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The number one podcast for those involved or just interested in the production of beef animals and dairy herds. A comedy podcast by Benjamin Partridge.
Reasonable Beef
Monthly+'s a Podcast about moo-vies! Sometimes illuminating and spirited conversation about the day's latest films - other times dick jokes. Tim E. Kish and Dom Fera host. Coming to you every Tuesday from the heart of the film industry - Burbank!
Beef Pros Podcast
We tell the stories of the interesting people, places and topics related to the beef business.
"This Business of Beef" is hosted by Rance Long and Jeff Stansberry as they bring you helpful tips regarding raising, promoting and selling purebred and commercial beef cattle in the 21st Century. Learn the latest advances in technologies, information, digital & conventional media and insights and their applications to increasing productivity, efficiencies and bottom line profits in This Business of Beef. Check back regularly for our weekly podcasts and join our email lists to learn of Upcom ...
***SUPPORTED BY Skater HQ ( and our Patreon patrons***An Australian rollerblading podcast about the sport, the lifestyle and our history. About learning tricks, reviewing skates, talking to people and airing opinions.
Beef Buzz is a daily radio program on the Radio Oklahoma Network. Ron Hays keeps Oklahoma cattle producers up to speed on the latest livestock news.
Beef City
Beef City is a podcast that is posted about once a week by two stud muffins Alex Garred and Terry Womack. We will talk about sports, comedy, pop culture, and just about everything in between. I hope you like us. Engage with us on Twitter and Instagram @beef_city. Email us at for listening!
Cinema Beef
Gary and the gang dissect some of cinema’s greatest crimes and revel in the glory of movie madness!
Beef's Beef
Podcast by Beef's Beef
Podcast by Corned Beef & Curses
BEEF records
Beef records presents the best selection of various genres of electronic music. Expect quality dj sets, live sets and mixes from artists affiliated to Beef records.
"Oh F*@#ING HELL! Another wrestling podcast???" - Internet Users EverywhereYes! Join your hosts, portly Paystee Whyt and The Fat Mack, each week as they talk: Pro-Wrestling, The Indies, Hip-Hop, Classic Video Games, Pro-Wrestling, Facial Hair and Craft Beer (whilst indulging in said "Craft Beer") in this highly entertaining, hilarious, and sometimes controversial Podcast Series.
UK BEEF Magazine Bodybuilding Podcast. For bodybuilders by bodybuilders. Everything bodybuilding packed with laughs!
Podcast by RanchTV
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Beltway Beef
Podcast by Beltway Beef
Spilling the Beef
A witty amusing podcast by Aggag & Aref for Egyptian listeners. On this biweekly podcast, we usually pick a few interesting topics that we’d like to discuss , analyse , or simply use some cheap humour to mock. - See more at:
Big Beef Bueno
Big Beef Bueno is the occasional ramblings, prank phone calls and skits from Brad Carter. If you listen to this podcast, then you should also be listening to the Phone Losers of America podcast.
Beef and Broccoli
A podcast dedicated to the comedy, music and arts scene in Birmingham, Alabama!
Sports related podcast with Co-Host Ian, Jared, Jake, and Scott. Recording on Sunday mornings and always have an open mic or 2 if someone wants to join us one weekend. Going to take some time for this all to marinate ;) but when we are up and running we plan on hitting a lot of topics in the sports world. Have been tossing around quite a few ideas and as all new podcast we will find our footing but always want feedback so we can get opinions on what works and what doesn't.
Beef Soup
Welcome to the Beef Soup Podcast. Join hosts and award winners, Daniel and Bo, as they talk about nothing, everything, and all the things and stuff in-between!
Podcasts from Beef + Lamb New Zealand, the farmer-owned industry organisation representing New Zealand's sheep and beef farmers.
Beef Sign
Lovable co-hosts Josh Inzer and Adam Durham bullshit around with each other and guests. Assorted topics are discussed, apace with amusing segments.Indiana
Fresh Beef
Fresh Beef tackles the culture of internet commenting with hosts Dave Brenner & Jeremy Balon. Each episode they contact disgruntled internet commenters (improvised by a comedian) and attempt to right their purported wrong.
Squash The Beef
Squash The Beef is about two ratchet Korean-American boys currently living in Korea who discuss various issues including cultural disparities between countries, race, current issues, and more. Their ultimate goal is simply to share and gain knowledge from awesome guests in the hopes of bringing listeners from all walks of life worldwide together.
Otaku Beef
Talking Anime, Video Games, and other Geek Sh*t.ZAspiring Rapper. Aspiring Otaku. Aspiring Human Being.
