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Best Zombie podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Last Podcast On The Left
The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.
We're Alive
Set 17 years after the main events of WE’RE ALIVE, GOLDRUSH is a recollection story that describes the efforts of the “soldiers” (Greg Muldoon, Anthony Robbins, Carl Thomas, and Samuel Puck) attempt a side mission to retrieve a suspected stash of gold bullion.Told from the perspective of an aging Gen. Puck, he confides this previously undisclosed tale to the only surviving relation of his former team, Alex Robbins, the son of Puck’s friend Anthony. Over the course of ten episodes, the show w ...
"The Walking Dead Tertulia Zombie" es un podcast en el que comentamos la serie episodio a episodio. Con spoilers, motes para los personajes y muchas risas.
Does plain stockinette put you into a zombie trance? Invigorate your knitting with our podcast that shares 2 knitters passion for knitting with the world by talking about current projects, yarn, and patterns.
The Savannah Zombie Podcast is brought to you by author Josh Vasquez. Uncut and unedited, he tackles subjects like writing, books, and all kinds of nerdy things as he drives to work.
Reanimated Podcast
H.A. and Stuart take on the latest news, reviews, and education of Zombie culture this side of the Zombocalypse
Podcast of "Rationality: From AI to Zombies" by Eliezer Yudkowsky
Award-winning anthology series of audio dramas, in the realm of the strange, speculative, and supernatural. Some episodes include more mature content, but have warning labels.
Welcome to the Polterguys podcast! In a podcast of all things spooky, scary, sci-fi and mostly dumb, join the "Polterguys" themselves, Ross and Matty, as they break down the best (and worst) of horror and sci-fi movies and shows ranging from all parts of time and space.
Atlanta Film Chat
The #1 show about the Atlanta film industry since 2014. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @ATLFilmChat for updates!
Shadow Nation
Americas Place for strange, bringing you the best in Hollywood Horror & the Paranormal each week. Listen each week as we talk with celebrities from your favorite horror movies and TV shows as well as paranormal investigators. We'll also keep you updated in the world of the paranormal with news from the strange.
Zombie talks Big Brother 21 all summer long.
Dispatch from the Zombie Apocalypse provides a space to reckon with our demons, call out our enemies, and work together to build a better society. DZA is 100% fact-based and firmly grounded in the reality-based community; it rejects "post-truth" politics and holds everyone to account. Each episode contains suggested antidotes, as the purpose of this show is social change, not simply intellectual discourse. *DZA's host is Dr. Jason Scorse, who holds a PhD in Environmental Economics with a min ...
Team Zombie: an intrepid group of adventurers who delve into the narrative world of the Zombie Apocalypse.With an emphasis on THE WALKING DEAD and FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, "Zombpocalypse Now" will also cover books, comics, video games, movies, and television shows wrapped in zombification and the supernatural. Anything's on the table, so be sure to listen as we pick our braaiiinnnnsssss.....
We take your questions about life, Earth and the universe to researchers hunting for answers at the frontiers of knowledge.
Neon Brainiacs
Follow hosts Ben and Gregg as they assess various horror films from the 1980's, the decade that defined the genre. Neon Brainiacs takes a weekly look at the good, the bad, and the schlock of 80's horror.
We're like 'the McLaughlin Group' for Nerds!
Zombies Ate My Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on all things zombies! Each week Bob, Ryan, and Lou break down the zombie news, discuss zombie movies both old and new, and spoil the living dead out of The Walking Dead.
Shadow Nation
Americas Place for strange, bringing you the best in Hollywood Horror & the Paranormal each week. Listen each week as we talk with celebrities from your favorite horror movies and TV shows as well as paranormal investigators. We'll also keep you updated in the world of the paranormal with news from the strange.
Ripping apart classic, modern and obscure horror films, reviewing one movie each week.
A daily fiction podcast from Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. A different kind of zombie story... Take care of each other. Episodes expire after 24 hours, but a new one is published every day! Want to catch up on past episodes? Pledge as little as $1/month at patreon.com/mercuryradio and get the entire back catalog!
