Best gameboy podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Strictly Game Boy
Join Bryan and Clay each week as they chat about a single game from the beloved handheld console.
Frank Clement's podcast of Street Fighter II for the Game Boy!
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It's Super Effective is a Pokémon podcast that covers the Pokémon anime, the Pokémon movies, the video games (such as Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon), competitive Pokémon battling, the Pokémon TCG, Pokémon GO and more!It's Super Effective is an award-winning podcast, and the #1 most downloaded Pokémon podcast on the web. is dedicated to not only bringing exclusive, creative Pokémon content on the internet. To top that off, ISE is dedicated to bringing you weekly laughs and the best ...
A parody of the Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal games. Inspired by his Pokemon Red Game Boy game, a new hero decided that he too wanted to collect Pokemon, earn badges, and conquer many challenges in his own region: Johto. Join Gold as he does all this and more stupid things on Pokemon FireGold! All feedback is welcome at and be sure to follow us on our blog at for all the links you can find FireGold related content and for the write-ups of ea ...
This is a show about videogames, The people who play them and the people who make them. Each week, a guest on the show talks about the games that have shaped their life in one way or another. Games that have inspired them, games that forged connections with others and games that have soothed wounds. Checkpoints!
Patrick Ehlers and Mark Mitchell breakdown news, games, and everything else Nintendo in this weekly podcast. Old games, new games, rumors, nothing’s off limits as two life-long Nintendo fans discuss the house that Mario built.
A potpourri of Retronauts chronological video projects: Game Boy World, Good Nintentions, and Mode Seven. Updated weekly!
Each week we discuss all things Nintendo! Be it the 3DS or Wii U, past or present, good or bad.With Matt (The Devil's Advocate), Mike (The Angry Passionate), Eli (The Journalist), and Unoclay (The Retro) we cover topics from many perspectives!YouTube:
The Dice Steeple
Dan King (The Game Boy Geek) & Sam Healey talk about topics involving Christians and Tabletop Gaming while trying to bridge the gap between world views.
Bit War Veterans
After surviving the console wars of the 1990s, the Bit War Veterans are here to bring you current and retro gaming news and discussions, connecting games of the past back to the future.
Join Jeremy, the St. Louis Video Game Console Examiner and as he reviews video games from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox One and Playstation 4!
Three old friends talk all things Nintendo. We talk current generation, retro games, Amiibo addiction, and Nintendo Switch!
Game Boy Nostalgia. A podcast about Game Boy.
This is our Pokemon Podcast. WE cover all pokemon news, strategy,go,and more.
Dave and Dan are Rated G for Gamers. A podcast filled with news, rumors, in-depth discussions, and all around interesting banter about video games. Xbox, Playstation, WiiU, PC, et al. New shows every Tuesday.
Chiptune Tech
Chiptune Tech is created to disseminate information regarding the tech side of the house when it comes to Chiptune hardware, mods, accessories, and all of the amazing innovations that people are doing to bring a brighter future to chiptune music. OhmNomNom is a collective of musicians, artists, tech heads and writers with a passion for chiptune music, retro gaming and old computers. We aim to share information and our passion to all of you. If you are interested submitting audio, video or ar ...
Hey. We're David and Davis. Two buddies in Chicago and Chattanooga with a few states (and a giant pile of games) between us. This podcast is us declaring war on our ridiculously long backlog of things we've always wanted to check out. We trade off picking games, spend two weeks playing them, then convene to talk about what we thought. Usually we stay on topic.Follow us on the Twitters @CybercastOnline. Sometimes we tweet about games.
Tiny Cartridge covers the Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, DS, PS Vita, Game Boy, and other portable video game consoles, discussing the latest and most interesting handheld gaming releases -- from Animal Crossing to Pokemon, Game Center CX to Dragon Quest, Mario to Your Mother.
Two middle school band directors talk all things Nintendo. News, game impressions, soundtrack reviews and more! New episodes post every other Thursday!
Nintendo Podcast
A Podcast where we discuss what is new in the world of Nintendo. Hosted by the open-minded, Daniel Friedlaender. Email with questions:
Video Game Stop
Want more for your IPod battery?Bored of the really crap game reviews?Tired of the same old "wham-bam-thankyou-mam" gaming pocasts?Then welcome my friends you have struck audio gold! VG-Stop wont bore you with the details, as we offer what matters the most to you gamers. Reviews and gaming banter which is the latest fresh off the press and all relevant to you!Stay tuned my white headphoned friend, you are in for something very special... *drums fingers*
A Blog about my passion for games...
