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The World's Worst Crimes Ever - Serial Killers, Gangsters, True Crime, Cold Cases.... hosted by award winning English Broadcaster, Phil Holmes.
The GANGSTERCAST DJ mix series comes from the I'M A HOUSE GANGSTER movement. A HOUSE GANGSTER has the undying commitment and passion for House music, they know that this music is not a trend, it's a culture. The mixes all come from the DJs that follow this culture and love and respect the sound - some are established names on the worldwide scene, some are the future stars of tomorrow, and they all represent the raw, underground essence of real House music. Each mix in the GANGSTERCAST series ...
The Genealogy Gangster is a 37-Year-old Genealogy enthusiast who loves to podcast, vlog and blog. You can check out his work on his website linked here! Expect a weekly broadcast on various subjects in the Genealogy Field!
The Gentlemen & Gangsters the lifestyle, the brand, and the podcast. It's about life, conversation and how to be better than you were yesterday. We'll have many discussions and conversations about all things relevant and irrelevant. At times we'll be gentlemen and other times we'll be gangster. Indulge. For any questions or topic recommendations contact me at: Instagram: Lord.OB
House Vibes Gangsters present their new free downloadable one hour monthly Radio Show featuring their favorite tracks and exclusive music.Subscribe to HVG Podcasts to receive their latest episodes! For more information please go to can also add HVG on their Facebook bandpage, follow them on Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube and check their latest releases on Beatport and iTunes! Stay tuned and welcome to the family...
Those who can, do. Those who can not, do it on the internet.
Those who can, do. Those who can not, do it on the internet.
Mindful Athlete + Lifestyle Coach, Stacey Turis + Money Maestro, Carrie Tredway host the Brain Gangster Podcast every other week where they discuss MINDful Lifestyle techniques on topics such as sex, food, fitness, life, health, love + soul.
welcome to my podcast my name is TYPICAL GANGSTER and welcome to the OG nation
This station is all about learning, growing and searching the meaning of life. I will talk about own personal my insights and knowledge
Welcome to the International Gangsterism podcast, where two kiddos investigate the deep questions in life. We investigate the true essence of what it means to be human through this auditory epic hero’s journey.
Gangster is an attitude. It's about producing results, ignoring what doesn't matter and putting money in the bank.
Health coach Jason Madden shares valuable information to better your health and inspire optimal living. Many of the episodes feature honest and thought provoking conversations with leaders in the health & wellness community. Topics include nutrition, fitness, self-care, relationships and purpose. Check out
Every week, comedians Mike Recine and Matt Anderson pick a new figure in organized crime. These are their stories of murder, betrayal, camaraderie, and... big bowls of pasta w/ red sauce. Welcome to The Sitdown. New Episodes every Wednesday.
DJ Ashen's Gangster Rock Radio highlights the newest and hottest acts in todays music
Meet Robert Mosqueda...New addition to Making Of A Gangsta Workshop. Listen to his incredible story of of growing up in San Quentin's prison grounds, in and out of incarceration and how everything changed when he had visit from his little baby girl.
Narcos | TaylorMarkTV
TV Podcasts
Hey, how you doin'? We are Ron Richards, Josh Flanagan, and Conor Kilpatrick, and we are the hosts of Goodfellas Minute, the only podcast that analyzes the Martin Scorcese film Goodfellas one glorious minute at a time. New episode of our show comes out every weekday, Monday through Friday. For around 15 minutes we discuss, analyze, pick apart, lavish praise upon, and makes jokes about one minute of one of the greatest gangster films of all time. Plus we delve into the real story behind the f ...
The Podfather
Alex and Jordan present 'The Podfather', an exploration into the vast world of crime films.
Anti-prohibition show dedicated to the many fine American breweries and distilleries. A little history, a lot of brew and fun.
