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Under The Hood Automotive Talk Show
Car repair tips and advice hosted by the Motor Medics
College Urban Radio done right. All the gossip in entertainment, new music, and celebrity guest and contest. Listen as Actor/Author/Musician Parys Sylver spins the hits, introduces you to new music and relive old ones. Also listeners can call in and voice their opinions.
D's Block
The Block belongs to Dejacks...D's Block. An extension of my passion for music, cars & life. A place to escape and listen to the expressions of my life.
Under The Hood Car Repair Radio Show
This fun Car Repair Talk Show Podcast is from the National Automotive Radio Show Under The Hood. Join the Motor Medics for two hours of great Car talk. This high energy automotive repair and advice show will keep you entertained and educate you about your car or truck with the occasional boat, plane, or even tank thrown in. Airing on stations across America. Tune In and Tune Up with some great car talk from the Motor Medics Russ, Shannon,and Chris,free Automotive advice. We'll see you...Unde ...
TV Talk - Once Upon a Time
TV Talk – Once Upon a Time . TV Talk Network is America’s Largest Producer of Podcast Content. Delivering Talk Shows daily about your favorite TV programs via the FREE TV Talk App to your smartphone or tablet every morning. TV Talk – Once Upon a Time Featuring Hosts Rebecca Jones / Gareth Jones. Starring: Lana Parrilla, Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Ginnifer Goodwin, Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Jennifer Morrison, Emma Swan, Meghan Ory, Red Riding Hood / Ruby, Emilie de Ravin, Belle, Jared ...
Wake Up With Steve Hood Podcast
Intelligent talk radio from longtime political consultant Steve Hood
In Between Acting
A podcast where actor Jody Thompson talks acting with friends.. Each episode he’ll hear their journey, learn there methods, and steal all there tricks and secrets. He’s like a Acting Robin Hood minus the British Accent and Bow!! Why does he do this? Because he loves you! Go to iTunes below and hit subscribe to hear the latest episode.
Fried Bologna
When it comes to all things random, Fried Bologna has an interesting take on it. From sports, bathroom talk, not so pop culture and more, these two guys cover all topics of conversation. Tin Man TC applies his own brand of opinion, wittiness and nonsense, while Hi IQ brings a calm, calculated and clumsy view of the world. This is Fried Bologna… a hood delicacy.
Just, a regular highly pigmented black girl born in the hood, influenced by the burbs who took a liking to talk about celebs and giving unsolicited opinions. Not to mention I'm a 20 something year old hot mess TRYING to grasp life by the balls ,or lack thereof. Join my co-hosts & I on this journey of life every Monday at 6:30 Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Email me at
Introducing two cheeky little monkeys, coming at you, straight from the hood. Girls. Talking. You'll love it.
Election Weekly from The Conversation UK
Two academic experts join The Conversation's politics editor, Laura Hood to discuss the key election issues. We’ll of course be talking about Brexit, but we also want to get to grips with the kinds of issues you’d normally expect to hear about in an election, like the state of the economy and what each party has to say about immigration, the NHS and schools. We’ll keep you updated on who’s ahead in the polls. And we’ll also cut through the spin of what’s dominating the headlines.
Girl Talk y Mas Podcast
A podcast created to empower women and share their stories of triumph, success and sometimes failure. No matter the road, we all strive to be our best! Girl Talk y Más is a place to celebrate our women-hood and engage in a community of positive, real and empowering women! Stop by and chat with us anytime!
Lunchtime Chat
As me and my friends awkwardly stumble from the world of teen-hood into full fledged adult hood, we created this podcast to get our voices heard, and talk about things that hold most interest to us. Mainly...Video games.
Buy The Hood
It’s time to stop the talk of “getting out the hood”! Now more than ever is the time to “Buy The Hood” and create generational wealth while improving our communities and creating better environments to live. The Buy The Hood Podcast is about how to create value by owning our communities and sharing information as well as resources.