Podcast del canal de Plays, donde hablamos de todo este maravilloso mundo que nos apasiona de los video juegos.
Sheer Nintendo
A weekly podcast on Nintendo games, news, and ideas.
Touch! My Nintendo
Touching is good! That's what we do best, keeping you in Touch! with Nintendo with an hour of pack back to back news
Gfreak's Podcast
Gfreak's podcast
Day Zero Patch
Day Zero Patch is a podcast focusing on video gaming news and trends delivered in a way some people would call comedic.
Two Button Crew is a group of gamers passionate about Nintendo. Whether it is making daily videos on YouTube, blogging about the Nintendo Switch, or creating podcasts, we promise to bring you the best coverage of your favorite gaming brand.
Dead on arrival podcast with Matt and Ryan. These two long time friends talk about games, movies, and crack each other up while doing so!
a video game music podcast that explores vgm from systems such as the mega drive / genesis, snes, c64, amiga, game boy, and ps1.
Independent videogame news, reviews, and previews in podcast format.
Podcast by Guys and Their Games
Der Podcast von
Rainer, Matt, and Jer talk about video games and argue and maybe learn a thing or two that brings them all together in the end.
Hosted by iCEMAN and moltile.
Gaming cedric podcast, hosted by 3 friends who have nothing better to do than play games. Will have our views on different issues going on in the industry, reviews of games, fun stories and more.
Covering the unique handheld cartridge based system from the creator of the Vectrex! Long before the Gameboy we had MicroVision!
GAME CLUB FOR MEN is a podcast show (hosted by gameboy) that discusses dating and relationship topics from a man’s perspective! Just real men talking about real $h*t! Join us each week at the Game Club for NEW episodes & Get Your GAME Up!Send your comments & feedback on each episode to our BLOG at
HevyD Game Club
A fun and inviting look at the video games we play. Explore games that you may have only heard of, discover more about them that you ever thought you'd want to know.
We're a gaming podcast (well we prefer gamecast) that is just some friends talking about games.
Tiny Cartridge covers the Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, DS, PS Vita, Game Boy, and other portable video game consoles, discussing the latest and most interesting handheld gaming releases -- from Animal Crossing to Pokemon, Game Center CX to Dragon Quest, Mario to Your Mother.
A Gameboy game of the month club/collective. In audio form!
Retro Gaming
A podcast featuring Sam and Tobias, playing old video games on consoles like the Atari 2600, Nintendo, SEGA Master System, SNES, SEGA Megadrive, Gameboy and Playstation.
A Nintendo-focused podcast from the community. Every two weeks, expect a critical and in-depth discussion about Nintendo- or video game-related topics. The topics can touch any of Nintendo's franchises: Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Wii Sports, Donkey Kong and more. We also discuss every Nintendo system: NES, Super NES, Game Boy, N64, GameCube, Wii, DS and 3DS.
The Blkboard Podcast
Born in the era of Gameboys & Bruce Timm cartoons. We’re artists. We’re nerds. And we’re black. Join us (Michael Tré and Jermaine Dickerson) in our biweekly podcast.
A Nintendo-focused podcast from the community. Every two weeks, expect a critical and in-depth discussion about Nintendo or video game-related topics. The topics can touch any of Nintendo's franchises: Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and more. We also discuss all Nintendo systems; NES, Super NES, Game Boy, N64, GameCube, Wii, DS, 3DS, and the Wii U.
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Can the game be played at a tournament? Yes...and the obvious reasons of no! And 2 player options for the game beside link cable (GameCube player, SNES Super Game Boy, emulators)
Merika and Miles discuss Gameboy Advance, mail fraud, and German bitches.
Episode 1 of the Street Fighter 2 for Game Boy Podcast
This weeks episode is all about the Game Boy exclusive Mickey's Dangerous Chase!
For our first ever episode, Bryan and Clay have some good old fashioned fun talking about the first Game and Watch Gallery!
Bryan and Clay say hello, introduce the show, talk about Game Boy, and a little about themselves.
