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Jan McCarthy of “The Entrepreneurial Voice” brings you “The Life Of An Entrepreneur”, a rare opportunity to step inside the life of an entrepreneur to find out what it really takes to get started, how to keep going in the face of adversity, what you must do to succeed, how to overcome failures and living your passion everyday. Join Jan every TUESDAY at 11am as she brings business tips and meaningful lessons about starting a business or growing it to the next level. She will focus on topics o ...
Vancouver Magazine called her "San Francisco’s sharp-witted solo answer to Ebert and Roeper." Sporting a different chapeau each week, she critiques recent movie releases, reviews new videos, conducts celebrity interviews, and offers interesting background on show business.
You are listening to Get Lively with Jan, your ticket to infusing your life with good health, humor, and a whole pile of kindness. It’s time to bring more joy into YOUR life as we tackle the good, the challenging, and everything in between so that you can release the negative thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you!
"Creekside with Don and Jan", the official podcast of the Owl Creek Gazette, offers up weekly conversations on self-reliant living, out-of-the-box endeavors, activities happening at "The Creek", a smattering of politics and the philosophy of non-aggression.
Welcome to the Jan podcast, where amazing things happen.
Folk Roots Radio is a syndicated radio show hosted and produced by Jan Hall. As the host of Folk Roots Radio, Jan focuses on bringing new folk, roots and blues music and the voices of upcoming and independent artists to the airwaves. We’re all about the music and the people that make it!Check out our extensive radio show and interview archives at
Jan Cox was an American secular Mystic, a Teacher, in the spiritual and philosophical sense of the word. This podcast is being brought to you by the people who were present when Jan began his years of teaching, the ones who received the tidal wave of talks, maps and tasks Jan directed their way.
Medina Jan
Welcome to Medina Jan, where amazing things happen.
We are transforming B2B organizations to accelerate growth.
Jan Kochanowski (1530-84) was the greatest Polish poet of his time and probably the most famous name in Polish literature before Adam Mickiewicz (1798 - 1855). His masterpiece is considered to be his Laments, a series of nineteen poems commemorating his daughter Ursula, who died in 1579 at the age of two and a half . In simple but eloquent language, Kochanowski describes his journey from savage grief to reconciliation, and even in translation his verse retains much of its power and convictio ...
Som de allra såtaste vänner.
an investigative talk show 5 days a week at Waqt TV. Monday to Friday 10:05 PM Special correspondent for Supreme Court and legal affairs. Pioneered the first ever investigativeTV show on Dawn TV focussing on unethical and corrupt practices of Pakistan media. Writes columns for Daily The Nation and a Monday column in urdu languagedaily Nawaiwaqt on national socio-political issues. A media activist with background of media law reforms, research and training having worked for Internews(2003-200 ...
Jan Zee
I love music, I love internet and everything in it. I love talking about life and everything. I love music, and i love music, everything positive and upbeat. Let's talk. Let's groove and let there be a good vibes!
Jan Bartholemew
Podcast by Jan Bartholemew
A selection of mixes and live club sets from Armini Privé Dubai resident.
Your Story Listening Space
Every week, comedian Erin Lampart and her best pal Jan the dog talk to their best pal comedians and their best pal pets. Topics include treats, crumbs, things that are scary (like noises and strangers), and how to not feel sad. By the end of each episode, everyone becomes best pals.
Another journal entry in an ongoing series of sometime comedic reflections of life as recorded by Jan Landy for Jan Landy while mostly driving in my car from where I am to where I am going or wherever I happen to be when inspiration hits me to record another podcast. Always looking for #TheGoodNews These are my thoughts that I am documenting for myself so that if I ever find the time in the future to go back into the past to remember what I was thinking at the time, I will be able to listen ...
This is about the events are gonna happen this month.
Jan Marijnissen spreekt met gasten over actuele gebeurtenissen
Jan-Aage Torp's recent posts to
Real Talk With Jan welcomes any topic, discussed freely by your host Janissa Yvonne. Creating a space to spread positivity and light while I occasionally invite a glass of wine to join me 🍷
Ein paar Pilotepisoden throwing stuff out there
Sunday sermons from Looney Valley Lutheran Church in rural Houston Minnesota.
Dj C Styles Jan Mix
This is my first podcast for the new year New YearNew MusicNew MixNew Style
klankkast podcast
A video blog with loan officer Jan Leasure where she provides financial advice relating to residential properties in Northern Chicago.