Journey into the underworld of American organized crime and the stories behind the rise and fall of the most notorious mobsters in history. From Charles “Lucky” Luciano and John Gotti, to Donnie Brasco, “Bugsy” Siegel and Dutch Schultz–Mafia explores the lives of our greatest gangsters and the cops and attorneys who worked to bring them down.
Stay Hatin
A rap podcast for people who like rap music and hearing people discuss rap music all sorts. We play things we like and sometimes things we don't like. Either way you should be put up on some new stuff you should like.
Literary OG Sparky Sweets, PhD counts down the greatest works in the lit game with a fresh perspective – blending top-shelf literature with street certified insights. From the greatest playas to the worst baby mamas, this series features classic literature with an original gangster spin.
deep house,nudisco,inide,tech house check more dj sets at
A riveting, original and comprehensive account of international crime and a brilliant critique of globalisation's dark side, McMafia contains full and often terrible stories behind today's most sensational headlines, charting a parallel universe of crime. Find out more at
DnM's is a podcast in which you will hear two uni students waste their time debating the most irrelevant and interesting topics. They can usually be seen trying to decipher "the best" something by making it into a massive tournament... topics include everything from sport, music, film, tv, gaming, pretty much everything and anything is on the table. Give us a listen... submit your own ideas, and enjoy the show.Much Love.Dan & Mickeyemail us at visit our website at http:/ ...
Mucho Mondays!
Mucho Mondays a podcast that acts like a radio show that plays awe-inspiring, extraordinary, joyous and flavorful music. A show that takes you out of that gloomy, scornful Monday feeling. The so-called "Bad case of the Mondays." Yeah, we get rid of that! We update every Monday!
In this podiobook: Part film noir detective story, part fantasy adventure, part East End gangster tale, How to Disappear Completely concerns Theo Braithwaite, a failed actress and worse waitress, becoming involved in an unseen world populated by history's
Gangster love
The monthly science fiction audio drama anthology series from Fancy Pants Gangsters. New tales of the incredible for your listening enjoyment!
My warped views,opinions & theories, entertaining humorous & believe it or not informative. News & topics from a hood perspective uncut with know sugarcoats. Contains offensive material & profanity,racial & sexual slurs so listen at your risk. Also relax a bit!!!! Chuch!!
Nothing But Platinum Hits!
Panels & Pizza
The comic-creator interview show from Fancy Pants Gangsters. Comics and pizza, together at last. Adam Vermillion shares a slice or 6 with some of the biggest and best names in comics.
Locust Lecture
The heavy music show from Fancy Pants Gangsters. Massive violent slabs of unfriendly sound. Riffs, noise, beats. Music still hurts.
Biggie PAC
Gangster rap, and other lyrical rapping.
Claire Harvey and Yoni Bashan discuss the Sunday Telegraph's special investigation into the rise of one of Sydney's most feared gangsters, Farhad Qaumi.
Beginning in 1979, the Reagan decade is counted down with each years pop hits, underground club classics, and obscure gems. Youll start with the genres block party roots in the South Bronx with Grandmaster Flash and work your way through its mainstream acceptance with Run D.M.C. and LL Cool J. Get ready for the boombox breakdance era of early rap in New York City. Its the History of Hip-Hop: The 80s. After a tour of the 80s, the crew digs into the genre as it becomes a pop culture phenomenom ...
The Don't Touch That Podcast is a weekly show that features explicit gangster vocabulary lessons from the Urban Dictionary, an exclusive audio version of Cards Against Humanity and wildly twisted perspectives on all of life's hairiest of topics. Funny people often drop by and NOTHING is off limits!
DJ Sneak's 'Budcast' and 'Vinylcast' deliver the raw, jacking beats of one of House music’s true pioneers. 'The Budcast' stream focuses on new music currently being played by Sneak as he travels the globe, while the 'Vinylcast' is a real treat for House-Heads as Sneak digs deep in the vaults to unearth classic mixes from a very memorable time in electronic music. These super-exclusive mixes are digitized from tapes held in Sneak's archives for the very first time and reflect on the period 0f ...
