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Cum Town
Official Podcast of the Cum Boys. Hosted by Nick Mullen (@nickmullen) and Stavros Halkias (@stavcomedy), two PROFESSIONAL comedians, folks. Also featuring Adam Friedland (the girl of the show).
Podcast by Comptroller of CumTown
Learn ecommerce & amazon marketplace tactics from seven figure sellers, Ben Cummings & Traian Turcu. Discover how to earn an excellent living selling by selling private label products and physical products on the world’s most active ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, & eBay. Free apps, bonus downloads, and products here:
How Cum
Comedian @RemyKassimir has never had an orgasm and she's using this podcast to figure out: how cum?! Every episode Remy and one of her guest co-hosts will interview a cool guest (comic, celeb, doctor, grandma, etc.) about their first time cumming, they'll discuss sex and relationships, and then the guest gets to give Remy an 'assingment' that she has to complete for the next week! Follow LIVE podcasts on Instagram @howcumpodcast New Episodes Every 2 Weeks!
Premium Cum Town
Podcast by Comptroller of CumTown
The "Lead Through Strengths" podcast was created for you if you're ready to stop taking the "path of most resistance" at work. Current episodes are educational snippets from Q&A with our audience. They're usually questions we get in our StrengthsFinder team training sessions. It sounds silly, yet it happens all the time when people get focused on fixing their weaknesses. It doesn't have to be so hard. Stop focusing on what's broken about you. Lisa Cummings, the host, is a Gallup Certified St ...
There were nine major planets in the Solar System and it was within their boundaries that man first set up interplanetary commerce and began trading with the ancient Martian civilization. And then they discovered a tenth planet--a maverick! This tenth world, if it had an orbit, had a strange one, for it was heading inwards from interstellar space, heading close to the Earth-Mars spaceways, upsetting astronautic calculations and raising turmoil on the two inhabited worlds. But even so none su ...
I am a professional Inspirational Gospel DJ, giving you that turntable ministry, and nothing but the very best in Christian Remixes... Enjoy!
In effect Professor Newland declared that the curious astronomical phenomena of the previous November--the new "stars" observed, the two meteors that had fallen with their red and green light-fire--were all evidence of the existence of intelligent life on the planet Mercury.(An excerpt from chapter 1. )
Jim Cummings
Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Short Filmmaking at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival for THUNDER ROAD.
Terrence Cummings
Mindset Marketing Money
Getting Hit With Cum Comedy Podcast
Teaching from the Pastoral Leadership of Influencers Church Cumming.
Recap of the latest week of sports
Summa cum laude
Thoughts, opinions and reflections on teaching and learning in higher education in Ireland and internationally.
Podcast by Shane's Short Cummings
Cum Wine With Me
Wine. Cheese. And trash TV and movies. Some nudity. Each week, me and a guest dissect the guilty pleasures of the TV and Film worlds, and get pissed. Find us on twitter @CumWineWithMe Find me on twitter @BenWeatherill Find Dolly Parton on twitter @DollyParton
Services from Brookwood Baptist Church in Cumming, GA.
Fantastic and Sinister Are the Lowlands into Which Philip Grant Descends on His Dangerous Assignment. (Summary by Ray Cummings)
Get Started with Internet Marketing to Expand Your Business. We Share Internet Marketing Tips and Methods that Simply Work. Business relies on prospects and leads, who inevitably turn into customers and loyal followers. The internet is a world wide web to connect your business to them. We embrace the internet in its simplest form - using its power to expand your horizons, and allow you to reach distant lands and people that you never thought possible. We love to share these very techniques a ...
Gregg Haljan was aware that there was a certain danger in having the giant spaceship Planetara stop off at the moon to pick up Grantline's special cargo of moon ore. For that rare metal--invaluable in keeping Earth's technology running--was the target of many greedy eyes. But nevertheless he hadn't figured on the special twist the clever Martian brigands would use. So when he found both the ship and himself suddenly in their hands, he knew that there was only one way in which he could hope t ...
