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Podcast Arnaldo Otegi
Arnaldo Otegiri buruzko Podcastak entzungai, Mitinak,Elkarrizketak... Podcast de Arnaldo Otegi, Mitines, entrevistas....
CBN - Mlton Jung - CBN Young Professional
Um espao para discutir o mundo corporativo sob a tica de quem d os primeiros passos em sua trajetria profissional. Segunda, s 6h40.
CBN - Podcast - tica e responsabilidade social
CBN - tica e responsabilidade social
Some full songs, some previews all amazing material.
CHIQUE london's Podcast
Welcome to the ChiqueCast baby !! It's a way of life be part of it !
Actualidad DX (English)
ACTUALIDAD DX.COM.AR brings you the latest news of the radio world, the short waves, the media, the telecommunications, the DX, the ham radio and the digital context every week. A production of RAE Argentina to the world, edited by Arnaldo Slaen, in the voice of Mirian Turkula of the English Team of RAE
New Adventures of Alice (version 2 Dramatic Reading) by RAE, John
After reading and re-reading the book many time as a boy and wishing that Lewis Carroll would have written another Alice In Wonderland Book, John Rae began imagining what that girl would have gotten up to if he had done so. Telling these stories to his children over the years, where they were enthusiastically received, he finally decided to share them with the world. And here they are! The New Adventures of Alice (Summary by Phil Chenevert) Narrator: Lydia Mother: Michele Eaton Betsy, Alice' ...
His Last Bow: Some Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes (version 2 Dramatic Reading) by DOYLE, Sir Arthur Conan
The last collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories contains some of the most dramatic moments of the entire Sherlock Holmes canon. "The Dying Detective" sees the great Holmes brought low by a fatal illness and refusing even Dr Watson's medical care. "The Bruce-Partington Plans" is a case of national importance, not least for the introduction of Mycroft Holmes. It also contains the quintessential Holmes line "whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." "The Devil's Foot" is wh ...
Further Chronicles of Avonlea (version 2) (Dramatic Reading) by MONTGOMERY, Lucy Maud
After her famed book "Anne of Green Gables," Lucy Maud Montgomery continued her stories in "Chronicles of Avonlea" followed by "Further Chronicles of Avonlea." The book includes fifteen short and entertaining, funny, and romantic stories. She brings back old characters such as Anne, Rachel Lynde, and Matthew Cuthbert, although most of the stories are focused around new characters living in Avonlea. Summary by francesb. Prooflisteners: Beth Thomas, and Kimberly Krause. Story 1 - Aunt Cynthia' ...
GG's The Mouthful Podcast
Good Game's The Mouthful is a weekly video gaming podcast for all the members and friends of our open Facebook group at Hosted by Arnaldo Martin and David Santos. Join the conversation and visit us at
Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel (Dramatic Reading), The by ORCZY, Baroness
The last of the famous "Scarlet Pimpernel" books, the "Triumph" tells the story of the final confrontation between the Scarlet Pimpernel and his nemesis, Chauvelin. Set at the end of the Reign of Terror, the fortunes of all rise and fall along with the French Revolutionary government. (Summary by Beth Thomas) Cast list: Narrator: Bob Neufeld Scarlet Pimpernel/Sir Percy: Jason Mills Theresia Cabarrus: Amanda Friday Chauvelin: Bob Neufeld Marguerite Blakeney: Arielle Lipshaw Soothsayer (an old ...
Dream Play, A by STRINDBERG, August
A Dream Play (Swedish: Ett drömspel) was written in 1901 by the Swedish playwright August Strindberg. It was first performed in Stockholm on 17 April 1907. It remains one of Strindberg's most admired and influential dramas, seen as an important precursor to both dramatic Expressionism and Surrealism. The primary character in the play is Agnes, a daughter of the Vedic god Indra. She descends to Earth to bear witness to problems of human beings. She meets about 40 characters, some of them havi ...
Camp of Wallenstein, The by SCHILLER, Friedrich
This is the first play of Friedrich Schiller's Wallenstein Trilogy. Set in a Bohemian camp during the Thirty Years War, it introduces the major characters of the rest of the trilogy, like Albrecht von Wallenstein and Max Piccolomini, from their subordinates' point of view. (Summary by Libby Gohn) Cast List: Narrator: Libby Gohn Peasant, Dragoon, Second Cuirassier: alanmapstone Peasant Boy: Charlotte Duckett Sergeant-Major: Larry Wilson Trumpeter: KHand A Hulan: David Olson A Sharpshooter, Sc ...
