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The Haskell Cast
Listen to regular interviews with the Haskell community. The podcast covers news, libraries, and whatever other topics we wander onto with our guests.
Haskell's Jack Farrell joins Denny Long Saturdays for a Wine Chat!
Awakening with Erin Fall Haskell
Rev. Dr. Erin Fall Haskell is a Doctor of Divinity, New Thought Minister, Transformational Author and Speaker, and Lover of Life! #AwakeningTheWorld Her mission is awakening a billion people globally to their divinity and life's purpose, and assisting them in manifesting their dreams. She currently lives in Los Angeles, where she is featured in television, radio, magazines, and top blogs. She is heavily involved in the consciousness movement where she focuses on bringing fun to “The Shift” i ...
FBC Haskell TX
Listen to the relevant Biblical teaching from First Baptist Church of Haskell, TX. This podcast provides weekly messages from Pastor Ollie D. Pierson and others. FBC is “Spreading Hope in an Uncertain World”, that hope is Jesus Christ. Visit us at to learn more about FBC, and visit us in person the next time you're in Haskell!
East Side Baptist Church, Haskell, TX
Pursuing gospel faithfulness in Haskell County
Haskell's Wine Chat
Haskell's Jack Farrell joins Denny Long Saturdays for a Wine Chat!
First Baptist Church Haskell (mp3)
Spreading Hope to an Uncertain World! Sunday Morning Bible Study @ 9:45am Morning Worship @ 10:55am
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Two words: THE KEEPERS. I'm sure you've at least heard of the terrifying true crime Netflix documentary everyone is talking about these day that tells the story of what an impossible vortex of horror the Catholic church in Baltimore was and still is. We can all agree at least that the Catholic church is... problematic. And the queen of pointing ...…
In this episode we discuss the Lions emphatic win over the Chiefs (34-6) and what it means for the future of the test team. A number of players putting down markers including all of the England boys. Nowell and Daly looked dangerous on the outside each offering something different, Haskell and Marler leading the tackle count, Cole still making ...…
Glen Campbell performs a medley of The Beach Boys live and is heard playing guitar on a track by Jimmie Haskell. We also hear a "kick off to summer" block with summer themes by The Monkees, Marco Di Maggio, Cliff Richard, The Hi-Risers and of course The Beach Boys. We also hear tunes from Hep Cat Boo Daddies, Dick Dale, The Mentawais, Truly Lov ...…
Subject: New Land: Be Strong and CourageousSpeaker or Performer: Pastor Ollie D. Pierson with Praying over our FathersScripture Passage(s): Joshua 24Date of Delivery: June 18, 2017
SUNDAY'S LIVE - DADDY ISSUES & LAW OF PERFECTION | REV. DR. ERIN FALL HASKELL In this episode: My personal story of having "Daddy Issues" Acknowledging the opportunity for healing All suffering is the opportunity to awaken Loving what is Celebrating Father's Day To support this podcast please: Like, Share, and Comment. Download 30 FREE Guided M ...…
East Side Baptist Church, Haskell, TX
By Terry Bunch.
What ever happened to Australian wines? Jack Farrell gives us an update and lets us know why that country's industry is making a surge.
If I could dance, I’d dance like Gregory Hines married Fred Astaire. If I could play guitar, it would be Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eddie Van Halen’s love child; Sing? It would have to be Aretha Franklin and Pavarotti’s woods colt. But today folks… we had Zana Johnson and Gracie Murrell come to the DJAMM studio and wail for us… never been more impre ...…
Dunkin Donuts is another one of those chains that lost it's touch a long-ass time ago. The 1980s were obviously the heyday of Dunkin Donuts when their brown/orange/pink color scheme made sense and people actually wanted to see a depressing commercial where an old man toiled away at donut-making. These days, we don't have many nice things to say ...…
00:29 What are dependent type systems? 03:38 applying dependent types to industry 07:30 writing dependently typed programs in Haskell today 09:07 GADTs (Generalized Algebraic Data Types) 11:01 the future of dependent types in GHC 13:40 teaching dependent types 18:03 learning dependent types 20:20 a future style of Haskell programming with depen ...…
Working Class Audio
Working Class Audio Session #130 with Andy Reed!!! Andy Reed purchased his first guitar when he was 18 and by the time he was 21 he started a band with his brother called The Haskels. They signed a small record deal and ended up recording with Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs. This is where Andy initially got the recording bug. Fast forward thr ...…
Subject: New Land: Be Strong and CourageousSpeaker or Performer: Pastor Ollie D PiersonScripture Passage(s): Joshua 14 Date of Delivery: June 11, 2017
East Side Baptist Church, Haskell, TX
By Terry Bunch.