Each week we discuss the HBO original series, Boardwalk Empire. From gangsters, half and full, booze, the world of politics, and the cocktails of the time. Grab a libation and lets get to chin-wagging
We are the 1920s Gangsters. We are not Actually gangsters, except in video games. visit us at
blue beetle
The Blue Beetle is Dan Garrett, a rookie patrolman. Who, after being shot, was given a mysterious vitamin 2X that gave him the strength of 10 men. And, by wearing bullet proof blue chain mail, transformed himself into the mysterious Blue Beetle, a daring crusader for law. After his father was killed by a gangsters bullet, young Dan Garret joined the New York Police Department, but soon tired of the slow pace and red tape of police work. With the help of his friend and mentor, pharmacist and ...
The most interesting stories are often the hardest to tell. In our new audiovisual podcast, WeTransfer's head of photography Lucy Pike speaks to four photographers about projects which took them into new worlds, from Nigerian gangsters to high school dramas.
So... I Got Fired
Soooooo We got fired....and started a Podcast. Join Mariah: An Emotional Thug, Josh: the Hopeful Gangster, and Sound Guru Isaac; weekly as they explore life, laughs, music, and the never ending shit show that is LA. Will they make it? Only time will tell...
01.Schiller - Lichtermeer (DBN Remix) 02.Laura Larue - Free Love (Gregor Salto Remix) 03.David Guetta Feat. Ne-Yo & Akon - Play Hard (Albert Neve Remix)04.Hard Rock Sofa - Rasputin (Original)05.Leah LaBelle - Lolita (Sick Individuals Remix)06.Daddy's Groove & Cryogenix - Vertigo (Original)07.Someday - You're In My Head (Sick Individuals Remix)08.Firebeatz - Gangster (Original)09.Sick Individuals - Free (Original)10.Marco V. - Wahalla (Original)11.Tommy Trash - Monkey See,Monkey Do (Tommy Tra ...
Christian Felix and Shonali Bhowmik became fast friends while working as temporary workers at a huge law firm in Manhattan. They share a love of laughing and giving each other hell. They may be called hipsters, old school, mainstream, irreverent, classic, country, gangster, or rock n' roll. All labels apply. Special guests, music, and attitude every episode.
We've interviews with Fr Stan Fortuna CFR (Franciscan Friar of the Renewal & rap artist), John Pridmore (ex-gangster), Marino Restrepo (musician), Fr Raniero Cantalamessa OFM Cap (Preacher to the Papal Household), Bob McCarty (Director for the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, USA), Kaye Smith (from 'One Love') & Anne Brawley (Youth 2000, USA) - all about 8 mins. Read more &/or comment
The Grabbing Lunch podcast allows listeners to be a fly on the wall as professional comedians share stories, laughs and lunch. Every Wednesday, comedian and actor Matt Knudsen (Conan, Gangster Squad, Montreal Just for Laughs) hosts and invites listeners to sit down and grab lunch with some of the sharpest knives in the drawer. Listen, subscribe, repeat.
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Talk Kawhi/Pop/LeBron/Playoff P/Lakers/Spurs saga, College World Series in depth analysis, Baker and Hugh/Browns, Bartender’s Pub on the house, Gleyber/Chappy revisionists, JohnnyMetrics defense (everyone’s favorite), Tekashi69 is still alive....nothing on the US OPEN....and more.
