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Dead By Dawn: Ash Vs Evil Dead Podcast
Hello fellow Deadites and welcome to Dead By Dawn, the best dang podcast dedicated to the Raimiverse. Currently we have three new episodes a week going into Evil Dead 2, 2 minutes at a time. We're happy to have interviewed many from the original cast and crew from the film and we include exclusive clips in most episodes.
Ash Talk Podcast
Home to the unofficial podcast about the Starz original series Ash vs. The Evil Dead. Hosted by Brian and Jamie. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcasts at
Geektastic Cage Match
The Geektastic Cage Match pits geek touchstones against each other in front of a live audience. Star Trek v Star Wars, Hawkeye v Legolas, Bruce Campbell v Nathan Fillion, Marvel v DC, and more!
Bruce on the Loose!
An overview of the life and career of B Movie Cult Superstar, Bruce Campbell.
Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast
Mount Olympus is an episode by episode review of the smash 90s television programs "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and its spinoff "Xena: Warrior Princess," which still enjoy unparalleled cultural relevance today! Or ... at least they do in the hearts of our hosts. Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, and friends (along with fan favorite Bruce Campbell!) stomp, fight, and flirt their way through the New Zealand countryside - and we break it down week by week.
That Cast
Join That Guy and That guy as they talk about Bruce Campbell and stuff, but mostly Bruce Campbell.
Sick and Wrong Podcast
THE WORLD’S SOURCE FOR ANTI-SOCIAL COMMENTARYSick and Wrong is your hearing aid into the dark, depraved, and dripping abscess that is contemporary existence. An enchanting mélange of social criticism, pointed observation, and well-deserved derision; Sick and Wrong is the pepto-bismol for society’s indigestion. In their critically acclaimed weekly podcast, award-winning broadcasters Dee Simon and Lance Wackerle discuss the most vile, disquieting, and oddly amusing news items for your listenin ...
A movie podcast (mostly) focused on 1980s movies. We talk about everything from Bruce Campbell movies to 1980s cult classics. If you're a fan of movies from the 1980s, or you don't mind a little cinematic ADD, then give Forgotten Flix a try!
Talking Evil Dead
This podcast is made for die hard Evil Dead fans by die hard Evil Dead fans. We have watched this series and waited for the day to come we could get more. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we were not only going to get more Evil Dead, but an Evil Dead series starring Bruce Campbell. We can't wait to go on this journey of this first season and look forward to enjoying this new series with all of you.
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A Very Happy Christmas from the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences has many forgotten stories in its Archives. Stories of madcap adventures in all corners of the Empire, dark doings in hidden places, and mysterious devices and artifacts that the everyday citizen should never become aware of for fear it would q ...…
The Dork Of All Trades Podcast
This Week on the Dork of All Trades Podcast Our Hosts, Tim, John and Ray talk about Adult Cartoons They Discuss: Ash vs the Evil Dead, The Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell, Rick and Morty, Szechuan Sauce, Rick Sanchez, Morty, Interdimensional Cable, The Grandfathers Paradox, Rick is Morty, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Pickle Rick, Adult Swim, South Par ...…
In the year 2525--um, I mean in the year 2016--I joined Gary Mitchel and the Classic SF Track crew at DragonCon to talk about two wacky syndicated TV shows from yesteryear: Jack of All Trades (with Bruce Campbell) and Cleopatra 2525. Be a part of the White Rocket Entertainment family by becoming a patron of the shows: ...…
***EXPLICIT CONTENT***You voted for it and here it is! The guys did a special Halloween Commoners Commentary just for you! It only helps that Dr. T Neil is a walking AoD encyclopedia and an avid Bruce Campbell fan. Listen along while these gents drop some behind the scenes knowledge, crack a few jokes and generally show their love for the not-s ...…
MHM Podcast Network
Renaissance Pictures released The Evil Dead on April 15, 1981. Sam Raimi directed the film which starred Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, and Richard DeManincor. The post The Evil Dead (1981) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
IdjitCast – QuadrupleZ
Season 7 time! We all got together to discuss our first cluster of the season, for episodes 1-4. The recording was delayed by various life stuff including a hurricane, and occurred just days before this release. In Cluster A, we discuss 7x01 Meet the New Boss, 7×02 Hello, Cruel World, 7×03 The Girl Next Door, and 7×04 Defending Your Life. As us ...…
Now Playing - The Movie Review Podcast
The fourth Phantasm film was shaping up to be major. Written by Pulp Fiction Academy Award Winning writer Roger Avary, the film would be a post-apocalyptic action film starring Bruce Campbell! But...that's not the film that was made. Unable to find the money for that film, Don Coscarelli and company made a film that didn't go to the future, but ...…
RB1: A Fantasy Football Podcast
Pete, Jon and Clark start off the show reviewing the news around the NFL, including the Texans lack of tight ends (2:37), Odell Beckham and his “optimism” (5:38) and if we’ll finally see Thomas Rawls in action (7:41). Then the guys look at popular players on the waiver wire and gauge their confidence in them in terms of famous actors (13:35). H ...…
Au Radio: The Gold Standard of Comics, SciFi, Horror & Pop Culture Podcast
Ep. 12! The Reboot Episode. The gang talks about all the new reboot shows going on in Hollywood, which ones should not happen and what they'd actually like to see a reboot of. Then Ian discusses the "Raimi Theory"; Katie is looking for Bruce Campbell's Chin...Travis has some soup while Kory gets excited about Elvira's Birthday and Greg is intri ...…
Big Money Movie Ideas
Andrew constructs a Port-a-Stutty while Kelsey sees dead people... Everywhere... But mostly just at the state fair. Check out! This week's poster features the inventor of Campbell's Soup himself, Bruce Campbell's ghost. Song Credit: DON'T MAKE TERRY WAIT by Dr Sparkles licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Artwork by ...…
In this episode, Shawn talks about his time meeting God, himself: Bruce Campbell! The man... the legend... the chin! Then we discuss our favorite drummers. Neat!