SUNDAY'S LIVE - LAW OF RELATIVITY: 3 TIPS TO FREEDOM | REV. DR. ERIN FALL HASKELL In this episode: Law of Relativity Greek were the first to recognize the individual relationship with spirit Crime Scene Case Study Einstein’s Law of Relativity Observer Effect/ Quantum Effect Ultimate Truths vs. Relative Truths 3 Tips to Freedom Practice Non-Judg ...…
Jack Farrell dives into Rose wines and their surging popularity over the last few years.
If only eating plants is a good idea for human beings, then why do I have this row of insanely sharp front teeth? Oh, that's not normal? Oops. But seriously, humans are supposed to eat meat. Sure, Dan and I are vegetarians, but we still eat dairy and eggs and did we mention that Kelly is eating fish these days?? So what's so good about an entir ...…
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Percussion Professor Stephen Crawford talks about getting the Temple College and Mary Hardin-Baylor jobs and how his responsibilities have changes over the years (02:35), some Spurs sports talk (50:10), growing up in (northern) North Dakota and the nature of Sports Fandom there (52:15), getting into percussion ( ...…
default In this episode I talk with Colin Barrett. We talk his intro to Objective C; exploration to Haskell, OCaml, and other languages; diving deep into functional programming; functional Swift; and more. Our Guest, Colin Barrett @cbarrett on Twitter Conference Announcements Curry On Barcelona will be taking pl ...…
Subject: New Land: Be Strong and CourageousSpeaker or Performer: Pastor Ollie D PiersonScripture Passage(s): Joshua 11Date of Delivery: June 4, 2017
East Side Baptist Church, Haskell, TX
By Terry Bunch.
In this episode: Story of the Golden Buddha The Monkey Mind There’s no wrong way of meditating 10 Minute Meditation Law of Polarity To support this podcast please: Like, Share, and Comment. Download 30 FREE Guided Meditations: We would love to have you in our New Thought Community! The World wants you ...…
Being inspired by a visit from some Spanish friends, Jack Farrell dives into Rioja wine during this week's segment.
Superheroes are a make believe thing that we as humans think we need to save us from bad guys. What bad guys? Donald Trump? I kid. But wouldn't that be cool if Barack Obama got drenched in some sort of ooze and he kicked a bunch of ass? Why do people think this is cool? Paul Scheer is gonna tell us.Paul Scheer is a buddy and amazing performer/w ...…
Do you remember the first place you ever water skied? What about where you heard your first live music? Or participated in your first bona fide terrapin race? Well, for some of us, it all happened right here in this small town… perhaps on the one famed weekend every year ! Stigler’s Reunion Days doth approach As Shakespeare might have said, and ...…
East Side Baptist Church, Haskell, TX
By Terry Bunch.