Chao-Jan Chang was born in Taiwan and has resided in Boston since 1993. His music has been performed by many professional ensembles such as Studio New Music Ensemble, Dinosaur Annex and Forum Music. In 2007, Warner Music and Better Music Recordings released his first CD album, Love Secrets, which features 4 of his chamber and electro-acoustic music compositions. He has also written music for a traditional Chinese instrumental ensemble performed at the Taiwan National Concert Hall and a major ...
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth about the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
Week Ahead Horoscopes from 27th Jan 2018 playlist by Russell Grant Astrology posted to
This segment is downtempo, chillout, lounge, with some underground hip hop and darker neo soul / nujazz. Mixed by dj NIMBUS for H2.0
You are here on Earth right now for a purpose and it is your job to find out what that purpose might be. No matter what you may have experienced in your life, you have been given purpose. Journey Into Purpose will help you get on the road to discovery of that purpose.Your purpose is greater than your pain; allow healing power of God’s Holy Spirit to flow through you along the way.In this series of teachings, I will be taking you on a journey of self discovery and awareness. You will be given ...
Jan van Dale's Kick Ass Sessions
A short introduction to how to say ‘pleased to meet you’ in German.
Tre självplågare försöker förstå världen.
Here you can find a collection of sermons preached at San Marino Community Church.
Mickelson's Podcast
Daily Musings of Jan Mickelson
Podcast by Brlog
VP Live brings you the best in vaping news and entertainment with your hosts Kevin, Russ, Jeannie K, and Jan.
Jan Engels-Smith is a master of transformation. Through decades of experience as a master teacher and shamanic practitioner, she has captured the essence of change and well-being. Jan is an author, a Shamanic Practitioner (ShD), an Usui, Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Chemical Dependency Specialist and a Hypnotherapist. Jan’s mission is to provide excellence in energy healing and education, and to support personal growth for well-being, adapting ancient ...
En podcast med chefredaktörerna Thomas Mattsson & Jan Helin.
Gnostic Media
The Gnostic Media Podcast with host Jan Irvin. All podcasts are available for free for 6 weeks from the date of release, after which they’re available in the “Podcast Archive”.
Golazzo: The Totally Italian Football Show is the new football podcast from Muddy Knees Media, the team behind the chart-topping Totally Football Show. It's hosted by James Richardson, the man who fronted Channel 4’s coverage of Italian football in the 1990s and, more than anyone, helped to popularise all things calcio in the British consciousness.Richardson will be joined in the studio for the weekly, half-hour podcast by fellow Italian football expert James Horncastle (BT Sport, ESPN) as t ...
Nice clubs in Berlin!i Nobody is listening but the Lord on the afternoon. IAN FORMATION rocks the sound solidly he plays at night.
A media podcast
Dead Ringers is a BBC Radio 4 comedy impressions show. The programme was devised by producer Bill Dare and developed with Jon Holmes, Andy Hurst and Simon Blackwell. It stars Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell, Kevin Connelly and Mark Perry. The main writers are Jon Holmes, Andy Hurst, Tom Jamieson and Nev Fountain. Other writers include Simon Blackwell, Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, John Finnemore, David Mitchell, Terry Newman, Jonathan Morris and Carl Carter. Series 16 was broadcast in 2016.
The Beethoven 9 @ 9
The Beethoven 9 @ 9 offers an in-depth exploration of Ludwig van Beethoven's nine symphonies, featuring host Monika Vischer and Beethoven biographer Jan Swafford. Hear more at
Dead Ringers is a BBC Radio 4 comedy impressions show. The programme was devised by producer Bill Dare and developed with Jon Holmes, Andy Hurst and Simon Blackwell. It stars Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell, Kevin Connelly and Mark Perry. The main writers are Jon Holmes, Andy Hurst, Tom Jamieson and Nev Fountain. Other writers include Simon Blackwell, Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, John Finnemore, David Mitchell, Terry Newman, Jonathan Morris and Carl Carter. Series 17 was a mini-series com ...