Lee Anthony finds himself and two of his friends kidnapped and taken on a strange voyage. (Summary by Richard Kilmer )
Red Sensua's knife came up dripping—and the two adventurers knew that chaos and bloody revolution had been unleashed in that shadowy kingdom of the fourth dimension. (Summary by Ray Cummings)
Toby Cumming Interview – International Journal of Stroke
The show is changing up a little bit, but it's still a ton of fun. Mitch is joined by the new co-host, Mike Cummings, and the show is now called "What If?". They will focus on fantasy, "What if you could live forever? What if dragons existed? What if Hilary had won the presidency?"...
While examining a golden ring under a microscope, a chemist discovers a sub-atomic world. During his examination of this world he sees a beautiful young girl. After developing chemicals that will allow him to either shrink or grow larger in size, he and three friends journey to this small world. (Summary by Richard Kilmer)
Starts with poo; ends with cum.
Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer and get analysis from writers Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, Heath Cummings and the rest of our crew throughout the year. Start or Sit, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and plenty of your emails. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.
Simon Barrett
Blogger news is dedicated to bringing you the best news and reviews online
Cum Join The Party!
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Beer Shark
We've got stuff to say and no wives to talk to. You could be our wives.Thanks to Ari Padilla for the logo and James Walmsley for the theme song.
Deadly Manners
Deadly Manners is a 10 episode, dark comedy murder-mystery series set in the winter of 1954. It follows the events during the night of the affluent Billings family annual dinner party with their distinguished, eccentric guests. However, all is not fun and games as shortly after the party starts, a snowstorm begins to rage outside, trapping all the partygoers inside their host’s mansion. When a murderer starts killing off those in attendance, the guests must figure out who is responsible, or ...
Daily Fantasy Live
Need some help with your Daily Fantasy lineups? We've got your back! Heath Cummings and Chris Towers help you with overall strategy, setting lineups and plenty more. We're covering all the sports you'll want to hear about, so subscribe now!
T&A Talk Sex
"Sexy, witty, & smart". T&A Talk Sex is a podcast hosted by a professional cuddler and a sensual bodyworker. T&A (Christina Hepburn & Stephanie Allen), two treasure troves of sensuality and intimate connection, were baffled by how many of their lovers and clients marveled at their sensual capacities, yet fumbled when it came to their own. In service to humanity (and themselves!), T&A share the wisdom from their real life experience with what works and what doesn’t work to create deep, human ...
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Lelu Love is already the internet’s most interactive sex star with over 2,000 videos (a brand new one every single day for five YEARS and counting…), 24/7 voyeur cams in her house, personalized custom videos and pictures and more… Now Lelu is taking you even deeper with behind the scenes stories and answers to your most provocative questions, so cum find out what happens between all those naughty videos…
Dirty Poetry
Cum and comedy. Storytelling and spunk. Dirty Poetry. Go have a wunk.
Welcome to Radiant Church's weekly podcast. Radiant Church is located in Jackson, MI and our desire is to reach people with the love and life-giving message of Jesus. We hope this podcast encourages you in your relationship with God. Visit us online at
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The Tale of the Tape Boxing Podcast covers the biggest boxing events from around the globe with the most in-depth fight previews and hard-hitting analysis in the fight game today. Join the guys, Kenny Keith and Vince Cummings, twice a week as they discuss the top fighters of today, remember the legends of yesterday, and discover the rising stars of tomorrow. This is an unfiltered boxing conversation independent of the political and promotional agendas that control the sport. Leave your kid g ...
Adult Hall-of-Fame star Nina Hartley is an industry legend and active sex positive feminist. With her extensive knowledge in subjects of sexuality, Nina writes, produces and directs her own "How To" series. We have turned this very popular video series into a bi-weekly podcast allowing Nina to share her knowledge of dancing, foreplay, seduction and fetish play with couples who want to improve their sexual experiences. An outspoken activist for free sexual expression, for the first time as a ...