Podcast Description:On this weeks show we have a special guest mixes from Wiwek, Cesqeaux, and Rawtek along with your hosts Swedish Egil and Richard Vission. Tune in every Saturday night/Sunday Morning @ 12am-2am on @1043NOW @Rev927 @977KRCK @Rhythm1059 & @z1063. Follow Us ...…
Club Edition 298Live from Baum in Bogotá, Colombia01. Mike.D - Vixen Ghost (Original Mix)02. David Gtronic - Effugere (Rich NXT Remix)03. H2 - We Cry (Original Mix)04. Alex Young, Deetech - Espiritu Colombiano (Second Mix)05. Reinaldo - Gangster (Dani Sinergia Remix)06. Guided By Noises, Luca M - Black Moon (Original Mix)07. Guti Legatto, Leano ...…
In this episode, we discuss Scarface, Illegal tender, Superfly, what makes a gangster movie, the difference seeing films at home compared to in theaters, John Gotti, How Coca Cola was the biggest drug dealer at one time and other random stuff we ranted about while rolling up.
Nothing like discussing the new meds you're on with tens upon tens of listeners. And did you know Paula Dean was a straight up diabetic gangster? My book recommendation to you by the late Anthony Bourdain. And I search the Internet for "Top Podcast Topic Ideas!" and the results are killing me.
Welcome back to LootQuest, this is Episode 8: Goodbye Yellow Brick Rodian! Last week saw our precocious public enemies raided the cantina hideout of Meedo the Blue only to find that someone had beaten them to the punch. After tossing the place they found a couple of "willing" informants that helped them ascertain Meedo's whereabouts. This week ...…
"ACE IN THE HOLE" AIRED: FEBRUARY 3, 1967 The Hornet is trying to broker a deal between two rival gangs, but the arrival of Mike Axford nearly threatens the whole thing. A quick thinking Hornet makes it look like Axford's dead, when in reality he's holding him until the case is closed. But one of the gangsters discovers Oxford's alive and that ...…
This week we brush up on our German with Minneapolis College of Art & Design Comic Art Program runner Barb Schulz!
In 1973, a robber who looked like Bill Skarsgard took hostages in a Swedish bank. He demanded money, a fast car, and the release of a "pop gangster" prison buddy who looked like Armie Hammer. The Swedish government delivered. Reunited within the bank, the criminals quickly won over their captives -- a situation that coined the phrase "Stockholm ...…
This episode E & Swan talk Hip Hop & Sports, with the NBA ending, World Cup beginning, Tekashi 6ix9ine on his test my gangster tour, Doug Ford elected and more.Twitter:@Itstoorealpod @sameoldswanInstagram:Itstoorealthepodcast
The current penciller (Joe Quinones) and colorist (Jordan Gibson) for “Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man” join Kevin and Will to talk about the psychological drama that is issue 24 -- Spider-Man Goes Mad! We get into: Ditko hands! Gangster Faces! European Therapists! And how a villain really gives away his guilt when he instantly tries t ...…
Mitchell is home alone while Tommy is on vacation in the Philippines. Mitchell talks about scary things at night, his breakup, Laughlin trip, happiness, gangsters and other crazy people, future technology, hidden treasure. Included is a short podcast recorded on an iPhone with Tommy before he left on vacation.…
DPTC is hanging ten all the way back to 1996 to scope out the most radical dudes of all time, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, in their final season episode “Mobster from Dimension X!” Mutants. Lasers. Aliens. Zoot suit gangsters. This one truly has it all!
Joe Mills (@thehippiefarmer) isn't afraid to be an original organic gangster. Not afraid to rock the essential oils of life, he defines his own rules and outlook on farming and agriculture.