"I can remember sitting there knowing it was wrong and knowing I didnt like it, but I wanted to be like my friends and so I drank. I worked there and reapplied to go back out to Haskell, and I went out there and stayed for three years, and I never graduated. Course, if they could have passed me from hanging out in the bars, I guess Id of got a ...…
Subject: New Land: Be Strong and CourageousSpeaker or Performer: Pastor Ollie D PiersonScripture Passage(s): Joshua 4Date of Delivery: May 28, 2017
SUNDAY'S LIVE - TECHNOLOGICAL GODS | REV. DR. ERIN FALL HASKELL In this episode: The Media B.S. (belief system) The ‘Red Carpet’ illusion of Hollywood True persuasion and leadership begins with inspiration Louis Hay’s story of becoming a NY Times Bestseller You have a gift to bring to the world! Universal Law: You have a specific calling The Un ...…
This week, Jack Farrell talks about the recent convention he attended and tackles the best temperatures to serve both red and white wines.
Chaos Computer Club - recent audio-only feed
The functional programming language "Haskell" has been instrumental in researching the design of compilers, type systems, and advanced programming language features for more than 2 decades, but in recent years it has also become increasingly popular with red-blooded software engineers who worry about practical tasks like developing client/serve ...…
Playing guitar at parties. Is there anything more annoying? Who the fuck does this guy think he is? And by the way, it’s ALWAYS a guy. Speaking of guys, Zack Poitras is here to talk about why playing guitar at parties is for some reason permissible???? Zack Poitras is a wonderful man with a creative and inventive spirit. He is the head writer a ...…
Jerry Flannery and Isaac Boss join SportsJOE's Pat McCarry and host Andy McGeady on The Hard Yards this week.1:15 - The boys talk about pre-cup final jitters and their most nervous teammates8:00 - Jerry on the mood in Munster ahead of the PRO12 final this weekend10:25 - The panel discuss that amazing Simon Zebo try16:00 - Bossy and Jerry talk a ...…
Rev. Haskel Rhodes preaches a Holy Spirit filled message given by God at Ellisville First Assembly of God on Wednesday, May 24th.
Crews will be working over the holiday weekend to replenish and fortify Ortley Beach. WCBS Reporter Peter Haskell caught up with Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Stephen Reid.
Simon Peyton Jones is a computer scientist who currently works as a researcher for Microsoft and has built his own programming language, Haskell. He is also chair of Computing at School, which was central to the 2014 reform of the English curriculum that made computer science a foundational subject. As our lives become increasingly influenced b ...…
Join host Jacqueline Jax for Behind the Music interviews featuring the newest single from each artist broadcasting live from our South Florida studio. We discuss topics of Music Business, Social Media Music Marketing, Songwriting, and What's happening in the business from the perspective of the indie artist. This is where you hear how indie art ...…
Tribal representatives and art dealers discuss ways to stop the sale of cultural itemsHaskell student becomes first Alaska Native ambassador at the Kansas tribal college
default In this episode I talk with Erik Svedäng. We talk his background in functional programming, game development, and creating Carp, a statically typed Lisp for use in game development. Our Guest, Erik Svedäng @e_svedang on Twitter eriksvedang on Github Carp on Github Conference Announcements Elm Europe will be ta ...…
Organizers of the Puerto Rican Day Parade still plan to honor a controversial nationalist. WCBS Anchor Michael Wallace talks with 880 Reporter Peter Haskell.
It's a week of contrasts and Lee & Josh wallow in the lovely waters of a mostly wonderful weekend of Aviva Premiership and Guinness Pro12 semi-final rugby, but then Lee has something akin to a primal scream type meltdown over James Haskell: British & Irish Lion. He just about manages to pull himself together for the SHIT/GOOD™ Ratings.…
Exeter and Wasps last gasp wins.A grovelling apology to Scarlet's.Big Billy Vunipola's heart-breaking withdrawal from the Lions...and enter DJ Haskell.JB steps up and organises a quiz; Phil has prepared a closer look at the New Zealand team with "Hey, What's Hippinun Bro" and Tim is disturbingly excited by Henry Slade's "cultured left boot". Le ...…
Subject: New Land: Be Strong and CourageousSpeaker or Performer: Pastor Ollie D PiersonScripture Passage(s): Joshua 10Date of Delivery: May 21, 2017
East Side Baptist Church, Haskell, TX
By Terry Bunch.
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