Looking to get an edge building your daily fantasy sports lineups on DraftKings and Fanduel? SportsLine's Mike McClure and CBS Sports Fantasy's Heath Cummings are joined by Adam Aizer to break down the slate and strategies each and every day to get you ready to play the best NFL, NBA and MLB lineups!
What up what up! My new podcast has 3 elements: the interview, someone commenting on the interview, and me. Sweet! It's entitled interested. Why do I call it interested? 'Cause I'm actually INTERESTED in the people that I'm talking to, and I hope you are interested, too. Some of my guests include Arsenio Hall, Andy Dick, Whitney Cummings, Chris Rock, and more. Going to drop one episode every Monday at 6:00 AM EST. Stay tuned stoners!
The podcast of one Stephen Cummings.
StonePoint Church
StonePoint Church, Cumming GA, Forsyth County Georgia
The fourth issue of Astounding Stories continues Ray Cummings serial "Brigands of the Moon", along with pulp sci-fi stories by Capt. S. P. Meek, Anthony Pelcher and other authors. - Summary by Alan Winterrowd
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Jonathan Freedland recalls the extraordinary day in 1948 when Israel declared its independence.On May 14 1948, a few hundred people crammed into the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to hear a proclamation that would change the course of history - and alter the fate of two peoples competing over a single, much-promised land. That document was the declarat ...…
The Brontë sisters fart into the bunsen burner with this latest performance where they discus papacy, dysentery, and piety. We are selling commemorative advent calendars filled with 24 hour energy and cum vitamins (Legalize it) this December. If you're in the mood to throw the proverbial baby out with the proverbial bath water in regard to your ...…
On this week’s episode of This Week’s Episode, dive into the hatch for what Kris considers one of the most memorable season premieres of all time. Plus, Mario Batali is in hot water, Fox gets a taste of the WWE, the Thundercats break the internet, and more! This week’s episode Lost – Man of Science, Man of Faith (S02E01) Next week’s episode Mis ...…
Every cool business expo, event, or party starts with an empty room and an idea. Today on the NH Business Show I speak with Becky Cummings of the Bowery Event Venue about her new venue opening in Bedford, NH. Seating around 160 people at full size, this adjustable venue has the versatility and some huge potential in a lacking market. Sponsors: ...…
Jump to: navigation , searchThe first issue of Air Wonder Stories, July 1929. The cover is by Frank R. Paul .Wonder Stories was an early American sc... science fiction magazine 1929 Hugo Gernsback Amazing Stories Experimenter Publishing Ned Pines Beacon Publications Startling Stories David Lasser Cha ...…
Thank you Taylor for joining the Not For Long Podcast! We discussed the upcoming Championship weekend for Men's and Women's lacrosse as well as her time dominating the NCAA D1 Women's Lacrosse world at the University of Maryland. Visit to learn more about Taylor.
In this episode we touch on the following topics -Anxiety about family on Mother’s DayDifficulty of adopting kids as single manFear of the elderly: GerontophobiaWas Josh molested by his school nurse? InconclusiveFears of the dentist, fear of women’s attention/sexual attention expectationsMaking conversation, learning to pull it out of people, h ...…
Update; Judge sides with upstate NY couple who have been trying to evict their 30-yr-old son from their house, Ohio man was shot by his oven, Rattlesnake plunges from tree onto kayak then starts attacking the kayaker, Publix bakery would not put "Summa Cum Laude" on graduation cake
Invitatul podcastului de azi este Radu Răileanu, absolvent de Politehnică, master în managementul proiectelor și doctor în studii de comunicare. Radu este coordonatorul programului anti-hate-speech din cadrul ActiveWatch și coautor al recent-publicatului „Raport anual cu privire la discursul instigator la ură din România, 2017.” Radu ne poveste ...…
Dans la presse ce mercredi 23 mai : la mort de l’écrivain américain Philip Roth, la condamnation de l’archevêque australien Philip Wilson accusé d’avoir couvert des faits de pédophilie, la visite de journalistes internationaux en Corée du Nord et l’histoire d’un gâteau censuré. Le + : Recevez tous les matins la Revue de presse de France 24 sur ...…