Are we talking about this week's restaurant, or this week's show? Wheels within wheels.... This week's location: Himalayan Restaurant
A one-of-a-kind epic crime saga or an uninspired indulgent gangster movie? They feud, you decide! On this week's feud, Vidur and Vikram come out guns blazing as they clash over a bollywood movie and the longest movie on the IMDB top 250 - Gangs of Wasseypur. With 5 hours of movie to feud over, the feuders waste no time. One instantly begins com ...…
Summer means swimsuits and if not swimsuits, at least shorts. Regardless, it's extra skin showing and we might need to kick-up that summer glow with Episode 8, 'Gentle Ways to Detox for the Summer'. On Episode 8 of the Brain Gangster Podcast, Stacey + Carrie talk about: 10 Foods with Natural Cleansing Properties, How to Upglow Your Skin From th ...…
Why are some Jewish youth who come from religious Jewish families, throwing it all away and joining a secular hedonistic world? And more importantly, what are they missing and what will bring them back to a Jewish way of life and a deep, personal relationship with G-d? Chaya Rivka Davis talks about her new organization called Banot Aliyah, at: ...…
On this episode your hosts will help you understand the on-going Disney labor disputes at Disney Parks. It’s involved, but we’ve done the research so you can easily understand the issues facing park workers today. As always, we’ll also discuss recent Disney news, which this week includes: The New Wreck It Ralph trailer gave us […]…
Hotel Artemis. A world where surgeries are done with plastic, metal detectors are everywhere and gangsters have to wait in the waiting room. ENJOY!!! Please support us: Or leave a review on iTunes Want us to advertise your product/service? Contact info: Gmail: Social media: Marci: ...…
What up fam. Hope ya'll been enjoying some of this summertime weather goodness. This week we politic with our man Christ Gentile (@pilgrimsurfsupply) about growing up skating, skim boards, surfing in Florida, the Brooklyn we love and where the surf scene is in NYC. I also give my #25Cents on hydrofoil boards and wrap it up with short takes on t ...…
Latest from beef with rappers 6ix9ine and chief Keef. audio of Tekashi saying gangster Keef and Tadoe was on the floor when shotys started bucking. check out the podcast for more hiphop news.Thank you to the 596 subscribers I never could do it without you listening and promoting my white ass. Leave a review on apple itunesemail me canwekeepitre ...…
The Chief Executive Officer of Keeping it Gangster, T.C. Washington, comes on the show and we try to get him to talk shit about people and make him watch bad matches! Facebook Twitter @rossprodcast
Landlords vs Animals beef, Tekashi vs Chief Keef, More Kanye talk, Uzi the sassy gangster, and more useless arguments.
OMD - Radio Waves (Dazzle Ships) 1983PETE SHELLEY - Telephone Operator (XL-1) 1983THE FOUNTAINHEAD - Someone Like You (Voice of Reason) 1988THE SUBURBS - Love Is The Law (s/t) 1984MIDNIGHT OIL - Sometimes (Diesel & Dust) 1988RED ROCKERS - Fanfare For Metropolis (Good As Gold) 1983THE THREE O'CLOCK - I Go Wild (Baroque Hoedown EP) 1982PURE JOY - ...…
The gritty street life that many rappers glorify in their rhymes, but don't really live is the life of Eddy Fish. Eddy Fish life is filled with crime tales, money, honor, power, respect, & Hip-Hop. This interview sheds light on the essence of MONEY, POWER, & RESPECT! "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"!…
In this 3 part bonus episode. You will hear about Dutch Schultz, Raymond Patricia Jr fall and losing power of the mob, and more. Check out can we keep it real available on apple iTunes, pocketcast and other platforms including Anchor. If you want be a guest Let me know by emailing me at…
Dutch was one of America's most dangerous gangsters. 1929 he was making 120 mill per week.
Detriot gangster Sysvester Muarry controled the herion trade. From Flint Michigan projects. Using YBI young boys incorporated to run drugs all over the city. Check out more from can we keep it real.