Sir Thomas More by MUNDAY, Anthony
Sir Thomas More is a collaborative Elizabethan play by Anthony Munday and others depicting the life and death of Thomas More. It survives only in a single manuscript, now owned by the British Library. The manuscript is notable because three pages of it are considered to be in the hand of William Shakespeare and for the light it sheds on the collaborative nature of Elizabethan drama and the theatrical censorship of the era. The play dramatizes events in More's life, both real and legendary, i ...
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Chris and Arnaldo talk about the new Jurassic World trailer,big Marvel news in the podcast world, The Disaster Artist buzz and two movies that they watched that they think everyone else should too! Also listen for Chris' dog barking close to the end making things awkward and real.
Chris and Arnaldo may be a little late but they have a jam packed episode talking about a new show on Amazon, Star Wars news, Marvel, Disney and so much more!
Chris and Arnaldo talk about iPhone X, COD WWII, Netflix and much more! They also talk about Arnaldo's upcoming Disneyland trip.
Chris and Arnaldo talk about what happened in the first episode of season 2 on Riverdale.
Chris and Arnaldo talk about the new Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer, television news, Marvel news, and so much more! They also talk about the new sub podcast that will appear in this feed called Fomocast Corner where they talk about the CW show Riverdale as it airs season two!Make sure to visit our new website, and to subscrib ...…
Chris and Arnaldo have a jam packed episode where they talk about Netflix, movie trailers, new show trailers and much more. Arnaldo also goes over the movies American Made and American Assassin!
GG's The Mouthful Podcast
You are listening to Episode 75 of GG's The Mouthful Podcast. In through your nose, out through your mouth... on today's show, we share the Arnaldo perspective of Nier: Automata. We saw It and It was great! We played Fortnite Battlegrounds or whatever they decide to call it after PUBG goes after them legally. Don't watch the trailers for Kingsm ...…
Chris and Arnaldo talk about Netflix,USA's The Sinner, Gambit movie news, gaming news and we get quick reviews of Kingsmen: The Golden Circle and Killing Gunther.Patreon:
Chris and Arnaldo talk about Netflix's The Punisher, Matt Damon's new movie Downsizing, and about the trailer for Geostorm. They also try and help Tim figure out if he should get Sling or Playstation Vue!
Chris and Arnaldo talk about the Hellboy costume reveal, some movie news, and all about the Apple Keynote. They also talk about some Emmy nominations and the plans for a spin-off Podcast!!
Chris and Arnaldo talk about trailers, Star Wars news, Netflix, TV news and have a round of Game of Thrones Corner just to talk about the theories that have dropped the past week. Thank you to our first Patreon supporter Amanda!!!
Chris and Arnaldo talk about new Netflix movie Wormwood, Game of Thrones, technology news, and other new trailers that just came out. Sprinkled throughout we cover things from past episodes. Make sure to follow us onFacebook- _fomocast_Twitter- Fomo_CastPatreon-…
Chris and Arnaldo talk about gaming news, the new projects involving the Joker, Netflix show the Defenders, the new trailer for the Punisher, and so much more. They finish with an in depth Game of Thrones Corner.
Chris and Arnaldo talk about Netflix,Deadpool 2, Tom Cruise, and some movie trailers. They also make a return to Kings Landing to discuss things in Game of Thrones Corner!
Chris and Arnaldo talk about big news with Netflix and Disney, new trailers, television news, and head on back to Dragonstone in these weeks Game of Thrones Corner.
Forged by the spirit of the San Francisco underground, Thomas Linardos began collecting techno and house records in 2009. A frequent customer of Metavinyl in Santa Cruz, he was eventually forced by the store owner to buy a pair of Technics and the rest is history. Mentored by the legendary Bob 5, Thomas spent his formative years learning the in ...…
Chris and Arnaldo talk about movie news, Super Hero news, what they are currently binge watching, and have a nice little bit of Game of Thrones corner!
Chris and Arnaldo are BACK after a week off with a super packed episode where they talk about D23, San Diego Comic Con, Trailers, Game of Thrones, and so much more!