Hosts review each film in horror movie franchises one by one. To date we have covered Scream, The Exorcist, Pumpkinhead, Final Destination, The Prophecy and Sleepaway Camp.
Award-winning anthology series of audio dramas, in the realm of the strange, speculative, and supernatural. Some episodes include more mature content, but have warning labels.
Edited by bestselling, award-winning anthologist John Joseph Adams, NIGHTMARE is a digital magazine of horror and dark fantasy. In its pages, you will find all kinds of horror and dark fantasy, from zombie stories and haunted house tales, to visceral psychological horror. Every month NIGHTMARE will bring you a mix of original fiction and reprints, and featuring a variety of authors: from the bestsellers and award-winners you already know to the best new voices you haven't heard of yet. When ...
The Zombie Grrlz Horror Movie Podcast delivers horror movie reviews, horror movie streaming picks, and discussions of women in horror from the female perspective.
The Science Hour
Science news and highlights of the week
Science in Action
The BBC brings you all the week's science news.
Brain Bitez
A podcast where Jeff takes a listener chosen topic and goes online, researching through every site, to hunt down as much information on that subject as humanly possible. He then delivers that information in a fun, quirky and entertaining podcast that will hopefully not only have you learning something new about the worlds strange, weird and amazing past, but also have you thinking about the future. It doesn’t matter if your working at your job, doing chores around the house, or just chilling ...
Dispatches from the Weird
We've never turned a sinner form our doors.
It's All Been Done Radio Hour is a live comedy show in the style of old radio serials. There are currently five programs that we rotate through. Once a month, several of these are performed in front of an audience near Columbus, Ohio, then the content is released weekly as a podcast (along with extras, such as cast interviews and fake commercials). Content is PG-13-ish. Our roster includes: Universe Journey, The Scary Dead, The Topnotch Tangler, Pornstar Detectives, and Daniel Kravitz, Chose ...
Whale American Idol. Underwater pyramids. A honeybee chop shop. Each week we'll dive into one of the curiously delightful conversations we've overheard around National Geographic's headquarters. You'll be introduced to the explorers, photographers and scientists at the edges of our big, bizarre, and beautiful world.
Nekropolitan wraz z Nawiedzonym Podcastem zapraszają do zapoznania się z horrorem w każdej możliwej postaci! Tylko tutaj znajdziecie stęchłe wiadomości, potworne bloki tematyczne, nagrania z tamtej strony, śmiertelnie poważne artykuły oraz odrobinę wisielczego humoru. Groza stara i nowa, książkowa i filmowa, komiksowa i growa, wyjątkowa i klasy B! Na co jeszcze czekacie? Serdecznie zapraszamy do lektury i słuchania!
Every podcast available from the Cosmic Potato Podcast Network
Walkers & Talkers
En gång i månaden+
David Brody, from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and his co-host Jamie from Lite FM in NYC, break down every episode of AMC's The Walking Dead , Fear The Walking Dead and Preacher with knowledge and humor. They also give you the latest TWD news all year round!Twitter: @DavidBrody @TheTalkingJamie @Walkers_Talkers Instagram: @DavidBrody @TheTalkingJamie @Walkers_Talkers
Dread Media
From reviews to interviews to news, Dread Media is your source for the best, the worst and weirdest the horror genre has to offer. Every week Desmond Reddick casts a shadow over all aspects of the genre. Movies, books, television, comic books, music... nothing is safe. It's horror geek Mecca! Look for new episodes of Dread Media every Monday, and listen with the lights on!
Masters Of The Metaverse is an RPG like no other from the minds of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment! Join the cast as they travel to strange new worlds and inhabit mysterious new avatars, all while searching for the truth behind the Metaverse.
BJ Shea's Geek Nation is the spot to get your Geek news! This geek-centric podcast featuring The Reverend En Fuego, Vicky Barcelona, Joey Deez & BJ Shea covers all things geek, from movies, television, video games and comics! Visit bjgeeknation.com today where you'll also find all the podcasts, along with blogs, bios & more!
Without Your Head
Without Your Head
Kim and Lizzie are two humans who host a podcast celebrating and dissecting AMC's "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead."