Peter Limberg talk about; summer on hood, riding for IPP, Long Distance Biking, Midwest snowboarding, and the future! The Intern hosts! 🤘
Hood Times
A web radio show made to showcase up and coming Bay Area Artist's, Producer's, Model's and Business'. Plus live talk about recent news, politics, Hip Hop/Pop culture and more.....Hosted By Carlos of Hood Times.feat other special guest-hosts!!!!!!Stay tuned for more Bay Area gutta talk and hood rhymes!And if you wanna stay on top, keep it locked to Hood Times!!!!!!!-"China Black, Carlos and Yung Ick SHOW IS ON EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 9PM(PST)
Real Talk with Mike and Ruben
Join Mike and Ruben two child hood friends as they discuss daily life, music, sports, politics, and anything else that comes to mind.. "real talk" see if you can understand their point of view and where they're coming from...
This is the podcast where we talk about all things related to ‘Marketing and Advertising Technology’. The format of the podcast is in three parts which includes (a) Interview with a special guest (b) under the hood of a specific area of technology and (c) review of news of the week.
Geeky Blinders
Every week we get under the hood of a Movie or TV Show and dissect it. We talk Themes, Meanings, Development, Casting and anything else we can think of! It doesn't matter if it's 100 years old or it still has spots, we want to talk about it. A Special Guest every week! Maybe one day it will be Harrison Ford! Maybe it won't! Subscribe to find out! Hosted & Created by Nathan Drake Follow us on Twitter @geekyblinders Email us at
Get Back to the Garage with Blair Garner
Welcome to Advance Auto Parts Get Back to the Garage! A podcast hosted by Blair Garner and dedicated to car enthusiasts everywhere. Get back to the garage and turn your speakers up and tune in for car tips, car talk and everything in between. Blair Garner will take you on an exciting ride about all things Under the Hood…all thanks to our friends at Advance Auto Parts.
Does missing valentine's day matter?
Does valentine's day really matter? What are some benefits of growing up in the hood? Family feud? and much more. We discuss these topics the only way we can from our perspective. So there's no telling what's going to come out of our mouth. So come tune in and listen. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to hear us talk. You can also catch the episodes on youtube, soundcloud, and Stitcher radio.
Wallace Memorial Baptist Church NexTpectations Audio Podcasts
NextPectations is a series of discussions about what to expect next at Wallace. Join us as we talk about our Purpose and WHY it is imperative that we raise the bar of expectations of ourselves and our church in order to organize and execute a plan to effect change personally and in our church culture in order to reach the culture of un-churched people in our neighbor hoods, community, country and world.
Master Griot / NBBTA Radio
Mouth-To-Mind Resuscitation - Home of Purpose Driven Words! NOTE: RESCHEDULED: Ep 5 along with the Event Marketing & Art & Entertainment Edition of CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Your Holiday Marketing Guide. Check Upcoming Shows for dates.** +Since 2008 bringing you a power-packed collection of Art, Business, Tech, Youth and Wellness Talk infused with conscious Hip Hop, Soul Music and Spoken Word. Master Griot / NBBTA Radio missions to foster strategic collaboration among small businesses and independe ...
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It’s time for Thursday Night Football Picks! MM: Pittsburgh MC: Pittsburgh Mike now 35-12, Marshall 28-19 New York Knicks overcome Rodney Hood’s 30 points to beat Utah Jazz In letter, NFL accuses Jerry Jones of ‘conduct detrimental’ in regard to Roger Goodell’s contract talks Chicago clubs the Rangers in the NHL!…
Transcript: So, Daniel is, sort of, the primo example of it and a lot of people today when they're talking about what it's like to live a faithful presence they say, "Well, we should look to Daniel as an example of guidance for us." But, I think that's too optimistic. Because, if you look at what happened to Daniel, Daniel was taken into exile ...…
Sojourn Network Podcast
Transcript: My name is John Stark. I'm a pastor of a church called Apostles in New York. We have a church there. I'm married to Jenna. We're gonna celebrate 15 years coming up in a few months. We have four children, and yes we live in Manhattan with four children. And we get a lot of weird looks, but that's okay. People get over it pretty quick ...…
ontract employees have very different rules than normal, at-will employees.In House of Cards, Kevin Spacey has the real talent for making the viewer root for a truly horrible person, Francis Underwood. But, can he get people behind him now?According to The Blast, Spacey is claiming that Netflix fired him too quickly after claims came out that h ...…
Jackie and Stephanie talk about the 5th episode of season 2. Topics include their very skeptical feelings about the Cheryl/Nick St. Clair storyline and Jackie's deep-seated belief that the Black Hood is Hal Cooper.