Nicole Sandler has worked in radio her entire adult life. After a successful career in music radio in NY and Los Angeles (WPLJ, KLOS, KSCA and others), she returned to talk radio to host mornings on then-progressive talk WINZ/Miami. After a flip to sports, she moved to Air America Radio for a nightly show. When AAR went off the air on Jan 21, 2010, Nicole Sandler moved online where she continues to challenge authority daily at
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RSS | iTunes | Google | Pocket Casts | YouTube | TuneIn Become a Patron! Hi pals, coming up on this weeks episode of Go With The Heat has the Vice team investigating things including Cuban agents, the Feds, Izzy and… Bull semen in the episode The Cows of October. On This Week in Vice we’ll be taking a look back when this episode of Miami Vice a ...…
ZERO-G #1181 Title: Science in Zero G Podcast Title: Isle of Pods Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical Radio with Rob Jan & Megan McKeough. This week:science on screen with DR RACHAEL LIVERMORE; and we meander along with ISLE OF DOGS. For playlists, show notes, and news see the 3RRR website at: ...…
The Funeral of Jan Palach [read by Paul O'Mahony in Jan Palach Square, Prague] When I entered the first meditationI escaped the gravity of the object,I experienced the emptiness,And I have been dead a long time.When I had a voice you could call a voice,My mother wept to me:My son, my beloved son,I never thought this possibleI’ll follow you on f ...…
Halifax singer-songwriter Ian Sherwood picked up a Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Singer Of The Year, for his 2012 album "Live At The Hive". His fifth studio album “Bring The Light”, produced by Daniel Ledwell, is filled with the same hooky cleverness that has endeared Sherwood to his audiences. Ian Sherwood sat down with Jan Hall f ...…
We welcome the fantabulous Kirk Fletcher to That Pedal Shed. Kirk is a supremely talented solo artist, sideman and all-round wonderful human being from Los Angeles, California. But heavens, he is in dire need of a pedalboard upgrade! This episode first aired on YouTube January 12 2018. We start by having a look at t ...…
Jan Gardner is an American government administrator and politician. A member of the Democratic Party, she was sworn in as the first elected executive of Frederick County, Maryland on December 1, 2014
An old friend of mine, Jan, listens to me and my stupid ideas.
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for April 18, 2018 is: embarrass \im-BAIR-us\ verb 1 a : to cause to experience a state of self-conscious distress b : to place in doubt, perplexity, or difficulties c : to involve in financial difficulties 2 a : to hamper the movement of b : hinder, impede 3 : to make intricate : complicate 4 : to impair the a ...…
Jan Gardner talked about her proposed budget.
Published on 16 Jan 2018. In this hour, a woman gets a call in the middle of the night; a young boy discovers the truth about his idol; a girl does her best to prepare for a big moment; and a family camps out in hopes of seeing the Kennedy family. Hosted by The Moth’s Artistic Director, Catherine Burns. The […]…
Duncan & Anna Akehurst Iris Update 2017 15 Jan 2017 Duncan & Anna Akehurst AM Reaching the Nations
Alicia Gonzalez, Chicago Run Founding Executive Director, understands the importance of working with community and a team to accomplish a vision. Alicia speaks with Jim and Jan about her commitment to providing access to health and fitness for communities of all economic status. She also discusses how she utilizes running as an outlet for traum ...…
Starling Tribune - Season 6 Edition – The Thanatos Guild (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast) ST191 The Official Arrow and Green Arrow Podcast of the Gonna Geek Network Covering DC Comics and CW Based DC Comic TV Shows Episode: “The Thanatos Guild” [Season 5 Episode 16] Air Date: Thursday, March 29, 2018 Director: Joel Novoa http:// ...…
Pastor Linda Warren shares how David listened to the Voice of Truth in his standoff with Goliath from 1 Samuel 17. David ignored the voices of his past, the world and the enemy and embraced the Lord's courage by listening to Truth. Pastor Joyce Swingle opens the service and Drama Evangelist Rich Swingle leads in musical worship. Pastor Linda an ...…
The Norwegian Refugee Councils Jan Egeland, who is the UN Senior Humanitarian Adviser on Syria on the worsening humanitarian situation.
Hello Trance Family,new podcast is a short best of my set which I played last sunday in Cologne Bootshaus (AWAKE)for a sold out gig with an amazing vibe and great atmosphere. This month i will return to the mother of all raves, the german legendary MAYDAY. I play the closing in the Arena with my buddy Taucher. More big gigs already announced Lu ...…
Are you specialized enough? Are you willing to take on ANY client, regardless of their industry? This may be a bad move. Jan Beery of KBK Communications tells us why we should be super specializing our marketing agencies.
