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Eduardo Quezada
News Sports & Interviews: When You Want Them, Where You Want Them.Eduardo Quezada, is known in the USA Spanish speaking world for his more than 30 years broadcasting news, as the number one local news anchor for Univision and Telemundo Los Angeles TV stations.
It's sometimes a slice of life, it's sometimes an opinion, and it's sometimes even a story or a poem. But whatever it is, its always under 300 Seconds!
Eduardo's podcast
Just a little bit about cell phones and some help for users.Un poco acerca de telefonos celulares y un poco de ayuda para los usuarios.Actualmente en Argentina - Actually in Argentina
Eduardo's podcast
Eduardo Noveroy
Eduardo Noveroy
Eduardo Bezerra
This podcast series is of my thoughts on startups, venture, and all things tech. It also includes podcasts I've done via Seedcamp's podcast series.
Eduardo de charla
Viajes y comentarios sobre la vida.
Chill Sessions - a monthly Deep House and Chill House podcast mix by Ramon Eduardo featuring classics and brand new tunes (Deep, ambient, chill house).
Eduardo De Rosa
Electro and Progressive house music at it's best.
Sweet Minnesotan girl and loud Latino man, get together on their date night to share their experiences in growing and family in the midwest. Funny, with a mature audience focus. Mainly in English with some comments in Spanish. Weekly delivery.
I write some words and say others. Come read, listen, and laugh!
*** The Everything Film Show has left BlogTalkRadio. Please continue listening to us over at our website New podcasts EVERY week!***SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW PODCAST HERE: AND KEEP LISTENING TO OUR OLD BTR SHOWS HERE."Jay and Jeff are so cool I fell in love with them both. At the same time" -Eduardo Sanchez (director, Blair Witch Project)
The Debug Log
Welcome to The Debug Log, a podcast about game development. Hosts Andrew, Obinna, Zack, Ryan, and Eduardo are all professional game developers. From games for health care to AAA mobile games, these guys have experienced it all and have the scars to prove it. That being said, this is not your typical developer podcast. The Debug Log balances in-depth discussions and interviews with a casual and wry sense of humor. Aiming to be both entertaining and informative, the show targets developers of ...
Fiesta is a weekly classical music program devoted to Latin American and Iberian music from the 16th to 21st century, and brings artistically and historically significant compositions and artists to its listeners. Acclaimed composer, musician, and professor Elbio Barilari is your guide on this adventure through a rich musical landscape. We invite you to enjoy and learn about the lively, compelling, and rarely-heard treasures of Latino classical music from around the world. Interviews with co ...
DJ Podcast by Eduardo Colón aka Karma of Dove. Deep and dark afro and soulful house, techno, and world music.
The Ultimate in Foodies Radio! Join hosts Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith ( Editors) for our monthly Foodies radio show featuring interviews with Chefs, Bar Tenders, Gourmet Artisans, Vintners, Sommeliers, Distillers, Restaurant Owners, Cookbook Authors, and more!
This is a podcast for anyone interested in Student Centered Learning. Listen to expert interviews, book reviews and more. Host: Arthur Eduardo Baraf
Smith and Marx Walk into a Bar is hosted by historians of economic thought Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, Gerardo Serra, and Scott Scheall. Each month, the hosts discuss themes related to economics, its history and methodology, and its relevance to contemporary affairs.
Apostol Eduardo Vargas
Podcast by Eduardo Lozano
'El Chiringuito de Jugones' es un programa de televisión que nace tras la salida de Josep PEDREROL de la cadena Intereconomía y su anterior programa nocturno 'Punto Pelota', concretamente el 06 Enero 2014 en la cadena Nitro del grupo Atresmedia de Domingo a Jueves de 00:00 a 02:45 h, pero debido al cierre de esta cadena el programa pasó a emitirse en laSexta, posteriormente en Neox y desde el 10 Agosto 2015 a través del nuevo canal MEGA con el mismo horario. En el programa se informa y se de ...