Library at the End of the World is hosted by noted survival and preparedness authority Jim Cobb. He's long been a fan of post-apocalyptic and disaster fiction and this show will focus on the books, TV shows, and movies that center on all the ways authors and directors have destroyed the world. We'll be talking about electromagnetic pulse, plague, nuclear war, alien invasion, zombie uprising, and so much more. Reviews, author interviews, even some real world survival and prepper tips along th ...
Talk Dead To Me
Co tydzień+
A podcast from Skybound Entertainment focused on all things Walking Dead. Hosts Johnny O'Dell, Alexandra August and Woody Tondorf dissect and discuss everything happening in the Walking Dead universe - Season 10 of the show, the end of the comics and games, books and spin-off news. TDTM also features interviews with guests well-known throughout the franchise and fandom. New episodes every Monday morning!
Two idiot friends find themselves in the zombie apocalypse without a clue and with some unique weapons on their side. Enjoy the hilarity that comes with Jay and Craig in You've Got Dead On You!
All Horror
All Horror Radio has quickly become one of the most popular horror podcasts on the web. Founded in 2010, it is now back after a 4 year hiatus! Co-hosts Robin, Madison, Amanda & Lizz-Ayn explore the horror genre & industry via celebrity interviews, horror reviews and news. Previous interviews include such guests as the cast members of AMC's "The Walking Dead", "VH1's Scream Queens", "SAW 3D", "The Human Centipede", "Hostel III" & "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", among many others. All horror discu ...
Hosted by Tammy Coron and Tim Mitra, Roundabout: Creative Chaos focuses on creativity, technology, and zombies. Spend some time with Tammy and Tim as they interview guests who enjoy sharing their creative process and their stories. Topics include interactive design and development, animation, creative writing, technical writing, gaming, movies, music, and more.
Aim for the Head Podcast takes you deep into the storylines of AMC's "The Walking Dead" and "Fear of the Walking Dead". Hosts Dianna and Steve analyze the characters like an intervention on Thanksgiving Day - taking a machete and chopping into the emotional motivation behind each personality and offering a few choice insights of their own. If a zombie apocalypse is on your bucket list - you've found the perfect podcast. Sit back and let the infection take hold as you awake to a new reality.
The Walking Dead
ZombieCast.NET Your Guide to all things Zombie, we talk zombie news, movies, tv, games, and comics. with your host Freeman and Matt and Tedakin LEAVE US AN iTUNES REVIEW!
Guy Pigden and Harley Neville are New Zealand filmmakers collectively known as Pigville Productions. Their first feature film 'I Survived A Zombie Holocaust' is available on DVD and iTunes and their second feature film 'Older' is currently in post production. As YouTube partners their channel has reached over 11 million views and 20,000 subscribers, join these two maverick filmmakers as they discuss their adventures in the screen trade. Join the conversation and get in touch! Facebook: www.f ...
60-Second Science
Leading science journalists provide a daily minute commentary on some of the most interesting developments in the world of science. For a full-length, weekly podcast you can subscribe to Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American . To view all of our archived podcasts please go to www.scientificamerican.com/podcast
Horrified Chicken
Horror movie enthusiast lightheartedly reviews horror films with her non horror fan husband.
Words To That Effect: Stories of the Fiction that Shapes Popular Culture.WTTE is a narrative storytelling show that explores the intriguing places where fiction, history, science, and popular culture intersect and inspire. From the Victorian past to utopian futures, dinosaurs to detectives, zombies to mummies, how does literature shape our understanding of popular culture? Find out more at wttepodcast.com (https://wttepodcast.com). Get in touch at wttepodcast@gmail.com
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show series
In this episode Jason discusses how the less partisan eras masked great oppression and injustice, and how in this era we finally have the opportunity to fully progress as a nation.By Jason Scorse.
