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F*** The Chargers
Ex-Chargers fans Justin Halpern and Jono Zalay rant about their formerly beloved but always terrible NFL team. Games are recapped, grievances are aired.
Fuse 8 n' Kate
Two sisters, one in L.A. and one in NYC, both move to the Chicago area and start a podcast. The premise? Picture books and are they really that great? Join Kate and Fuse 8 (Betsy Bird) as they track down a picture book "classic" each episode and try to determine if it deserves to remain in the canon of children's literature.Profile image by Andrea Tsurumi
Fuse Church - Knoxville TN
BTSE 365
This is the official location of the podcast for BIGG Talks Sports & Entertainment! Here, we will deliver authentic social commentary on subjects that matter most.
Experts from IG in London discuss the key financial and economic events of the previous and upcoming weeks. Our podcasts bring you engaging and insightful commentary on what's driving world markets.
Fuse Chamber
A place for artists and entrepreneurs to build the elite skills you need to live the life you want. It's not about what winners do, it's about who they become. Learn the secrets that successful people know, but nobody will teach you in school. Come here for weekly inspiration, motivation and coaching so you can start living your life without compromise.
Connecting students with God, other students and leaders
Huge Fuse
Podcast by Huge Fuse
Fuse Podcast
Fuse Podcast
Ruta 180: Fase 1
RUTA 180: FASE 1 RUTA 180: FASE 1 RUTA 180: FASE 1 RUTA 180: FASE 1 RUTA 180: FASE 1
FSE Live features the latest news from the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas.
Seria e ligjeratave islame 'Burimet e fese Islame' nga hoxhe Ekrem Avdiu.
An Arsenal podcast, created and published from the people at The Short Fuse, that's dedicated to bringing you objective analysis from some of the most-trusted Arsenal experts around.
Northern Ireland's Only Ulster Scots Community Radio Station
Northern Ireland's Only Ulster Scots Community Radio Station
Fuse Speaks!
A compilation of the talks given at Fuse. Fuse is the teen/parent ministry from Providence Church.
Electric Fuse Radio comes to you every week. Whether it be to give you a extra boost on that dreadful Monday morning or to set the tone for the weekend, Electric Fuse Radio always delivers the hottest and latest House and Electronic. Be sure to tune in!
Lit Fuse Podcast
Jackson Potter presents his debut podcast series - Lit Fuse. New episode every other Wednesday.
Drum & Bass is only the reason! Stay tuned !
Living Well after spinal fusion with Julie Wilkins, Certified Yoga Therapist and founder of Forever Fused.
FUSE Weekly Word
This is a weekly podcast to encourage and inspire teenagers in their faith and life. FUSE student ministry is a ministry of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV
A great site
Broken Fuse VG Podcast’s official podcast!
Welcome to Fused Records Podcasts. Delivering you the finest Deep & Soulful House music each and every month. Sign to up to the Facebook and myspace pages to keep up to date with Fused.
Fuse Church Podcast
This is the official podcast of Fuse Church at Arrowhead Church. FUSE church is a gathering of students for one purpose, to give our full attention to God. Church does not have to be boring, or routine. At FUSE church we have fun, we sing together, and we proclaim the explicit Gospel message of Jesus Christ.
Sermons from FUSE College Ministry, an evangelical ministry on the campus of East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.
Progression is a podcast with Andrew Fuse which includes fresh and classical Progressive Trance and House tunes.
A podcast that will focus on promoting and empowering women in the film and television industry. Each week we will have a different guest from various career categories in the entertainment industry, sharing insightful information on various current event topics.Listen live, Sunday 12 PM (PST), On LA Talk Radio (
Youth Ministry at Golden Triangle Church on the Rock in Beaumont, TX
FUSE's mission is to educate and mobilize faith communities to act on the increasingly harmful effects of our country's dependence on fossil fuels.
The Dirt
Pugilistic UX at its best.
FSE Live features the latest news from the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. (Video Version)
Alaye ni ekunrere wa ninu ibanisoro yi lori awon nkan ti o leto fun Musulumi lati maa lo fun idena arun ati lati wa iwosan nigbati arun ba n se e. Bakannaa ni oro tun waye lori awon oogun ti o leto fun Musulumi lati lo ti o si so awon nkan ti esin se ni eewo fun Musumi.
The home of the "ROLLER BLASTER HOUSE PARTY" podcast.Join FTSE and Bassique Musique for exclusive tracks, fresh releases and chat about everything going on in the world of Roller Blaster Records.
Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.