Friday Night Ribs
Podcast by Eduardo Mendez & Michael Noyola
Club Culture
DJ & Producer Eduardo José's official podcast!
Squad Up!
Join your hosts Eduardo and Peach3z as they discuss all things video games!
Hagamos una Podcast
Asustin y Eduardo hablan de cualquier cantidad de estupideces
Working Punch
Rudy Leandri is the social media manager at Redcon1 and lifetime professional wrestling fan. Growing up in the 80’s Rudy has witnessed the evolution of professional wrestling over the years. From its extreme highs to its lowest of lows. Tune into hear Rudy and Eduardo discuss the golden days of professional wrestling and their views on the current product.Eduardo Silva,Chief of Staff and OG employee of Redcon1, been a wrestling fan for over 20 years. His favorite wrestlers are Bret Hart, Ste ...
Drs. Eduardo Bancalari, David Durand, Alan Jobe, Martin Keszler, and Dr. Christoph Lehman will discuss Conventional Versus High Frequency Ventilation in ELBW Infants, The Role of Adjunct Modes with Conventional Ventilation, Avoiding and Shortening Intubation, and The Role of Respiratory Function Monitoring in Adjusting Ventilatory Settings.
Planet Celluloid
Victor Jurado and Eduardo Victoria discuss the latest film news and analyze motion pictures across all genres and types.
Mistakes Were Made
Welcome to Mistakes Were Made, the show where we talk about mistakes in things we love, and maybe even remember why we love them in the first place. Hosted by Eduardo Vaca and Chris Hecker. Tune in Tuesdays for new episodes!
No 3º Podcast do Blog Esporte Fino, Fabio Chiorino, Bruno Winckler e Luis Augusto Lima falam sobre a superexposição de Neymar no futebol brasileiro e o quanto isso pode impactar a sua carreira. Música de abertura: Tietê River Blues (Faiska) Música de encerramento: O Bom (Eduardo Araújo)
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What would you do, if you were on the verge of super stardom, then you were alone in the woods hunting, get electrucuted by 2400 volts of electricity, half your body is blown off, you somehow stumble for help, now your in the hospital, losing limbs, trying to figure out what happened, then you find out you have testicular cancer? How can all of ...…
Squad Up! gains a party member! Join hosts Eduardo, Peach3z, and dragon knight Luis as they discuss the possibility of an open world Star Wars game, the rising success of Fortnite, and the possible decline of the MOBA genre. Will "Battle Royale" style games dethrone power players like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm? Step into the are ...…
Recently, Tom and Adam spent 3 days in Boise, Idaho touring One Stone — an innovative school rooted in Design Thinking. Tom and Adam were joined by the school’s National Advisory team, including; Eduardo Briceño, Julia Freeland, Sasha Barab, Tony Lewis, and Alex Hernandez. While celebrating and reflecting upon this innovative high school’s grow ...…
This week we watched mindfreak movies. Dan watched Annihilation (2018) starring Natalie Portman, Forrest watched Open Your Eyes (1997) starring Eduardo Noriega and Penélope Cruz, and Ben watched Triangle (2009) starring Melissa George. Links: Annihilation (2018) - IMDb Open Your Eyes (1997) - IMDb Triangle (2009) - IMDb…
Squad Up! round two! Come join Eduardo and Peach3z as they discuss the success of the Nintendo Switch, toxicity in video games, and the freemium business model. Don't miss our spoiler free summary and review of Doki Doki Literature Club (followed by a spoiler-infested beat down of the game, of course)!…
New Episodes Every Week. 'Eduardo - 'Ed the Editor' - has returned after a 10+ episode absence, and he brings with him (as you may have guessed), multi-track editing/mixing skills. Hence why we all sound pretty dope on this episode, which will improve even further as we continue to refine our set-up & recieve support from our legendary Patreon ...…
In this episode of Teacher Voice, Cyndi and Brendan chat with Misti Kemmer, a fourth grade teacher from Russell Elementary in Los Angeles, and Tynisha Jointer, a behavioral health specialist who works for Chicago Public Schools. The two educators discuss their own educational journeys, as well as their experience advocating in Washington D.C. a ...…
My experience with Carlos Gracie Jr. Brazilian JiuJitsu Black Belt Professor Eduardo Delima over 2 days and 3 classes. Soaked up a lot of knowledge and found a love for the Gi again.
