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Did you know unicorns appear in the Bible? Or that your personality type could say something about your relationship with God? On C-POP, Taylor and Jessilyn discuss, debate and sometimes deride pop culture with a strong sense of humor and a focus on Christ.
Brought to you by United Way of Greater Los Angeles, CPOP Radio is home to the Creating Pathways out of Poverty Podcast. It’s LA’s number one source for all things non-profit, and we’re covering everything from financial literacy, to corporate giving, to eradicating homelessness. You’ll hear directly from the most engaging leaders in LA, on the issues that face our city today and in the years to come.
SAD China publishes one classic Mandopop song every day for your listening pleasure. From Richie Jen to Jay Chou to Wakin Chau to A-Mei to Jolin, we've got your Mandarin pop listening needs covered!
Asian Pop Radio
Bringing you Asia-wide hits 24/7. Stream us 24/7 via or by downloading our free APP
Asian Pop Radio
Bringing you Asia-wide hits 24/7. Stream us 24/7 via or by downloading our free APP Twitter: Youtube:
Symphonic Beauty
Symphonic Beauty gives you the most requested Asian music worldwide, whether it's; Japanese, Korean, or Chinese music.We will satisfy your hunger, and make you crave for more!
Asian station
Dj Jena here giving you the lastest of kpop and occasionally some jpop and cpop. I will be updating about every week so keep checking. FYI: Because of problems with the old hosting site. There is a new podcast. It is titled "Asian station II" So make sure to subscribe to that one ^.^
Playing all the kpop occasionally jpop, cpop, jrock, and krock, we all love!
All Out K-Pop
*Note* shows has been postoned until my winter break. Shows will continue then. Maybe a special during thanksgiving. Thanks for supporting KPop. All Out K-Pop features new shows like K-Pop Appetizers, Artist Interviews, and Monthly Call In Show. Also I'm DJ'ing on Kirin Radio on Monday's and Wednesday's 6pm PST/ 9pm EST.K-Pop Appetizers...These 30 minute shows will feature K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop, and so much more. These shows are just something to give you a quick fix on K-Pop or any other Asia ...
Also on iTunes!The FarEastVibes Podcast is brought to life! Join Phillip as he discusses what's going on in K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop and all things Asian Indie!
Rome and Adio are back talking Kpop, Jpop, and Cpop music, dramas and REAL LIFE drama happenings. Looking for a space to fan out over your favorite foreign?? This is it! Podcasts air twice a month.
Fan out with Rome and Adio, of Krome Radio, talk more about what's hot and not-so-hot in kpop, c-pop, and j-pop. Come along for the ride!
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Mulligans Thanks Mike Condon for audio engineering, including editing, and music! Tiffany Greene for the logo and icon Main Topic - Mulligans (Thanks to Tiffany for the suggestion) History of the Mulligan No Mulligan In 1994 the dci created the All or No land mulligan Paris mulligan in 1997 Vancouver Mulligan i ...…
What do an NFL player and a k-pop star have in common? And how can you be a part of CNBlue's soundcheck in Hong Kong? Our guy on the ground has the deets in this week's C-Pop entertainment news seg()
What do an NFL player and a k-pop star have in common? And how can you be a part of CNBlue's soundcheck in Hong Kong? Our guy on the ground has the deets in this week's C-Pop entertainment news seg.
There is a new development of people retiring young. Hear how as our hosts share this new trend, their Google findings, and all centers on saving percentages. Will you fit into this group of retiring young?
Hit the books this summer while vacating or relaxing at home. Listen as our loveable hosts share their summer reading list. Hear if there are titles you may want to add to your list or already reading. Will it be romance or sci-fi?
What is a fidget spinner? Why are they a big deal and becoming a popular craze? C-Pop investigates this phenomenon for you. Listen now to see if you want to buy one.
The movie of all blockbuster movies is about a woman and not just any woman it's the beloved Wonder Woman. Hear what you can expect when you see this block bluster or if you should not see it. Warning there are spoilers at the end. Listen now.
What is host Jessilyn all excited about? June Hallmark movie season. Yes, listen as Jessilyn tests Taylors knowledge of Hallmark's plots for this wedding season. Will Taylor be predicting Jessilyn's future love that will be made into a Hallmark movie?