Jan O'Sullivan, Labour TD and Party Spokesperson on Housing, Fintan McNamara, Residential Landlords Association of Ireland
In episode five Tim & Lance talk to writer Lyz Lenz who wrote a great article about the scandalous legacy of Isabella Stewart Gardner. In Empty Frames Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna (Missing Maura Murray, Crawlspace) dig into the mystery of the greatest art heist of all time. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts was rob ...…
EPISODE FIVE: "Special Education: Part I" Students with special needs make up nearly 30% of the student population at our particular school. Let's get some background knowledge. What is an IEP? How are students identified for special education services? How does a school attempt to meet the needs of over 100 students with special needs? Ms. J, ...…
ATG Media is pleased to recognize the first ever recipients for the Up and Comers award with a series of interviews on the ATG Podcast. Who exactly is an “Up and Comer,” you ask? They are librarians, library staff, vendors, publishers, MLIS students, instructors, consultants, and researchers who are new to their field or are in the early years ...…
Here is a real thought problem. What if there was no 2nd Amendment? If America were like England, would the public be safer? Would firearm homicides stop? Mass shootings? What about knives? We take a look this, and try to answer the question if trading freedom this way would equate to anything more than an illusion. Share, comment, and like ple ...…
Spirituality Join best-selling author and biblical scholar, Dr. Steven Smith for a new episode of the Solomon's Porch podcast (Jan. 18, 2018). In this episode, Dr. Smith looks ahead to what we'll discuss in coming podcasts, as the journey through THE HOUSE OF THE LORD continues. Dr. Smith will also explain the theology of the exorcisim done by ...…
Spirituality Join best-selling author, Dr. Steven Smith, for the last episode of 2017!! The next wepisode (#14) will resume Jan. 28. In this episode, Dr. Smith concludes his discussion of the Jewish Tabernacle of the wilderness. He also unveils TWO SURPRISES. Listen in to hear about how you can STAY CONNECTED to "The Outer Court" community over ...…
The crew celebrate three years of podcasting with a full-spoiler season 2 review of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix! Plus, Phil Coulson back on the big screen in Captain Marvel, Fox’s X-Men movies delayed, listener comments and audio, and looking back at three years of the Jock and Nerd Podcast all while Rugboy slowly gets... The post JAN 214 ...…
THN Season 2, Episode 30 (Episode 75) Show Notes 3/21-3/29 Music by Bensound at Rangers highlights courtesy of MSG Network. Bruins highlights courtesy of NESN. Hurricanes highlights courtesy of Fox Sports Carolinas. Other highlights and clips courtesy of NBC, NBC Sports Network, CBC, Sportsnet, and the National Hockey Le ...…
Jan Markell talks to Dr. Dave Reagan for the hour about his newest book. He lists many watchmen or Gods Prophetic Voices to America in the book found here. God warns before He judges. Learn insights into those who are some of todays watchmen as well as their warnings. We use the mobile app at…
In Episode 12 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien discuss four past client connections to integrate into your client appreciation plan. In the Reach Your Peak segment, they cover the two critical keys to agent team building. Matt continues his New York City Wandering Zen series and shares some favorite s ...…
This episode, Sherryl and Jan are joined by Akua Gyamfi, owner of the BritishBlackList.The ladies find out what Akua has been up to since her last visit and then tuck into some of the hottest topics of the week including why Tekashi 69 needs to chill, selling your virginity for £1 million and more… Hit that play button, like, subscribe and shar ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo:Pancho Villa Expedition. Column of 6th and 16th Infantry, en route to the States, between Corralitos Rancho and Ojo Federico, Jan 29th, 1917. Co. A, 16th Infty. in foreground. This was the longest hike of the return march, 28 miles. Date Jan 29th, 1917 Source High resolution download from ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo:Pancho Villa Expedition. Column of 6th and 16th Infantry, en route to the States, between Corralitos Rancho and Ojo Federico, Jan 29th, 1917. Co. A, 16th Infty. in foreground. This was the longest hike of the return march, 28 miles. Date Jan 29th, 1917 Source High resolution download from ...…
How do you choose a Theme in your Life and create a it from your passions? Come and listen in on today's Podcast and hear for yourself. It can be a wonderful exciting way to grow. We are chatting with Jan Moore and seeing how her life has grown.
#11 Brooks DeBartolo defeats #5 Tampa Catholic 69-63 in a OT thriller and early candidate for game of the year in the Tampa Metro area.
Today's guest on I Am Refocused Podcast is John Philip!BioMotivated by the move of God, John Philip Stevens has been operating in the gifts of music since the age of 5. Even as a youth, he knew that music would become a major part of his life. Witnessing his mother playing and directing, and his father preaching, he developed a passionate inter ...…
We speak with Robert Frommer of the Institute for Justice about Chicago’s ordinance requiring all food trucks to be outfitted with GPS trackers. This episode’s Patriots are Chris Lydgate and Nick Budnick of the Willamette Weekly. Our pariah is Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans. Honorable mention: Rancher, Ricardo Palacios. Mountain of sensit ...…
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