“Eddie’s a true romantic! I can hear the passion in his voice.” Eduardo “Eddie” Diaz is capturing hearts everywhere in episode 3. “She turns to me and grabs me then pushes me against the wall and kisses me. My legs melted. I felt like I was going to faint. I didn’t feel anything from the knees down,” as he describes their first kiss. Eddie shar ...…
Matt & Ted discuss 1992's Justice League International Quarterly #7, with four fabulous stories - well, that's going too far - four stories about the superhero misfits. First, aliens hijack Blue Beetle's high-school reunion in "Klaarsh Reunion!" by Michael Jan Friedman & Eduardo Barreto. Then General Glory stars in a 1960s homage by Paul Kupper ...…
Fala galera Sussuriana! FEEDBACK DE VOLTA !! E essa semana Luciano e Carvalho voltam para falar sobre as notícias da semana. Espero que vocês se divirtam e comentem o que acharam, se gostaram e as suas opiniões. AGRADEÇENDO A MUSTHOST PELA HOSPEDAGEM DO NOVO SITE E DOS FEEDBACKS E PODCASTS. SEM A AJUDA DELES, NÃO ESTARÍAMOS AQUI DESSE JEITO. MU ...…
Crooked Numbers Podcast for Sunday, March 18th. We discuss our over/under projections & predictions for the 2018 Red Sox season. We also answer our first series of fan questions regarding the bullpen situation, the March/April schedule, Eduardo Rodriguez's future and Devers winning the Silver Slugger.…
Join your hosts Eduardo and Peach3z as they begin their podcasting journey! In this episode we talk about all things video games - from the news going on in the world of games, to their history with gaming, and culminating in their top five video games of all time.By (Eduardo and Peach3z).
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Viking VictorySubtitle: Guinea Pigs Online, Book 3Author: Jennifer Gray, Amanda SwiftNarrator: Oliver HembroughFormat: UnabridgedLength: 1 hr and 11 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 03-06-14Publisher: QuercusGenres: Kids, Ages 5-7Publisher's Summary ...…
Evento que causa comoção nacional e, com certeza, desperta diferentes tipo de paixões ao redor do globo está de volta a pauta do Fronteiras no Tempo, pois “Haja Coração!”. Poucos meses que antecedem o início da Copa, o historiador Beraba e seus convidados, Marcos Sorrilha, Willian Spengler e Fernando Malta, vulgo Fencas, contam a história e os ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Polish BoxerAuthor: Eduardo HalfonNarrator: Armando DuránFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 12 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-26-12Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.Ratings: 3.5 of 5 out of 7 votesGenres: Fiction, HistoricalPublisher's Summ ...…
Alex and Nick are joined by Matt McCarthy of 98.5 The Sports Hub and they get into one of the hottest topics of Red Sox spring training... What are they going to do with Blake Swihart? Plus, are you concerned with Eduardo Nunez taking over second base in Pedroia's absence? And how concerned are you with the Red Sox starting rotation to begin th ...…
Paul and Justin breakdown the two middle infield positions.
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: One Perfect ShotSubtitle: A Posadas County MysteryAuthor: Steven F. HavillNarrator: Ray PorterFormat: UnabridgedLength: 10 hrs and 31 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-11-12Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.Ratings: 4.5 of 5 out of 45 votesGenres: Fi ...…
We talk about talking heads talking about The Talking Heads, Sufjan Stevens, Immigrating to the USA and the visa/work permit process, Kurt being old, Playing Pro Soccer in Brazil, Hillsong United, and never giving up. Music-John Mayer - "St Patricks Day"U2 - "Turn Away"João Bosco - "O Bêbado e a Equilibrista"Theme Music-Flamingosis "Sunset"http ...…
Just started podcasting. Having fun with it.