Love him or loathe him. You can’t ignore him.
Locker Room Beef
The New Age of Sports Banter
Podcast by Social Beef Podcast
Beyond The Beef
Have you ever tried counting the number of things that annoy you in an average day? Whether it’s inconsiderate people, aggravating social media posts, or companies that just don’t seem to give a damn, there’s certainly no shortage of evidence that life can be a real challenge sometimes – especially when there’s other people involved! But instead of getting mad, why not try getting even instead? Join hosts Bob Caporale and James Luizzi as they make fun of all the things they hate and talk abo ...
Canned Roast Beef
Eat Your Meat
UK based drag queens and WOWPresents Network partners Olympia Avalanche and Nova Ginés would like to share with you an extra slice of absolute nonsense that doesn't quite fit on their Youtube channel. For more, check out
Beef Hour is the show where two rock fans sit down and chat about the music.
This book follows the adventures of Emma McChesney, a smart and savvy divorced mother who travels the Midwest as a sales representative for a large skirt and petticoat manufacturer. Her many adventures with people, (including predatory salesmen and hotel clerks), are funny and poignant. She is hardworking and able to outsell the slickest of the men salesmen. She has learned to focus on her work and her seventeen-year-old son, Jock. Experience has taught her that it is usually best to stick t ...
An interview podcast about going and being vegan.
UK BEEF Magazine Bodybuilding Podcast. For bodybuilders by bodybuilders. Everything bodybuilding packed with laughs!
Legends Podcast
Hi and Welcome to Legends Podcast Here we discuss Entertainment Legends, and Legendary entertainment. Cult, Classic, New, Old, Original, Sequels, Reboot, Remake, web, TV and more, for better or worse. Come and meet Beef, Wing, Lobster and many other special guest as we comment on our favorite entertainment.
Troi Torain aka STAR is the most objective voice in media today and in 2011 he was inducted into News One's "Top 20 Best Radio personalities of all time." Respected as a radio pioneer and a relentless business man, STAR is known to push the limits of religion, philosophy and rational thinking. STAR made the national stage on MTV’s Beat Suite but it was his radio show (Star & Buc Wild) on New York's Hot 97 & Power 105 that secured his place in media history. STAR's resume also includes Atlant ...
Rayner Reckons
In each Rayner Reckons, I’ll share with you information on; the latest research for livestock production; tips on how to increase your profitability; advice on how to secure the health of your herd. I’ll have chats with industry leaders, share some great recipes and a laugh or two. I’ll also take you on the road and give you an insight into my week and the work I am doing to help producers across Australia.
Stories, opinions, and ramblings by Sean and Seth
A new topic every episode dealing with the Unexplainable, Paranormal, Extraterrestrial, Spiritual, Scientific, Mysterious and more. Bob, Tiss & Beef talk the strange and unexplained. We would love to hear from you, so send your own stories to - unexplainableuk@mail.comAlso, visit the official website, (with added info and links for each episode), at -
Bringing you the best interviews in what matters in today's agricultural industries, Current Ag Concerns has interviews from top notch professionals. Listen as our hosts talk to ag leaders about the industry standard in agriculture, how to create a genetic advantage, from farm to table, and look at stories from the show ring. The music for this show was provided by
Weekly discussion of rap and MMA with Frank and Tyrone. Real. Trap. Spit. @frrrrrrrank @Drinkmaaan
Officially launched on 30 April, 2016, ModState is a centrist economic & sociopolitical magazine committed to editorial and multimedia coverage of current events ruled by the following ethos: all non-violent views are welcome at the proverbial table. This decidedly alien concept is the intellectual lighthouse guiding your host (the magazine's Associate Editor) Nate Wellein and his counterpart (Managing Editor) Jonny DeViney amidst the neurotic onslaught of filth in and around what somehow ma ...
BeefCast: Regular updates and entertainment on and about the beef industry. Your Connection. At Your Convenience.
Deep Roots Radio
Saturdays, 9:00-9:30AM Central, live interviews with guests who help connect the dots between what we eat and how it's grown. Sylvia Burgos Toftness - New York City girl turned 100% grass-fed beef farmer - chats with ranchers, farmers, scientists and educators, film makers, policymakers, marketers, chefs and authors - all describing the linkages between soil health and nutrition, agricultural practice and financial sustainability, animal welfare and environmental restoration, sustainable agr ...
Logajm is an off-beat podcast where two friends, Russ Beef and Tommy Schillz, share their unique opinions, experiences, and views on the world. And it's funny! Check out for all Logjam podcasts!!