Highlights Include: - Magic Mushrooms and other Science - Deadpool, Comic Books, and Reading - Writing a Star Wars Script - No "Cum" on this Cake - Taking Danny DeVito to Prom
Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! The worst millennial ever is evicted from his parents’ house, John Waite joins us, Pubix says no to “cum”, Margot Kidder’s final days, Miss USA Q&A never disappoints, Maz has another terrible separated at birth & Drew can’t stop gushing about Hugh Grant. McDonalds had a bad ...…
Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! The worst millennial ever is evicted from his parents’ house, John Waite joins us, Pubix says no to “cum”, Margot Kidder’s final days, Miss USA Q&A never disappoints, Maz has another terrible separated at birth & Drew can’t stop gushing about Hugh Grant. McDonalds had a bad ...…
Today’s podcast was also produced on video. Please tell us what you think! Guests: Michael Smalanskas, recent Theology & Philosophy graduate (Magna Cum Laude) and former Resident Advisor at Providence College; Catholic author, speaker, and gay outreach evangelist Joseph Sciambra. Description: Michael Smalanskas, a senior at the Dominican-run Pr ...…
Parents go to court to evict their Millenial son from their home. Robots are growing human organs. A graduation cake is censored by a grocery store that doesnt speak Latin.
În episodul 48 al podcastului “Un român în Londra” am vorbit despre slugarnicii de la CNCD care, după cum zic ei, au amendat TNR pentru un articol pamflet la adresa lui Dragnea, am mai vorbit despre libertatea de exprimare și limitele ei și despre alegerile locale din UK. Show notes:
Did you want to know if next seasons shows look good? Well you’ve come to the right place. But that’s not all, the guys are also talking about all the news that happened over the last week. Casting confirmations for IT: Chapter 2 Clue might get an R rating Upfront Trailers and what we thought about them SHIELD pushed to next summer Whitney Cumm ...…
That’s My Biz The Mauldin Group offers a variety of results-driven digital marketing services including website design, SEO, social media marketing, lead generation, paid Google advertising, targeted email marketing, content development, and online reputation management.In 2017, the firm was recognized by the Cumming-Forsyth Chamber of Commerce ...…
Emma tells Emlyn about the "Mother of Chromosomes," and Emlyn tells Emma about the Bajau people and why male fruit flies like to mate. This episode gets a bit raunchy when we talk about fruit flies. You have been warned. Sources: Main Story - Barbara McClintock A Feeling for the Organism by Evelyn Fox Keller The Tangled Field: Barbara McClintoc ...…
Workers value sense of community in the workplaceAbout half (47 percent) of part- or full-time employees value a community atmosphere in the place where they work, according to a new survey by Clutch, a B2B research, ratings and reviews company. The number increases to 55 percent for millennial workers aged 18-34. These findings suggest that wo ...…
Sam, Dom, and Ryley get into a number of unrelated topics again that mean absolutely nothing. Some of these topics include: Showing off our favorite music rom middle school, a "sitar playing centaur", the most dangerous game show ever, while also single handily solve the the electric car crisis. Oh yeah and a bear addicted to cocaine gets his s ...…
Air Week: May 21-27, 2018 Little Miss Cornshucks Little Miss Cornshucks was an influential figure in post WWII Rhythm & Blues. For one thing, she inspired Ahmet Ertegun to start Atlantic Records and when he couldn’t locate her to record her, he launched the career of Ruth Brown instead. Her version of the classic, “Try A Little Tenderness” upda ...…
Matt is back from PAX East 2018, and he brings with him A) valuable boots-on-the-ground knowledge, B) some hands-on impressions, and C) a generally delightful attitude.In this episode: Big N in the News, PAX East, and the need for 3DS-style functionality in the Nintendo Switch!Hosts: Matt Schultz and Austin Cummings…
Beware A) 3rd party docks, B) potentially PD power, and C) probably everything.Reference this wonderful website for information on bricking and chargers for the Nintendo Switch: Matt Schultz and Austin Cummings
"Women of the Bible - Week 2" by Pastor Dave Cumming in the "Women of the Bible" series on May 20, 2018 at New Life in Kearney, NE.