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Are you a marathoner or triathlete? In Episode 16, we meet Dr. Alison Eyring, author of Pacing for Growth - Why Intelligent Restraint Drives Long-Term Success - who has run marathons and is currently training for a triathlon. Dr. Eyring is a growth expert, organizational psychologist and CEO of Organisation Solutions in Singapore which combines ...…
Two of the most successful wealth managers in recent years, both FTSE 100 Share Index companies, are in fact not independent and neither can they be truly described as wealth managers as such. The two companies I am talking about are of course Hargreaves Lansdown and St James’ Place...
If you’re a small business owner with an existing team or a solopreneur looking to scale, you’re in the right place! Today we’re speaking with a strategic advisor to small businesses, medium businesses and FTSE 100 companies, Paul Fuggle about growing and leveraging your network.
In this episode, Mike talks video and storytelling with former Sky News colleague and presenter Chris Roberts. Chris spent more than 20 years on the frontline of international television news, first with ITN and then Sky as a senior reporter and presenter. He covered major news stories across the globe including the fall of the Berlin Wall, con ...…
Visit our webpage- www.russellinvestments.comIn the latest video update: • Are rising commodity prices behind the jump in yields on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note?• Why isn’t the stock market responding to a strong earnings season?• Takeaways from the European Central Bank and Bank of Japan policy meetingsIMPORTANT DISCLOSURE:Interviews we ...…
Does the UK throw away 8.5 billion straws a year? (0’33’’) Women on FTSE 100 boards (4’35”) We explore whether the proportion of female directors has changed over time, and what it tells us about women in business. Using personal data for the public good (11’28”) Hetan Shah, the Executive Director of the Royal Statistical Society, talks about s ...…
Does the UK throw away 8.5 billion straws a year? (0’33’’) Women on FTSE 100 boards (4’35”) We explore whether the proportion of female directors has changed over time, and what it tells us about women in business. Using personal data for the public good (11’28”) Hetan Shah, the Executive Director of the Royal Statistical Society, talks about s ...…
An investor who has a well-conceived, long-term investment strategy should not be overly concerned with the short-term movements of the market. Today's Stocks & Topics: Bonds, RHT - Red Hat Inc., CX - Cemex S.A.B. de C.V. ADR, FEYE - FireEye Inc., AMD - Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Foreign Stocks, VEA - Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets, MO - Alt ...…
[spp-playlist] Tres founded Roeder Consulting in 2001. A former consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, Tres has worked with more than forty organizations including eight Fortune 500 companies and three FTSE 100 firms. Industry experience includes serving as Director of Business Process Improvement at American Greetings with prior positions at RR ...…
Join Sophie Gilbert, a Consulting Director at Russell Investments and Paul Eitelman a Senior Investment Strategist at Russell Investments, as they explore why the economy may be vulnerable to a recession. Disclosure:Interviews were recorded as of the date mentioned in the podcast, these views are subject to change at any time without notice bas ...…
Hosted by Edmund Lee, President & CEO of the Caylum Trading Institute, Short Stops is your weekly stock market update featuring the top trading news, tips and stock picks in Metro Manila and around the world.Our fundamentalist is back to discuss some important concerns involving the market volatility in the past few weeks. We've called in Charl ...…
For the third episode in our Bull vs Bear series, we kick the investment tyres of oil and gas giant BP, one of the biggest dividend payers in the FTSE 100. In the bulls' corner is Simon Gergel, Allianz Global's chief investment officer for UK equities and fund manager of the Merchants Trust. Facing him is natural resources writer (and host) Ale ...…
Visit our webpage- www.russellinvestments.comIn the latest video update: • Major indexes slide as White House calls for steel and aluminum tariffs• New Fed Chair Jerome Powell meets with U.S. Congress• Quantitative easing on agenda at upcoming ECB, Bank of Japan meetings• S&P 500 technology sector hits milestoneIMPORTANT DISCLOSURE:Interviews w ...…
Today on Blunt Business our host Sean Eubanks is talking about the ongoing transition into full adult-use cannabis legalization in Calfornia with the principles from Ceres Strategies: Elizabeth Ashford Davis and Ruben Honig. Prior to Joining Ceres Strategies, Elizabeth served as Attorney General Kamala Harris’ Chief of Staff from 2013 to 2015, ...…
Tony Boxford is a former Councillor at Hadleigh Town Council. He was amazed recently, when two policemen knocked on his door to warn him to be careful about his Facebook posts. Tony had been critical of the councils spending plans. The council didn't like it, they phoned the police and they turned up at Tony's house. Tony was stunned. He joins ...…
News and analysis from Sky News Radio #ftse #stockmarket #dowjones #suffragette #vote #women #equality #munich #ecigarettes #health #carillion
Good week this week with setting up a couple of talks in Feb and focusing on bringing you all value for your time.