***If you live in Melbourne or are there during the International Comedy Festival, this episode’s guests the GAME BOYS, have given us a special promo code for cheaper tickets!! Use the code “gameonaus” – enjoy the show! Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Hear This Week – the RELEASE edition! 1. Far Cry 5 – we wrap the reviews from a heap of websites p ...…
This week we decide which Quintet SNES game we want to play next and discuss the canon of a hypothetical Street Fighter 2 RPG. While we try to avoid gossip and controversial topics, we do have to relay some reports of bad behavior regarding an individual we've interviewed before. We've also got some shady projects to try to buy out Toys 'R' Us, ...…
Patrick Scott knows a lot about Pokemon. Patrick Scott is an expert on all things Pokemon and is the expert guest today on Schooling Noah w/Aaron Maslow and a Special Guest. Patrick explains how his love for the whited-up Japanese anime began when he was a boy and evolved into a lifelong passion. “Gotta Catch ’em All” is not just a catch phrase ...…
The Cartoncast's Ben and Zane join us to break down the Game Boy Color "port" of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the enigmatic figure that is Imakuni.
We place eight games to get the list back to the proper number after striking out some bummers. This was such a hellishly long episode to record and to edit, just take it, ya filthy animals. YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Aero The Acro-Bat 2, for Genesis, SNES and Wii; Elf: The Movie, for Game Boy Advanced; Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, for GameCube, ...…
Tommy and Mitchell discuss their really awful week and let some anger out. Stupid criminals, car trouble, Oj Simpson, bad R&B artists, awful sidekicks, yes-men, American Idol, Tom Cruise, Gameboys, Pokemon, rude gym guy. Tommy and Mitchell talk about their favorite apps and give diet challenge updates.…
Who doesn’t like Spider-man? You know, besides JJ Jameson and a hoard of villains and whatever friends he’s blowing off without a good explanation because secret identities need to be protected? Join Chris and special guest Paul Csomo from Varmints as they look at The Amazing Spider-Man for the Nintendo Gameboy and some of the comic background ...…
On this weeks episode of VRT, the Boys finally get around to talking about what you, the audience having been waiting for them to talk about this whole time: Pokémon. We've also found the perfect opponent to battle them: the Kardarian Demon from The Evil Dead! Put down your GameBoy Color and pick up your Boomstick, cause things are going to get ...…
This is a MAJOR MILESTONE episode! We have been doing so well over the past 2 months, we felt that we were finally ready to expand a little bit, and we got a 3rd person on the show! This week we welcome my long time friend Rob, and he will be our 3rd mic every couple of weeks. We are in the works for a 4th mic to alternate in, stay tuned for de ...…
This week! Video game violence is back in the headlines, Nintendo announced a whole buncha stuff via a Direct, Fortnite goes mobile, Microsoft tries to do their own Direct, and we talk about Crackdown, Metal Gear Solid Game Boy Color, Burnout Remastered and a whole bunch more. Join us, won’t you? Links of interest: Ready Player One promo poster ...…
The BitGeeks welcome back Martin Reimer to rank the Top 10 games for the grandaddy of Nintendo portables: GameBoy.
Kingdom Come Deliverance and Metal Gear Survive are the stars of this episodes' double feature review! Karl is back from vocal surgery recovery and, along with Callan, Game Train is officially back to its roots for 2018! Covering things from Xbox One's upcoming online juggernaut Seat of THieves and PSVR's tense exclusive, The inpatient all the ...…
TripleRaidio is back to ring in the new year in timely two-month-late fashion. Join Tim and Dave as we talk fixing Game Boys, DBFighterZ, the majesty of Black Panther and a few more words on The Last Jedi.
More information on this podcast as well as the So You Want To Be A Podcast Network can be found at
What an episode! Tommy was so hype on how angry the Secret of Mana remake made him, and I couldn’t wait to yell and my friends, that we completely forgot our News of the Week segment! Last week I forgot the name of Aladdin while talking about the Aladdin video game, and my friends wouldn’t let me forget it. Well, guess what. Friends are LITERAL ...…
The place of short epigramic poetry in our culture, and just a touch of Percy Bysshe Shelley, combine in today’s episode. When people seek to stop the expansion of poetry in definition or in practice they will aim and fire at certain targets. If you look closely and slowly, you may see the bullet holes with their worn, rusting lips frozen in mi ...…
In this episode of I'll Show You Mine, James shows Elyse a childhood favorite that he can't believe she's never played - Kirby! Join us as we dive into that sweet, sweet Game Boy nostalgia and jam to some OG chiptunes. Will Elyse join the ranks of Kirby fans worldwide? Probably.Our theme song is "Dreams" by Joakim Karud.Dreams by Joakim Karud h ...…
We talk about the movie we watched The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. We also talk about nintendo trademarking mini gameboy. And we talk about loot boxes being gambling.