let me know what song is your favorite, and please share. enjoy! Playlist War by Brooke Candy on single (WonderSound Records) City Slums - English Edit by Raja Kumari, DIVINE on The Come Up (Epic Records) Wake Up by Rocky Rivera on Gangster of Love (Beatrock Music LLC) Busy Gyal (Feat. Rocky Rivera) by Perk Pietrek, Rocky Rivera o ...…
let me know what song is your favorite, and please share. enjoy! Playlist War by Brooke Candy on single (WonderSound Records) City Slums - English Edit by Raja Kumari, DIVINE on The Come Up (Epic Records) Wake Up by Rocky Rivera on Gangster of Love (Beatrock Music LLC) Busy Gyal (Feat. Rocky Rivera) by Perk Pietrek, Rocky Rivera o ...…
Sir Chase returns with his thoughts on the Roseanne scandal and the need for certain weirdos to defend her by attacking other comedians. Then he rants about bizarre medical lawsuits, pretend bullying, and the gangster on his street. Finally, he discusses how not to forget your child in a car (Uh...what?), Cocoa Pebbles, and American attitude. C ...…
What have we done? Are we guilty or just desensitized from killing, violence and the undertone of a murderer? In all honesty we are glorifying a killer, a dope dealer and a gangster without even knowing that we are, or maybe we just do not care!Tune into this Epi-Soul for nourishment with a view point not like the rest of the casters out there.…
This time around we are talking about Roseanne's super-sized fall from grace, peddling things online, and Paul's past ambitions as a gangster. ShillLife
Self-care is considered any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s a perfectly easy concept but most people overlook it...or feel guilty partaking - which is a damn shame because good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety and it’s also a key to good relationship ...…
Erin Tutt is back by popular demand! You children made the last podcast the most listened so far so we decided to get gross on this one! Hamburger porn, fast forward blow jobs, nazi cuck porn, white gangster kids, a lady yelling at someone for saying "Hello"....We really hit all the hot topics on this podcast. My apologies if audio levels are o ...…
This week we welcome from Costa Rica, who brings us a massive Tech House mix for Episode 013 | Already proven to be a heavy hitter of the tech house scene @newball has had his tracks played by Stefano Noferini, Loco Dice, UMEK & many more.Tracklist:01 ItaloBros - Es Ma Ne (Original Mix)02 ID-ID03 ID-ID04 Ki Creigh ...…
This week Rocketgirl and Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur writer and artist Amy Reeder stops by the Port-A-Podder! Live from MSP ComiCon 2018!
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVE!This week we have Brooklyn gangster and Las Vegas bada$$ beauty, Comedian Jill Kimmel!April Walterscheid and Jill talk about Dick of the Week and Celebrity Dicks as well as finding your own voice in comedy (and how you almost feel like you never find it), getting physically assaulted by a drunk person at a comedy show, th ...…
Let The Demons Out Ghalia & Mama's Boys Let The Demons Out Sailor Town Ian Siegal All The Rage Bye And Bye I'm Going to See The King Luther Dickinson feat. the Rising Star Fife and Drum Band God Don't Never Change: The Songs Of Blind Willie Johnson Come On In My Kitchen Larkin Poe Peach Cypress Grove Eric Clapton I Still Do Reason for living Da ...…
Also discussed: The Dark Tower (2017), Jane Got A Gun (2015), Inside Man (2006), Dredd (2012), The Alienist (2018). It's time again for another episode of Nic, Tys and Videotape! This week, we're taking a look at the movie that did for car thieves what The Fast and The Furious did for... car thieves, also... it's GONE IN 60 SECONDS!! We talk te ...…
Dana Williams '18 interviews seniors about their memories of the "gangster party" that took place sophomore year. The episode is the first part of a series in which Williams and a classmate, Parker Lamal-Brown, look at how we remember the tension, resentment, and hurt of that year.
We know what you like! Ben generously invites Isa for an exciting game of poker with his buddies. Be careful when playing with Ben though cause he always collects, especially from friends and family. To Ben's dismay he is also compelled to collect puns that are far beneath his regard. Don't worry we've got exactly what you like. Spoilers: Tetri ...…
It's like the Untouchables except it's not... Nathan and Brendan tackle the latest Listeners Choice submission from Izzy of "Everything I Learned from Movies" ( in the form of the star-studded misfire, "Gangster Squad." Despite the presence of some show-stealing performers and high-octane action sequences, the guys stil ...…
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