First Congregational Church, Bellevue
Psalm 68: 4 – 10 Sing to God, sing in praise of his name, extol him who rides on the clouds; rejoice before him—his name is the Lord. A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land. When you, G ...…
Leah Heffner talks with Jen Smith of the popular blog Unveiled Wife about she and her husband's awesome resources - like praying for our spouses and kids, working with their husbands, and how to make intentional time for marriage and family. Of course she shares her gifts, and shares her magic in the mess. And Jen asks Leah a BIG question. It's ...…
Faith Mama Mondays - Peace and Mother HoodHello Mamas, Today we will be talking about peace and motherhood. What does the scriptures say about our peace? Is peace achievable in motherhood? Together, Dominique, Jernise, and Ryann will dig in to this topic.Our focus scripture today will be coming from Philippians 4:6-76 Do not be anxious about an ...…
The Hood Geniuses Podcast
On this episode, hosts Lady T and Miz 100 are discussing the posions that some people like to indulge in such as personal addictions. Listen as Miz 100 and Lady T reveal their own personal vices. On this week's "Genius or Naw" we talk "Meek Mill getting sentenced 2-4 yrs", "Chrisette Michele" and "Phaedra Parks and Shemar Moore as a couple"Foll ...…
Health is Wealth! Plant-Based Nutritionist, Nneka Shoulds, joins us and talks bringing healthy dietary lifestyles to the hood, preventing fatal health diseases, healthy living, & more!
Ave Maria Radio: Catholic Connection
Fr. Patrick Gonyeau on the upcoming beatification of Fr. Solanus Casey. Also, Fr. Matthew Hood talks about National Vocation Awareness Week.
Sports talk with Jay Lew, Hugh and Mo! Produced by hood Howard Stern.
Transcript: Organizational transitions and what organizationally and as your church grows, complexities and things happen, [inaudible 00:00:20] and you're going to have plans, and those plans are going to change, because you're not in control. The faster you realize that the better it's going to be for the church. [inaudible 00:00:30] I'm going ...…
Leah Heffner talks with Amy Rienow about what her day looks like as a homeschooling mama to 7 kiddos while partnering with her husband in a ministry, Visionary Family, which has grown out of their own story. We talk Paris and cathedrals. And we talk about what it means to have a generational impact (and even how the cathedrals that took generat ...…
With the absence of Responsible Abdi, the Boys run riot and talk all things weird, immature and stupid. Willzy and Hood Pope kick off the show sharing Porn and Jerking off experience as kids before segmenting their way on to Women in Liverpool having sex for £4.. ABDI COME BACK SOON!Look just..PRESS PLAY!HASHTAG: #LetsBeHonestPodcast SPREAD THE ...…
On another jam packed of the Sauce On The Side podcast; the Saucy Boys are joined by the biggest person Drake has ever met and former defensive tackle for the Tennessee Volunteers, Daniel Hood; they discuss the wild World Series between the Astros and Dodgers, along with the wild weekend in college football; talk about the upcoming UFC event an ...…
Capital26Free — Would you want your current bae to see the love letters you sent to your ex? In this episode where there was a lot of interjection , Jerry, Miri, Nomaliso, Nyasha and Onai meet up on a Sunday to talk about the hecticness of the week before. They talk about just how bad universities in Zim have got and if there is any hope for th ...…
Actor, Rapper and self-proclaimed Nerd, Damian Washington joins Jake this week and the two recall the day they met & Damian's job of tackling the six time world champion Chris Jericho on Comedy Central's "Nothing To Report." Damian shares some of his experience growing up in Harlem, having hood stripes and how people that don't actually wear th ...…
The Faygoluvers Podcast