In this episode of the podcast JaianMusic and new co-host Hotshot Ginger discuss their favorite anime video games. From classic Gameboy Advanced to very recent PS4 games.
Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon... YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Pokémon Gold Version, for Game Boy Color; Pokémon Silver Version for Game Boy Color; Pokémon Crystal Version, for Game Boy Color; Pokémon Stadium 2, for Nintendo 64; and Pokémon Puzzle Challenge, for Game Boy Color. You c ...…
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How many times have we spoken those words to our parents on those long car trips? How in the world did we survive those trips without DVD players, phones and Game Boys? Well, in this episode we look at the things that helped keep our parents from killing us. Stop touching me! YouTube » ...…
Fancy running your own company? Sweet! But before you go all Trump and start waving your CEO flag it’s time to put some serious thought into the ideas that will form the foundation of your company. You may know what you do well but do you honestly know why you do it? Values are everything and few founders represent what they believe as openly a ...…
Christmas of Chaos, The Mammoth Old Who Doctor Who Boxset Sessions, Happy Sankranti, Star Trek Discovery, The X-Files, Hard Sun, McMafia, Traders, Geeky Movies and Shows on BBC iPlayer, Antennapod, iOS Podcast App, Sony Recorder for Android, Audio Recorder, Audacity vs. Reaper, CES 2018, Byton at CES, More Cars at CES, SNES Classic Mini, NES Cl ...…
Remember the VCR? How about the GameBoy? Ever hear of the Walkman? Well we go back and talk about these 80s ancient relics. Can you believe 80s is considered ancient? Well we love these gadgets so come back in time with us and listen in!
Last of the Motion Control Gaming Era! Here we discuss the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox and Dreamcast, along with the handheld systems, Gameboy Advance and N-Gage along with others
After a needed Winter Break, the gang is back (except for Alan, poor guy) to talk about some more games, starting with some cool tech from CES, like a 65 inch monitor from Nvidia and a Hyperkin Game Boy with a backlit screen. Then we review the Nintendo Direct Mini that aired this Thursday, featuring some new announcements that were mostly port ...…
Brent’s brothers join in for Rob and Brent’s third-time focus on video game music from the fifth generation and beyond. Rob does play a significant amount of Game Boy Color games, however, while... The Legacy Music Hour was created by Brent Weinbach and Rob F. specifically for the purpose of talking about video game music from the golden age of ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Bible AdventuresSubtitle: Boss Fight Books, Book 7Author: Gabe DurhamNarrator: Gabe DurhamFormat: UnabridgedLength: 3 hrs and 30 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-02-18Publisher: Boss Fight BooksGenres: Arts & Entertainment, Visual ArtsPublisher's S ...…
Keith and Jesse sit down with comedian Shelby Fero as she looks back on her time playing Pokemon for Gameboy. Whether you chose Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur we can all agree - Magikarp sucks.
In this video I talk about the best board games of the year in 2017. I cover different categories of games and list some honorable mentions and the winners. Links below to my reviews of these games. Click Here to our sponsor Visit Miniature Market: The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with ne ...…
In this installment, the nerds discuss what draws them to RPG and miniatures games, what they like about their current game passions and answer the question “are there too many games to choose from?” They also discuss Thor Ragnarok, Extra Life, Guild Ball, Warhammer 40k, Legend of the Five Rings and more!…
Brothers Adam Dutch and Ben Durham host We’re Not Afraid of the Dark. The Tale of the Designated Driver, or The Tale of the Pinball Wizard premiered in the United States on Nickelodeon on November 14, 1992 and was directed by D.J. MacHale, written by Louise Lamarre.When the fuck was there every a reset button on a Game Boy?Super Mario Bros. spe ...…
Interview with Steven Levy, technology journalist and author, about where tech is headed. Tomaš Dvořák - "Game Boy Tune" - "Mark's intro" - "Interview with Steven Levy" - "Your calls and comments"
From Samurai Kid of episode 37 to Ninja Gaiden Shadow from the show before last, Japanese warrior types were very well represented in the Game Boy library, and gave music artists real inspiration when it came to writing groovy soundtracks for them. None more so than with Takara's 1994 slash-em-up - a port of the Neo Geo Arcade game Samurai Shod ...…
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