Bruce Campbell joins Matt & Adam to talk about his new book "Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B Movie Actor". #z93 #z93morningafter #brucecampbell #ash #evildead
He wears green, he steals things, he's Robin Hood with a Greek name: AUTOLYCUS IS HERE! Lovingly portrayed by Bruce Campbell, the King of thieves breathes life into this wonderful episode with his first appearance on Xena Warrior Princess. Bonus points go to our special guest, Chad Bowers (@ChadBowers), who had two sleeping children and still m ...…
The After Show, Show! with Eric and Mike
B-Movie rockstar, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, USA’s Burn Notice), joins the show this morning to talk about his new book, “Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B-Movie Actor”! The conversation turns to Eric and Mike’s B-Movie idea, and the brainstorming begins in today’s After Show, Show! The post The After Show, Show: Episode 179 appeared ...…
KQ Morning Show
The KQ Morning Show - Originally aired on August 14, 2017: Part 3 (Guests: Bruce Campbell, Kelly Le Brock, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila)
The KQ Morning Show - Originally aired on August 14, 2017: Part 3 (Guests: Bruce Campbell, Kelly Le Brock, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila)
Bulldog's Rude Awakening Show
Aug 14th - Porter the Profiler, Destination America Haunted Towns, Kelly LaeBrock, Bruce Campbell
Bulldog's Rude Awakening Show
August 14th - Porter the Profiler, Destination America Haunted Towns, Kelly LaeBrock, Bruce Campbell
The SilverScreen Redemption: A Movie Sequel Podcast
Who's your favorite Uncle Ben? Cliff Robertson, Martin Sheen…or Bruce Campbell? Everything old is new again in this endlessly rebootable franchise. Spoilers: Spider-man: Homecoming Featured movie: Spider-M4n Inspired by: Spider-man: Homecoming Directed by: Jon Watts Starring: Laura Harrier, Willem Dafoe, Andrew Garfield, and Martin Sheen Taglin ...…
The Fandom In Us This episode focuses on two VERY special fans! 1) Bob Socrates - Travis shares a deeply personal reason for being a true Bruce Campbell fan. 2) Chris AKA "Lil Ash" - This little guy is the young Ash Williams Cosplayer who made a big splash at Wizard World Chicago 2016.
What's In a Podcast
"Give me some sugar baby". Wait... No... That's from a different movie. Join us as we discuss another of Bruce Campbell's great performances, Bubba Ho-Tep. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro and Outro Music Bubba Ho-Tep Final Count by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ...…
Kj and Chulak get together to talk about one of their favorite campy movies to watch. Bruce Campbell starring in his iconic role of Ash, in Army of Darkness. This movie is chocked full of stupid laughs, that will leave you in stitches, and wondering why you even hit play in the first place. However we all know you watched it till the end... did ...…
Friend of The Show Adam joins Mark and Brian for a look at the made for TV movie that started it all while Meg and Lucas take a brief break to deal with that whole baby business. Mount Olympus is an episode by episode review of the smash 90s television programs "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and its spinoff "Xena: Warrior Princess," which s ...…
We’re seeing double this week on XENA: WARRIOR PODCAST! Vera, Katie, and Livy catch a doppelgänger double-header of 3x08 “The King of Assassins” and 3x09 “Warrior…Priestess…Tramp.” Is it weird to watch a bunch of comedies in the middle of the pitch-dark Rift saga? Yup! Are those comedies funny? ...Yup? Admittedly it’s a mixed bag with “Assassin ...…
Horror Rewind
In this episode we discuss the Bruce Campbell classic Evil Dead 2. Lisa mixes us a drink in her mixology segment and we talk about Ash V. Evil Dead. Episode sponsored by author Krista Street.
Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast
When we last left Hercules he was busy being awesome, this week he tries hard to prove he isn't in Hercules Episode 28: Headless Hearts. Join us in crying as the show presents us no less than 3 other glorious plots it could be exploring, hear Brian contemplating breaking in to his own home, Mark try to seriously derail the podcast and turning i ...…
Road trip!! We watched the Granddaddy of all cabin in the woods vacation movies. We're headed through the world of the Evil Dead over the next four weeks. Join us now for the first installment. Bruce Campbell song: by: Nigel Stanford- art by: James Denton-…
A Special Birthday Wish for the King!
Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast
This week, we go a questing for the treasure of the sumerians, and join up with a warlord, an assassin, and some highly questionable in hindsight relationships with Xena: Warrior Podcasts Episode 14: A Fistful of Dinars! Come for Xena, stay for Meg's angry rant about wimpy kids. Mount Olympus is an episode by episode review of the smash 90s tel ...…
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