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UXpod - User Experience Podcast
User Experience Discussions with Gerry Gaffney
Irish Guitar Podcast
Learn Traditional Irish Music on Guitar
All In Our Heads Podcast
Comedians Joe Fernandes & Mike Gaffneys weekly podcast with stories from the road and uneducated opinions on everything.
Secure Freedom Minute
One minute of national security with Frank Gaffney
Juvenile Frequency
Overbrook Presbyterian Church
Weekly sermons from Overbrook Presbyterian Church.
The Momo Show
Wherein Morgan and Mo podcast.
Secure Freedom Minute
One minute of national security with Frank Gaffney
Simon's Story Time
In Simon's Story Time, children's author Simon Gaffney talks about and reads his stories. They are great fun for young kids, and are great news for busy parents too! Original characters such as Hump T-Rex, Wombie the Zombie, Barf the Gubbidge Monster and more are brought to life in Simon's inimitable style. New stories will be added when they're written - enjoy!
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This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute. The Central American nation of Guatemala became the first in the world to announce Sunday it will follow Donald Trump’s lead by relocating its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. In contrast with most UN members, the Guatemalan government has surely earned a place of favor with President Trump. ...…
Aired on 12/10/2017 Tribute to JoAnne Walker w/ Sandy Archer and Mo Gaffney
Andrew has been covering the B2B Marketing landscape for the past decade as Publisher of Demand Gen Report, host of the B2B Marketing Exchange events, Content Director of Content4Demand, and responsible for ABM In Action, an online publication that spotlights real-world case studies of companies launching targeted account-strategies. Yeah, Andr ...…
Play the Game 2017 - Sustainable mega-events: A distant dream? Tuesday 28 November 2017 9.00-11.45 Chair: Christopher Gaffney Speakers: Harry Arne Solberg, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway Wladimir Andreff, Professor emeritus, President of the Scientific Council, Observatoire de l'Économie du Sport, France Raí O ...…
Frankie Gaffney, writer​ and ​activist​ was our guest for Episode 2 of Green Rebel. ​He speaks passionately ​to us ​on subjects close to his heart such as dialects, reading books, creating art, class equality and the curse of social media. ​ In this ​short ​interview, he ​manages to cover everything from Shakespeare through Joyce​,​ via Marxism ...…
“Lament is the power of truth that makes the powerful tremble and gives the powerless strength.” A powerful sermon amplifying the voices of women lamenting the abuse and subjugation experienced by women through the ages – and calling the church to break its silent complicity in the creation of a culture that dehumanizes women. For further readi ...…
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Life!Line with Craig Roberts
GUESTSSegment 1 - 2: President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy Frank Gaffney joins the program offering some insights on Communism, and how Americans don't seem to understand the threat thereof.Segment 3 - 4: Star of Saturday Night Live for six seasons, Victoria Jackson joins the program sharing insights on her journey through breast ...…
The latest on the best high school football action in Greenville. Featuring the heroic special teams performance of Bailee Ewart of Tuscola. Erwin Warriors. Gaffney and Dorman.
Superintendent Dr. Frank Morgan's update on the Oct. 18th School Board Meeting, held at the District Office. Topics include a Second Learner Language Report, Policy Revisions, WorkKeys Results, Construction Update, an Ad Hoc Committee Report from Todd McDonald, Lugoff Elementary's 50th Anniversary, the Kershaw County Read-In in Zemp tomorrow, p ...…
Hour 1 - Too many protests....What does the NFL have to do with Star Trek...Rodney King?...The White Privlege Quiz shows us exactly what we already know Hour 2 - Headlines Include a bad hurricanse story lacking common sense...why you never want to wash your hands in the airport...The Family Sex Robot...and the kid in a cave...Frank Gaffney talk ...…
On Thursday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" president of the National Religious Broadcasters, Dr. Jerry Johnson, guest hosts for Tony. Founder, President, and CEO of the Center for Security Policy, Frank Gaffney, joins our guest host with his analysis of President Trump's speech at the UN. Also, ADF Senior Counsel and Director ...…
Adam Gaffney, physician, writer, public health researcher, and healthcare advocate joint us to discuss the “right to health” in all its manifestations and the slow crawl of U.S. healthcare to universalism and single-payer. It’s a broad-ranging discussion, touching on law, human rights, political discourse, and economics. A brief “lightning” rou ...…
Andrew Gaffney (@GaffneyVLC) is a Spanish football journalist and the first-time guest on this edition of Colchonero Chat. As he is based in Valencia, it seems only natural that he would be tasked with analyzing the Mestalla club’s 0-0 draw with Atlético Madrid on Saturday. Topics include Valencia’s rebirth under Marcelino, Atlético’s defense, ...…
Welcome to the Americhicks podcast. Kim Monson and Molly Vogt are your hosts.President's Clinton, Bush "the younger" and Obama, all kicked the North Korean can down the road.That can can be kicked no more - things have become very serious.Frank Gaffney, Jr. is Founder, President, and CEO of the Center for Security Policy, a not-for-profit, non- ...…
Randy Bersch became a music festival promoter almost by accident. He wanted to have something cool with Steve Ewing of the Urge, and is partnering with Turner Hall to bring Steve and 11 other acts to Mount Olive for the first annual Turnerfest. of the performers that day is Adam Gaffney. Adam has a new ba ...…
The Talking Movies Pictures Movies Show
Tim & Andy react to news of a woman being cast as Doctor Who.Then Director/Actor Jake Lambert shows up to chat about Koreer Parf, his new Korea-set epic, involving Dean Gaffney and a CGI bath of beans.Jake Lambert is an excellent stand-up comedian. Follow his hilarious twitter: @LittleLostLad@tmpmshow…
RTÉ - The Business
Cathal Gaffney and Darragh O’Connell founded Brown Bag Films in 1994 after eschewing the traditional Bluth Studios post-college route & they made a name for themselves with Give Up Your Aul Sin there, of course. Two years ago they sold the business to Canadian Studio 9 Story, taking up roles as Chief Operating Officer and Group Creative Director.…
It has long been a principle attached to this show that artists are featured who might not be heard otherwise. It's not always the case - because there are known and loved artists as well who get "space." But the truly exciting reason for birthing "Hybrid Jazz" on this platform is because MANY are toiling in the fields of the music industry - i ...…
Tales From The East Stand
Ray Wilson joins us in studio. There's Iceland '82 memories from Paul Doolan and Robbie Gaffney, Forky's Liberec yarn and Ondřej Zlámal with all the info on Mlada Boleslav.By (Gary Parsons & Karl Reilly).
The episode was intended as a general discussion about men and feminism in the wake of the visit by feminist Canadian President Justin Trudeau. With Taoiseach Leo Varadkar also declaring himself a feminist, three men were invited in to discuss the feminist credentials of both leaders and the challenges of the feminist debate for men.The guests ...…
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