Alright. Violent J said he himself really hated this era. Really it was over very quickly. I'm talking about the Hell's Pit era and even though J hated it, Hell's Pit is still definitely one of my favorite albums that the Wicked Clowns have ever dropped.This is the Faygoluvers exclusive docu-series 20in17 Chapter 13 titled "The End" featuring t ...…
Today in Sundial: Hollywood commissioners are debating the new names for three streets named after Confederate Gens. Robert E Lee, John Bell Hood and Nathan Bedford Forrest, the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. What should those new names be? Different people have different ideas. We'll hear from the man who has been fighting to make the chang ...…
Riverdale Vixens
Archie is back on some of his bullshit. Reggie has a weird definition of what counts as a "prank" and the Man in the Black Hood is back - who does he get this time? Join the Riverdale Vixens to talk about these issues and many more, as the cast recaps Season 2, Episode 2 of Riverdale!If you want sweet Betty & Veronica merch, check out bettyandv ...…
Take two guys, and throw 'em in 40-some degree weather and rain. What do they wear? And what do they carry their stuff in? Find out the answers, and a whole lot more...NEXT...This is the Bellingham Podcast...Podcast Updates- AJ did a few Fall cleaning of the feed, you can now updates to the website and look and feel of the show. You can now fin ...…
Learn about Kalonji and how he started this amazing collective. The Flight of Arts is this weekend! The four-day event will feature several workshops and exhibitions for visual, performing, literary, culinary and cultural arts. All events and activities will be hosted at different venues in and around downtown Montgomery to raise public awarene ...… Playaz Circle Feat Lil Wayne - Duffle Bag Boy T.I. - Whatever You Like The Jacka - Iller Clip Jay Z - Girls Girls Girls Lil Boosie Feat Webbie and Foxx - Wipe Me Down Lil Wayne - D ...…
Teaser: So this thing, this ….. thing! This is the thing that creates war, murder, rape, and even genocide. This thing keeps you from people who could change your LIFE. It could be the partner of your dreams. It might be your new best friend, but They Are Not In Your GROUP! So they might as well be damn dead to you! Today’s podcast is on the ef ...…
And we’re back for a brand new season of Mostly Lit!This week, we are discussing literature from the ‘hood’ with a focus on Mama Can’t Raise No Man and The Good Immigrant.Derek found a new love in Afro-FuturismRai has a great book for her women And Alex talks about books on productivity. And do snakes really sympathise with snakes? Not one to m ...…
On this call, the guys are joined by the very funny Paul Conyers, a Bay Area comedian. They discuss everything from Paul's start in comedy to where he draws inspiration... oh, they even find a way to talk about the President (of the United States). Random? Even more random than usual. Entertaining? Even more entertaining than usual. This is Fri ...…
We're talking the Vegas shooting and Trump News!!! HOT TOPIC ~ "DO POLITICS AND SPORTS MIX?" Hosted by Hood Howard Stern and Monk Money. Produced by Hood Howard Stern. Production Team : Steven Price and Jamel Lett. Production Assistant : Tayvon Price.
WITH ONLY 9 DAYS UNTIL HIS WEDDING, Dan takes time out of his hectic schedule to recap the final planning stages and talk playoff baseball with Eric. The word of the week is #blood!Fellow Groomzilla Sean O'Connor (Hood Adjacent) joins the boys to talk crazy families, Madonna Inn kitsch, and why marriage ceremonies and comedy don't mix. Plus Sea ...…
Commonwealth Forever
This week, the guys talk about Kentucky's too-close-for-comfort win over Eastern Michigan and their upcoming game against Mizzou, a team that is not good. We also discuss our rivals and apologize to Dean Hood, who is probably the best member of the UK coaching staff right now.By Cam Newton.