Book 4, Part T, Chapter 254: My Childhood Role Model "Rationality: From AI to Zombies" by Eliezer Yudkowsky Independent audio book project by Walter and James http://from-ai-to-zombies.eu Original source entry: http://lesswrong.com/lw/ql/my_childhood_role_model/ The complete book is available at MIRI for pay-what-you-want: https://intelligence. ...…
In which we enjoy THE WALKING DEADs seaspn premiere The Lines We Cross and record in the same room again for the first time in two years Yes thats right while we recorded later than usual this week we did it because we had the opportunity for Mr Adair to join Mr Harvey back in KC for this episode and we simply couldnt pass on the chance It was ...…
We start off the show going over our Extra Life promotion this year, and we have some fun planned if listeners donate. Please support a great cause, and have us watch a few fun zombie films along the way! In the news we go over some new zombie types in Zombieland 2, The Walking Dead has a new VR game coming in early 2020, and we have our first ...…
I watched Doom Annihilation and this is how I feel about it!
El podcast en español sobre la serie "The Walking Dead. Review, risas y spoilers. Episodio 1 de la 10ª Temporada: Line we cross Emisión en AMC USA: 6 de Octubre de 2019 Emisión en FOX España: 7 de Octubre de 2019 Más información y comentarios en: http://www.fansfiction.es/the-walking-dead-s10e16-dia-de-entrenamiento/…
On this episode of the Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast, we lean all the way in on our feminist rage with reviews of The Lure (2015) and The Perfection (2019). While a movie about teen mermaids working in Polish cabaret and another about classically trained cellists may not seem like they have much in common, dig a little deeper and they share theme ...…
It’s Stephen King month here on The Resurrection of Zombie 7 Podcast! With the release of the second part of the epic IT franchise, we bring Little Miss Horror Nerd back to the show to breakdown whether or not IT Chapter Two is a worthy addition into the King library. Add to that Jessica’s favorite subject — cats! We also take a look at 1985’s ...…
Megan and Amy share ZK2020 news, family goings on, and as always their recent FOs, WIPs, and enabling. Grab your knitting and join us! Read more »By showtime@stockinettezombies.com.
Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: "Gorno", a Dutch family "waiting for the end of time", and MUCH MORE. TRIPLE L.
This episode will expire in 24 hours! Missed an episode? Pick it back up anytime! Want the back catalog? Become a supporter on Patreon! patreon.com/mercuryradio More info about ARTC And Mercury at artc.org/mercury Transcript available at http://mercuryradio.libsyn.comBy Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.
BJ reviews the latest from the comics including Spider-Man and Fantastic Four; BJ discusses his thoughts on the series finale of Killjoys; BJ talks about the Netflix series Wu Assassins; Rev finds out exactly how much the special edition Infinity War Saga will cost; the gang discusses the upcoming Watchmen series on HBO; BJ gets excited for the ...…
It's All Been Done Radio Hour Commercial #98 Ghost Buddies #3 "Reboot" After being cancelled last year, Ghost Buddies returns in a new series! A comedy radio show originally performed Saturday, October 13, 2018 at MadLab theatre in Columbus, Ohio. STARRING Joe Morales as Austin Samantha Stark as Sarah Chris Allen as the Announcer Shane Stefanch ...…
Grab your magic kits, maniacs, because our Halloween spectacular continues with the 1982 snoozefest Trick Or Treats! This cheap slasher clone has us bringing up many tangents, including paper Halloween decorations, hidden punk artifacts, and "junior" cartoons of popular properties.
Rumblings on the Red Planet act like x-rays, allowing scientists to probe the hidden interior of Mars. Christopher Intagliata reports.By Christopher Intagliata.
On this episode Sean & Nicole talk about the 1988 cult film Night of the Demons. There’s obnoxious and crazy teens, the neighborhood grouch, creative shoplifting, the origins of twerking and some demonic deaths. we have t-shirts which can be found at www.mealymonsterland.com .. When Shopping at Amazon why not use our link, it won’t cost you any ...…
Accomplished horror director Adam Wingard’s pic is kind of a horror movie, but more of a psychological thriller/action pic that happens to be dripping with Halloween atmosphere. Perfect for the season, and also a “perfectly serviceable film” by our standards, with a “smooookin’ hot” guy leading the action. The post The Guest appeared first on 2 ...…
Want more? Learn about the science of tsunamis -- including why Indonesia may be due for another big one. Could earthquakes explain some biblical stories? Scientists matched a tale of "fire and brimstone" with geological records of Israel's seismic history. A surprise tsunami in 2018 was far worse than early-warning systems expected. Here's wha ...…
The rules of the Atlas are established forcing the soldiers to weigh what is truly valuable in their world. Life underground has a multitude of benefits, but the costs run deep as the dwellers beneath the eartch come clean about their struggles. A simple game between friends tests the strength of their bonds. Set 17 years after the main events ...…
This week on BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance, the crew interview Bryon Corbett of Oracle: A Game of Galactic Salvation, then go into *Special Delivery* where they run down the recent Kickstarters that were recently received and if it was on time or not.By BJ Shea.