Before the founding of Podium Time, Luke and I compiled a list of conductors that we just had to have on the podcast, and Eduardo Navega was right at the top! We worked with him at the Bard Conductors Institute (I've typed that sentence so many times on these pages!) and every student there could attest to his kindness and love of the craft. We ...…
We are back for the third part of our Aruba February 2018 trip series. Maggie and I are currently stuck in traffic while on the way back from Eagle beach so we figured we might as well get the show started while we’re at it. The following will be a recap of the events that occurred from Sunday night (February 25th) to Wednesday evening (Februar ...…
Paul and Justin go deeep on the corner infield positions with their 1st and 3rd base breakdowns.
Is String Theory the final solution for all of physic’s questions or an overhyped dead end?This video was funded by SNSF under Agora Grant n. 171622 and through the NCCR SwissMAP: The Mathematics of Physics.Kurzgesagt Newsletter: us on Patreon so we can make more videos (and get cool stuff in return): https://www ...…
Listen Now to Eduardo Muñoz Eduardo Muñoz is a man with a vision, and a grand plan that just might change the way we move from one place to another, especially when it comes to commuting to our workplaces and back home. If Eduardo and Eduardo Munoz, CEO of EV Sharehis partners have their way, we’ll soon be traveling via fleets of fully autonomo ...…
The purpose of this podcast is to provide education to clinicians on the frequency, clinical presentation, contributors, assessment, and management of delirium in the palliative care setting.
California artist and researcher discusses the lives of Anaïs Nin's enigmatic lover Gonzalo Moré and his dancer wife Helba Huara.
A new MP3 sermon from Iglesia Biblica de la Gracia is now available on with the following details: Title: El pecado de la hipocresia Speaker: Eduardo Martorano Broadcaster: Iglesia Biblica de la Gracia Event: Sunday Service Date: 2/25/2018 Length: 50 min.
Crooked Numbers Podcast for Sunday, February 25th. We discuss the additions of J.D. Martinez and Eduardo Nunez, along with their contracts, stats and projections.Follow Crooked Numbers on Twitter@Crooked_NumbersIntro Music: Belmont - Overstepping
JD Martinez, Eduardo Nunez & Sox Talk, Nick Holden Trade & B's Talk, NBA All- Star Game, Devin McCourty comments on Malcolm Butler's playing time in Super Bowl & a bit of Pats' Free Agency/ Off-Season talk.
Ernesto, Victor, Connor and I have reached the Ernesto’s rancho in the mountains and get to meet Eduardo and his son. We are enjoying Mezcal, cerveza, hot peppers, spiced chicken and ate w/cheese, but most of all the conversation and the fresh and uncivilized mountain air. YouTube Version: Free Book Download for Lea ...…
In this episode of Teacher Voice, hosts Brendan Sargent & Cyndi Reyes dive deep into the issues surrounding California Assembly Bill 1220, also known as the Teacher and Student Success Act, which seeks to strengthen and preserve permanent status (also known as tenure) in the state. They interview Phylis Hoffman, a 25-year veteran educator in LA ...…
Com certeza vocês já ouviu falar das Imigrações Internacionais para o Brasil, especialmente na passagem do século XIX para o século XX. Estamos corretos? Mas você sabe qual é o conceito de Imigrante? E sobre as imigrações do tempo presente? Acompanhe o bate papo que tivemos com o Prof. Dr. Wellington Teixeira Lisboa (UTFPR) sobre as diferentes ...…
We are back with the second installment of This Week in Aruba, your guide to all activities happening in the island. This episode of the show will cover the events from Monday, January 29th to Sunday, February 4th. First of all thank you so much for all the feedback you guys have given on the pilot episode. I really do appreciate all the sugges ...…
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