Is this really what is coming this summer on the big screen? Find out if you can tell a fake from the real movie plot as host Taylor opens up his vain imagination to change Jessilyn on up and coming features. Can you beat Jessilyn's score or the new intern?
CPOP Radio is proud to present this comprehensive look at the state of homelessness in Los Angeles. You'll hear from Chris Ko, Director of Homeless Initiatives at Home For Good, discussing the incredible progress in creating housing for all, and why the public demands action on this complex and human issue. Follow us for updates and a behind-th ...…
Support our veterans. Hear how the organization REBOOT Combat Recovery is reaching veterans to help them heal the wounds of war and from PTSD. Executive Director Evan Owens shares what vets go through and how there is hope.
Have you ever been satisfied or dissatisfied how a show ends for the season? Our favorite two hosts are in rare form as they debate what type of format they like and don't like in a season finale. Listen to find out if you agree and then get an update from the fruits of Speed Dating.
Best-selling author, Robin Jones Gunn joins the fun on C-Pop to share about her new book in the Christy Miller series and more. Hear what your favorite characters Christy and Todd are up to, how the book "Finding Father Christmas" will be a Hallmark movie and girl talk on finding your husband.
Have you tried the latest workout crazes? If not, listen as C-Pop host Jessilyn tries to break it down for Taylor. After listening you may want to try a circus or aerial workout class or not.
Who is your favorite Galaxy character? Our host Jessilyn shares her favorite, while Taylor gives fans a rundown review of the movie. Note there are spoiler alerts for people who haven't seen it. The big debate, the growth of Baby Groot.
Which one are you striving to be connected with? An Audrey Hepburn or a Kardashian? Listen as author Jordan Christy guides young ladies on how to have poise and grace despite the headline-grabbing antics of flashy celebutantes.
What are your thoughts on televisions shows revived based on the success of the originals? Listen to join the debate with host Taylor and guest host Missy. Hear what shows they regret bingeing on and the ones who made the cut.
Get the latest C-Pop entertainment news with Michelle()
How smart are you? Listen and take the C-Pop Oxford Dictionary Challenge. Hear if you know the meaning to skitch or if you consider yourself a glamma (glam-ma). Challenge the brain now.
You are invited to celebrate with C-Pop our 200th episode! Listen in to join the self-congratulatory fun as we share our top 10 favorite episodes from the last 100 shows, fun facts you didn't know and more.
It's the episode celebrating the weirdness of C-Pop. Listen as we approach our 200th episode to Taylor quizzing Jessilyn on who said what in our last 100 shows. Hear now to join us in celebrating.
Get the latest info from the world of CPop with Michelle Chen.()
Have you ever wanted to travel? Then you may be called to missions overseas. Special guest Megan visits the C-Pop studio to share her experiences in missions work in the Middle East. Best of all, she shares college memories of our host Jessilyn.
Listen to our first episode now, featuring Emily Wang, the Director of Marketing and Community Development from East West Bank on how they’ve been shaping the community for over 40 years. Emily will tell us about philanthropy in the Asian-American community, leadership giving, and how to create a culture of caring in the workplace.…
What TV shows, movies, and music did your parents not allow you to indulge in? Listen as guest host Marti joins our team to explain the parents perspective as Jessilyn and Taylor share their list of childhood shows along with a list from our listeners. Hear how we've all grown up.
Have you ever been on 9 dates, 6 minutes each, in one night? If you have, then you are a speed dater. Listen as our host Jessilyn shares her experience in speed dating, what you can expect and the unexpected suave endings. Will out host Taylor be next to try it? Hear now.
Did you know that there is Christian Speed Dating? Listen to hear more as our host Jessilyn braces to brace this aspect of dating. What will her night consist of? Will she survive? Hear how she is prepping for the big night now.
Kong, Fast and Furious, Netflix and more are consumed by many, even our own hosts, Jessilyn and Taylor, are not immune. Hear about their recent movies and shows they binge-watched during the Easter break. They answer why people are drawn to another Fast and Furious movie, or not.
Friends come and go in your life, but is it due to the non-efforts you made? Or are you shy and it's hard to make friends? Don't miss out on our CPop tips and strategies in making and keeping friends. Time and communication are of the essence.
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