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The journal of William Bradford, who served five terms as governor of the Plymouth colony, is an indispensable document of the events of early American history. His eyewitness account includes the stories of the Pilgrims’ sojourn in the Netherlands, the voyage of the Mayflower, the hardships of the New World, relations with the Indians, and the colony’s growth from an endangered enterprise to a thriving city. This edition of Bradford’s Of Plimoth Plantation presents the text in language made ...
Justin Bradford
It's a freestyle to help me express myself
Bradford Health's Services Alumni Program offers insight and information toward health and recovery from substance abuse. Listen in as we interview specialist from near and far on subjects of interest to individuals, friends, and family who have experienced substance abuse firsthand.
This station includes many different things my creative brain is responsible for.
All things spiritual growth.
The Pathway Church Barbers Hill Podcast
Listen to weekly sermons
Celebrate, Bradford. Sermon Podcast.
Husband and Wife duo, Bradford and Katie, take on the challenge of living in a media driven world. They talk about media manipulation, life, love, and all that in between, with interesting exchanges from the male and female perspective, and guest hosts to bring expert opinions into the mix.
The latest sermons from Trinity Church in Bradford.
BIOColin grew up in Grand Rapids Mi. When he was about eight years old, he started playing guitar. He played classical guitar but was also attending punk rock shows that his two older brothers would take him to. He listened to albums from everyone from the Sex Pistols to Yes, John Denver to Bad Brains. He played in a series of indie bands in both west Michigan, New York City, Seattle and Chicago. Colin recently relocated to New York and plans to release a new record in 2016 on his own label ...
Philadelphia Eagles fans that meet and discuss the Eagles ups and downs as only Eagles fans can... with sarcasm, blunt talk, passion and humor.
IT Stuff
Explaining the good stuff in IT & treating the bad stuff with the cynicism and contempt that it deserves.
The Learn to Code With Me podcast, created by Laurence Bradford, is for aspiring techies and self-taught coders looking to transition into the tech industry. Want actionable insights on how you can get paid for your coding skills? Then you're in the right place!
Podcast by Bradford Brooks
JohnPaulPerdiz - 10/10/2010 house mix1.) Le Que Feat Stanford- History of House (Dirtcaps Remix)2.) Robbie Taylor & Marc Macrowland feat. Zawdi MC - State Of Mind (Original Mix) 3.) Quintino - My House (Original Mix)4.) DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - Canoa (Original Mix)5.) Chris Reece - Brasil (Leventina 2010 Re-Animation)6.) Franky Rizardo - Afrika (Hardwell Revealed Remix)7.) Red Carpet, Hardwell – Alright 2010 (Original Mix)8.) Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix)
Albaseerah Podcasts
Albaseerah is an non-profit organisation based in Bradford (United Kingdom), that calls to following the Quran and Sunnah upon the methodology of the early muslims - the Salaf as-Saalih. It is the pure religion which calls to Tawheed (singling out Allaah) and sincerity of worship. The call of all the prophets and Messengers.
Made From Scratch
In regards to the life of two friends; Kyle and Derek will lay it out and give your ears a exhilarating ear-gasm!
The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly chat about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves. Join your host, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed Psychologist as she offers practical tips and strategies to improve your mental health, pulls back the curtain on what happens in therapy sessions, and answers your listener questions.
Podcast by Bradford Brooks
Our purpose is to reveal how much God still loves the world and to give Jesus His reputation back on the earth. We have witnessed the Spirit of God moving in powerful ways in the areas of miraculous understanding, healing, and deliverance. In this power that follows us, is a huge atmosphere of God's love. A large part of our ministry is dedicated to equipping, and releasing the body of Christ into its destiny. Our website is here to keep you up-to-date on what we’re doing and what God is sho ...
Sermons - CTK
This podcast is a weekly feed of Sunday morning sermons from Christ the King Presbyterian Church in downtown Raleigh, NC.
In off the POST - Kicking some sense BACK into Football as per usual this week as I'm joined by our resident betting guru, John Christodoulou, to relive a stunning fourth round in the FA Cup.A BRAND NEW Feature, the 'Rumour Mill' deputises as we try to decide who's done the business, off the field, this January.Finally, we speak to the editor of the most successful fanzine, AKUTR's, Dave Thomas, to find out how the fans feel about their clubs chances of survival.TAKE A BOW and a handpicked p ...
Boss Girl Creative Podcast, hosted by Taylor Bradford, teaches the whats, hows and whys of blogging, business and being a creative entrepreneur. In a creative rut? Not sure how to grow a community around your brand? About to launch a product or service? Need social media help/advice? Then this is the podcast for you! Join Taylor and her fellow co-hosts and guests on this creative entrepreneur journey to becoming an epic Boss Girl!