For most people today, the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde has been reduced to a fairly straightforward allegory of the potential dark side within us all. But if you read Robert Louis Stevenson’s original tale, a short 80-odd page novella, you immediately realise there is so much to this masterpiece of 19th century fiction. There are so many rea ...…
If you like origin stories, MAN, does #TWD have a great one for you! This week, we learned how #Alpha and #Beta met, and what the seeds of their “relationship” were. Listen in this week as Steve and Dianna dissect this episode like it’s your best friend’s face. Download now! If you’ve got a comment, suggestion or theory you want to discuss, you ...…
This week Talk Dead to Me dives head first into The Walking Dead 10.2, "We Are The End of the World." We sink our teeth into Alpha and Beta's "friendship," pick X-Men characters for the cast and interview our first guest, Kirsten Acuna from Insider! Follow her @KirstenAcuna on Twitter. ******** Each week hosts Johnny O'Dell, Alexandra August an ...…
This week on Dread Media, Desmond and Tom take a look at the Weird Western cosmic horror film Dead Birds. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid takes a look at the obscure Vincent Price film Bloodbath at the House of Death. Then, Tom is back to discuss RV: Resurrected Victims. And there are also songs: "Controlled by Fear" by Toxic Holocaust, "Golde ...…
Robert Eagar and Martin Kelley from Full Count discuss making the film, what Robert learned as a first time feature filmmaker, and more in advance of the film’s premiere on October 25th!
Rev & BJ sit down with Lone Shark Games' Mike Selinker and Trevor Kidd to talk about their new game, Paul & Storm's Sausage Party; BJ reviews the board games on Kickstarter including Godspeed & Entropia; BJ discusses his first impressions of a new sci-fi show Emergence; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!…
A successful zombie comedy! Though it will not replace Shaun of the Dead in H.A.'s heart, it tickles Reanimated in almost all the right places.By Reanimated Podcast.
Nobel prizes this week went to a range of discoveries that you might be familiar with, in fact you might be using one of them right now – the lithium ion battery. The scientists credited with its Invention got the chemistry prize. And the tantalising prospect of life on other planets plays into the physics prize win.We see what salamanders have ...…
It's All Been Done Radio Hour #198 Privates #2 "Ex Marks the Spot: Chapter 2" Jake questions Cordelia Bench's butler and ex-boyfriend. A comedy radio show originally performed Saturday, October 13, 2018 at MadLab theatre in Columbus, Ohio. STARRING Keith Jackson as Jake Cotton Jake Morales as Theodore the Butler Shane Stefanchik as Frank Berry ...…
The Slender Man is an alleged paranormal figure purported to have been in existence for centuries, covering a large geographic area. Believers in the Slender Man tie his appearances in with many other legends around the world, including; Fear Dubh (or, The Dark Man) in Scotland, the Dutch Takkenmann (Branch Man), and the German legend of Der Gr ...…
It's mail day in The Black Lodge and while Matty tries to read some *important* mail sent to him with his possible 23&Me results, Ross cuts him off so they can talk about this week's movie, the 2005 remake of The Fog. In one of the most redundant endings to any movie they've covered, you'll wanna listen through all of this one Polterpals!…
Kim and Lizzie discuss and dissect The Walking Dead 10.1 "Lines We Cross." “We pick back up with the group in Oceanside continuing to train in case the Whisperers return. Tensions are high as heroes struggle to hold onto their concept of civilization.” Brainiacs, look for Brains Gone Bad on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Email us at brainsgon ...…
On the first of a two part series, we kick off Halloween with a good old-fashioned ghost story concerning the most haunted house in all of England: Borley Rectory! Join us as we discuss all the hits, from the Phantom Nun to Old Amos, including the family that kicked off the whole shebang, the Bulls. Go to http://simplisafe.com/LEFT and get a FR ...…
Human life expectancy has been increasing for decades. In many developed countries, we can now expect to live into our 80s, and it isn’t uncommon to live to 90 or even 100 years old. But eventually our bodies fail, old age is undoubtedly a clear indicator of approaching death. This fact annoyed 79 year old CrowdScience listener Bill, who emaile ...…
Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach and runs down news from NYCC; the gang discusses the season 10 premiere of The Walking Dead; BJ & Vicky discuss the series finale of Preacher; the gang discusses (with NO SPOILERS) the Joker movie; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!By BJ Shea.
