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Hi, it’s Trevor Agnew here, I’m a World Rally Champion Co-driver and Performance Coach with over 25 years’ experience and this is my performance coaching show. If like me, you’ve always been hungry to know the success secrets of high performing people, then have a listen, especially if you want to up your game in sport, business or life in general. My guests will be a mix of successful and high performing people, with my focus on what makes a winning mindset. My job is to get my guests to share any advice, strategies, tips etc… which we can all then use to improve our lives. The first few episodes will be quite niche, where I’ll chat to people who have been very successful at the highest level in the sport of rallying. They are also very good friends of mine and the perfect guinea pigs for me to practice my new podcasting skills on. In time, I want to cover a broader spectrum of success, by inviting guests from other sports, business and community life. My plan is to release a new show every 2 weeks around Friday lunchtime in the UK. Once I’m able to gauge the workload better, I’ll hopefully be able to have a weekly show. If any of that sounds interesting to you, I’d love you to come along for the ride. For more information visit You can contact us by email: -

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