The most common question creative people get asked is, "Where do you get your ideas?" That's what Originality is all about: exploring the wheres, hows, and whys of creative genius with K Tempest Bradford, Aleen Simms, and a diverse assortment of guests from a variety of fields. Hosted by Aleen Simms and K Tempest Bradford.
BCOB Series
BCOB weekly discussion series
Hosts Matt and Gar will bring their unique sports views to anyone who wants to listen. Gar is unapologetic and opinionated while Matt brings a unique POV.
Each week on Smart Podcast, Trashy Books, Sarah Wendell interviews authors, readers, reviewers, bloggers, publishing professionals, editors, and librarians about romance novels, which are among the most popular genres in fiction worldwide. Popular guests include: Ilona Andrews, Robin Bradford, NPR's Barrie Hardymon, Jaye Wells, and Rachel Aaron. Amanda, Carrie, Elyse, and RedHeadedGirl, the crew of reviewers at, also make frequent appearances with maximum silliness. Frequent topics ...
Goodnight, Y'all
Podcast by Matthew Bradford
Each week on Smart Podcast, Trashy Books, Sarah Wendell interviews authors, readers, reviewers, bloggers, publishing professionals, editors, and librarians about romance novels, which are among the most popular genres in fiction worldwide. Popular guests include: Ilona Andrews, Robin Bradford, NPR's Barrie Hardymon, Jaye Wells, and Rachel Aaron. Amanda, Carrie, Elyse, and RedHeadedGirl, the crew of reviewers at, also make frequent appearances with maximum silliness. Frequent topics ...
General Hospital's Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson talk to each other, and guests...and end up laughing most of the time. Experience for yourself how much fun these two have together when they're in the same room! Come for the General Hospital talk, stay for the stories about life, love, the entertainment industry and lots of Stone Cold and Jackal hijinks!
TCW Radio
Weekly show about TCW Wrestling (Traditional Championship Wrestling) featuring the stars of TCW and wrestlers that will be appearing on TCW live events.
Weekly podcast from Central Assembly services, featuring Pastor Jim Bradford.
I.T. Career Energizer is a weekly I.T. career development podcast where Phil Burgess chats with successful I.T. Professionals, Consultants and Experts. Robert C Martin (Uncle Bob), Laurence Bradford (Learn To Code With Me), John Sonmez (Simple Programmer), Laura Brandenburg (Bridging The Gap) and David Rael (Developer On Fire) are just 5 of the featured guests to date. I.T. Career Energizer was created for YOU, the programmer, tester, business analyst, dba, project manager and anyone who wan ...
This is Sea To Ski with Sarah and T. The first podcast dedicated to the professional vacation rental manager. Join Sarah Bradford and Tim Cafferty on their journey through day to day issues affecting the professional vacation rental manager.
SRAC Sermons
Sermons from Solid Rock Apostolic Church located at 8991 OId US 36, Bradford, OH 45308
Bravely Broadcasting from Bradford, King of Grace Church delivers the uninhibited Word of God.
The Life Manual
THE LIFE MANUAL podcast is your place to find practical tools in leading the life you deserve. Your hosts Tom Payani, Emma Bradford and guests talk happiness, purpose, inspiration, creativity, motivation and confidence so you can experience success in life. If you enjoy this podcast please leave us a review on iTunes and Sound Cloud, sharing the link with friends and family… helping us to spread these tools with more people around the world.For more information check about your hosts check o ...
This is the podcast for Trinity Baptist Church in Bradford, Arkansas. Pastor Don RobinsonCo-Pastor Seth Robinson
Steve and Charlotte Gambill are Lead Pastors at LIFE Church. They have two children Hope Cherish and Noah Brave. Their passion is to help people discover God’s great love and purpose for their lives by building a relevant multi-cultural church where all can find a place to belong and thrive. These podcast messages are full of life and hope, rallying a generation to embrace the broken and become ambassadors of hope. LIFE Church is one church in four locations; located in Bradford, Leeds, Belf ...
Ruckus OC
No perfect people allowed. 6pm x 102 S. Bradford Ave Placentia, CA x 1st and 3rd
The Wisdom of Father Brown explores many characters and fascinating themes such as the following. An eminent criminologist is persuaded by the mild yet persistent Father Brown to sort out a family matter. Also, a Tuscan poet fancies himself as the King of Thieves. A famous French philosopher and atheist holds the key to a new invention called “Noiseless Powder.” A corpse is discovered in a dark passage backstage at London's Adelphi Theater. Finally there is Psychometric testing of criminals ...
This is the second of five books of short stories about G. K. Chesterton’s fictional detective, first published in 1914. Father Brown is a short, nondescript Catholic Priest with shapeless clothes and a large umbrella who has an uncanny insight into human evil. His methods, unlike those of his near contemporary Sherlock Holmes, although based on observation of details often unnoticed by others, tended to be intuitive rather than deductive. Although clearly devout, he always emphasizes ration ...