Blondes With Glasses!
This week Shannon departs for a week of theater tech and guest hosts Simone and Arnaldo join Becca for a discussion of TV we love to mindlessly watch. Simone and Arnaldo have an endless knowledge of reality shows that Becca has never heard of and we delight in cataloging some of the most unbelievable ones. We briefly touch on the draw of these ...…
This interview is with Arnaldo Santiago Jnr. Listen as we talk about his life growing up in Brooklyn, dabbling in drugs, becoming a Christian, meeting his wife, moving to Australia, studying at SMBC and becoming a pastor. The post Episode Eighty One- Arnaldo Santiago Jnr appeared first on Some Answers.…
Chris and Arnaldo talk about some Netflix news, movie news with Justice League and Wonder Woman, delve into a few shows, and talk about a mini docu-series on HBO.
Chris and Arnaldo talk about the new trailers that have dropped the past week,a pay dispute for Asian-American actors and a hit show, Game of Thrones news, and much more!
TRADCAST: The Traditional Roman Catholic Podcast
TRADCAST 018 (28 JUN 2017) Contents Segment 1: Pentecost and the charismatic movement; brief response to John Salza's "Note to Sedevacantists"; and the false church of Francis; "Fr." Linus Clovis on John Paul II and the Antichurch; response to Steve Kellmeyer's post "All Roads Lead to Rome"; Christopher Ferrara on Benedict XVI; res ...…
Chris and Arnaldo go over movie news ,gaming news, Game of Throne news, Star Wars news,a major announcement for an actor, and much more! Make sure to follow us on Facebook at
Things get emotional as we mourn the loss of an iconic rapper as well as a beloved sports team. Things get heated during the Air Out as one of the SYN Guys gets let down by his favorite Basketball team yet again, and we reflect on a classic urban film. Don't miss out and as always enjoy.Follow on us on Soundcloud and Instagram at Synuniverse, S ...…
Chris and Arnaldo talk about some of the awesome things that were announced at E3, new trailers for shows and movies, the drama of Bachelor in Paradise, and much more including the big boxing announcement!
Chris and Arnaldo talk about new Netflix shows that are coming up, whats happened so far at Apples WWDC, the Harry Potter fan film.and some bad news for some is good news for others. Also Arnaldo talks about watching Wonder Woman and gives us his thoughts.
Chris and Arnaldo talk about new trailers for Logan Lucky and Battlefront 2 as well as talking about the great reviews for the new Wonder Woman movie. They delve into some other entertainment related items and finish with talking about Chris's experience in riding the new ride at Disney California Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Bre ...…
Outta City Limits Podcast
In this episode me and old friend, Arnaldo Lopez sat down and kinda just reminisced on old times when we use to travel around the country for soccer tournaments. He also schools me on weed and alcohol, talks about the pros and cons of being a soccer referee and if its worse than being a cop. Also Arnie talks about his sock game and collection a ...…
Chris and Arnaldo talk about the announcement of the Dark Universe,Top Gun 2,Spider-Man Homecomings new trailer,as well as Mommy Dead and Dearest, The Blue Whale Game, and the sad news involving the reason Zach Snyder is not directing the rest of Justice League.
Uniquement des nouveautés, dont vous trouverez les détails sur le site Tropicalia MPB ( Le programme suivant sera celui diffusé sur antenne de Radio Judaica, avec son animateur, pour quelques mots et informations en français. Mais d'abord, place à l'édition uniquement instrumentale! Somente novidades, cujos detalhes ficam no site ...…
This week, Steve and comic guru Arnaldo Reyes celebrate their 2nd podcast anniversary to defend GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2. The latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has wild colours and an awesome soundtrack but it also has a lot of heart--and even seems to want to talk about god (small 'g').All music from the soundtrack is copyr ...…
Chris and Arnaldo talk about two big announcements from Netflix,new trailers that have been released, a new Deadpool animated show on FX, and our thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
The guys of SYN Podcast get into it all this week, from their usual sneaker releases, of course the Sh*t You Need and why when ordering food maybe you should stick to what you know. Stick around all the way through the end for some social media information or just check out the next paragraph. Subscribe to the podcast on the iTunes podcast app ...…
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