Pastor Jane Evans speaks from Acts 27 encouraging us for when the storms of life hit, how we can make it through with more faith and trust in God!
ENJOY!TIME STAMP:7:58- Male Porn Star Sues Over N-Word During Scene12:37-This is america breakdown and thoughts21:30- Spotify and their new hateful content policy35:30- White lady calls police on Oakland BBQ45:02- Western & Eastern Confernce Finals Predictions56:31- LEBRON JAMES THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME?…
In this episode, Morris Sussex Sports interviews Dr. Kevin White of the Orthopedic Institute of NJ to discuss everything from injuries in sports to the side effects of steroids and everything in-between. If you are an athlete or a parent of an athlete, this is a podcast you need to listen to. Dr. Kevin White is an orthopedic surgeon at The Orth ...…
Joel Stellner and Kyle Cummings join the podcast to tell their story that led to the founding of their consulting firm, has recently released a data staging tool called "Mitto", built for automated data prep across disperate sources.Check out last week's episode with Doug Stewart: ...…
On this episode of the podcast, sit down with account executive Maurice and copywriter Kate as they hear from Chris Cummings, founder and CEO of Pass It Down, and local bluegrass musician Lon Eldridge. Chris shares how this digital storytelling platform can help make sure no story goes untold; later, Lon shares his passion for early 20th centur ...…
The boys are back with a sexy episode full of sex stories, lots of beer, dirty jokes and a whole lot of perversion. After a long hiatus your knights open up with a very important message then dive deep into your dirty holes with a huge load right to the face with this new episode, with special guest Manabu Madix! Part one of two.…
UFC Fight Night 129: Maia vs Usman (UFC Chile) predictions & breakdown by Rob Brown.Last card betting results:+1.96 units Warlley Alves+4.8 units Ion Pascu (+240 odds)+1 unit Fabian Edwards+7.76 unitsThird-party tracked betting record:+120 units+17% ROIFollow me on and rest of card picks (low confidence ...…
Cât de multe fonduri europene a atras România şi în ce domenii le-a utilizat? În acest moment, există doar 10 proiecte la nivel naţional în domeniul canalizării, în loc să fie 41 de proiecte aprobate pentru fiecare judeţ. citiţi mai departe
Cumming vs Orgasm Do men have orgasms? Should women hide pregnancy for career sake? Mothers should allow or push fathers to help with calling out of work dealing with children! Active fathers vs ACTIVE fathers! "
In this week’s episode, Jeremy and Paul talk about BBQ, Blues and Bluegrass including interviews with Ben Kaufmann of Yonder Mountain String Band and blues guitarist Albert Cummings; and The GhostLight Theatre’s inaugural Link’d In Putt-Putt Tournament.
Crater's Edgeby Lucy AndrewsReview by Barry BoyCrater's Edge is a well-edited novel written in the third person in the genre of futuristic, off-world, fantasy or science-fiction.The main protagonist is Kalen Trinner, an experienced mining engineer-cum-troubleshooter, who is sent to a mine at Area 20, which is in Three Craters on a planet called ...…
Crater's Edgeby Lucy AndrewsReview by Barry BoyCrater's Edge is a well-edited novel written in the third person in the genre of futuristic, off-world, fantasy or science-fiction.The main protagonist is Kalen Trinner, an experienced mining engineer-cum-troubleshooter, who is sent to a mine at Area 20, which is in Three Craters on a planet called ...…
Vorbim despre cum ne apucăm de sport 'pe nesimţite", ce mâncăm înainte şi după antrenament, cum alegem cele mai potrivite suplimente pentru noi, cu Alex Gritts, unul dintre cei mai apreciaţi specialişti în fitness din România.... citiţi mai departe
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