Join webcomic artists Mark Wise, Jin Wicked, and Root Bradford every month to chat about comics, conventions, business, butts, and more!
Gaming The Industry is a podcast with commentary on the gaming industry. This is a podcast where we dive into the deeper issues behind the industry itself, offering commentary for consumers, by consumers. We won't always agree, and that's a good thing. Join Shank, Bradford and Brian as they delve into what they're playing and the hottest commentary on the industry as a whole. Also has Japanese Language Support.
3 Cuckoos Podcast
Join Tim and Rob, from Bradford, England as we chat about our lives and the world around us in a very laid back unscripted fashion.We talk films, TV, music, games and whatever other garbage comes to mind; we've got comedy news from around the world and our Top 20 lists are a thing of beauty. Follow the guys on TwitterRob @robdodsworthTim @desktopdaydreamSo go on, BRING THE THUNDER!
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show series
Paul Haddad is an accomplished writer, novelist, TV showrunner, and currently AMC Network Executive. He's also who I refer to as an ambassador of Los Angeles. He loves L.A.! You've probably read some of his books (check them out here). After graduating from USC and wanting to be a documentarian, Paul began traveling the world with the E! show " ...…
Leigh concludes her conversation about emotional sobriety.
And then, when Mark woke up in the morning, it was his day off; it was exactly one week after he’d first met Sandra; and he was sitting uncomfortably on a limb, fifteen feet up in the old tulip tree. With a fearful effort, he managed to stand on the limb and grab the branch above. But he was unable to get comfortable, unable to get down, and en ...…
Dr. Jim Bradford, Senior PastorSeries: By His Spirit: Part 1May 20, 2018 · Sunday 10:30amSermon Notes | Sermon Slidedeck
Love = Holy Kisses? Geoff Bradford • Romans 16:1 - 16
John Scalzi is probably the best known writer who lives in our area. Here's a review of his latest book that I wrote for the Cox Ohio newspapers: John Scalzi just published "Head On," the follow-up novel to his 2014 book "Lock In." Scalzi, who resides in the village of Bradford (OH) is full of surprises and this book contains several. The autho ...…
Garrett Bradford has 25 years of experience working in the sports investment betting industry and is the Founder and CIO of Forensic Sports Investment talks about the Supreme Court ruling allowing states to decide if they will allow sports gambling
Will the first Budget from the new government offer any surprises? We'll have full coverage this afternoon and extensive analysis tomorrow, including a panel discussion with commentators Bernard Hickey, Fran O'Sullivan, Scott Campbell and Sue Bradford. For a preview of what we can expect today, Fran O'Sullivan and Bernard Hickey join Guyon Espi ...…
Jeremy & Jodi came over to GTJ for a chat about the Arlington BrewFest and Vision For A Cure.The Beer Benefit is taking place in Arlington WA on July 21st and 100% of the proceeds go to funding research to understanding Usher's Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects a very small percentage of people but happens to hit home for the Carter's. ...…
You may remember that last week we visited David Zwirner’s new Hong Kong gallery. Well, during Art Basel Hong Kong, the Swiss art gallery Hauser & Wirth also inaugurated their first Asia outpost, and in the same building. Like David Zwirner, Iwan and M...
On today's episode we speak with Ottawa Police Service, Constable Kevin Bradford. As all industries are rapidly changing with technological advancements and policing is no different. Law enforcement is constantly exploring new tools including drone technology for investigations and is working to keep up with changing legislations and policies. ...…
Dr. Jim Bradford, Senior PastorMay 13, 2018 · Sunday 10:30amSermon Notes | Sermon Slidedeck
For this interview, David and Jimmy talk with Dani Bradford about her platform Lonerucksack. Dani talks about the inception of her story telling medium, her experiences that lead to taking that first step, and a few of her upcoming adventures! You can stay up to date with Dani on her website Special thanks to Anna for our podca ...…
Leigh Belcher continues her conversation about emotional sobriety.
Unity > Freedom Geoff Bradford • Romans 14:13 - 15:7
Dawna DeSilva from Bethel Church, Redding, California asks us if we are seeing hope. Do we need to stop with old responses and start with new for a new season.