Sky Elobar "Big Brayden" of "The Greasy Strangler"! Director of "Candy Corn" Josh Hasty! Tony Foresta lead vocalist of" Municipal Waste"! See Municipal Waste perform live this weekend at Rock And Shock this weekend!Greasy Strangler, Municipal Waste and Candy Corn!By Without Your Head.
Life back in the home Metaverse is anything but ordinary...a team of slightly extraordinary people are brought together to investigate Planet Metaverse!By paxamo.
Algorithms are already used to remove online hate speech. Now scientists have taught an AI to respond—which they hope might spark more discourse. Christopher Intagliata reports.By Christopher Intagliata.
Nobel prizes this week went to a range of discoveries that you might be familiar with, in fact you might be using one of them right now – the lithium ion battery. The scientists credited with its Invention got the chemistry prize. And the tantalising prospect of life on other planets plays into the physics prize win.And we also see what salaman ...…
Join Tammy Coron and Tim Mitra on Episode 139, which was recorded on August 17, 2019. On this episode, they talk with Scott Gardner. Scott’s been developing iOS app apps for about a decade, and he's been a Swift guy since it was first introduced. He's also an avid practitioner of reactive programming and has authored several books, video course ...…
In an effort to show you what else we got going on at The Last Podcast Network, we're dropping our latest episode of KINDA FUN into your feed: On this ep, Ben and Katy are joined by New Japan badass Brody King and they talk breaking kayfabe on social media, his passion for music, and the next generation of wrestlers coming up through the ranks. ...…
Ep. 159 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM in NYC break down The Walking Dead S10 Premiere! "Lines We Cross" Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD Twitter: @DavidBrody @TheTalkingJamie @Walkers_Talkers Instagram: @DavidBrody @TheTal ...…
Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: phantom clowns, Samuel Little, mutilated cattle, and MORE. TRIPLE L.
For this episode, we give an update on the 14/16/20/30 year-old orphan. Her Ukrainian mother has now come forward! The plot thickens. We also deep-dive into the new episode of American Horror Story: 1984, and finish up with a review of WINCHESTER.
The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to John Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino “for the development of lithium-ion batteries.”By Steve Mirsky.
Here’s the thing about surviving a slumber party massacre: no one really wants you around anymore. All your friends are dead, and your mom is dead, and you get shuffled off to live with your miserable Aunt Katherine, who blames you for getting her sister killed because she’s an awful human being like that. And you try to move on, but you don’t ...…
A chat at an xmas party turns to pondering the imponderable.
A chat at an xmas party turns to pondering the imponderable.
The gang is welcomed by special guest EthanHD! Ethan is an indie wrestler and geek who is trying to save his local comic book store, Destiny City Comics, in Tacoma; they discuss general nerddom, Ethan's love for comics, and run down some comic book news including the most popular characters in the MCU!…
Grab your costume, nutcakes, because week two of our Halloween extravaganza finds us tackling the 1988 shot-on-video flick Hollow Gate! How bad can it be? As we find out, we also discuss topics such as character's obsessions with sandwiches, debates about candy, and GOOD GOD BOBBING FOR APPLES IS BACK AGAIN. GROSS.…
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