Take from an article I read. Here are three points on how you can make a difference
Lets become successful because we were kinder to people
Here is the mindset I use when dealing with social media
Here are a couple of ways I stay focused and motivated.
Through 2018 I will be going into schools and University’s to have talks and meeting with the students about how to start a sustainable business.
Taking from a blog post by Megan Nichols called - Quick tips for Eco Friendly Apartment Living
I am going to reduce my plastic footprint in 2018.
Are you starting a business in 2018? Are you looking to live more sustainably?
This is something that I have only just found out about. There is a rubbish the size of France floating in the Pacific Ocean!
Here are three reasons why I feel that an Ivywake T-Shirt is a great option.
Just a quick summary of our partnership with Innovation: Africa.
Morning market report - Looking at the FTSE by Trading
Visit our blog -…20916--MWIRIn the latest video update: • Exploring potential reasons behind the Fed’s latest rate hike • Why monetary policy may remain accommodative in the Eurozone• U.S. tax reform bill: What’s the latest timetable?IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE:Interviews were filmed as of the date mentioned in ...…
This week a bumper-packed Tour d’Horizon/Tour de Force. William Lazonick is best known for his iconic “2014 Harvard Business Review’s best article” Profits Without Prosperity: Stock Buybacks Manipulate the Market and Leave Most Americans Worse Off His essential insight is that “shareholder value” has become an ideology of value extraction entir ...…
Visit our blog -…20916--MWIRIn this week’s podcast update:• Bitcoin frenzy reaches new high as value soars• What impact could U.S. tax reform have on economic growth?• Brexit negotiations move forward after agreement on divorce payment IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE:Interviews were filmed as of the date mentioned i ...…
Simon helps high-achieving professionals to connect, influence and inspire through the spoken word – when presenting, pitching and in key meetings. A multiple, international award-winning speaker, Simon was a Finalist in the 2017 World Championship of Public Speaking in Vancouver, Canada – placing 2nd out of more than 30,000 speakers across the ...…
In today’s episode, my guest, Margaret Heffernan, discusses her work and vision related to helping organizations around the world create the changes needed to inspire all stakeholders to thrive. She brings with her a model of thinking that challenges all people to respectfully speak their truth in an effort to help everyone around them improve ...…
And here's part two of two. We hope you enjoyed. As always, hit us up on @kushaljoshi or @movievillekazed on Twitter. References: - Impact of Trump’s America on Future Seasons of Dear White People on America - Prowler - Spider-Man https ...…
DISCLOSURE Interviews were recorded as of the date mentioned in the podcast, these views are subject to change at any time without notice based upon market or other conditions and are current as of that date. It is made available on an "as is" basis. Russell Investments and Russell Investments Canada LTD does not make any warranty or representa ...…
Visit our blog - this week’s audio update:• Details of plan for tax reform in U.S. made public• Volatility in emerging markets: What’s behind it?• Angela Merkel’s newest challenge: Forming a governing coalitionIMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Emerging Market sources:Emerging market has underperformed the US by 2% this week as referenced b ...…
City Boss Dame Helena Morrissey champions the life of Rachael Heyhoe Flint, the pioneer of women's cricket who was regarded as a ground breaker who ruffled feathers and shook up a male dominated sport.Helena Morrissey who has also made it to the top of her career in a male dominated word of the City, is founder of the 30% Club, a campaign group ...…
Subscribe to our Podcast our blog - In this week’s video update:• What Janet Yellen’s recent remarks may say about a final 2017 interest rate hike• ...…
Nick Ogden is, inter alia, the founder of the FTSE Worldpay and a bunch of other interesting businesses. In 2014 he created ClearBank the UK’s first clearing bank for 250yrs and is setting out to show what a modern, hi-tech clearing bank can offer existing Banks, Fintechs and Corporates. Its mission is “to create greater competition, transparen ...…
Visit our blog - this week’s audio update:• Good week for U.S. equity markets• U.S. Fed meeting looms: What can investors expect?• November interest rate hike in the UK: Possible?IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Interviews were recorded as of the date mentioned in the podcast, these views are subject to change at any time without n ...…
McDonald’s Story: 5-year-old decides to turn around the course of his destiny from being broke to becoming a MILLIONAIRE. Meet #1 Speaker Trainer in the UK, Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Success Mentor, Luke Scott II who shares his inspiring and powerful journey and the few keys to how you can become a powerful speaker and create your p ...…
Visit our blog - this week’s audio update:• Market reaction to North Korea’s hydrogen bomb test• European Central Bank meeting: How did it impact U.S. Treasury yields?• European economy helps fuel global growthIMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Interviews were recorded as of the date mentioned in the podcast, these views are subject ...…
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