We discuss the state and future of free jazz with one of the hardest working bassists in contemporary jazz, Ingebright Håker Flaten. Born in Norway, Ingebrigt migrated to Austin, Texas, drawn in part by Pedro Moreno’s Epistrophy Arts, a grassroots cultural organization dedicated to free jazz and “adventurous music.” Ingebrigt first appeared on ...…
Guest Speaker, Dr. Cassandra Bradford Wilson, Founder of Genesis Preferred Solution and BMWOC Corporate Sponsor joins Anne in this interview to talk about her work to help veterans obtain their government certification needed to do business with the government. She also give best practices for other business on how to locate and obtain small le ...…
When it comes to national elections, the sad truth for Californians is we don’t really matter. But this year, something unusual is happening: A handful of longtime Republican congressional districts are suddenly vulnerable. Capital Public Radio’s Ben Bradford charts the rise and fall of California’s Republican Party — and its prospects going in ...…
Latest episode of GenCon Talks 1971-the present
Latest episode of GenCon Talks 1971-the present
Latest episode of GenCon Talks 1971-the present
Steve Perrault of the Section 10 Podcast and Bleacher Report joins Rob Bradford to take a deep dive into what makes a good baseball podcast. Why are some good? Why do some suck? The duo also discuss the evolution of their respective podcasts, and where the whole podcast thing might be going. Steve also reflects on his time with NESN when it was ...…
Latest episode of GenCon Talks 1971-the present
Description: Fifty years after the sexual revolution, sex in America is in decline. Americans are having less sex, the share of Americans who say they never once had sex in the past year is rising, and–perhaps most surprising–this revolution in sexual behavior is being led by the young. And this trend pre-dates the #MeToo movement. We’ll explai ...…
Jamie Bradford joins the show and Swanny notes the great baseball movies that he has never seen.
Featuring our go-to guy for culture, cuisine and the arts, DotFresher, and co-hosted by WARR editorial director, Kyle Means, the Gourmet Season podcast brings you restaurant reviews, showcases of nightlife and pointed discussions on hip-hop, culture and all the other things intelligent minds and refined spirits like.We bring you a look into Chi ...…
Mitch Bradford joins Zach & Ed on the morning show at KX 93.5 to perform songs off his forthcoming debut full length album, Love Is Kind. 5/9/18
Leigh Belcher of A Reprieve for Women discusses the importance of emotional sobriety.
ESPN's Bradford Dolittle came on with Marcellus and Travis to talk about Clayton Kershaw's injury and the possibility of him using his out-clause to become a free agent after the season. Dolittle also had some thoughts on the dominant start of Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels.
The fellas can't believe that the Toronto Raptors could fire their coach, Dwane Casey, after winning a francise-high 59 games in the Regular Season. Plus, ESPN's Bradford Dolittle came on with Marcellus and Travis to talk about Clayton Kershaw's injury and the possibility of him using his out-clause to become a free agent after the season.…
On this week's episode, Dillon brings in special guest co-host, Uncle Bobby, to discuss the NFL Draft results, Matt Ryan's new contract, the NBA Playoffs, LeBron's playoff performance, the Sixers woes against the Celtics, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the chances of the Capitals revenge against the Penguins and so much more! Segments include Uncle ...…
High-profile defense attorney Bradford Cohen opens up about his celebrity cases. His recent Kodak Black case, Justin Bieber street racing case and more. We also dial up the way-back-machine and talk about all the things you shouldn’t do when you’re on a reality show and being filmed 24hrs a day.
Producer Felix learnt his lesson to never let By The Bi's Bradford and Angela be alone in the same studio with Lakey - the one time it happened, they came up with the ridiculous challenge to see who could wear a chastity belt for the longest. It kicks off today. You can check how addicted to your phone you are in iPhone settings, and there are ...…
Yann Debonne’s TV career as a showrunner and company owner is one most other showrunners would kill for ( He has had overall deals with networks like MTV, executive produced large, complicated shiny floor shows with live audiences, and become the go-to guy for dozens of networks. But perhaps Yann’s most coveted asset is his min ...…
Latest episode of GenCon Talks 1971-the present
Clint Tannehill grew up in a rough place just north of Spokane, he learned quickly how to evaluate competition and determine what value he has to offer to separate himself from the competition. I was blessed to pick his brain at the beginning of the campaign trail, we discuss Education, Public Health, Opioids, Cannabis, and plenty more. I love ...…
Dr. Jim Bradford, Senior Pastor May 6th 2018 • Sunday, 10:30 AM Sermon Notes | Sermon Slidedeck
Unity > Uniformity Geoff Bradford • Romans 14:1-13
Liz Gregg reminds us of the complete centrality of Jesus to all that we are and do.
Chase McCabe and Justin Bradford get you ready for game 5 between the Preds and Jets.
Chase McCabe and Justin Bradford get you ready for Game 5 between the Preds and Jets.
Title: Avoid Growing PainsTopic: How you can grow your business healthfully … for it and for YOU!During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out: ➢How growing too fast depletes your resources. ➢How delegating and training helps you grow successfully. ➢That hiring well is a skill worth developing!Guest: Brad Smith – President of Stellar In ...…
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