of the church for doing the work of the ministry.
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