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Voices of Cita Hati
Past and present students of Cita Hati will share their experience and how Cita Hati has planted seeds of character, faith, and wisdom as they prepare to change the world.
CitA Podcast – talking about BIM and Irish Construction
The CitA Podcast features presentations, interviews, and conversation all about BIM and the Irish Construction Industry. Using our catalog of recordings from events and presentations by industry professionals the Construction IT Alliance brings you the CitA Podcast aiming to promote information technology in the Irish construction sector.
MG Podcast
MG Podcast es el podcast oficial de la revista videojuegos especializada Noticias, juegos de actualidad, debates y nuestros desvarios habituales se dan cita en mas de dos horas repletas de informacion y critica sobre el mundo de los videojuegos.
Toque2 PodCast
Quem somos?Quando todos os assuntos que você tem com amigos, familiares, no trabalho ou quando aquela pessoa "free talk" puxa assunto na fila do banco, não importa onde ou com quem, tudo convergem para "banda ou fanfarra", significa que você é um maníaco por este mundo maravilho, onde apenas você sabe da importância, que entende a grandiosidade, o quão empolgante são os campeonatos, as musicas energéticas, as coreografias, a delicadeza das balizas, a diversidade da linha de frente, a imponên ...
Oh My God
El mundo de los famosos y no tan famosos. Al finalizar la semana, tienes una cita con un programa divertido y desenfadado, dónde no solo te divertirás, también aprenderás mucho y sabrás lo que se dice en los mundos del cotilleo en inglés de un modo elegante, los viernes a las 20:00h
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I’m so excited to have Jason taking over my blog today. I shared my own 2018 Christian Reading Challenge for Women earlier this week. If you’re a man, feel free to follow along with this challenge by yourself OR wrangle your wife into the women’s companion challenge to do it with you. If you are a woman reading this, send over the link to your ...…
I’m so excited to have Jason taking over my blog today. I shared my own 2018 Christian Reading Challenge for Women earlier this week. If you’re a man, feel free to follow along with this challenge by yourself OR wrangle your wife into the women’s companion challenge to do it with you. If you are a woman reading this, send over the link to your ...…
SMA student, Sam Alexander from 12IB, talks about his trip to Nepal, building robots, and his Sea Dove research project.
Two alumni from the class of 2015 drop in for an impromptu interview. Yumiko and Cindy talk about Mountain Top Camp, dating in high school, and future family plans.
SMA student, Ghevaldo from 12IB, talks about Gunung Padang, being a polyglot, and ancient archaeology.
SMA student, Nadira Shifra from 12IPA, shares about dancing, playing sports, majoring in communications, and racism.
SMA student, Brandon DeAngelo, talks about life as a hip hop super star, staying humble, and his future goals.
SMA student, Yosephine Adinda from 12 IPA, talks about Real Deal, academic expectations, and choosing the National Program over IB.
HIDUP SEBAGAI SAKSI TUHAN YANG BERSUKA CITA KIS.RASUL 16:25-31; FILIPI 4:4 HIDUP SEBAGAI SAKSI TUHAN 1. Rasul Paulus yang telah mengalami berbagai pengalaman termasuk pengalaman pahit dan penderitaan memberikan nasehatnya di Filipi 4:4 . Dia katakan: “Bersukacitalah senantiasa didalam Tuhan”. Bersukacitalah senantiasa. 2.Dalam rangka persiapan ...…
The 283rd of a series of weekly radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: First broadcast 9 December 2017 by Resonance 104.4 FM Thanks to the artists and sound recordist included here for their fine work. track list 01 [unknown sound recordist] - Girl in Shower Sequence 02 Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Night Bells 03 Marcus Fischer - Bet ...…
Class of 2016 Alumni, Laura Eileen, talks about following her dream in Art, dealing with setbacks, and finding her own unique style in art.
JAVSL_VOHX_20171117_6By (AWR).
SMA student, Sifo Putri from 11IB, discusses coming to Cita Hati from Vita, school uniforms, adjusting to a new school, and her classes of Business Management and Math.
Cita Hati alumni, Shintya from the class of 2013, discusses the scary topic of TOK, public speaking, and atheism vs. Christianity.
Former SMA student, Jesslyn from the class of 2014, finds herself back at Cita Hati teaching English. She discusses her love writing, comic books, and the importance of following your dreams.
SMA student, Keiko Mae from 12IB talks about life in ballet, family, and IB theatre.
SMP student, Michelle Purnomo from class 9, discusses playing the piano, competition, and playing in the school band.
SMP student, Nicholas Patrick from grade 9, talks about his love for math, his interest in computer programming, and the pressures of competition.
SMA student, Gerry from 11 National, talks about basketball, food, and international travel. He gives a hint of a possible future in the NBA.
SMA student, Raphael shares what brought him to Cita Hati from Kalimantan, his love for animals, and the CAS program.
SMA Student Nikko, who served as the OSIS president in 2016-2017 talks about life in OSIS and tries to figure out which teacher is which.
SMA student Adit talks about health and exercise, the importance of debate, and how playing drums has helped him with school. And a shout out to Family Guy!
SMA student Matthew Kristoffer (11 IB) shares life as a DOTA player and how he manages his academic schedule with gaming.
Class of 2015 Alumni, Evelina Laurencia, shares with us her DBL experience, the Parents Association, and the joy of singing as we reminisce about her time at Cita Hati.
SMA student Nadia talks about modeling, special effects make-up, and the IB Art program. Discover more about our school at
SMA student Sheila shares about her final year in IB. She discusses her CAS trip to Prague and dealing with family expectations. Discover more about our school at
SMA student Aurel (11 IB) shares her knowledge of social media and how we can bring the world closer to us by utilizing the options on the web.
National 11 student Nicholas shares his experience as an MC and the skills necessary to be a public speaker. He also reveals a secret talent that most of his friends do not know about - his musical skills. Find us at
Cita Hati SMP Student, Carina Jane Winoto, shares what it is like attending a new school, joining competitions, and her love of reading. Find us at
Joshiro shares his experience playing DBL basketball, life as a senior, and his future plans after graduation. Visit us at
SONIDO DE LA GLORIA El Señor ahorita está manejando en su vida una idea, una circunstancia que está viendo, y hay algo que se está sobreponiendo a eso, una visión más aguda que se está sobreponiendo a eso, y que si usted se pone a prestar atención a lo que está a su alrededor, no lo va a lograr. Po ...…
Today's guest is an internationally renown tango instructor and performer. She has trained closely with tango masters Chicho Frumboli, Lucia Mazer, Gustavo Naveira, Julio Balmaceda, Corina de la Rosa, among others. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, she also has a background in ballet and contact improvisation. In 2000, she moved to New York City ...…
Today's guest is a central figure in the Minneapolis Tango community, and is one of the founders of the Argentine Tango Club at the University of Minnesota. She's been dancing ever since she was a child, having studied jazz, classical ballet, and ballroom. After moving to the US from the Netherlands and starting a family, she eventually fell in ...…
Iglesia Bautista Reformada del Pacto
A new MP3 sermon from Iglesia Bautista Reformada del Pacto is now available on with the following details: Title: Se anuncia la caída de Babilonia Subtitle: Apocalipsis Speaker: Boni Lozano Broadcaster: Iglesia Bautista Reformada del Pacto Event: Sunday Service Date: 8/3/2014 Bible: Revelation 18:1-3 Length: 47 min. (32kbps) Ove ...…
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