Book Club for Masochists
It’s October which means it’s time for our Halloween episode! We talk about our favourite spooooooky movies, books, comics, video games, and more! Plus: Early Canadian history! You can download the podcast directly, find it on Libsyn, or get it through iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or your favourite podcast delivery system. In this episode Anna ...…
The Titans came into NRG as a 2 point favorite and crawled out of NRG with a smooth ass-kicking to the tune of 57-14. Eric, Chris and Lance talk about how Deshaun Watson treated the Titans defense like an ACC opponent and share their thoughts on Bill O’Brien moving forward. Will JJ Watt get cut? Is Dylan Cole the new and less expensive version ...…
(Insert music track # 1 – “Horror Game Menu” by Eric Matyas) Due to mature subject matter, parental discretion is advised… The New Britannia Theater Troupe Presents Hungry Eyes in the Darkness Directed and produced by Asclepius Written by Gabriel Nightshadow with additional writing by Amber Raine and Jakdaw Foxlauden Director of Public Relation ...…
Join host Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks cinema symbolism with returning guest, Robert Sullivan.While the topic of cinema symbolism isn't new to THC, considering the size and scope of the Hollywood's reach, it may be time to take another look at the esoteric allegory and cinematic sorcery used to encode eternal arche ...…
Orbital Earthcast
Robin Hood has a story that goes back centuries. No one has apparently told him, but he's more than happy to talk about his life and livelihood with gusto on this episode of Orbital.By (Gap Storm).
Defensive versatility (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer) On this week’s episode of the Salt City Hoops Show, Ben Anderson is out, so Andy Larsen called in some favors, filling in each segment with four of the biggest names in Jazz coverage. We start with Andy Bailey from Bleacher Report, talking about Ricky Rubio’s performance during Eurobasket and Bailey’ ...…
Chicago's GameNight
Jonathans recaps the Bears victory w/ Jeremy Fowler, talks Bulls media day w/ Nick Friedell, and talks sports and politics "Under The Hood".
We're back!! 22nd Epsiode it's great to be back with another episode full of madness! Let's see Wilzy thinks he can knockout Anthony, Rio & Hood Pope?! And the boys talk about dating or marry Vegans..Look just..PRESS PLAY!!HASHTAG: #LetsBeHonestPodcast SPREAD THE WORD!!This episode is also available on iTunes.Follow The Twitter & Instagram: @Le ...…
Tune in and comment on the topic at! HOT TOPIC - "IS ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER?" Also, we'll be talking about : #CardiB getting 9 BET HIP-HOP AWARD NOMINATIONS #DonaldTrump blasting North Korea #KevinHart sex scandal and extortion! ???? SPONSORED BY @PardonMyEastside Apparel ???? Hosted by Hood Howard Stern and Monk Mo ...…
Geek Wolfpack Podcast
Welcome back, Wolfpack! Episode 44 is here and it’s a bit of a grab bag. We discuss games like Destiny 2, Lawbreakers, and even Candy Crush (we’re cutting edge here). Thermal’s got a new hair color, and no longer is an 80’s tribute. We have piled up some new swag and have a new setup in the studio. We bid farewell to the amazing Cassini space p ...…
PINEAPPLE! In this episode, Mr. Naughty List joins Chris in bringing you the latest nerdy news. The guys go on to talk about everything from Good Omens, Tremors, and Robin Hood to Star Wars, Toys R Us, and a fun cease and desist letter. Tune in and turn up.
Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you the daily podcast Locked on Jazz. Today Locke looks at how the Cap holds for Rodney Hood and Dante Exum will have an enormous impact on their extension negotations. Locke breaks down the wing rotation and the amount of flexibility the Jazz have.Finally, Locke sits down with Alec B ...…
Meltdown - Stromae ft Lorde, Pusha T, Q tip & Haim 2014 • Homemade Dynamite - Lorde Ft. Khalid, Post Malone & SZA remix • Royals - Lorde - CemreK. Remix • 'Less Talk More Music' thanks Lorde - Tennis court • Papaoutai - Stromae • Tous Les Mêmes - Stromae • Dernière Danse - Indila • Roses & Wine - • Human - Sevdaliza • My Baby - Russ (Rub ...…
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