Smart Mouth
Our favorite people, their favorite food. Like home cooking with Jacques Pepin, peanut butter with Brooke Williamson, and beef kitfo with Marcus Samuelsson — what makes everyone tick? Brought to you by Katherine Spiers and Michelle Lanz.
The Monitor
Tune in each week to hear the WIRED Entertainment squad discuss (and sometimes bicker over) the biggest news in movies, music, TV, and Internet culture. Want to know what we think of the latest superhero flick, prestige TV show, or Twitter beef? It's all right here—you just have to turn off all your other screens first.
Home Repair Tutor
Do you need DIY home improvement advice? If you're looking for inspiration and motivation during your daily commute, workout, or "me" time, Jeff Patterson delivers weekly advice. Each podcast lesson shares tips about new tools, supplies, and DIY projects. Home Repair Tutor helps you beef up your DIY skills and get stuff done around the house!
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James Delingpole reports: Quote: Greenies are up in arms over another environmental scandal of their own making. A TV documentary, shown on Britain’s left-wing Channel 4, has been shocked to discover that old hardwood forests in the U.S. are being chopped down, exported to the UK and burned for what is laughably being billed as […]The post Envi ...…
The Greek people have had a long tradition of being invaded by marauding barbarians from the north and during the onset of spring in 1941 they were yet again feeling the brunt of a hostile invading army. This time it was the Germans and the badly equipped and under resourced Allied army was proving no […]The post The holding action at Tempe Gor ...…
Phil Quinn ignorantly writes in a newspaper: Like many Kiwis, I took an instant dislike to Kim Dotcom. Aside from anything else, it saved time.[…] But we can’t, and nor should we, prosecute and imprison detestable people simply for being detestable. And in the case of Kim Dotcom and his erstwhile colleagues at Mega Upload, […]The post Hey Phil, ...…
New Zealand garnered worldwide media coverage because of its refusal to expel any Russian diplomats in response to the nerve agent attack in the United Kingdom on former spy Sergei Skripal. The Strategic Culture Foundation reports: Quote: Moscow says it has proof that the agent used in the UK attack is a chemical weapon patented in […]The post ...…
I found this article on TrueblueNZ and although it was written last year, it is disturbing nevertheless. Quote: It’s never really been about what the left are in Western society today, its about what they are capable of becoming. Leftists who might read this and turn away should rather read on, because the reality is those who […]The post Same ...…
Liberty Scott points out a few problems with the claims of transport wombles who want to force us all into cycling and horse drawn transport: Quote: Stuff has posted a story by Bevan Woodword who is cited as: the project director for SkyPath and spokesperson for Movement, an alliance of national organisations seeking safe journeys for active [… ...…
Brian Fallow writes at the NZ Herald: Quote: Resounding cheers greeted Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw when they went to Victoria University last Thursday to explain that morning’s announcement that no more offshore oil and gas exploration permits will be granted. Gratifying to their ears, no doubt — but entirely undeserved. This policy is self-r ...…
If the battle to save charter schools, which are doing so much for Maori, was a comic book I would describe this latest move as a Pow if not a Zap! I can only hope that the Treaty of Waitangi proves to be the Kryptonite that the schools need to drain the Labour party of […]The post Treaty of Waitangi may be used in battle to save charter school ...…
To prove how retarded Jacinda Ardern is when it comes to international relations, and especially when it comes to dealing with rogue nations, you only have to look at her comments over Syria and chemical weapons – that we should leave it up to the UN to sort out. Quote: It is now important that these […]The post As Jacinda says, let’s leave it ...…
Nelson residents had better learn the words to the monorail song: Quote: Sydney had one, Asia has a number of them and Bologna in Italy has one under construction – so could Nelson have a monorail? Nelson man Neil Larsen has been researching plans for a monorail to be a contender to fix the problem of the much-debated Southern […]The post Nelso ...…
The New Zealand Herald editorial yesterday echoed the feeling I am picking up from business: Quote: The sudden announcement on oil and gas exploration has not encouraged confidence. The Prime Minister comes back to a country still waiting to get a measure of her Government. It will have been six months in office next week. […]The post Business ...…
The government say that they can’t find any spies to chuck out in the wake of the Russian poisoning scandal, but it seems other people can: Quote: A former Russian spy who lived in New Zealand claims other spies for the Kremlin are operating here. Boris Karpichkov said he was poisoned in New Zealand more […]The post Jacinda might not be able to ...…
Today’s face of the day Green list MP Golriz Ghahraman has falsely accused Israel of committing genocide against Palestinian Arabs. Considering that she happily defended a man who incited real genocide in Rwanda and took a selfie with him I am surprised that she cares about fake genocide. What is really shocking is the weak […]The post Face of ...…
