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Sponge bob
This page is dedicated to all who find a deep yearning in their hearts to be finally home and free. Sudden Awakening is possible for everyone. By simple, direct self-examination we stop giving our attention to what is fleeting and focus on what is true and unchanging. In giving ourselves fully to the direct discovery of who we truly are, we have a supreme opportunity to awaken and know ourselves beyond belief. This realization is the true beginning of a life of endless love.
Everything That Rocks!
Jaxon & Roller
Excerpts from Eagle 106.5's morning show, Classic Rock MorningsStarring: Jaxon & Roller
The Official Podcasts of Jaxon Underground
Jaxon Talk Time
Welcome to the Jaxon Talk Time podcast, where amazing things happen.
This easy-to-read book can assist and help anyone with family relationships, emotional healing, abuse, and social issues by promoting and increasing self-esteem and personal growth.“Everyone one from all walks of life can find inspiration and motivation from this book!” Read this book for envision. It is based in a setting of growing up in the first projects in the United States of America, Techwood Homes. Choose the book, because the author takes the reader on a journey of suspense yet leav ...
Attack of the Brackets pits everyday items and topics up against each other, and it's up to Jaxon and Sara to work together to determine which seed in the bracket will emerge as the sole victor.
W Podcasts
All the podcasts - Preston and Steve, Local Shots, and MMaRchives - wrapped up into one convenient feed!
Daily entertainment news updates. Independent Music, Interviews, Music spins, tech news, music business and controversial news headlines explored hosted by Jacqueline Jax on A.V.A Live Radio. Visit the website
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Grocery store won't put Summa Cum Laude on a graduation cake because they think the "cum" is a porn term!
Philly comic Jake Mattera joined Jaxon and Sara for an in-studio hot sauce tasting. Tears were shed, stomachs were destroyed, and the list of sixteen condiments was narrowed down to a single sauce. New episodes of Attack Of The Brackets are posted bi-weekly. Follow us on Twitter: @BracketsPodThe post Ep7: Hot Sauce (with Jake Mattera!) [Attack ...…
Couple steals motorize shopping scooter from Wal Mart to drive to a bar that's only a half mile away.
Man claims to be kidnapped so he can be with his mistress
Tattoo artist misspells son's name on mom's tattoo so mom legally changes her son's name
Car AC noise turns out to be pine cones that a squirrel was storing in the engine
Dude gets busted by cops for taking upskirt pix and tells police he thought it was legal.
Chinese family adopts a puppy only to find out it's actually a bear!
Man tries to hide fugitive legless woman from police by stuffing her in a plastic bin
Stalker woman texts a man 65,000 times after just one date!
Dude steals a 55" TV and asks police to help him get it home
Woman diagnosed with allergies actually has a hole in her skull and is leaking brain fluid!
Adam Lotia a.k.a "Jax" drinks Coffee with KylesConnect with Jax on
Steve MacRostie from MacRostie Vineyards is back this week on California Wine Country with Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger. Barry Herbst is back from a trip to Portugal to visit the Cork Producer’s consortium there. Steve MacRostie started at Hacienda Winery in the mid-1970s after studying at UC Davis. He was buying grapes and making wine from all o ...…
Nick Goldschmidt of Goldschmidt Vineyards is back on California Wine Country with Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger today, to talk about New Zealand wines and more. Dan Berger notes that New Zealand has made a great impression in the wine world in just the last couple of years. Several new vineyards and wineries there are producing wine that is as goo ...…
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