Where the HECK am I? Pete asked for anyone to supply any material to cover posts during Easter 2017: the first quiz was then published on 8 April 2017. It started off with questions about semi-known names from both main islands plus a capital city of some relatively obscure country. The first one was Vilnius, […]The post Where the heck am I? ap ...…
Moving towards an old white man series for ANZAC week we pick up the story from yesterday, how Harold Gillies made plastic surgery a reality in Britain for World War One victims and move on to World War Two. There is a long, involved back-story but in late 1929, Dunedin born, Archibald Hector McIndoe found himself wandering […]The post Old whit ...…
Our son is currently studying to become a driving instructor. I taught him to drive years ago but in order to be able to pass the very strict physical tests, he had to learn from a professional driving instructor as my driving was let us say, ahem, a little lax. He also informs me ( and our […]The post Can you pass a road rules test? appeared f ...…
Nothing beats good ballet for visuals and music (not even Opera which can come a close second for me at times). Top for me is Prokofiev “Romeo and Juliet” Macmillan 2000. Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet extract 3. Dance of the five couples. You will find it at 1:04:56 in this video of the entire ballet which is […]The post Mental health break appe ...…
Few other military engagements come closer to encapsulating the ANZAC spirit than the Battle of Long Tan which took place in August of 1966. This battle has largely been forgotten by the general public due in no small measure to the unpopular nature of the war it occurred in. But the overwhelming odds which […]The post The Battle of Long Tan ap ...…
The below guest post is an abridged version of the original which can be viewed at Red Pill Jew. Gun control must be stopped, and I’ll indulge in ego to think I’ve created a compelling argument (at least, for those with open minds). Defensive gun usage: Many of the arguments presented in opposition to gun […]The post Gun control must be stopped ...…
Many Oilers have queried whether the decision by the Prime Minister to say “There will be no further offshore oil and gas exploration permits granted” can be challenged in any way. It seems that there may be a possible process and that is a Judicial review. Quote: In a judicial review proceeding a judge is […]The post Is it time to ask the High ...…
Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 193 On today’s episode, Elyse and Annie present to you a cornucopia of bizarre French foods. Even if you never plan on trying any of them, you need to know about them because they’ll pop up on menus here and there and we’ve known visitors who had big surprises when their food arrived! Elyse herself has ...…
In chapter 14, we dive deep into the world of naps, heavy dreams, philosophical talks, UFC drama, what it means to be yourself, Mark Mcgwire's dome, and as always explore beefs, legends, babes, and questions. For bonus content, check out our patreon at
Divide & Conquer: The Campaign To Stop Donald Trump's Re-election Episode #1252- The Pete Santilli Show with Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan - Tuesday April 17, 2018 Todays guest is Dan Bidondi Dan Bidondi is a freelance reporter living in the state of Rhode Island a career that spans over a decade. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, le ...…
Divide & Conquer: The Campaign To Stop Donald Trump's Re-election Episode #1252- The Pete Santilli Show with Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan - Tuesday April 17, 2018 Todays guest is Dan Bidondi Dan Bidondi is a freelance reporter living in the state of Rhode Island a career that spans over a decade. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, le ...…
In the latest episode, we watch Ant-Man, make a lot of bad puns, use the phrase "daddy beef" in context, and sing the wrong theme song.
The crew returns to discuss all things Coachella including The Queen's historic, legendary, mesmerizing, revolutionary 2-hour extravaganza. Has she officially dethroned Michael Jackson as the best performer of all time? We also give our thoughts on the new Nicki Minaj tracks and her beef with Cardi B/Quavo, Drake's forthcoming album, Taylor Swi ...…
Part 2 is the Corned Beef and Cabbage of the show, and our "BOTW" ranges from FIFA to Bad Parents, from GGG to Eric Reid, from Mexico to College ball, from protesting to stripping titles, and as promised a completely new segment. If you havent listened to Part 1 please go back and do so, and remember STAY SUCKA FREE. Please hit us up on any soc ...…
It’s hard to change a habit, even if there’s a good reason for it. And comedian Nato Green thinks he has a pretty darn good reason. I’m one of the great comedians of our time. But I’m also dumb. Because I’m not a vegan. Even though I claim to believe in science and the science is overwhelming that the best thing we can do for climate change is ...…
On this weeks episode Jose is forgotten but it's cool because the boiz minus Jose have some good convo. In this week's episode they discuss Cardi B and people comparing her to Tupac, Peter Rosenberg and Daves Twitter beef, and if Isaac has what it takes to be the sickest EDM producer ever. Follow us on Twitter: ...…
These girls have been beefing for a long while on the internet sending threats to one another and now they finally meet up. Tune in on this episode and don't forget to follow, and download.
Ma Anand Mag, Ma Anand Ci, and Ma Anand Guap welcome those who crossed over to the Beyhive Spring 2k18. They also talk about the Cardi B vs Nicki beef and the Tristan Thompson drama.atwgpod@gmail.comIG: @aroundthewaygirlspodcast, @magmulla, @guapmom_5000, @ciara_nicolehTwitter: @magmulla, @guapmom_5000…
On Episode 51 of "On Wax," LJ and JHen finally make the jump to video! They discuss Cardi B's new album, the beef with Nicki Minaj, the Dez Bryant trade, NBA playoffs and more. Check out the On Wax podcast Youtube channel!
Eric and Steve return from a trip to Austin, Texas where they had been Beef tasting for five days in late March. The Beefers now meet up with Ted Siegel of the Deltaz (Ep#24), who had previously made his reccomendations regarding Central Texas style Barbeque. At the Deltaz's studio up in the Santa Monica Mountains, The Beefers and Ted discuss t ...…
LIVE FROM THE CVS on PELHAM BAY its The Hehpi Jae Podcast! On this episode we are joined by Dan O'Reilly and AJ as Jae fights Snakes Aids. THE BEEF COOKS in this part of town! We chop it up about the inevitable fist fight between AJ and Dan at Wrestlemania 35, Dan being a creep, Odell Beckham contract situation, The Seahawks and Colin Kapernick ...…
Dennis, Trey & CeeCee talk about life and love and rap music beef.
This week Alex and David talk about Uber's fatal autonomous crash, Myer's financial troubles, perfected bolognaise and the origin of phrases. Follow-Up Ataribox Update Fatal Autonomous Uber Crash Commerce Corner Myer's $500m First Half Loss Russell 2000 Cooking Corner Slow cook pork Slow cook lamb Alex's Low-Fuss Bolognaise Guinness Stew Lingui ...…
Episode 27 – The Good Life Vol.1 With Kelly. The guys are joined by friend of the show ,Kelly, (@musicjunke) for a new segment called: The Good Life! First in #OFFTHEDOME, One Gotta Go Lyrically and If You Had Chance to Read a Tell All Book from any Celebrity/Public Figure, who would it be and why? They also discussed the Eric Bellinger/Torey L ...…
Special guest Wadd falls through mid episode. Shoutout to real friends. How hard is it to run a business? Have you ever dated a coworker? Ghosts. Are we getting jipped for water? News reporter gets punched. Porn industry. Worker’s mentality vs Millennials. TMZ beef with Tristan Thompson.
Hi all, in this episode we continue the conversation with Don't Breathe and A Quite Place. We overload on Trailers because there are just so many good ones out right now. Myself and Robert both have beef with the cinema as we ponder how to save it and if in fact it needs saving. We also reintroduce listeners choice tell us what you and your fri ...…
OSCILLATOR is a podcast where BLACK EFRON + XAMMAI discuss all things pop culture, music, new artists, nostalgia and everything in between. Recorded in Orlando, FL. Conversation with Men I Trust recorded in Brooklyn, NY. This week: we discuss Drake's influence, the Walmart yodeling boy, dating apps, the hipster scale, rap beef, expensive sneake ...…
The boys banter 'bout beef before beginning.
On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys start off light with a little reminiscing about everybody’s favorite childhood nightmare hellscape, “PeeWee’s Big Adventure”! In the News this week: All across the country (but mostly in red states) teachers are marching to their State Capitols to protest their horrible wages, and the sad state of fundi ...…
@Jfruh is here for the smartest Beef about the dumbest movie.This is a meaty one! Tackling nostalgia culture, cultural feedback, avatars, horses with really sharp feet etc. etc. Come on it, the beef is room temperature!
S1E17: Home-Made Pesto Is The Besto Recipe: Beefy Pesto with Springy Zucchini Noodles Get full ingredient lists on Sundays, plus calorie and macronutrient counts for all CWM recipes on my Patreon Page! For tonight's recipe, you'll need: EQUIPMENT: lg pan, sm bowl, cutting board, sharp knife BASICS: salt, pepper, olive oil MEAT: 1 lb 85/15 groun ...…
Shane Joyce is a 3rd generation beef cattle producer from central Queensland whose lifelong passion is landscape regeneration. Shane is currently developing a plan to put his farm in the Sunshine Coast hinterland into community ownership and lease it out to young farmers. Shane is passionate about passing on the tribal knowledge through field d ...…
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